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incorrectjelliclecats · 3 hours ago
Rum Tum Tugger: "If I don't receive attention right now immediately I will pass away!"
Bombalurina: "We're literally right here."
Quaxo, flicking peanuts at him: "Prove it."
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the-rum-tum-hatter · 2 days ago
Quaxo finds himself meeting the Napoleon of Crime himself, and the two form an unlikely bond while attempting to get revenge on the Jellicles.
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Tumblr media
They say “You are what you eat”, so I guess little Quaxo really wants to be like Munk
Judging by Munk’s reaction, it’s not the first time it happened
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the-rum-tum-hatter · 5 days ago
Here a bit from my quaxavity wip. I really love the idea that there's cats who don't know Macavity and he gets upset by it like "AM I NOT EVIL ENOUGH?!" XD
Quaxo just let it happen. He had to admit, it was kinda nice to be pampered. And he was being scratched in all the right places by...
"So, I never caught your name." Quaxo tried again.
The cat gave a chuckle leaning in to Quaxos' ear. "Macavity." He answered.
Macavity was a bit taken aback, thinking his reputation proceeded him. "Macavity? The Hidden Paw? The Napoleon of Crime?" Maybe the tux knew him under an alias?
Quaxo shook his head. "Sorry, no."
"Really?" Macavity asked.
"Well, I was only manifested two months ago. I'm not gonna know every cat in London." Quaxo replied.
"Well I'm going to have to make myself more well known to newer cats in town..." Macavity grinned, half joking. Seriously, how could he not know who is was. "Well, you'll know me soon enough, my star."
"Your collar." Macavity pointed out. "You've got a star charm on it."
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the-rum-tum-hatter · 5 days ago
I wanna dump this here:
I had an idea a while ago where Mona wanders off, and Macavity and Quaxo find her and decide to keep her bc of her hypnosis powers. Obviously Misto and Tugger find out and they're like "that's our kid, can we have her back please?" And the Mac and Quax are like "no, finders keepers" and Misto and Tugger just stare at them for a moment like
kinda wanna write it lol and macavity and quaxo are just like the worst parents, also angst lol. ive got a lot of ideas for it
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the-rum-tum-hatter · 5 days ago
screw it, I'm writing them another story
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storyweaverofgondor · 6 days ago
My 1998 Film Mistoffelees Headcanons
As a Multi-verse Shipper, all my headcanons are subject to being quite fluid. but these are the ones i consider the most canon-adjacent of my headcanons for this character
His name is Quaxo. Mr Mistoffelees is equivalent to a stage name.
He is 16
He is Asexual
He is in a romantic relationship with Electra (who is also ace)
He is best friends with The Rum Tum Tugger (who is 23 and Bisexual)
He is close friends with Tumblebrutus.(also 16)
His magic is tied to dance. Specifically fouette turns, a.k.a the dance move that the Conjuring Turn comprises of.
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amethyst-labyrinth · 7 days ago
I wanna talk about Wayne Sleep's Misto!
Look at him!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Not only dose he sing the invitation, but also The Gumbie Cat song, and Old D with Tugger! And I think he's the one who says Macavity during the scares. I feel like this Misto is much more of a main character in the OLC.
My HC for OLC Misto is he's a young adult maybe newly turned and he's giving this big responsibly of narrating the ball.
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mistoffeless · 11 days ago
My kitten is giving me serious Cryptid Misto vibes today. He has been hidden in there for 6 hours now and has no intention of coming out he is also giving me full on attitude but that's a teenager thing.
Tumblr media
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incorrectjelliclecats · 12 days ago
Rum Tum Tugger: "Is someone in the walls?"
Mistoffolees, who had been trying to surprise him, very much in the walls :
Munkustrap, who was absolutely in on it: "I didn't hear anything, why?"
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mistoffeless · 17 days ago
I was watching How to train your dragon, as you do. Anyway, after the movie I thought about when Hiccup and Toothless first met and the music that went along with it. So I googled the music and its called Forbidden Friendship so naturally my brain went CRYPTID TUGGOFFELEES!! My adhd brain being itself has created an entire story based of one piece of music. I might write it, who knows.
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amethyst-labyrinth · 18 days ago
I see your cryptid Misto and raise you cryptid Misto and his seven cryptid kitten siblings! Seven tiny kittens who look just like Misto with a hive like mind, raiser sharp teeth, and each with an individual power.
Tempest with power of weather, she enjoys making thunder storms.
Domino with power of illusion, he likes to play tricks on the adults making them see things that aren’t there.
Mystic with power to see into the future, she’ll cheerful tell you something bad is going to happen to you.
Drosslmeyer with the power of creation, he’s inverter who loves finding broken toys in the junkyard and putting gears in them to make mechanical, especially creepy dolls.
Sloeberry has the power to become boneless at will. She’s often in places even the tiniest of kittens shouldn't be able to fit.
Druid with power of making plants grow, he loves to making long twisting vines that climb all over the junk piles.
Brew who the power to heal others unfortunately it means taking the pain and sickness into her body for a time, but she’s leaning to make “medicine”
Misto thinks his little brothers and sisters are the cutest, sweetest most perfect kittens in the whole world and will fight anyone who says otherwise.
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thefangirl-16-blog · 18 days ago
Snowed In (A Quaxavity fic)
Quaxo stared out the window of his and Macavity's shared den. Snow covered the whole window. He looked over to the door, and saw Macavity trying his hardest to open the door. He had no luck.
"Looks like we're snowed in..."
Quaxo groaned.
"Hey! Don't be sad, it'll be fun, trust me."
Quaxo walked out to the living room, and noticed something odd with the couch. There were various blankets serving as a roof, and multiple pillows standing as pillars. 
Quaxo crawled into the cave, and saw Macavity curled up. "Hello." Macavity spoke softly, his eyes still closed. "Would you like to come in?"
"Is this you trying to cheer me up?"
"What? No!" Quaxo stared at Mac. "Ok, yes, it is."
Quaxo sighed before crawling into the cave and cuddled up to Mac. "Thank you."
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thefangirl-16-blog · 18 days ago
idea: Macavity usually doesn't give his crimes a pattern, but decides to change it up for a bit. (Try something new y'know? I mean, it's not like he's getting younger-) Quaxo, being the cat he is, decides to copy Macavity's crimes. Quaxo ends up getting captured and now Mac has to save him( which really sucks cause he wanted to take a nap).
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the-rum-tum-hatter · 22 days ago
(disclaimer: Quaxo himself rated these)
Macavity wrapping his tail around Quaxo 10000/10
Quaxo playing with/grooming Macavity's fur 10/10
Quaxo and Mac cuddling 5/10 (Mac is a heavy sleeper, and often kicks in his sleep, but he's also very fluffy)
Them stealing fish 10/10
Mac saying "I'm mad just disappointed" 0/10 (makes Quaxo want to vomit)
When Quaxo calls him his "lil actor" or "lil star" 10000/10
When Mac doesn't want to do his chores so Quaxo has to do them. 4/10
I really like the tail thing lol and I can totally see Quaxo and Mac trying to groom each other lol. Macs like "no stop, I don't want it nice.........but I will make sure yours is shimmering--"
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incorrectjelliclecats · 23 days ago
Macavity: "So you're the new magical cat, huh? What makes you think that you could ever be better than I?"
Mistoffolees, shrugging: "Well for starters your family actually likes me."
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1012jazz · 23 days ago
Dibujé a Mistoffelees como un Pokémon.
I drew Mistoffelees as a Pokémon
Tumblr media
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