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I want to do this more justice rendering wise at some point, but I’ve got finals to finish and wanted to get this done in some way. 

My original idea for Qrowtober day 30 -Hands. 

Summer took his hand, pulled him forward. She taught him how to get started, and how to choose his own path. 

Yang and Ruby grounded him. They were a reason to stay, and a reason not to. But they taught him to keep going. And eventually, when he needed it most, how to stop. 

Clover caught him, Pulled him back to his feet, steadied him after a fall. And then he showed him he could still start over, that not every move would always hurt. 

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TFW you come out of the “waiting for ep 1 of vol 8 to drop” fuge and realised you neglected to post the last 2 days of Qrowtober! ooops XD

Here we have a fuzzy, romantic conclusion to a very emotional journey. Writing this was so cathartic for me - exploring Qrow’s pain and then giving him a slow healing journey to joy. Thank you so much for sharing it with me <3

Day 30: Hands -  Clover’s hands were rough with callouses. They were the hands of a fighter, after all.

Day 31: Free Day - Home.  Even a lark which beat its tiny wings until it reached the very edge of the boundless sky had a nest. A little nook of twigs and leaves, collected from a harsh and unforgiving world to form a safe space. A warm place. A little haven in a vast world filled with danger.

A series of 31 linked drabbles for Qrowtober2020. The prompt for each chapter is the name of that chapter. From angst to fluff - past pain, to future joy.

Rating M / CW (for the series): alcoholism, swearing, mentions of Chapter 12

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Qrowtober day 31 - Free

Hockey au.

I just found some good pics of Henrik Lundqvist anddddddd. and still had my fav color palette left….

so bicon goalie, Qrow Branwen

Got really tired and sloppy with coloring, but I actually really like this linework, so might keep it for later and clean it up and color properly.

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Qrowtober Day 31 - Free Day

Nightmare Before Christmas AU let’s goooooo! Qrow got them long skinny legs, you know he has to be Jack! Clover being Sally is just precious because she’s so curious and wants to go out and see things for herself, and you know what? That’s Clover once he joins Qrow and the kids.

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Fair Game Weekend 2020 - Day 3: Seasons

Qrowtober 2020 - Day 31: Free Day

Clovember 2020 - Day 1: Sleeve(less)

👻🎃 Fair Game’s Halloween Weekend Edition is out! 🎃👻

Get your copy before they sell out…or something~! 

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted something, huh? Sorry I kept ya’ll waiting! Lots of life stuff got in the way and forced me into hiatus mode!

Now this piece was originally my FGWE Day 3 piece but due to some of the life stuff mentioned above, this got pushed back til…well, today (tonight I guess cuz it’s night where I am right now). Then the Qrowtober and Clovember prompts arrived and I thought, “It kinda fits with Qrowtober Day 31 and Clovember Day 1 as well, so why not and get 3 bird with 1 stone?” (It’s past midnight where I am right now, hence the timing of this post, stupid timezones)

This was inspired by lots of Haikyu!! magazine cover fanart; I saw those and was like and was like “why doesn’t Fair Game have something like that?” and got to work!

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