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oh to be one of Quanxi’s fiends 😩

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i am going to screech when i see her animated

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hi how many charms should i make??? please fill out my interest check form if u want one!!

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The Q in Quanxi stands for Queen

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please ******** me.

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My sexuality
*No fear*
My sexuality
One fear
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this artist has really pretty chainsaw man arts… mostly young kishibe and quanxi.. i wonder if they have a tumblr… 😭😭😭

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Since CSM is about the importance of love, found family, breaking the cycles of abuse, hugs and all of that other messy, good stuff, I wonder how the other hybrids will play into the rest of the series?

Like, Pochita became Denji’s heart so they can complete each other’s dreams, so that they can both find love and acceptance. Is that the same reasonings for the other devil’s residing in the other hybrids’ hearts?

We know that Katana went after Denji bc of the love & admiration he felt for his grandfather despite the crimes his grandpa committed (and Katana mentions not finding killing easy)

We know that Reze struggled with and lacked genuine love and connection and chose love over her fear & mission whe it was too late (Damn you Makima, I hope she can meet Denji again in part 2)

Quanxi does genuinely love her girls and procrastinated with her mission in order to keep them safe, but she also closes her heart and mind to anything she finds too complicated to deal with

And then Flamethrower, Sword, Whip and Spear are all mysteries.

I hope we get to meet their devil hearts too. Are they all as adorable as Pochita? Do they also appreciate a good hug?

Kishibe said that he’s going to be busy, so maybe he’s going to try and gather them all for something? And Pochita said that the Control Devil wants to be around people who are strong enough and they’re all basically unkillable, so maybe Denji and Nayuta will journey to convince them to join their strange family? Maybe Denji and Reze can go to school together?

Idk I just can’t wait for part 2

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The Monster Fucker of the Day is Quanxi from Chainsaw Man!


This is… powerful. She’s powerful. Queen. She genuinely loves her monster girls y’all, stitches, organs and all. 

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