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beeindaclouds · a day ago
hi lovely!!
i was wondering if you could write a headcanon with all mcyt x reader (the reader is their partner) where the reader wins “best musician streamer” in the streamer awards 2022!
it’s okey if ur not comfy, have a great day/night 🤍
Hallo, thanks for requesting!
This is probably very late but, hope you enjoy <3
DSMP reacting to you winning Best Musician 2022
Tumblr media
Includes: Dream, Georgenotfound, Sapnap, Badboyhalo, Skeppy, Quackity, Karl Jacobs, Wilbur Soot, Philza, Technoblade, Nihachu, Eret, Punz, FoolishGamers, Awesamdude, Slimecicle, Aimsey
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Reader: GN - They/Them
You were honoured to receive such an achievement
It wasn't an everyday thing to win Best Musician of the year
But you couldn't honestly have done without your friends
Dream and Technoblade unfortunately couldn't make it to the award ceremony, faceless streamers and all, but they single handedly helped you get the most votes with their large fandoms so they've already done more then enough
George also couldn't make it, 'cause man couldn't travel, so he supported you with a live reaction of the awards ft. the clingy duo and Aimsey who was only there to help George supervise the other two amd cheer for you
Out of all the friends you decided to invite to the ceremony, you had invited the most chaotic ones. And obviously I'm talking about Karlnapity who couldn't stop screaming and jumping and dancing when your name was called. Embarassing, but appreciated haha
Bad and Skeppy also supported you from home, both not streaming and just enjoying your win privately. They did bombard your phone with congratulations tho
Wilbur, Phil and Niki were lucky enough to attend the awards and, unlike the previous mentioned trio, they were just happily clapping for you. A few whistle here and there from Wilbur and Phil. But at one point the camera panned towards them and Phil showed his phone which had a discord call with Techno lol
Eret, Punz, Foolish, Sam and Charlie where also there, happily cheering for you and making chaos when the camera showed them on the big screen. For some reason I feel like Punz, Foolish and Sam would hold up a poster with your face on it that they stole from the fans outside xD
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lateline · 22 hours ago
♥【MCYT's Calming You Down】♥
Pairing | GN!Reader x MCYT's Summary | Your anger gets the best of you some times, so your favorite people calm you down.
[A/N] I haven't tried this style of writing before but I hope you enjoy it! I wrote this to calm myself down because I have anger issues LMAOO
Tumblr media
"Fuck!" You yell. You wave your arms in frustration, slamming your desk. You were so sick and tired of everything recently and losing your 4 hours worth of editing was the last straw. You slammed your desk in anger and grasped onto your hair tightly. You feel your body begin to heat up as angry tears well up in your eyes.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" You sob in frustration until you hear a knock at your door, a face appearing in your doorway shortly after.
cc!Technoblade "Hey... you alright..?" He says, creeping into your room hesitantly. He comes up and holds your hand, softly caressing it. "It's okay, calm down." He turns your chair towards him and although he towers over you, something about it reassures you that in reality, everything is going to be okay as long as hes here with you.
"Hey, love. What's the matter?" Wilbur makes his way into your room, analyzing the situation. He wraps his arm over your shoulder and clicks a few things on your computer. "Ah, I see." He hums as he clicks a few more things before wrapping you into a tight hug. "We'll fix that later, cme're" He says, lifting you off your chair and out to the sofa to watch a movie. "Lets take our mind off it, shall we? You can pick the movie."
"Hey, hey! Deep breaths, alright?" Dream scurries over to you, holding your hands in his. "Look at me, okay? Breathe in.. Breathe out.." Dream guides you and you follow. He smiles at you reassuringly. "Now, what happened babe? Can I help you at all or do you just want to relax?"
"Y/N? Is everything okay?" George hovers at the doorway, being careful not to upset you anymore than you are already. "Do you want a snack? A drink? Here, let me get you a snack!" George scurries off before coming back with some cookies, placing them on your desk. He puts his hand on your thigh. "If you ever need anything, come to me, alright?" He says softly, hugging you before he leaves to give you space.
"Yo, yo, yo, yo, calm down, babe." Sapnap rushes in, cupping your cheek in his hand, wiping the angry tears away. He pulls you into his chest, rubbing your back slowly. "It's alright, don't worry. You can scream if you want to, I can scream if you want me to." He says jokingly. You can't help but let out a chuckle followed by a sniffle to which Sapnap just hugs you tighter.
"Y/N, hey, whats up?" Jack approaches you with concern. He kneels down next to your chair observing your computer screen "Ah.." He sighs as he gets up and rubs your shoulder. "Do you need a moment? Or would you want me to stay?- I can leave if you want-" He stutters as you snicker. You ask him to stay and the two of you chat for a while before you fall asleep in your chair to which he carries you into bed, turning off your computer on the way out.
"Y/N?" Quackity says, voice laced with concern. "Did something happen love?" He queries as he places himself on your bed. You lift your head up and spin around to him, eyes still filled with tear. "Awh, love, come here." He opens his arms and you make your way over, sinking into his touch. He hums to you as your breath slows down, gradually falling asleep. The two of you cuddle for the rest of the night, both too cold to leave each other.
"Y/N! What happened?" Karl hurries over, placing one hand on your should and one on your cheek wiping away the tears. He pulls you into a warm hug while you bury your face deep into his hoodie. He rocks you side to side and places a kiss on your head. "It's okay, everything's gonna be okay, okay?" He pulls you away gently, placing his forehead on yours. You nod and he kisses you on the tip of your nose before pulling you into a hug once again.
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deceptxcon · a day ago
hi! sorry if i’m requesting too much lmao i just really like your writing :)
may i request one where the reader used to struggle with s/h and the other cc!s know abt it but on stream their sleeve slides down and they get called an attention seeker or something like that on twitter and they relapse?
( no need to write it if it makes you uncomfortable <3)
- 💌 anon
'' notifications '' ...
PAIRING: mcyt x reader [non-romantic]
dream and quackity.
DESCRIPTION: when the reader's sleeve slides down, showing their s/h scars, twitter goes wild with derogatory name-calling.
AUTHORS NOTE: i'm alright with writing this, don't you worry. <3 also i have no idea wth possessed me to write straight poetry, but i did. it was a TLOU soundtrack and rain that did it for me. also, thanks for sending in another ask, always lovely to see you! :]
It all happened so fast that you didn't comprehend it that much.
You were live not too long ago, hell, it had hardly been 24 hours. Your sweater sleeve had slipped down your arm, self-harm scars obvious to your camera. The impression that you could have been an 'attention seeker,' was the fact that you had reached up to adjust your mic..the fact that your scars could show was completely absent to your mind.
Your Twitter was a ticking bomb, notifications at your beck and call with mockery.
The moon was still kissing the earth amid dawn with the sun scarcely rising. The breeze seemed heavier this morning, a duller aftertaste in the wind as Dream woke to the sound of his phone notifying for the fourth time that night. The man groaned before grabbing his phone, Twitter was labeled on his home screen…but before he could turn on Do Not Disturb, he saw your name in one of the posts.
He felt his heart drop with a mock here and there, talking about your scars.
Almost immediately, Dream had launched out of his bed, quick to splash his face to wake himself up and retreating to his living room. Now, of course, you weren’t there, and that’s what scared him most. With how fast Dream had opened Twitter, he had nearly dropped his phone, catching it while he scrolled through the current page.
It disgusted him how people could be so crude. Calling them an attention-seeker or attention-starved..a fake. His eyebrows furrowed before getting a text from you.
y/n: idk how it happened dream im scared
His heart dropped before he pressed the call button, and just as he stood up, it was declined. Dream shook his head. “No, no-no.”
y/n: don’t come over here
dream: pls pick up
y/n: no i can’t just go back to bed.
dream: y/n. accept my call.
And with that, a little time passed. You were in your bathroom, blood dripping from the sink to the drain, blade laid idle in the pool of it all. Vision hazy and lights way too bright, you were gripping the sides of the bathroom table with your eyes closed shut. It was too much, you had finally stopped, why now? Why now had you kept going? You were finally fucking clean.
As you dropped your head down to look at your feet, eyes blurred from the tears that gathered..you had completely forgot about Dream, and yet there was a knock at the door. Your heart leaped as you stared at the bathroom handle, your heart was racing; you became lightheaded and rushed with fever. He wasn’t supposed to be here. You’re not supposed to be here.
There was a click at the door, making you trip over your own feet and stumble, your hands finding the bathtub as you slid down it. Don’t come in. “Don’t come in!” You exclaimed, rushing to your knees as you crawled over to the door and locked it, dropping your head on the marble floor. You just…cried. And cried, and cried.
Footsteps owned by Dream became closer, yet softer. It was almost like you could hear him shaking, biting his lip as he tried to conceal himself.
“Y/n,” He muttered, knowing what had happened. He knew, and he knew you way too well and it killed you to have him know this. “Please let me in…let me help you.” Dream said softly, his voice not traveling too far from beyond the door, yet you could hear every syllable. You choked out a sob, gripping your hair before you looked up at the door handle. Slowly, you reached for it. Closer and closer until your mind subconsciously unlocked it, it scared you to your bones as you shivered…what if he doesn’t like what he sees? What if you scare him off?
But you knew he wasn’t like that.
When Dream slowly entered the room, his eyes caught sight of the bloody sink. As his heart sank, he hoped you hadn't done it, but the image before him disproved his hopes. Dream could hear your cries, opening the door to its full extent as he looked at your arms, he swallowed as he dropped to his knees. His hands explored the inside of your sink drawers, in the hopes of finding some bandage or a rag, and he was lucky to find bandage wraps. Dream stood up, looking at you. “I’ll be back,” He said, out of breath. You could hardly hear him as he rushed out of the bathroom and into your kitchen. You could hear the rustle and collateral of your kitchen drawers, that was until he came rushing, in front of you again. His hands gently put the wet rag to your cuts, dabbing them so they wouldn’t hurt you as much as it was now. You bit your lip as the pain spread through the entirety of your arms, leaning your head against Dream’s shoulder. It hurt him to see you like this, fuck, it hurt him too badly. He hated social media and its horrible side of it, the way people found it so easy to bring someone down so fast, he loathed everyone who took part in it. “Shh, I know, I know.” He whispered, eyebrows knitted together in worry.
