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lucymcyt · a day ago
meeting family (hc)
- When the time comes for George to meet your family he is so incredibly nervous
- He just wants to make a good impression but he knows he can be awkward around people so he doesn't want your parents to take that as him being weird
- The whole way there you have to reassure him that everything will be fine and that they will love him because let's be honest they already do from what you've said about him
- Your brother being the way he is tried to scare him into thinking he was doing something wrong but as soon as George's face looked panicked he told him it was all a joke which kind of bonds them and you can tell your brother liked him and they could even be friends
- once a bit of time goes past George gets more comfortable and really shows off the side of him you see all the time and he gets so into the conversation and he talks endlessly which you would never expect when you first meet George but he doesn't shut up
- by the time you both leave he is so happy and your family love him too just like you knew they would you even get a text from your mum telling you that George is her favourite out of the boyfriends you've had which made you laugh but it made George happy
- Clay loves his family so of course he wanted to you to meet them because he loves you and know that you will get along so well with them but naturally you are really nervous
- he doesn't see what you are nervous because he's a lot more confident just in general and he knows his family well so he knows that they will love you so there is nothing to worry about but he still tries to reassure you about everything because he doesn't want you stressing
- right away you get along with his mom she is just so friendly and makes you forget about all your worries in a second, you also get along well with drista because you are basically like Clay but seeing as you aren't siblings you get along well
- you had so much fun there it was nothing like when you went to meet your last boyfriends parents there was no awkward conversation or anything all you did was have fun and it completely took your mind off anything bad you were thinking
- by the time you went home you were so happy and couldn't wait to see them again
- Clay was the happiest because having you get on so well with his family is something he had hoped for but now that it's reality he could squeeze you so hard he's that over the moon
- Sapnap likes to think he is confident and will act cocky around you but when going to meet your parents he is a nervous wreck it also doesn't help that you are an only child so he thinks that your parents will be more protective but in reality they are super chill
- he thinks about it non stop for a week before you actually go and as much as you find it a little endearing that he is so nervous about making a good impression but you want him to be calm and think there is nothing to be scared about
- you do manage to make him a bit calmer before you arrive and you keep hold of his hand for as long as you can to provide reassurance before he pulls it away to shake hands with your dad and hug your mom which seems to bring back his confidence a little bit
- the conversation goes smoothly and everyone seems to be getting along just as well as you hoped but you can tell your dad is slightly unsure but not because he doesn't like Sapnap but because he wants to make sure he is the best person for you
- things go so well that you guys stay for dinner and Sapnap is super helpful and has a one on one conversation with your dad which you kind of eavesdrop on and to your surprise it seems to go really well and they bonded
- by the time you leave Sapnap is part of the family really there is no other way to put it
- the first person from your family to meet Alex was your sister even though it was kind of an accident
- one day Alex is over at your place and your sister turns up out of nowhere which she has been known to do but it had never sprung to mind that this could happen, you panic not wanting to put Alex on the spot but your sister is insistent on meeting him
- after running back and forth between the front door and living room you enter with your sister and her and Alex get to finally meet and right away their vibes seem to match and they get along really well right away
- you feel like a spectator in your own home listening to them two talk but you were happy they were getting along because you are so close with your sister that it's important to you if a s/o gets along with her
- eventually your sister leaves the two of you to have your evening in together although you do get a million texts from your sister saying how much she liked Alex and how if your break up with him she will kill you which of course you show Alex
- the evening went nothing like expected but it was surprisingly good and went much better than you could have hopped
he really springs it on you like it’s not something you would want to know beforehand like one day he just says that his mom and brother are going to join the two of you for dinner
- When he says that you almost spit your water out but you manage to control yourself in the end and instead freak out because you weren’t mentally prepared to meet them in that moment like you were in sweat for god sake
- Karl reassures you everything will be fine and that he did it so last minute so you wouldn’t freak out and try to change who you are to impress them which when he explained it was really sweet
- They come over and you all have dinner together that you made and luckily it was the one thing you can cook well so things were off to a good start then after dinner you all sit down to have a conversation
- The conversation flows well and you really get on with his mom and brother but especially his mom she was just so nice to you and wanted to know more about you even though you know Karl has already told her a lot it was nice that she wanted to hear it from you
- By the time they leave you feel like you have known them for years and Karl is so happy that you all got on so well
- family is very important to the both of you and after not seeing them for ages you two are keen to meet each other family after only starting dating not long before lockdown
- since Wilbur's family live further out he meets your family first, he has already met your parents which went really well but next is for him to meet your grandma who played a big part in raising you and is very important to you
- Wilbur was more nervous meeting your grandma than your parents but you assure him that she will love him no matter what and you weren't lying because she was so excited to even just meet Wilbur after all you had said about him
- once there Wilbur goes into his natural charming ways and instantly bonds with your grandma he seems to just have a way with people even though he says he doesn't he just manages to pull something out the bag at the last minute and not be awkward at all
- he's just so sweet the entire time like he makes tea for you and your grandma and he lets he ask all the weird things you were worried shed ask and he took it so well and you all just had a really good time laughing constantly
- when you left the both of you were so happy and Wilbur was asking when you could go back because he loved your grandma so much and you weren't about to discourage that so you two make each other promise to go back at some point soon when you have some free time
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mangobubbletea7 · a day ago
Foolish showing Quackity the bunker is going to be so hilarious
Foolish: “You know, thanks for making me the military commander. I know that takes a lot of responsibility and I’m glad you trust me so much”
Quackity, mid-mental-breakdown: “FOOLISH IS THIS THE FUCKING AMONG US MAP?”
