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#quaestor valdemar
thearcanabrasil · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
(Eng) I tried to make a closet cosplay of Valdemar. Maybe in the next time i can make they more complete.
(Pt-br) Cosplay de armário do Valdemar. Eu gostei bastante da maquiagem, então talvez eu complete o cosplay e deixe ele bem melhor
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pharry · 9 days ago
I was bored and I crave discorse. Some of these will sound negitive but I swear they’re all affectionate.
Asra/Julian: You tend to hold onto the past too tightly.
Asra/Nadia: You like pairings based on mutual respect, and you also don’t like too much drama.
Asra/Muriel: Childhood friends to lovers is your cocaine.
Asra/Portia: I feel like you’d be a fan of psychedelics
Asra/Lucio: You like hate pairs, don’t you squidward?
Julian/Nadia: Im actually surprised I’ve never seen this. You like… uh… friends to lovers?
Julian/Muriel: You like rivalries but aren’t all about hate ships. The fact that they could be friendly is good enough.
Julian/Lucio: One dumb chaotic man wasn’t enough. You needed two.
Nadia/Muriel: You noticed the heart hunter interactions they have and we’re all for it.
Nadia/Portia: you’re just… so fuckin’ happy… there’s a canon wlw pairing… where neither of them die
Nadia/Lucio: Props to you, your ship sank and you’re still on board. You’re a true captain.
Portia/Muriel: you see how well the personalities match and want two nature loving softies to smooch. You are valid.
Portia/Lucio: Does this exist?
Muriel/Lucio: Everyday you wake up and choose violence
MC/Asra: You either appreciate all the work Asra did to bring MC back, or you think MC owes him something for doing all that work.
MC/Julian: You either want to fix him or you heard “upsy daisy” for the first time and your heart was stolen.
MC/Nadia: You either like powerful people or you like women and only had two options
MC/Muriel: You like burly men but aren’t quite willing to commit to bara… and/or you wanna escape this society and live in the woods like a wild man.
MC/Portia: You wanted to live your cottage core dreams with a soft girl by your side… or you like women and only had two options
MC/Lucio: You either see the good in everybody, or you wanted an evil route. Either way, you’ll have to deal with a lot of hate posts.
Bonus: Courtier pairings I’ve actually heard of
Lucio/Valerius: You hate seeing unused potential and have come to terms that though the pairing is technically canon, you won’t get shit for it.
Volgura/Volta: When you see Volta you see a small punching bag, or you’re such a bleeding heart that you think if Lucio can be kind to his partner, then so can Volgura.
Valdemar/Julian: Well, I’m not here to kinkshame.
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nn-ee-zz · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Would you smooch them on the cheek yes or no
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drakonishe · 2 months ago
Hello, arcana fandom!
Reblog if you think asexual/platonic routes should be a thing, especially in plot-driven dating sims because
1) ace/aro people deserve to have an option to see the plot without being made uncomfortable by unwanted advances
2) allosexual people sometimes need to be reminded that friendships are as important and can be as fulfilling as romance
3) teens should have an option to not romance characters the youngest of whom is in their early 20s when the game is rated PG-13
4) it would be cool if the devs didn't just mention aroace rep on social media but actually put it into the game
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nicadilly · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Shes gonna get so educated oml
no but for real, imagine doc finding out abt MC looking into demons/demonic magic and they just go
Tumblr media
you want to KNOW demon? you learn about them from these books? oh! oh! better education for MC! Learning together for One Thousand Years!!!!
Cue playing cruel, weird and mildly arousing tricks on MC.
Casually swivelling their head around à la Regan from the Exorcist? Sure.
Growing additional eyes and then convincing MC they imagined it? You got it.
Tucking MC in lovingly because they’re definitely hallucinating due to fatigue...
Sneakily administering anaesthesia while they’re sleeping
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nikodoesstuff · 5 months ago
what have i done
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Edit: horny bonus for y'all
Tumblr media
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marydaydream · 3 months ago
Another idea for Valdemar’s Masquerade outfit.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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majulian · 4 months ago
Arcana characters as things I've said in a cursed discord server:
Asra: May I offer a tarot reading for you? I only have a deck of Barbie memory game cards but this one says you will die in six days
Nadia: I can and will step on you. No, wait, you're into that- Hanging it is then
Julian: I'm S.E.X.Y. It's short for wanted in seventeen countries for tax fraud and multiple involuntary manslaughter charges.
Muriel: Leave me alone I'm trying to vibe with this plastic plant
Portia: God wouldn't dare vibe check me
Lucio: I don't clean my mirrors because I get distracted looking at myself
Valerius: If you ever have a stroke, just think about me. I manifested that <3
Vlastomil: One time I accidentally stepped on a worm's tail and I've never been the same man since
Volta: I didn't "empty the fridge overnight", I ate it out slowly
Vulgora: Compared to you, I may be short, but this just means your kneecaps are at my mercy
Valdemar: Science says you're a little bitchboy
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vospasil · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I literally cannot stop drawing them.
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vargaamor · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
"Humans are so fragile. So very breakable. But I'm not. Not anymore."
While drawing I listened to the Lord Shen theme tracks from KFP 2, and it made me realize that they share the same colors. The songs also helped add more mood to it, and also thanks to a friend from Discord! 😊
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timmys-and-scribbles · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
I may have,,, gotten sucked into a new AU and I’m dragging all of u down with me (but especially @bastart13 and @jyuukichannart and @wolfbatspace because there’s no escaping the gravitational pull of my AUs)
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