You sat at your bed, Dream had just finished cleaning up the bathroom and he was now sitting beside you, giving you space.
He knew you didn’t want to talk about it, he knew you were embarrassed…but he wasn’t. Dream wanted to be there for you, he needed to. He cared all too much, and the man hated seeing you in this state again. The things he’d do so you wouldn’t have relapsed, the pain he wished he could have stopped. “They don’t know you,” He muttered, making you look over at him with baby e/c eyes. Dream continued to look at the wet rag laced with cleaning products in his hands. “They don’t understand what you go through, they have no right to talk like that. You’re worth more than Twitter fucking puts out.” Dream continued to talk, and as he did so, tears formed in your eyes as you bit your lip; chest rising and falling while you felt an overwhelming emotion. Comfort.
You wrapped your arms around the man, hugging him tightly as Dream jumped, not expecting it. He swallowed as he slowly returned the hug, giving a sad smile.
“You’re gonna be okay. I’m not leaving.”
In all the ways that this could have turned out, it happened while Alex was streaming. The light gently hit his face as the man laughed, playing Minecraft as donations were sent through…but one had caught his eye.
‘y/n has had some bad tweets abt them u should check it out ,,, sorry to bring it up, but we all know how close u r to them and we’re super worried… sooo’
Quackity listened, ears pricking up as he heard your name. What about you? Were you okay? Quackity couldn’t help but worry, turning off his face-cam and keeping the chat with a black frame that said, BRB.
He quickly searched Twitter, typing up your name as he was greeted with a post that called you names and derogatory calls. His eyes glanced over the constant name-calling, his heart racing with anger as he tapped his foot, inpatient, as he gripped his mouse tightly.
The man cleared his throat. “The stream will be ending, sorry for the short notice guys. Thanks for joining, I’ll see through to this.” He ended the stream with a quick click of the button, and with that, he fell back in his chair. His hand was at his lips as he continued to tap his foot. He was so god damn angry, how did they not see how much you had fought? Kept clean? Only for the fuckers to bring it up again? Quackity rubbed his eyes as his eyes before he stood from his chair, rushing over to your room; wondering where you were at.
You were quiet, your phone on the other side of the room as you gripped your sides, hugging yourself as a rush of panic coursed through you. You had found the posts, you found the threads, you saw it all. Whether people were defending you or not, it was too much. You were clean, wasn’t that enough? Could it just be good enough left alone? Apparently not.
Your head dropped down to your legs, scars scattering your thighs and arms. You didn’t want to see them again knowing everyone could have seen them, talk about them, know what you did. Some part of you felt guilty, but you know you shouldn’t. It wasn’t your fault, it isn’t and it never was…please remember that.
You sighed as you looked up, trying to stop the tears as your nails digged into your sides, trying to stop your mind from remembering the socials. It was killing you. You then heard a click at the door, cracked open as you saw Alex had his head down, respecting the fact it was your room...but wanted his presence to be known.
“Y/n?” He said softly, trying to control the idea that he was beyond upset. “Can I come in?” He asked, your eyes were glued at the door knob; scared that the door may open farther and he would see your scars again. You shook your head.
“Now’s not the time,” You said, eyes drifting off to your desk. Alex sighed, and nodded. “I’ll come out later, just..need some time for myself.” You muttered, suddenly hearing the door close and footsteps walking away.
All of it became hazy; a blur and zip in time as you held the blade again. And you never thought you were, you thought you were finally clean. But it became too much, the feeling and the rush. You want it to go away more than anything, and this felt as though this could ease it…if only for a little while.
As time passed, the clock ticked and the sun settled down to rest. Your eyes felt heavy, your arms and body felt like a weight as you sat idle in the corner of your room. Hugging your knees to your chest, you felt so tired. You had thrown the blade away, eyes stinging from tears and body weak. Everything felt so cold again, so much dimmer and god-awful.
Rain pattered at your window, your fan accompanying the sound as it blew a cold breeze toward you. Sooner or later, your coffee had grown cold on your desk, a film washed over the sides of the mug as a few tabs remained open on your laptop. You honestly felt very accomplished today, until uncertain events spoke up.
You didn’t notice when Alex had came in, it all seemed very fast. But you did notice the worry in his eyes, and the confusion on how to treat you.
He had kept a rag on your arms, hoping to clean it before it worse…you looked down at your arms, then back up at him, gazing at him with sad eyes. Alex’s eyes softened, returning the look as he slowly brought his hand up to the side of your head, looping his hand just behind your ear as it rested on your jaw. He slowly brought your forehead to his, the both of you closing your eyes in a moment of silence.
“You’re safe with me.”
- deacy! <3
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stormy-skies-falling · 20 hours ago
𝕍𝕠𝕝𝕝𝕖𝕪𝕓𝕒𝕝𝕝 𝕋𝕖𝕒𝕞!𝕊𝕖𝕩 ℍ𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕤 ℍ𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕔𝕒𝕟𝕠𝕟𝕤
Tumblr media
about: dreamwastaken, sapnap, georgenotfound, karl jacobs, quackity, badboyhalo, callahan
warning(s): swearing, blood mentions
pronouns: you, your
note: I used to play volleyball for a few years and absolutely love it! Sadly I had to quit due to arthritis problems, but I'm exited that this is my first headcanon! :D Kisses! <3
note pt.2: I also have a taglist if you want to be added! Kisses! <3
summary: what you and the sex havers would play/be like on a high school volleyball team
Tumblr media
Let’s talk about our starter's positions
Quackity would most definitely be libero, because… well… you know (shotty)
But he’s slippery and fast so I think that he’d be really good at getting spikes
I feel like he would be some kind of natural in a way
Like he just showed up to practice one day with minimal experience and just keep popping up Dream’s deep and fast spikes
Everyone was so shocked, because he wasn’t even there to practice
He just showed up to drop something off for Sapnap and Dream kept whining that no one wanted to dig his spikes, so he was like “fuck it” and dug every. single. one.
They definitely had to beg him to be on the team, because he was like “why would I do that???” 
Come to think of it, he most likely was going to long before he agreed, because he thought it was funny to watch Dream beg on his knees for him to join
And the only reason he accepted was because he was either bored or out of spite for George
Dream would be middle because man is tall and buff, so blocking and spiking would be no problem to him whatsoever
He’s probably been playing volleyball his whole life, so he’s just been naturally good at it for years
Like, all of his siblings have been star players on a volleyball team at some point and I stand by that
That’s actually how he got into the game
He probably played with his older sister’s team when he was really little because “my big sister plays volleyball so it must be cool! :D” It was adorable
I feel like he was a outside hitter for a while because he was really short and lanky before he hit puberty
But when he shot up, he’d honed his spiking skills to the point where he could put the ball literally wherever he wanted 
Dream would most likely be captain, because of how long he’d been playing, his leadership skills, and the fact that he’s weirdly good at pep talks and speeches
At some point this guy came up to him after overhearing his pre-game pep talk and literally pleaded with him to host a TED-Talk
George just seems like he would be a good setter
I don’t know why
Maybe because he’s so lanky and tall
Dream was probably the one who got him into volleyball when they were young, because he wanted a setter so he could practice spiking and George was like “okay?”
So, setter. Very good. Likes to taunt the other team with Quackity.
He definitely could distract the other team by not-so-subtly flirting with them
It doesn’t even matter if they’re straight, George just has that kind of charm and skill that he could be chatting them up while setting up the ball, distracting the other guy completely, causing George to get and assist or push the ball over
It’d piss off the guy’s other teammates too until they experienced it… they’d understand
Plus, I’m like 98% sure that his school would have a fanpage for him (pretty boy things)
I’m jumping around all the positions and I don’t care
Karl would play opposite
He’s tall and can spike and can set almost as well as George
I also think he’d be really good at tipping the ball
Like he can spike well when he needs too, but he’d be notorious for catching the other team off guard and tipping it right behind their outside hitter
He also seems like the kind of person who the other team would underestimate until the game really got going
He’s a pretty kind and gentle looking person and you wouldn’t always expect that kind of person to be a sneaky bastard
Like, they’d try to spike it in his direction, because they don’t think he’d be able to block or something
Or they try to set it over and his tall ass would just *tip!* right in a blind spot
Sapnap would take Dream’s old position of outside hitter, because he never really shot up like his best friend
Although he does the best in the back row because of his height and how quickly he reacts to tips or short spikes, this man can jump
Like, if he’s in the front row, George will try to set him first, because of how high Sap can jump and how hard he can spike
Sapnap’s been playing as long as Dream, except he got into it because he thought hitting a ball was cool and he liked the sound the volleyball made when it slammed on the ground
He probably practiced Libero before Quackity joined the team, just because of his height and his quick reflexes
Though, he didn’t mind when Q took his spot for the sole purpose that he could finally play front row from time to time
Punz would play the right side hitter
Because of his height and build, Punz would be one hell of a blocker and block the ball almost every single time
Like he’s so good at it it’s funny
But the times that he doesn’t end up blocking it with his hands, he ends up blocking the ball with his face
The funniest part is that he usually sends the ball back to the other side when that happens
If that doesn’t happen, then his face usually pops it up so either George can set it back over or Dream can spike it
Along with having the most blocks out of everyone on the team, he gets the most injuries on the team… hence the face blocking
Like, there would have to be a nurse on stand by just for him, because he gets hurt so often
According to him, “My nerves are so shot in my face, that I can barely feel the bleeding!” He says this while blood trickles out of his nose…
The we have our coaches: BBH and Callahan
They treat the boys like their own family, but get annoyed with them so fast
In their defense, the boys are a pain in the ass and annoying as hell
Bad, is the main coach and is generally very stern but kind and fair in the way he coaches
He never actually played volleyball in high school, but his mom was the coach for a state college team, so he grew up around coaching volleyball and was taught how to play regardless
Most of the teams he’s coached won national championships
Now Callahan is more of an assistant coach, but actually used to be a star player
He’ll play with the boys, usually as a hitter
If they piss him off somehow, he’ll wipe the floor with their asses with him spikes
It’s very funny to witness
And guess what, you are the stand-by nurse! Hooray!
