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wow i finally managed to make a decent icon for myself !!! but while i was hunting for good simon photos i also came across some other quantico characters and decided to edit them too :0 so here i present a mini icon pack for anyone who might be interested !! if u use em pls credit me uwu

icons under the cut ↴

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I finally watched the Quantico season 1 finale and I have a lot of feelings and thoughts. First of all I love this show, it’s badass and Priyanka Chopra is a goddess. The finale though, there were some things I wasn’t so happy about. The actual plot and revelation and how it all came together in the end was good and I was happy about that. Just the fact that Alex was able to forgive everyone - especially Ryan - in a second, was unbelievable and just the worst. I was screaming ‘TOLD YOU’ and ‘IN YOUR FACE’ at my screen in glee, that they would finally see that they were wrong. But there was no actual moment of them owning up to their mistakes and Alex having some anger and resentment towards them (Ryan). And then maybe even worse: After everything she went through, and still believing and trying to save everyone and succeeding, it is still Alex that gets punished and booted. Just fucking unbelievable. Really she must be an angel, because if I were her, I would be furious. (I am already just watching the mess.)

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The Hook: A terrorism attack causes FBI to suspect Alex Parrish, someone who was recently a trainee at the FBI academy. 

The Characters:

  1. Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) - Main protaganist who is capable and sassy. She’s strong and she’s honest. She’s flirty and she’s coy. She’s troubled and she’s curious. Basically, she’s awesome, except for the fact that she might have blown up Grand Central Terminal. 
  2. Deputy Dir Liam O’Connor (Josh Hopkins) - He’s a drunk? Maybe? He may have been a mess and then 9 months later completely turning it around. 
  3. Miranda Shaw (Aunjanue Ellis) - The FBI recruiter or dean (or whatever they’re called) of the Academy. She’s up to something, recruiting Nimah and the jailbreak in the present scene.
  4. Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin) - Secretly already an FBI agent put there by Agent O’Connor to spy on Alex and see if she’s up to something hinky. Except he sleeps with her and I assume will later fall in love with her.
  5. Shelby Wyatt (Johanna Braddy) - She is a Southern, wealthy sharpshooter who joined the FBI because her parents were on the planes on 9/11. 
  6. Simon Asher (Tate Ellington) - A bit of a bumbling guy, who states he is gay but at the same time also faked a picture of kissing a guy he may have never met before and he super awkwardly may be flirting with Nimah. 
  7. Nimah Amin (Yasmine Al Massri) - Has a twin where they play swap-a-doodle at Miranda’s behest. For whatever reason, it’s pretty unsure. 

The Potential: While I am intrigued, and I know we’re supposed to suspect Nimah and her mysterious twin (who I really do hope is named Mina). Also, I have a feeling they’re just going to keep dredging up sad things about everyone’s past to tear them basically all down. I just hope they don’t go too far. I felt they did a great job at spending a few seconds on each character’s introduction to give a good enough background until the interesting guise of finding out each other’s secrets in order as a setup for us to get a deeper dive of each one. It was a good use of the investigative premise and I am at least curious enough to keep watching. 

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