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what would the mcyt's dress up as for halloween?? would they go for matching costumes with you or totally ditch you for halloween?
first of all thank you for being the first person to request, second you fucking bet i'm gonna try to fit most of the mcyt's (ps. I will only be writing about the c!'s not the cc!'s incase any are uncomfy) (ps ps i didnt reread)
(edit it's like been 5 mins and IJ UST CLICKED ON THE LINK I- HAH)
|| What would the mcyt's dress up as for halloween! pt 1 ||
TW// Mentions of fake blood, alcohol
○ Philza/Ph1lzaMinecraft - Okay but like i can see him dressing up as a hobo ?? He'd honestly just do it for the shits and giggles and be like "can you spare a few diamonds..?" If anything though if you did ask him to go with you for trick or treating or maybe even a party he'd go (mans needs a well needed break).
◉ Quackity - Vampire. And he'd work it, he'd literally take it so far too, he'd hide some water in a little packet and dye it red just to freak people out while he's with you, Not the mention he'd be so dramatic everytime light hits him, deadass he'd be screaming that he's melting, i don't see big Q really ditching you though for too long but you know he still has some drugs to sell. "Hey.. you wanna see a little trick?"
○ Tommyinnit - A zombie, why? Because he thought if he looked like a zombie others would run away, not to mention he planned on tricking most people so he can steal more candy and if he'd be caught he'd likely blame it on you and THEN ditch you but don't worry it's part of the plan! "OH FUCK- UH.. BYE"
◉ Wilbur/revivebur - A ghost, just for spite. Just to make people upset, they'll deadass look at him mortified, he's the reason the halloween party ends early or someone cries. And halfway through the party he'll most likely leave you but he'll find you when he get's bored and will drag you to some other place that's better in his eyes. "C'mon this place got real boring"
○ Sapnap - This man would 100% wear a matching costume with you but not just any old costume.. he'd make it to be one of those couples costumes that just warms everyones heart- this let's be honest. When ya'll show up everyones heads turn and not in the WOW THAT'S SO COOL kinda way but who cares he's having the time of his life. "Oh yeah.. everyone's jealous of us now"
◉ Karl/Karljacobs - This man right here is too sweet for this world and no one can tell me otherwise, oh you wanna go out for halloween with him? Sure he'd love to! Oh you wanna have matching costumes? He'd love to do that too! Now Karl i feel is the one that makes the WOW THAT'S SO COOL kinda outfits so ya'll are living it up in this old western style but with fake blood like you got shot, he would NOT leave your side unless it was quick or asks if you're okay with it. "Wow we look so cool!"
○ JSchlatt/Glatt - He dressed up in his old president outfit just to confused everyone, 100% would not hesitate to leave you the moment the both of you stepped inside the party, an alcoholic needs his alcohol, will get hella drunk and depends on you to help him home. not gonna lie he makes everyone laugh but more concerned. "Geez this place looks shitty, what did you take me too?"
◉ Tubbo - A box like from the box trolls but on his box it says 'TUBBOX NOW IN ALL SIZES' and one of those '50% OFF' stickers at the corner(idk why i thought of this), so everytime you guys went up to the door he'd close himself up and slowly put his hand out and drag the candy in his box, at some point in time he'll probs see Tommy and go say hi for a bit and then all three of you will be trick or treating together. "Ooo! Look at that place over there bet they give out those big candy bars!"
○ Ranboo - He'd look really awesome because he'd be dressed as a skeleton, on the white half of his face he'd have black facepaint in the shape of half of the skeleton face and on the other it'd be white but get this.. it glows in the dark which makes it all the cooler but because of this he get's a lot of attention he wasn't expecting and becomes slightly awkward from the compliments but hey you two had a great time and he'd do it again! "Oh.. uh thanks i guess?"