No but like seriously, the amount of times you’ve had to put in a dislocated shoulder or stitch up Punz’s face or even personally buy surplus amounts of braces because your boys can’t seem to not get hurt is ridiculous
The most unusual part is that you’re their age
Your mom was a physical therapist for sports and you had been her assistant since you could walk
The fact that you have so much experience and are good at what you do is the sole reason that the school let a high school senior be a stand-by nurse for the men’s volleyball team
It also helps that your mom is the school’s physical trainer, so it’s not like she’s not there too, it’s just that your job is to your boys while her job is for everyone else
You have known all of the players and coaches for forever
It helps that your mom has worked with the coaches for a while, so they’re family friends and you’re a part of the player’s friend group
You most definitely hold a special place in all the boy’s hearts to the extent that they have all dropped something at some point, because you needed something
And it’s not pretty if someone from the opposing team makes gross comments about you when they’re on the court
There has been many fistfights to say the least
And god help the poor suckers who try to catcall you to your face or say some gross comment to you, because you absolutely wreck them every time
It doesn’t even matter if they’re twice your size, “It’s so much more fun when you know what to break” is one of your favorite lines
So long story short, you don’t get messed with often
Now for how they act on the court… oh god
You know how the starters are a group of pretty boys… yeah
Obviously, there are crowd favorites like Dream (he says he doesn't like to brag, but he’s lying because he loves it) and Quackity (he finds it funny)
But then there are the fan-culture favorites like George, because he’s absolutely beautiful and he knows it
Regardless, all of them are show-y
Some more than others *cough* Sapnap *cough*
Because of that, they like to mess with the other team
It can come in the form of flirting or taunting, but only they know which tactic they’re using exactly
It’s not like they’re not a skilled team, they’re absolutely cracked, it’s the fact that it’s so much more fun to mess with the other team
Or so it has been described to you
They’ve done it for so long and no one really cares that much (everyone does it), so that’s why Bad or Callahan never tell them to stop
BBH is the only one who gets annoyed by it, from our team, based on the fact that it’s not fair, because “you know they can’t affect you, so by saying and doing those vulgar things– it gives you an unfair advantage.”
They always look so proud of themselves after that recurring comment
You find it absolutely hilarious
And the only team that has actually come close to getting under their skin was the SBI, but that’s a story for a different time
But yeah, the whole team is just one massive family and you all protect each other… more or less
You can pick or beat on each other, but no one else can do that or else they’re get seriously beat up or verbally bashed 
But, it’s all part of the game
Tumblr media
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sardonic-the-writer · 6 months ago
cc!DSMP x Reader
━"I Love You Too"
━Tw: A minor joke about suicide
━Notes: This is another long ass headcanon about who says 'I love you' first and how the other reacts. All cc! by the way
━Song: "Everybody Talks" By Neon Trees
Tumblr media
-Chokes on water he's conveniently drinking
-Probably happens over a lame ass discord call at 3 am
-"W-what did you just say (Y/n)?"
-You're definitely going to have to repeat yourself a couple times before it sinks in
-Either Clay goes insane with happiness, or hangs up quickly after to scream about it to Geroge and Sapnap
-Don't worry though. Right before you go to bed that night, a little notification pops up on your phone
-" Love you too (Y/n) :) "
-Two words: Blushy boi
-Stutters too. If he wasn't colorblind, he might be able to see how red his face is
-But you sure can
-This is probably a story you'll tell his friends and family to embarrass him; how he stopped functioning for a solid hour before saying it back
-"(Y/nnnn) stop it."
-"Sorry. You just look so cute when you blush."
-Sapnap's a lot more confident than most people
-Now that I think about it, he'd be the one to tell you first
-Probably says some overused pickup line, winks at you, and then drops the bomb
-It was because you bought him food
-It was one hundred percent because you got him food
-He's a loser, but he's your loser
-"Love you too, Snapchat."
-He throws a chicken nugget at you
-DEFINITELY happened while you were watching Hamilton together
-After hearing that you had never watched the musical masterpiece, the man dragged you over to his couch and refused to let you out of his grasp until you watched it
-It happened during the song "Burn"
-Wilbur was crying uncontrollably while you laughed at his disheveled state
-"You're such a baby Wil. I love you so much."
-He sobbed harder
-When the 3 hour Brodway performance had finished, you both cuddled for a while
-"I love you too dear. Always and forever."
-Wrote a song about it. What else?
-Technically you didn't say it
-You wrote it down on a piece of paper on day and hid it under his pillows
-Because you're a coward that also happens to be in love
-Weeks later, after completing forgetting about your moment of madness, Tommy invited you over for some shenanigans
-It was a normal hang out in his kitchen with various types of coca-cola and mounds of junk food
-At one point, he excuses himself to make his bed because Motherinnit just wasn't dealing with his messy room for one more day
-What can I say. The guy barely makes his bed. Afterall, he does have that whole ✨gamer boy✨ aesthetic going on
-When he throws his pillow off his bed in a pretend temperature tantrum, Tommy notices a folded and aged slip of paper flutter to the floor
-He recognized your handwriting right away
-You don't know his initial reaction, but what happens next you'll never forget
-Tommy walked (note: ran) down the stairs and back into the kitchen with his jaw nearly on the floor
-His thick accent was so thick from surprise, he made it sound like 'fook'
-While you were trying to figure out why he was acting like this all of a sudden, he rushes over to you like it was the Olympics
-Falls on his face in the process
-He manages to get there though and promptly pulls you into a deep kiss
-It tastes like sugary soda
-You melt from embarrassment on the spot. No one would be surprised if they had looked down in that moment and there was a puddle of (Y/n) soup on the floor
-The tips of Tommy's ears are flaming red though, so you can tell he feels the same way
-Motherinnit saw from the bottom of the stairs and is now mentally preparing for you to become her daughter-in-law as we speak
-"When's the wedding then you two?"
-He thought you were a bee
-No, seriously
-In Minecraft, you just happen to wear a pixelated bee onesie as a signature skin
-To make a long story short, Tubbo turned a corner to quickly and mistook you for the animal
-"Aww, you're too cute! I just love you!"
-You screamed loudly and left the game out of surprise
-Thank XD he wasn't streaming
-Tubbo ends up calling you seconds later, worried that he might have scared of his best friend *cough cough* and crush *cough cough*
-Things end up alright in the end
-He even ends up asking you out
-"So, um, I know you like comedies, and I- um -saw a commercial for this really i-interesting movie the other day. I mean, you don't have to say yes or anythi-"
-"Are you trying to ask me out, Tubs?"
-"Ye- no? Maybe..."
-He now has something to look forward too at 6:45 tomorrow night
-Side note: I see you two being the impossibly sweet couple
-You were on death's doorstep when it happened
-Er, at least that's what it felt like
-You had come down with the flu, but multiplied by ten and then some
-It got to the point where you'd have vivid fever dreams before passing out nearly anywhere
-That's why Ranboo visited with some homemade Mac n cheese that Momboo had kindly made you
-Totally didn't force her son to go over and give it to you because she knew he liked you. Not at all
-When you saw him in your bedroom door frame, sunglasses and all, you thought he was an angel you had dreamed up
-Accidently confessed to him before he could even open his mouth
-"I think Im-" *Hiccup!* "-in love with my best friend Mr.Angel. Did you know that?"
-He dropped the Mac n cheese dish then and there
-You passed out immediately after a small giggle fit. Ranboo caught you before you could hit your head as a reflex
-Spent the rest of his visit in denial while taking care of you
-Went home soon after, forgetting about the shattered pyrex dish in your room
-Ends up coming to terms with what you said in the dead of night. Nearly six hours after you first said it
-He woke the neighbors with his exuberant shouts
-Conveniently, you're all better by next morning
-Also conveniently, you end up not remembering anything about his visit, only mentioning a beautiful angel to him the next day
-He ends up telling you because let's face it, after realizing you liked him back, he couldn't wait to make his move
-"What are those flowers for Ranboo?"
-"Y'know, a funny thing happened yesterday (Y/n)..."
-Ahh yes. The blood God
-Great with an axe, shit with women
-Not to say that girls don't fawn over him, he just can never talk to them like a normal person
-Sad thing was, he knew he liked you from the start
-Its why he could never talk to you for five seconds without making an excuse to leave
-Practiced telling you those three words in front of the mirror at one point
-Felt stupid at first, but it helped the tiniest bit
-He's still shit with woman though
-"You look nice today. Not that you don't look nice another day. I mean-"
-"Is that a new scarf (Y/n)?"
-"Wait, it's summer. And she doesn't even wear scarfs."
-I think he cried from frustration at one point
-"Should I call Tommy?"
-"What am I saying. Of course I shouldn't call Tommy."
-Calls Philza, but hangs up on the first ring
-Eventually, he manages to get those words out during a "friendly" little parkour challenge he set up for the both of you
-You die of shock
-No, really. Your Minecraft character falls off the map and straight up dies
-Techno just said it so suddenly, all rational thought jumped out your window and splattered on the concrete bellow
-What is it with gamers and being so surprised that people love them?
-You joke for weeks after that right after Techno worked up the courage to tell you, you committed suicide
-He always shuts up that story with a kiss
-You ain't no homewrecker
-You and your life long best friend, Kristen, were playfully flirting one day when Phil walked in
"-onestly Kris. Just drip Phil and come with me. Who needs men anyways? Lesbians are hot."
-Phil pulls the most shocked/surprised face you have ever see
-Kristen bursts out laughing while you turn beet red
-"It was a joke man, I swear!"
-He playfully punches you on the shoulder after realizing you were kidding
-"I love you (Y/n), but stop trying to steal my wife mate."
-You mumbled one more flustered apology while wishing the floor would swallow you whole
-Safe to say the married couple never let that one go
-All best love story's start with an accident right?
-Well, yours just happened to be on a live stream
-Quackity had ended up inviting you over for a mini video series he had built up over the years
-It was called something like "(Y/N) MAKES ROBLOX UNBELIEVABLE FUNNY!!!" or something like that
-It was just millions of people watching you and him act like you're on crack for four hours
-Here's the twist though
-You're ready good at role-playing
-Like, insanely good
-It gets to the point where people can't tell if your being serious or joking half the time
-So it didn't help that your long-term crush ends up taking you to a game that centers around romantic role-play for the videos grand finale
-What is this game called, you might ask?
-Why Adopt Me of course!
-The both of you end up being a mother/son duo in the game
-The first half of the adventure is what was expected; just the two of you running around like five year olds after a tablespoon of straight sugar
-At one point though, Quackity fakes getting hurt on a playground and runs up to you
-He fake cries with his auto tune filter blasted to 100 until you "fix his boo boo"
-"Thank you so much mom! Love you!"
