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Monarchy isn’t a joke. I don’t brand myself as a monarchist in the interest of being mocked by the uneducated and spat on by pseudo-intellectuals. None of us endure the abuse that we do from “anti-fascists” and democratics for a show.

Nature isn’t democratic. The strongest survive and only the most powerful lead. Democracy is a popularity contest, the will of the people isn’t represented. Anyone can get voted into office. The person with decades of law and political science experience can run in the same election as a 20 year old with no life experience behind him. Plenty of unqualified individuals find themselves representing “the people” with no incentive to actually do as the people will. And if an elected official doesn’t deliver on their promises, they still get a cushioned life and fame after politics with few to no adverse effects from not delivering on their promises.

In a monarchy, rulers are taught how to lead from their earliest days. Their entire youth is spent learning the necessary skills to govern their nation. They embody the pride and history of their country in the purest form. An unsatisfactory rule will subject the monarch to loss of life for him as well as his family and the complete overturn of his nation. So much more pressure is out on monarchs than politicians to succeed. Monarchy, when done correctly, keeps government out of the lives of everyday people. Two separate worlds with little reason to intermingle. Less opportunity for revoked rights and tension between rulers and their subjects.

There have been bad monarchs, but never a bad monarchy. Now is the time to restore the natural balance and resurrect those ancient bloodlines. Don’t omit monarchy just because you’ve been told to do so.

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❈ “Victoria was born at Kensington Palace, London, on 24 May 1819. She was the only daughter of Edward, Duke of Kent, fourth son of George III. Her father died shortly after her birth and she became heir to the throne because the three uncles who were ahead of her in the succession - George IV, Frederick Duke of York, and William IV - had no legitimate children who survived.

Warmhearted and lively, Victoria had a gift for drawing and painting; educated by a governess at home, she was a natural diarist and kept a regular journal throughout her life. On William IV’s death in 1837, she became Queen at the age of 18.”

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Quick Little Borhap Boy thoughts


Originally posted by rogerstaylor

So these a kind of headcanons for the boys and I’ve really needed to get them out of my head

Gwilym Headcanons

  • Gwilym having a partner who is a little younger than him. His partner has adhd and insomnia and it can get pretty bad. He is so fucking sweet about it and gets upset about it when his partner couldn’t go to sleep and doesn’t tell him. He does a bunch of research on adhd and insomnia to understand it better, soon realizing that adhd and insomnia are a common duo in young adults with adhd. Gwilym literally EVERYTHING for his sweetheart.
  • Gwilym dating a writer. He gets kind of nosy sometimes. He loves it when they are in his lap when they are writing. Gwilym loves EVERYTHING.
  • Gwilym being very understanding of everything.
  • Gwilym having a Pansexual partner. He accepts them and understands. Gwilym gets them a Pan pride flag as a present because they stated they never had one growing up because they were scared of telling their parents because they weren’t exactly accepting of the lgbtq+ community.
  • Meeting his partner from a play he has done and is just completely in love with them. It was a Shakespeare play

Ben Hardy Headcanons

  • Meeting his partner in the dog park.
  • Ben literally being the sweetest with his baby. Like, he would mumble little things to his little baby. He doesn’t like to put his baby down, he always wants them in his arms. He wants them safe. Small little kisses all over his face.
  • Ben dating someone with three dogs that are on the bigger side, like bloodhounds or giant schnauzers, and his little Frankie thinks she is so big now. It’s so cute
  • He would want one or two children. He wants a small family.

Joe Mazzello Headcanons

  • Unlike Ben, he wants a big family, but that’s totally up to his partner though. He wants kids so bad and he would be an amazing father.
  • Once he learns that the person he got set up with is a professional dancer, he goes head over heals for them. He would ask them to go dancing for a second date.
  • Him dating a softball player would be amazing. He would be the loudest in the stands and would sometimes drag the guys out with him. Which means, Joe has some competition on who cheers for them the loudest. They almost get kicked out at some games because they are too goddam loud, it’s actually quite funny.
  • He likes getting matching clothes with his partner. Specifically matching onsies.

Rami Malek Headcanons

  • Him dating an archeologist/historian, and he would just love it when they start talking about work and stories about the past
  • He is a very quite, yet very much a crackhead, person. But once him and his partner start to acting like crackheads, they will not stop for the next hour. People love their antics so much.
  • Rami will always give his partner a quick kiss on the cheek or temple whenever he leaves the room. And when he comes back, another kiss. Even if it’s just walking to and from the kitchen, he will give them a kiss, it’s so cute.
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