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I’m tired of hashtags and RIP’s.

I’m tired of candle light vigils.

I’m tired of seeing families in pain.

I’m tired for all people of color (Blacks, Latinos, Arabs & others) who continue to get put in a crab bucket, and the moment we unwind ourselves out of their grip, something magically surfaces to set us back.

I’m tired of all of these fake ass “activists” and “influencers” who love leveraging these situations for their own benefit. — Excuse my language.

Death & Bondage was pre-designed generations ago.

Truthfully, it’s not the first nor the last time this will occur. Check the books.

What can we do? In practical sense, what can we really do? Cause talking about it ain’t changing nothing.

COME TOGETHER. That’s the solution. Put all our cultural differences aside, and resonate with love and unity to show the common enemy, “them” that we won’t continue to play into their traps.

This has been repeated by a long list of people, but I will repeat it once more. The longer we continue to kill one another, the longer we have continue to hate each other for no other reason except tradition— what was taught to us, the longer the bullsh*t will persist. The day Trump was inaugurated into office should’ve been a sign that turmoil was bound to escalate.

— What can we do today? LOVE each other as what they consider “minorities” what I consider the “majority”, cause if you look around WE are all around.

But, without love and a common goal to cease our own troubles amongst each other, they will never respect us.

Respect doesn’t have to come from violent protests. Realistically, that’s just another reason for them to kill us in the street, and get acquitted for it.

But if Black, Brown, Tan, Orange or whatever color you are came together, it would make a difference.

Anyways, Rest in Paradise to all of those who’ve lost their lives to senseless murder.

The sooner we realize that we are stronger together, they will have no other choice but to respect us.


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