-(Oh XD, here comes the award winning role-playing voice)
-"Love you too."
-The discord call goes dead quiet as soon as you dare utter those words
-The viewers can only see Quackitys face, but boy is he red
-You panic
-"Alex? You okay man?!"
-The pure concern in your voice is enough to make him clear his throat and start speaking
-"Do you mean it?"
-His impossibly soft words puzzle you at first
-"Mean what Quack-meister?"
-"Y-you know. What you just said..."
-The it dawns on you
-Chat has been silent for a solid five minutes, which is a miracle in itself
-But then again, so is this whole ordeal
-"Um, on a scale of one to ten, how much would you freak out if I said yes?"
-Cue the rapid spanish
-And R.I.P Quackitys chair, because he beats the absolute mother fucking shit out of it while cheering wildly
-On a scale of one to ten, it was a twelve
-"I'm going to end the stream here chat! Me and (Y/n) have some very urgent things to discuss!!!"
-Neither of you can't stop smiling the rest of the day
-This absolute cinnamon roll of a human being told you first and you can not convince me otherwise
-It was because you surprise him with a visit
-That's not all however
-On the way to his house, you had passed a Bath and Body works
-Immediately, you put your car in park and rushed to the store
-Emerging just under an hour later, you hoped back in your car and speed towards Karl's place
-I mean, you just had to get him a few candles
-And by a few I mean a lot
-And by a lot I mean seventeen
-Karl flipped out when he saw all the paper bags in your hands
-After all, you did just spend over four hundred dollars on smelly wax for him
-"Oh hush. Do you want these candles or not?"
-Lets slip that he loves you right there on his doorstep
-Instead of freezing up, you chuckle and place a chaste kiss on the tip of his red nose
-"I've had my suspicions for a while now Mr. Jacobs. Now come help me unload this car full of candles."
-He can't talk for the rest of the day without stuttering or having a major voice crack
-Soft bby boi
-You baked him muffins
-That's literally all it took
-As soon as you walked into his stream with the plate of goodies, he dropped everything
-"I love you so much (Y/n)!!"
-You had no hesitation in saying it back
-Cuddles afterwards :)
-A very short but sweet milestone that none of you will forget for a while
-She was so worried
-You both had been dating for a year now
-(What can I say? You all wanted to take your relationship slow.)
-Tried doing it all romantic like. She plugged in an oil diffuser, dimmed the lights, and even wore your favorite sweater of hers
-Greeted you sweetly when you got home from work
-Was about to say it, but you beat her
-"(Y/nnnnnnn), I was gonna say it first!"
-*Pouty Nikki*
-You laugh and apologize with a kiss to the forehead
-"Sorry love. You just looked too cute."
-She immediately forgives you
-Alright, let's be real here
-They would not hesitate to let you know how loved you are
-Says "I love you" at least six times a day
-Not that you don't do the same
-A robber could waltz right into your apartment and perform an exorcism and the two of you wouldn't even notice
-That's how in love you are
-If I had to guess though, the very first time they told you was when they caught you wearing their bi cape and platform boots
-"God I love you so much (Y/n)."
-Their voice got 1,000 times deeper
-Nearly convinced you to never take the clothes off again
-But you had to shower
-Overall, you're just two simps living in the same house
Tumblr media
This is probably my new favorite one now. I swear-
Somebody tell me why I can see Techno being a brony. I woke up at 2 am last night with that thought and now I'm scared of myself. Go figure.
Have a nice day everyone :)
2446 words
My Masterlist
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celestialmoonhills · 4 months ago
"MINEcraft" contains cc! dream, cc! george, cc! sapnap, cc! quackity, cc! wilbur, cc! karl jacobs word count 1198 pronouns she/her (all of them doesn’t say but i slipped up @ karls one tweet so sorry abt that! :() genre fluff summary he never got that protective til' somebody flirts with his girlfriend on valentines day note someone ask me out pls /hj
Tumblr media
𝗗𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗠 ⁂ it was a peaceful chill stream til' you join in shit breaks lose ⁂ he was just meeting some new people on an among us lobby having fun and he asks if you can play for one round, reluctantly you agreed i mean who would say no to this boy ⁂ everything was chill except when it was voting time dream spoken out and your voice was heard in the background ⁂ upon hearing your voice rae chanted in " is that y/n? tell her i miss her" chuckling dream said "love? come here for a bit rae misses you" ⁂ sitting on his lap you smiled "hey rae how are you?" before rae can even speak a guy named travis cut her off  (this is a random name not associated w anyone! purely fictional) ⁂ " hey there how are you doing in this beautiful day, beautiful?" knowing full on you were in a relationship with dream, you were trying so hard not to laugh but even so you didn't know what to feel it was a feeling of discomfort and it was just hilarious ⁂ you then heard the loudest wheeze you ever heard from your boyfriend it sounded sarcastic in a way ⁂ "good joke dude, good joke" dream replied only to be met up with travis scoffing " i was serious dude" ⁂ dream broke his act and with a serious voice he says "they're doing wonderful actually cuddled up in my lap so no need to ask them that" he proudly says a grin appearing in his face ⁂ from that sentence you can just hear travis mute whether it was just from his embarrassing himself or him actually thinking he has a chance to ask you out. ⁂ checking twitter you saw a current tweet your boyfriend made ⁂ chucking you messaged him "you're such a dimwit, come here love"
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝗚𝗘𝗢𝗥𝗚𝗘 ⁂ george isn't the person who actually shows his jealousy on stream ⁂ so when a guy just squared up asked you to be his valentine his mood immediately dampens, and chat notice it and was teasing him the whole time ⁂ " chat no im not-CHAT!" he keeps denying it which leads up to chat teasing him even more ⁂ even so the clip which is very obvious that he's pissed off is all over twitter and twitter was having it's own field day that day ⁂ so he can save himself from more embarrassment he just ignores chat moving on to another topic still clearly showing his sour mood ⁂ even though he streams he still thinks about that exact moment when the guy asked you of course you awkwardly said no. ⁂ ending the stream he heard a slight knock on his door opening it he sees you with your arms open, and of course, he dives straight in ⁂ while hugging you carefully play with his hair reassuring him " you know you're my only valentines right love?" reassuring him ⁂ cuddling your phone made a noise, upon opening it you saw a recent tweet he posted ⁂ chucking you glance at him " you're such an idiot" while you both smile at the moment
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝗦𝗔𝗣𝗡𝗔𝗣 ⁂ now if somebody makes a move on you, especially on valentines day it's on sight ⁂ you were just chilling with your face cam on playing minecraft with new people, genuinely enjoying the company ⁂ suddenly that comfort was gone by someone asking you out for valentines day ⁂ awkwardly chuckling you politely declined but the person won't stop bugging you about it ⁂ now when sapnap saw this he wasted no time to go to your stream and kiss your neck and i quote gave you snacks for energy ⁂ " hey darling i brought snacks for you" while kissing your temple ⁂ you felt like a huge boulder on your shoulder was lifted off when sapnap came ⁂ the person muted and didn't speak about it anymore probably embarrassed about it ⁂ checking twitter, your boyfriend besides you grinning at the tweet he made ⁂ "i love you but you're such an idiot" chuckling to yourself while he kisses your forehead
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝗤𝗨𝗔𝗖𝗞𝗜𝗧𝗬 ⁂ you too were just playing jack box with karl and the regular lineup but there was one new creator ⁂ from the start he was annoyingly obnoxious making just that wasn't made to be made ⁂ but it was jack box so you guys let it aside since you guys thought it was jokes ⁂ a question popped up saying "who's your date this 14" upon popping up you saw your name and 'the queen' in both slots ⁂ your friends thinking quackity made that prompt started teasing him on being simp but you immediately know it wasn't him since he stopped making jokes being eerily quiet ⁂ revealing who typed the prompt everyone went quiet, they didn't really know what to say ⁂ from that on quackity became more silent while you kept spamming his dms with reassurance and i love you's ⁂ upon seeing that quackity smiled instantly oh how he loves you so much and the constant reassurance just gave him ⁂ now seeing him hype up the chat still knows the energy radiate awkwardness but will mentally thank u for cheering him up ⁂ posting of you in his car on twitter titled "mi amor"
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝗪𝗜𝗟𝗕𝗨𝗥 ⁂ it was just a chill valentine stream singing and chat watching you be lovesick fools for each other ⁂ half of the chat was complaining about how sweet you both are and the half is just complimenting you both ⁂ it was all fine til' a donation catches wilburs attention ⁂ "hey baby you look great today wanna be my valentine" ⁂ you both started laughing thinking it was just a funny joke til' he keeps donating pestering u both ⁂ wil was about to stop him til' you whisper a joke in his ear "darling we're gonna get rich" laughing he gives you a slight chuckle ⁂ he did turn off donations for that stream as you both just wanted it to be chill and peaceful ⁂ after the stream you both were just cuddling and having fun til' you get a tweet from the username that was a familiar message from a donation saying "im still serious about the offer baby" ⁂ in disgust you both blocked him while wilbur cuddles you, he tweeted out ⁂ " i love you, darling, you know that right?" and of course you do
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝗞𝗔𝗥𝗟 ⁂ it all happened when you posted a selfie of you greeting people happy valentines ⁂ and of course this man started hyping you up on social media and on irl ⁂ though regardless of the support there were so many icky men in your comments and it made you think if you would just delete the post ⁂ but no karl said he'll take care of it and he did by posting a tweet ⁂ you checked the tweet chuckling " you know i love you so much karl right?" ⁂ hiding his head on the crook of your neck " i know you do love and i love you just as well" ⁂ see this man loves you so much as you guys are cuddled up watching cartoons ⁂ despite the world teasing him as being a big simp he doesn't care cause he's your simp
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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basilly · 7 months ago
lockscreen | cc!mcyts x gn!reader
Tumblr media
⋆.ೃ࿔*:・ summary: what kind of photo of you/both of you would be his lockscreen wallpaper?
⋆.ೃ࿔*:・ includes: feral boys + wilbur !