◉ George/GeorgeNotFound - Deadass he forgot about the party and just went in his sleepwear, he just kinda played it off, was really awkward; he didn't know what to do so he stayed by the food and held small talk until he got tired and just left?? And your like "huh???" yeah you found out later that he went back home to go back to sleep. "Oh this? Yeah.. this.. this IS my costume"
○ Dream/DreamWasTaken - Mafia boss. Why? Because why not? And you know what? He looked awesome while doing it, he had the full getup, fancy dress suit, gold watch and everything, NOW HE turned heads in a good way too, although some said that it was too much but in his eyes it was just enough, even though he looked nice doesn't mean he acted like it because he speed ran through the drinks when Sapnap dared him to and was sent home. "Damn i look good, don't i?"
◉ Bad/BadBoyHalo & Skeppy - BBH dressed up as a therapist and skeppy was his patient. It only makes sense, BBH did feel kinda bad about already having a matching costume with Skeppy but since you all were going to the same place you guys just tagged along with each other and it was.. chaos with skeppy being slightly annyed at first which somehow ended in the kitchen getting set on fire, for the whole party though they stayed with you to make you feel less alone. "Don't worry we'll stick together!" "But baddd... it was meant to just be us"
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i was watching a quackity video and..
Tumblr media
im sorry but this is so fucking funny
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sparkstrom · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is best defense system in the smp at this point
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420technoblazeit · 17 days ago
shoutout to anyone who's ever made fanwork based off an abandoned plot thread. the possessed quackity theorists, ppl who drew fanart of tommy happily reuniting with wilbur in limbo, fic writers that wrote a karlnapity wedding, those still hoping for an scu crossover, glattbur enthusiasts. just bc your work is no longer canon compliant doesn't mean it isn't poggers and based as hell
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shroomwastaken · a month ago
Tumblr media
I love this so much lmao
@foolb0t on twt
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deyageka · 6 months ago
Dream Smp Canon: *shatters my awesamdad + tommyinnit dynamic*
Me: Oh no! Anyways—
Have more of that de-aged AU I drew a bit ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tubbo do be feral. Ranboo’s still trying his best. Foolish....he’s just there
And Puffy is our hero and savior as always❤️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Phil do be going thru it 😖😖😖
(More below)
Meanwhile in the prison...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Support me on Kofi? :3
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8stepshigh · 4 months ago
sometimes the dream smp feels like a small fandom. sometimes it feels like a small, little cozy place for just us, the people that like it, and the streamer. sometimes, in the middle of a chill alt stream where alex and karl are talking about how they first met, it feels like our own little nook of the internet.
then i see cody ko get trending on twitter for quackityhq — the reddit and discord’s got talent guy — merely saying his name once, accidentally.
then i see fucking dwane johnson reply to tommyinnit — a kid that still lives with his parents and gained 3 million subscribers in one year — wishing him happy birthday.
then i see matpat & fuckin game theory make a video on wilbur soot — a man that wrote a little hamilton inspired story for him and his friends to have fun with — and talking about his writing in depth.
then i see the rolling stone make an article on the dream smp.
then i see pewdiepie, the biggest youtuber ever, defending karl jacobs — best friend of another one of the biggest and most successful youtubers ever — and saying not to send him hate.
then i see lovejoy, wilbur soot’s band, hit #1 on the uk and #2 on the us itunes charts, the day after their debut.
then i see lil nas x, the fucking horses in the back guy, the same guy that performed at the grammys with worldwide hit boyband bts, join the dream smp and play with ranboo — a kid that isn’t even allowed to order pizza to his house — karl jacobs and corpse husband.
then i see a woman on fucking fox news, on live national television, talk about her pet chicken she named after badboyhalo, a lighthearted minecraft streamer that pranks his friends and doesn’t ever swear.
then i realize, it’s The Dream SMP.
then it hits me.
then it all hits me.
everybody knows what the dream smp is.
everybody knows who these people are.
and any post of yours could end up on an article.
any comment you make could be their next ongoing joke in all their streams.
these people get trending across social media everyday.
these people are fucking celebrities.
and what do they do?
play Minecraft.
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420technoblazeit · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
they really said '4 lore streams in one day fuck you' huh
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techno-syndicate · 4 days ago
A reminder! Please go be nice to all of the content creators and thank them for their amazing acting today! However you feel about their characters, Sam, Dream, Quackity, Technoblade, and Philza did a great job today!
Sam and Quackity did amazing jobs at showing the terror of a prison break and the resulting consequences. Their voice acting has gotten so much better since they first began! Dream did great today as well! Going between loud and placating with Quackity to the quiet and downtrodden voice with Sam, it was wonderful! Of course I am a major AE duo fan and they didn’t disappoint either! Technoblade always has great energy and delivery and his chemistry with Phil is always great!
Please remember to separate characters from actors and give them all some love for a great lore day! ❤️
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