⋆.ೃ࿔*:・ pronouns: none mentioned
⋆.ೃ࿔*:・ note: i swear this isn't me coming back to write LOL im just getting little bursts of energy
Tumblr media
hands down a photo of you and patches in matching exclusive dream merch. his two biggest supporters <3 - it's only merch you guys have, they're samples he didn't end up using. everytime he checks his phone, he has a little goofy smile that he tries to hide by pulling up his hoodie/shirt collar to his nose.
Tumblr media
one of those blurry chaotic photos of him giving you a piggyback ride. the complete calmness of the night contrasting the giggles and serotonin of the moment was one of his favorite memories, now forever his lockscreen. it makes a smile creep onto the corner of his lips everytime.
Tumblr media
george doesn't often take photos unless you make him usually. thus, his lockscreen happens to be one of the only times he does. it's a simple photo of you on the train, looking out the window or down onto the floor, but he loves it. there's something about it that calms him down with a serene background and his favorite person.
Tumblr media
if you've seen the lara-jean and peter sleeping/cuddling photo- it's that. the two of you snuggled up against each other, you laying on his chest, head tucked under his chin. the both of you had fallen asleep at movie night at quackity's and he snapped a picture to make fun of karl later- little did he know it would be karl's favorite photo ever.
Tumblr media
quackity loves domestic scenes with you- grocery shopping no doubt. butttt there was one time when he was pushing you around he let u roll down the parking lot, and as it picked up speed, you were seen screaming in fear and excitement. he had whipped out his phone to snap a couple photos, loving the pure happiness and laughter on your face.
Tumblr media
like his 'date' photos with george, his lockscreen is a picture of you on one of your dinner dates- he's like a facebook mom, telling you to say 'cheese' for the photo. you're simply too excited to eat and urging him to hurry up. it's a live photo- if you hold down, it quickly turns to you frowning that the food is getting cold. it makes him laugh everytime out of adoration and he claims he finds it adorable.
Tumblr media
moot reach: @inniterhq @mitzimania @yamturds @earthtooz @cherios @ttakinou
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dreamholic · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing(s): dreamwastaken x gender neutral reader, georgenotfound x gender neutral reader, sapnap x gender neutral reader, karl jacobs x gender neutral reader, quackity x gender neutral reader
summary: wiping off their kisses.
warning(s): none
note: let me know if there are any other trends you want me to write and make sure to send an example in case i don’t know what it is !! sorry it got shorter to karl and quackity’s 😭
Tumblr media
DREAM: you’re on his lap while he’s editing a video, scrolling through tiktok with earbuds in. he gives you a kiss on the cheek five minutes later. smiling at him, you ‘subtly’ wipe it off with the back of your hand. he freezes, staring at you and you raise your eyebrows at him, “what?” “did you just wipe my kiss off?” he asks and you frown, shaking your head. “okay…” he mutters, kissing you again but this time on your lips. again, you wipe it off with the back of your hand. dream stares at you incredulously, “you just did it again.” “no, i didn’t,” you deny, shaking your head. he scoffs in offense, “yes you did! what, you don’t like my kisses?” you giggle, “i’m not wiping off your kisses, dream!” he shakes his head at you, pulling you in by the back of your neck to give you a rather wet kiss on the lips, tilting his head to deepen the kiss. when he pulls away, he raises a defiant eyebrow, “try to wipe that away.” you stare at him before quickly raising your arm to wipe it away. “babe!”
GEORGE: he presses a loud kiss to your cheek, being dramatic. you shake your head at him before quickly wiping it away and he blinks in shock as you go back to your phone. he stares at you before kissing you again on your cheek, just in case you didn’t mean to. he then watches as you wipe the kiss away again. his mouth drops open, unsure of whether to feel hurt/offended or just shrug it off. “did i do something wrong?” he asks and you frown as you look up, “no, why?” “i— you…” he racks his brain to think of anything he could’ve done as you go back to your phone again. definitely texts dream and sapnap for help before sapnap realizes what you’re doing and tells george. turns to you in offense that you thought you could get away with this, even though you kinda did at first. he takes your phone away, ignoring your protests and showers you in wet and loud kisses all over your face. “can’t wipe them all away,” he mutters, pressing a kiss under your ear, “no more tiktok for you.”
SAPNAP: he’s immediately suspicious when you wipe his kiss away the first time, going to give you another kiss and watches as you wipe it away again. pokes you in the side, giving you a WTF look and you look at him in the same way, pretending to be confused. he scoffs, “wiping my kisses away? real mature.” “no idea what you’re talking about,” you feign innocence, shrugging at him. “mhm,” he mutters, going back to playing valorant but you can tell he’s still thinking about it, trying to think as to what he could’ve done to deserve this. “is this because i didn’t pick the dirty clothes up from the floor?” he turns to you 20 minutes later and you raise your eyebrow at him. “no, but thanks for reminding me of that.” he huffs, “okay, then… is this because i ate your leftovers?” your mouth drops open, “that was you? you told me it was dream!” he realizes he just snitched on himself and winces, “um…” “sapnap!”
KARL: already knows the trend but it doesn’t register in his brain until the third time you did it in the span of ten minutes. doesn’t give you a reaction and does the same thing to you later on in the day. he tries his best to not laugh when he sees your mouth drop open in shock at him, continuing to scroll through his phone. “babe!” you whine, “did you just wipe my kiss off?” he grins, finally glancing up at you, “no, why?” “liar! you totally just did.” “oh, so you can do it, but i can’t?” you huff before wrapping your arms around his neck, “fine, fine. give me a kiss now, but don’t wipe it away this time.” he giggles again, pressing kisses all over your face, “as long as you don’t do it, either.”
QUACKITY: he stares at you like you’ve grown two heads after he watched you wipe the kiss away. he’s immediately offended but also kinda hurt. tries to act nonchalant but you could tell he was like WTF. becomes clingy and definitely scatters kisses around your face that you also wipe away. around the 15th time, he realizes you’re playing with him when he sees the small smirk on your face. unable to believe that he fell for it, he gives you the silent treatment and makes you beg him for kisses. you lost, he won. will definitely pull a prank back on you because giving the silent treatment just isn’t enough.
Tumblr media
tiktok series. library.
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ruminationnn · 2 months ago
mcyt sleeping headcanons.
how mcyt’s fall asleep with you.
includes: cc!wilbur soot, cc!ted nivison, cc!jschlatt, cc!dream, cc!quackity, cc!tommy (p), cc!ranboo (p), cc!tubbo (p).
Tumblr media
wilbur – the octopus.
he’s got them long ass limbs, how could he not be?
but yes. whenever the two of you fall asleep together he naturally does the thing where his legs will tangle with yours
his arms are everywhere wrapped around your torso.
he craves the physical contact, so when you take a nap on the couch he just… easily wraps himself around you
will also sometimes hold your hand/play with your fingers
ted – the blanket.
i’ve mentioned this before in the fluff alphabet posts but he’s definitely the type to put his weight on you and just become the blanket
not to the point where it’s suffocating
but just enough to be comforting
also snores.
not too loud, but he definitely does quietly
schlatt – the furnace.
don’t know why, but his body just naturally runs really warm when he’s asleep
which means he usually doesn’t need a blanket. if he does, it’s a thin one
fret not, because it means you can just cling on to him and that’s more than enough heat for the night
he’s also not much of a cuddler. only in that he won’t really hold you much during the night
but he lets you lie on top of him and just kinda… nuzzle up to him for warmth
clay – the spoon.
definitely the big spoon
has an arm around your waist the whole night
usually your head is tucked just under his chin
he’s also a night owl, though, so if your sleep schedules don’t match and he finds you asleep he’ll just scooch in and hold you softly
otherwise, the two of you are cuddling, sharing quiet conversations until you fall asleep
alex – the cuddler.
doesn’t share a lot of physical affection normally, but when you’re asleep he’s all over you
sleeps facing you, so you’re just softly breathing against each other
he generally has a hard time falling asleep so he really appreciates your touch since it calms him so much
in bed is also one of the few times he’s not wearing a beanie so his hair gets everywhere
but he really appreciates it when you run your fingers through the soft strands and just kinda… scratch his scalp a little while he sleeps
tommy – the reluctant sleeper
will try his damned hardest to not fall asleep
it’s only when his energy finally crashes and his head just drops on your shoulder that he starts to snooze
also will not admit to liking cuddles
but if you play with his hair a bit while he rests on you, you can see him just comfortably lean a bit more into you
has a habit of moving around when he sleeps though, so prepare to have to adjust yourself based on him lol
ranboo – the quiet snoozer
there’s a very thin line between when ranboo is just being quiet and when he’s asleep
you can barely tell when he’s fallen asleep because for a while before he’ll just drop in volume
until you look over and find his eyes are closed
another one who doesn’t intentionally cuddle but he’ll subconsciously shift himself closer if he falls asleep next to you on the couch or something
otherwise a very calm sleeper. will probably mutter a little bit.
toby – the teddy bear.
i call him the teddy bear because he is. the bear.
you literally hold him as if he’s your personal stuffed animal and he lives for it
he likes to sleep facing you as well, and will definitely nuzzle his face either into your chest or your neck
even when you’re pretty sure he can’t breathe. he’s stubborn.
takes a while for him to fall asleep but that time is spent whispering and giggling until he passes out with a smile on his face <3
. . .
like, comment & reblog if you enjoyed!
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sugarrbbee · 5 months ago
Hey, I was wondering if you could write about the MCYT's with a super shy gender neutral S/O, who's also touch starved (fluffy affection). Not me self projecting, what? 😅
Shy Touch Starved S/o
Tumblr media
Includes: Dream, George, Sapnap, Karl, Quackity, Wilbur, Foolish, and Punz
Pronouns: Gender neutral
Notes: I hope I did your request justice :)
Please Dream dies every time you get shy or shyly ask for some type of physical touch
He has to physically restrain himself from audibly awing when you shyly ask to hold his hand or hug him
And he picked up on your internal struggle when asking for those types of things
So he can now just tell when you want to hold hand, hug him, or cuddle
Or maybe its the fact he can see you glancing at his hand a lot
Or when you reach over to grab his hand but stop before you can
Anyways, he picks up on it and saves you from the flustered state by instead asking if he can hold your hand himself or just doing it
You definitely still get flustered but shhh
You and George are the same
George is touch starved, you're touch starved
George is shy, you're shy
Perfect pair
But it can lead to weird moments where you're both longing to hold the others hand but you both stop yourselves
So you're kinda just sitting there stiff lmao
Until one time he just straight-up grabs your hand and asks if that's okay with a very evident rosy dusting on his cheeks
Oh my gosh I can see you linking your pinkies together as you're walking next to one another
That's a cute and simple form of physical touch
And the stupid smile that brings to his face is AHHHH
Anyways, little things of physical touch are definitely implemented into your relationship like little hugs at random times
He is another man that literally revels in your shyness
Sapnap loves making you shy and one way to do that is by flirting with you
Whether it's some dumb pick up line or a simple compliment, he always seems to succeed
As for the physical touch thing, he is also touch starved
But he wants to change that so he tries to hug you more and then finds out you're touch starved too
So now you're just two touch starved people who want to change that but also don't know how??
Well, you know how, but you're also kinda shy when it comes to openly be touchy
So expect a lot of little and quick acts of touch before you both ease into it and now you're just extremely clingy with one another
Mr.Physical touch with a touch starved s/o? He is literally going to solve that issue
Okay but at first he definitely keeps himself from just hugging you or reaching for you because he's felt how you slightly tense when he does it
So Karl gets worried he's making you uncomfortable :(
But then you openly ask him for a hug and he still restrains himself from hugging you too tightly, still worried
You notice and ask why and he explains his thoughts in his head and then you're the one that feels bad
After you explained the whole touch starved thing, Karl will start to hold back less and slowly ease into more physical touch
Until he gets to the point he will literally throw himself on you
Also, he finds you getting flustered so adorable
But it also makes him flustered so you're just two flustered babies
Okay so Quackity is another touch starved human being
And he gets kinda shy himself when it comes to long moments of physical touch
So expect quick things like quick hugs or little things like linking pinkies together
But besides when it comes to physical touch, Alex is less of a shy person and is more open and social
I can see him doing things in public to try and embarrass you
But obviously nothing too far
Something simple like saying something stupid too loud or threatening to cause trouble
Oh my gosh he will also openly point out that you're shy or he made you shy
Like okay, we get but you didn't have to point it out 🙄
One time you did make him shy though by saying a stupid pick up line you heard someone else use and he got flustered and had to excuse himself
The only reason he got so flustered is because he didn't expect you to do something like that lmao
I feel like Wilbur really likes hugs
So when he noticed how your arms are kinda just awkwardly paused in the air he asks what's wrong and you tell him
And after you make sure to tell him hugs and stuff were okay, he moves the hair out of your face and says "All right just make sure to ask me to stop if you'd like, love"
Pfft that made you flustered and that dumb smile got brought to his face because of it
He loves and I mean loves making you shy
It doesn't matter how long you've been together or how comfortable you are around him, you always still seem shy
And Wilbur loves it so much
But he's also kind of a shy man so when it's more than just you two, expect him to be on the shyer side
That leads to situations where you're both trying to convince the other to talk for the both of you in a social situation
At first, he thought he was making you uncomfortable by touching you so he stopped everything and asked if you were okay and if that was the case
He majorly hoped it wasn't the case because he'd hate to make you feel that way
And luckily it wasn't the case and you went on to explain how you just never really got a lot of hugs or stuff like that
Foolish went on to ask if it was okay to hug you like he was previously doing and when you said yes he pulled you back into his arms and said "Okay, just let me know if it begins to be too much :)"
As for the shyness, Noah would so take over for you in social situations when you need him to
If you ever tried to apologize for your shyness he would immediately cut you off and tell you it's okay
Foolish is a social and open guy and he sees nothing wrong with your shyness, he actually loves the dynamic between you two
This cocky little son of a gun would revel in your shyness
Because it "Cute when you get so flustered" 🙄
He is the type of guy to just open his arms and say "Come give me a hug"
Please I do not mean the "Where's my hug at" guy 😭
But when he notices your slight hesitation to physical touch he ever so softly asks if you're okay
And when you explain he says he understands but it lowkey upsets him that you missed out on hugs and stuff so be prepared for him to make up for the lack of physical touch
Also from there on, he will ask if you're okay with a hug, him holding your hand, cuddling, etc.
Punz avoids making you uncomfortable because he'd hate to make you feel that way
So he prefers to ask permission beforehand, no matter how many times you said it's okay
@pastelpeaxch @pixviepie @nightmarefox15 @dazedgxth
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thequeenevelyn · 3 months ago
Husband? Me?
Type : fluff
Pronouns : you / yours ( 2nd pov )
Pairings :
Warnings : none
A/n : Hihihi! I didn’t really thought that the last one to blew up that much. Thank you y’all sm for y’all support, if you want to ask/talk or leave suggestions feel free too!!!!! and i hope you all enjoy this one :}}} I didn’t use Foolish’s and Dream’s real name in here because I’m not sure if they’re comfortable with it so and let me know if you want part 2 feel free to suggest more ppl!!!! <3333
Summary : you calling them your husband as a prank.
Tumblr media
W : “Husband huh?’
Y : “Mhm” :3
W : “Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with me?’
Y : “Of couse I do, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t right?”
W : “True, just needed to hear it from you”
Y : “And you? Do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?”
W : “More than you’ll ever know sweetheart” :]
Q : “H-Huh wait what?”
Q : “Did you just call me your husband?”
Y : “Is there a problem with that Alex?”
Q : “no nO NO NO nothing mi amada esposa” :]
Mi amada esposa = My beloved wife
Wouldn’t even notice at first
K : “oh…. So you don’t want to marry me?” :(((((((
Y : “But just not right now love”
K : “Of couse of couse sweets, I understand completely”
K : “I’ll wait for you not matter how long sweets” :))))
Would be excited like a puppy
F : “did i skip our wedding or something?” :ccc
Y : “N-No foolish we aren’t married and you didn’t skip our wedding i assure you”
Y : “And I wouldn’t let you skip our wedding if we were to have one hun”
F : “oh…Then why did you call me your husband?” :////
Y : “Baby it was a prank I’m sorry...”
F : “But do you actually want to marry me tho”
Y : “Of course baby I want to marry you!!!”
Y : “One day baby one day” :)
D : “Husband? That’s a new one princess”
Y : “Ew why do you need to make it sound so sexual” D:<
D : *wheezing kettle laughing* “O-okay okay b-baby”
Y : “Dreammm come on it’s not funny” :(
D : “O-okay but… do you actualy wanna marry me?”
Y : “Well duh obv dream I love you”
D : “Awwww you love me” :33333
Y : “Say it back dream”
D : “Say what hmmm”
Y : “Say it or you’ll be sleeping alone tonight”
D : “wait no no no I’m sorry baby”
Y : “Mhm and?”
D : “I love you so so so much baby more than you’ll ever know”
Y : “I love you too you dummy”
D : “But I’m your dummy” :)))))
Y : “Yea yea you are” :}}}
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beeindaclouds · a day ago
FINALLY YOUR REQUEST IS OPEN! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS CUZ YOUR WRITING IS GODDAMN GOOD 🥺 ( sorry if i make you scared- ) Can i request a MoonGod!Reader with c!DSMP? It can be gn! Like one night on the full moon, reader descended to earth and landed in a lake with elegance and purity and moonlight shining on them, then accidentally the c! passed by and saw that scene and their heart fluttered by the scenery. Maybe with Sapnap, Quackity, Karl, Dream, George, Nihachu, Technoblade?
Hallo, thank you for requesting!
I feel so bad for answering this so late now T^T
But I still hope you enjoy <3
Some of the C!DSMP reacting to Moon Deity!Reader
Tumblr media
Includes: Dream, Georgenotfound, Sapnap, Quackity, Karl Jacob, Technoblade, Nihachu
Requests are closed
Reader: GN - They/Them
P.s: I'm using "Deity" because I found that it's a more gender neutral term for god/godness
[Also, btw, "Talking to the Moon" is such a good song for this scenario]
A legend roamed around the Dream SMP
Every 100 years there was a special moon right in the middle of the chosen year
And the Moon Deity would come to earth in hopes of finding something special
What was the something special, you may ask? Unfortunately nobody knows. The Deity has never been pleased in all these years
But some of the SMP members hoped to make their wish come true, so they headed to the lake on the highest mountain
And at exactly midnight the moon shined on the lake, as a figure floated down from the sky
You scanned your surroundings, surprised by how much things have changed since your last visit on earth, but your eyes landed on a figure in front of the lake who seemed to be admiring you from afar
Tumblr media
❝ C!Dream ❞
Dream isn't an easily impressed person
He was usually the one who impress' others...in a good way or a bad way
And honestly he didn't expect much from this "legend" but still wanted to give it a try
He was taken back by how mesmerising you were, the book he was reading about you did no justice to your actual beauty
You read him like a book, scars scattered along his body and bags under his eyes, it said a lot about him.
You wanted to know his history, and he wanted to know yours, so that night you two just sat and talked
And by dawn you two were closer then ever. Dream didn't know why he confined in a deity who wasn't even from his world...but it felt right
So every night Dream would visit you by the lake
Tumblr media
❝ C!Georgenotfound ❞
If he had to be honest, George was there accidentally
His sleep took over on one of his random walks and he just so happen to wake up as you descended from the sky
Best way to wake up ever might he add
You scanned the brown haired boy and came to conclusion that he may be a king of some sort
George was shy and stuttery when you two first talked, he was very flustered by your presence and aura
But as days went by, and you stayed to talk to him, he got more confident and more comfortable
You two were both night owls. Sleeping by morning and socializing by night
Tumblr media
❝ C!Sapnap ❞
Sapnap's mind was all over the place
Between the fight with his to ex finances and the betrayal of his best friend he just needed a sign...a sign of something good
He remembered this silly story Bad would tell him, about the Moon Deity, so on the right day and the right time he waited by the lake
He held his breath the entire time you descended from the sky, which caused him to almost pass out
You were quick to hold him up and ask if he was ok, but flustered by your voice he accidentally sets a tree nearby on fire which you found quiet fascinating
Sapnap confined in you with his problems, surprised that a Deity such as yourself would just sit there and listen, but you gave him good advice and even comforted him
The days passed and you were still there, so he took every opportunity he got to stay with you
Away from the problems. Just you and him, under the bright moonlight and night sky
Tumblr media
❝ C!Quackity ❞
The Las Nevadas owner didn't know what he expected from this legend
He just wanted to get to it before anyone could
But all thoughts left his mind as you appeared before him
Soft smile on your face as you scanned the man in front of you, who had by now become a red baloon
You noticed the large scar on the mans eye and subconsciously traced it with your hand
Quackity, understandingly, jumped back but he let you continue after he recovered from the shock
You found his scar quiet endearing, it just held a lot of meaning and added to his character
You two talked that night, about your past and his, about what you liked and what had happened in your life
The both of you had one thing in common, losing someone important, which added to the foundation of your relationship
Quackity weirdly found comfort in visiting you and you found a reason to stay
Tumblr media
❝ C!Karl Jacobs ❞
The man had been here before
Many times, probably more then he could count
But he seemed to always be fascinated by your appearance
You recognized him, having visited you in many other timelines but still not satisfying your need to stay
This would be his last try, the power of his getting too strong and consuming him in the process
You were amazed by his dedication to see you, honestly taken back by his actions
You both didn't know why you were suddenly attracted to eachother, but you didn't want to know
Because as of right now you'd be doing that for as long as you could, before you would lose Karl to his memory loss
Tumblr media
❝ C!Technoblade❞
[Can I first say, your ship name would be so cool! Cause he's the blood god and you're the moon deity so togheter you'd be bloodmoon!]
Techno happened to be patrolling around the lake at the time and was taken back by the figure gliding on the lake
Twinkles and shines danced around your figure as you happily spinned on top of the water
But upon feeling the presence of someone else you stopped to look at him
And for the first time in his life the voices were cancelled out from Techno's mind, to busy gazing at the Deity infront of him
You were taken back by the scary yet handsome figure looking at you
His red blood colored eyes intimidating yet giving you a sense of safeness
This could honestly be love at first sight...something that none of you would admit too
Tumblr media
Niki adored this story as a child, and she dreamed of the day to see such a beautiful Deity in front of her
And she knew her dreams came true as her eyes landed on you
You were happy to be talking to someone again, especially someone with such a kind aura
Niki would make sure to bring you treats whenever she visited you and you in return showed her the many things you did as a moon deity
She was always infatuated by everything you did and slowly you started doing the same
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dsmpxreaderstuff · 3 months ago
I saw ur request open, could you do one where the reader is always sassy?
🗒 ❛ Sassy reader ༉‧₊˚✧
Tumblr media
Featuring: CC!Dream, CC!Sapnap, CC!Karl Jacobs, CC!Quackity, CC!Wilbur Soot, CC!Tommyinnit, CC!Tubbo, CC!Ranboo
# Note: shoutout to my fellow sassy bitches out there yall are so hot /p
pronouns used: none
˗ˏˋ back to navigation ´ˎ˗
Tumblr media
Was caught a bit off guard the first time you snapped back at him. Don't get it wrong, he liked it, just wasn't expecting it.
He's pretty sassy himself so you two just go back and forth on the banter. Sapnap keeps telling you guys to just get a room.
Tumblr media
And, as usual, I'm gonna have to say he finds it hot. You giving people (specially him) some attitude just strikes something in him, okay. You can't blame the guy.
Also likes that you can stand up for yourself. Not that he gets any less protective, but it's nice to know you can handle things when he's not around.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Karl Jacobs
He can be a little sassy himself, though he usually immediately feels bad and giggles out an apology.
You're more ruthless about it and he likes it quite a bit. Just don't go too hard on him though or he might get sad :(
Tumblr media
We've seen the Jack Box videos. He doesn't know how to respond when people sass him and you're not about to be an exception.
He just tries very hard to stutter back some backhanded comment to you and fails miserably. It's a little cute though, so it's fine.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Wilbur Soot
Oh God. Holy shit.
Your conversations consist sorely of bullying. It's like you guys never left the "I make fun of you because I like you" phase from middle school.
Tommy: Are they flirting?
Tubbo: I think so.
Y/N: We're not flirting, we're arguing-
Wilbur: We're flirting.
Tumblr media
He's more about yelled insults rather than thought out comebacks, so he does get surprised by how creative you can get with it.
Some opposites attract type of beat when it comes to arguing /p. It's a little funny to watch.
Tumblr media
He can get quite cheeky himself, it's just harder to notice cause he says it in such an innocent tone.
He normally just goes off with whatever smartass thing you just said - your comments go hand in hand.
He's more sarcastic than sassy, but you two still complement each other pretty well.
Your comebacks never fail to make him laugh though. It's quite endearing.
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sapnapsbunny · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
them ❤️
i don’t have any pics of punz :((
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jaybirdsing · 5 months ago
second in command (mafia au headcanons)
your faves as mob bosses + their outfits ;)
characters: dream, sapnap, wilbur, punz, c!schlatt, c!techno, quackity, niki
warnings: mature but not explicit (se//xually suggestive), 16+, mentions of g/un violence. its a mafia au. duh.
Tumblr media
Dream: Total glutton for power.
Loves to make you beg. Loves to make you call him ‘sir.’ Likes to whisper all the things he’s going to do to you in your ear.
His favorite place for you to be is in his lap while he works in his office. He’s so outward with his love and his lust, using every endearing nickname under the sun to address you.
One of his favorite ways to show love is having your closet absolutely stuffed with expensive clothes exactly to your taste.
His second favorite way is that when he has his enemy captured, he’ll bring you along, and with a cool smile, as what you think should be done with them.
Tumblr media
Sapnap: Absolute cocky bastard.
You walk into the room and he’s all grins, beckoning you over with his fingers so he can kiss you.
You could be wearing a trash bag and he’d still rake his eyes down your body, brazenly checking you out.
He’s all confidence, always in control, always gets his way. His smile is the same, whether he’s undressing you, or pressing a gun to someone’s head.
But make no mistake, Sapnap adores and respects you. He asks tons of questions about your interests, your studies, your life, because he just wants everything to do with you.
Tumblr media
Techno: spoils you to death. You could ask for anything, and a day later, it’ll appear on your doorstep.
He’s quiet, and slow to anger. He wears gloves when he does business, and more than once he’s come home with blood on his collar and dust in his hair.
One of his rivals decided that threatening you was a bad idea. Technoblade had broken 10 of his bones.
You’re his one weakness, the one person who he’ll do anything for— but just because he lets you ride on top doesn’t mean he won’t occasionally grab your chin to remind you of who runs the show.
Tumblr media
Wilbur: tough exterior, huge softie. Loves to praise you, loves to protect you.
Likes to keep you separate from business, so he can be mysterious at times. He does a hard switch between home and work. Where he’s harsh and calculating in his business deals, he melts for you, jokes with you.
The sex is passionate and loud.
His favorite thing is walking through the door after a long day and putting his head on your shoulder.
There’s nothing Wilbur won’t do for his loved ones. Nothing.
Tumblr media
Punz: Comes off as apathetic and cool. Loves to tease you and revel in how much you want him. Kisses you roughly and covers you in hickeys so that you don’t even think about running off and finding someone else.
He’ll degrade and tease you all day long, but his aftercare is second to none.
In some regards, you’re a part of the family. He bounces ideas off of you, and even brings you along to important meetings, fancy dinners, dances, not to show you off, but to show he’ll never hide a thing from you.
Tumblr media
Schlatt: In front of his allies and enemies, you look like nothing more than a side piece, an accessory on his hip. This couldn’t be further than the truth.
You’re his prized treasure, and he treats you like it. He worships your body, praises every curve and dip, and holds you tight. The reason you’re always on his hip is because he always seeks out your touch.
He loves how you never flinch when he yells at other people, how you don’t bat an eyelash when he puts on the show of a crazed businessman. You’re one of the few who gets to see the cunning underneath all the fire, and the only one to see him fall to his knees.
Tumblr media
Quackity: Is also a person who likes to keep work and personal life separate. He won’t altogether ban you from his office, but he doesn’t like you to see who he becomes when others step on his toes.
While he’s a businessman in practice, he’s an entertainer and artist at home, making you laugh, dancing with you in the kitchen, taking you to see the finest performances.
He’s always putting your comfort and safety first, making sure that if he’s ever in the midst of something risky, he has at least a few of his men guarding you.
Tumblr media
Niki: Calm, quiet, and merciless.
She has a reputation for her ruthlessness, and it’s gained her respect, in part from fear.
You’re fascinated by how complicated she is— shooting a gun without hesitation, and then holding you so so gently.
She shields you from the violence but doesn’t hide her mob affairs from you, telling you about the things she sees while the two of you soak in the bathtub together.
She spends a ton of money on you, making your home as beautiful as possible, somewhere that you can picture spending the rest of your life in.
You’re the apple of her eye, and though she enjoys her job, she'd drop everything and retire to a domestic life if that was what you wanted.
Tumblr media
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jschqtt · 3 months ago
yay, open requests! :D glad to see you back, jay!
how about the mcyt crew (your choice) reacting to little sfw neck kisses? <3 – 🏳️‍⚧️
DAWW sure!! and thank u kiddo!! glad to be back ^_^ i wrote this while listening to Ho Hey by The Lumineers, please listen to it while reading, it enhances the Experience <3
Tumblr media
-> commission me, or leave a tip!
-> join our discord!
cw: none
MCYTs reacting to neck kisses
dream jumps a little bit when you start placing soft kisses on his neck, but he absolutely does not complain. “ah! oh, okay.” he smiles, turning around and placing kisses on your forehead. after that, he stares at you with so much adoration in his eyes.
sapnap blushes SO HARD. he jumps as you wrap your hands around his waist, placing quick kisses on his neck. “babe, stoooop! you’re so embarrassing!” and there’s literally no one around he’s just dramatic
george was definitely not expecting to get neck kisses from you, but it was a very pleasant surprise! his face flushed a soft pink when you kiss his neck. he turns around, giving you cute little nose kisses. “thought you could get away with giving me kisses? i have to give you kisses in return.”
karl gets VERY EMBARRASSED. like, cmon, he’s such an easily embarrassed kinda guy. even if there’s no one around, he tries to swat you away if you try to kiss his neck, only because it tickles him. but, he still appreciates it! “ah! ahaha-! stop it!”
quackity was definitely NOT expecting it. he lets out a giggle, getting all giddy when you kiss his neck. he jokingly tries to push you away, almost initiating a fight with you. “stooop! STOOOOP!!”
wilbur is automatically red in the face. his face gets so hot, he LOVES neck kisses, especially like. along his jawline, so when you kiss him there, he gets embarrassed and also happy. “aah! darling, quit it! but also don’t.”
schlatt hates when you do it. he’s not a touchy kinda guy, so when you try to show him physical affection, ESPECIALLY KISSES, he’s not about it. but he tries to be nice, so he turns around and places a very gentle kiss on your forehead. “warn me when you do that shit, got it? thank you, though.”
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punzobee · 11 months ago
engagement photos hc’s
cc! dreamwastaken, punz, sapnap, corpse husband, wilbur soot, quackity, karl jacobs, georgenotfound x gn!reader
warning: like… one swear word ?
Tumblr media
posts two, one on twitter & one on instagram
the photo on twitter is you and dream facing one another, but you’re holding his mask, covering the side of his face
while your face is shown, and the hand holding the mask has a beautiful engagement ring on it
the one on instagram is you standing in front of the camera showing your ring, while he’s in the back with his mask on, posing randomly
the caption for both is corny
“ achievement made… engaged ! ”
he took a few
1 - you’re resting your head in your hands, the ring visible
2 - you’re holding his jaw gently with the ringed hand, he’s smirking
3 - and then a cute / normal one of you two while you’re holding up you’re hand
it goes to both platforms
meanwhile he’s freaking out in the caption
“ i’m engaged to the loml holy shit ”
it would be a selfie of you both right after he proposed, you both cried
“ we both cried but at least they said yes ”
and a photo of you and the ring would be next
turns off comments for it all, just wants to keep it happy, because this is the happiest he’s been
tweets on his private about you wearing the ring, and him re-realizing he’s engaged
he will walk into your guys’ room, seeing the ring, and he’ll freeze for a moment before smiling wide
he zoomed into the side of his neck, easy to see what it was but his face was still hidden
your hand is around his neck, gently, but the ring is shown
it barely makes sense but everyone gets the memo- and are freaking out
then he posts a photo of just you, smiling at the ring
“ life is getting good, thanks to my FIANCÉ ”
he’s happier, everyone can hear it on streams and see it through posts
cute af
he took a photo of you reading, without you knowing, and your ring was visible
he posted it, feeling happy to share the news
“ my life is complete ”
he could go on and on with photos of you and the ring, feels so happy about it and wants to scream or show how much he loves you
he’ll fidget with your hand and ring when he’s nervous, it keeps him calm, makes him know you’re always there
the photo is chaotic,, to say the least
it’s blurry, and it looks like your smacking him with the ringed hand
it fits his content well, but he also posts a calmer photo with it
you’re smiling with him while holding your hand up
he’s so happy and eventually talks about it on stream
it’s a photo of your guys’ hands
he’s painting your nails on the hand that has the ring, a pretty pink that matches his nails
it’s a pretty smart photo
he gets so excited to post it everywhere
“ y/n said yes AHHHH ”
makes a tik tok with you too, you’re both dancing to the music he used in the tik tok, with the caption “ post proposal ”
happy is an understatement
he posts about you, but doesn’t say too much about your guys’ relationship
but he posts a selfie with you to show off the ring
you both act shocked, eyebrows raised and eyes wide as you point to your hand
“ engaged?! but seriously they said yes this is amazing ”
dnf stans call it fake bc they’re bitches
he’s really excited and happy, and for him to post it on social media, everyone knows how much this means to him
he freaks out about it on stream
dream jokingly argued with you on stream, when in all seriousness he congratulated you two and is so happy for you guys
Tumblr media
tags: @midknightmemories @acidtabletz @brainvomitqueen @sticksdoesart @dreamzluvrr @sbi-is-my-onlysanity @meatonfork
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basilly · 5 months ago
silent "i love you's" | cc!mcyts x reader
Tumblr media
⋆.ೃ࿔*:・ summary: how do they silently say "i love you"?
⋆.ೃ࿔*:・ includes: feral boys + wilbur !
⋆.ೃ࿔*:・ pronouns: none mentioned
⋆.ೃ࿔*:・ note: ty @mitzimania for helping me think of this !
Tumblr media
gentle hugs, all the time.
whenever he arrives home, leaves the house, sees you studying, etc. it always the warmest.
Tumblr media
orders your usuals wherever he goes.
he eats out pretty often and always remembers to pick up some for you as well. even if it's really specific, you know he will always get it perfectly.
Tumblr media
wash the dishes.
you've never touched a single dirty/soapy dish. he loves little acts of service and he will automatically do it, even after an extremely draining day.
Tumblr media
rests his head on yours and squishes your cheeks with his palms.
he just loves being near you and seeing you get "annoyed"- it always makes the two of you giggle. sometimes he would do it to cheer you up.
Tumblr media
giving you flowers.
picks them right off the side off the road- wild and bright, reminding you of him.
Tumblr media
squeezes your hand.
he just wants you to know he's there for you always, squeezing three times- "i-luv-u".
Tumblr media
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dreamholic · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing(s): dreamwastaken x gender neutral reader, georgenotfound x gender neutral reader, sapnap x gender neutral reader, karl jacobs x gender neutral reader, quackity x gender neutral reader
summary: you play the ‘hey shawty, your man still around?’ tiktok trend on the boys.
warning(s): none
note: here is the start of my tiktok trend series! let me know if you have any other trends you want me to write and make sure to send an example in case i have no clue what you’re talking about !!!
Tumblr media
DREAM: dream’s playing minecraft and you’re lying on his bed, bored as hell, so of course you decided to prank him. his head kinda perked up when he heard the facetime sound ringing, but didn’t turn to look or pause the game. however, when he heard an unfamiliar male voice say, “hey shawty, your man still around?” he immediately turned in his chair, staring at you with a blank face. “who the hell is that?” he asks and when you don’t answer, looking at him with wide eyes and hiding your phone, he stands up and tugs your phone from your grip easily. dream deflates when he sees the tiktok recording and rolls his eyes, giving you a look and ignoring the fact that his heart was pounding loudly in his chest, “haha, very funny, babe” looks like this emoji 😐 before getting off to spend time with you
GEORGE: you immediately regret pulling this the moment his face falls at the sound of another man’s voice. but then his face contorts into a face like this 😒 “stop that.” acts like it’s a joke(even though it actually is) and that he isn’t bothered but you know george and he’s itching to grab your phone to see wtf is up but he doesn’t have to when you smile sheepishly and turn your phone to show him the screen. “oh,” he says very quietly, relief filling his chest, “damn you and your tiktoks,” he giggles, “tag me in it when you post.” you were honestly surprised he hadn’t seen the trend before you tried it.
SAPNAP: does not let you even bullshit your way out of this. “who the fuck was that?” sapnap stares at you when you act as if you’re panicked. “just a friend,” and he scoffs at that, rolling his eyes with his jaw clenching. he shakes his head at you, “oh, really? why is your friend calling you ‘shawty’—” he mocks the way the guy says it and you have to stop yourself from laughing, “— and asking if your boyfriend is still around?” you giggle and his eyes widen in disbelief before you tell him the truth, showing him the trend. he automatically relaxes, throwing an arm around your shoulder. “oh. good, i should be the only one calling you shawty anyway.” “never call me that. i actually prefer hey mamas—” “HEY!”
KARL: you thought it was bad with george’s face? oh wait til you see karl’s. his face is so, so sad at the thought of you letting another man call you names like that and ask if he’s not there. he doesn’t say anything, just stares at you with that sad look and you’re immediately folding. beams when you show him it’s a prank and laughs his ass off at himself for even believing it, “i can’t believe you got me!” shakes his head at himself for thinking you’d ever cheat on him. definitely saves this for a story to tell your friends or chat later.
QUACKITY: he’s on call with the guys when you decide to do this, thinking it’d be funny for all of you to get his reaction even though his facecam is off. tenses when he hears the guy, taking his headphones off to stare between you and your phone. definitely doesn’t think you’re cheating but got some random friend of yours to do this. it’s almost comical the way he flies out of his chair, probably knocking some things over to grab your phone. you try to keep your phone away from him, but he’s quick thinker and tickles you to get your guard down. breathes out a dramatic sigh of relief when he sees the screen, “whew. thought i was gonna have to beat someone’s ass for a second there.” doesn’t find it funny when you snicker at the thought of him kicking someone’s ass. will hold this over your head forever.
Tumblr media
tiktok series. library.
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ruminationnn · 2 months ago
Which type of mcyt would they carry Reader hcs please? And vice versa?
Tumblr media
mcyt carrying you headcanons.
how they’d carry you/pick you up based on the above picture.
includes: cc!wilbur, c!technoblade, cc!ted nivison, cc!jschlatt, cc!dream, cc!quackity, cc!tommyinnit, cc!ranboo, cc!tubbo.
a/n: this is hilarious lmao. thanks for requesting! (also i forgot about the vice versa but i hope it’s still good lol)
Tumblr media
easily #1 because he’s a sweetheart
but also he’s got lanky ass legs so it’s tough to keep up with him
solution: piggy back ride
depends on the occasion, but most likely #4
listen he’s a warrior and sometimes you’re just in the wrong place and he needs you to be somewhere else (e.g. avoiding being stabbed)
so tough luck but he’s gonna grab you with no warning and sprint
definitely #2
he’s a gentleman and will pick you up bridal style any occasion
feet are aching? he’ll carry you. feeling sleepy? he’ll take you to bed. the list goes on.
he’s a menace and will pick you up like #5
won’t even do it to help you out or be remotely nice, it’s purely to fuck with you
no warning at all either
#3 all the way
listen sometimes clay just has the urge to kidnap you and who are you to say ‘no’?
but he’ll also do it and just not say anything about it. you’re dangling on his shoulder and he just continues with his daily activities
i’m adding a new one. when someone picks you up by the thighs and you’re legs are wrapped around their hips + arms around their shoulders? yeah that
needs a bit of your help though lol.
so you usually do the *jump* thing and then he’ll be able to catch you
another one that goes for #1
but he’s so chaotic about it. he’ll pick you up under the pretence that he’s being a nice person, and then sprint
probably drops you
also goes for #2
if you’ve seen those pics where he’s holding aimsey? that
very sweet about it, though. but also very scared because he really doesn’t want to drop you
unfortunately… i have my doubts if he’ll be able to pick you up lmao
so if anything it’ll probably be #6 (and even then he’ll struggle a little bit to get you moving)
but if he can, he’ll go for piggy back ride too
. . .
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