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Tumblr media
Sent by @gamechoices-player
'Does Pixelberry know that Zoey stans exists and that not everyone likes Ian/Ina? Please, Pixelberry. Remember Zoey Wade.'
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promisedneverwrite · 2 days ago
That’s My Baby (Poppy Route)
A/N: I can’t believe I wrote this. 😖 It’s filth! N*ft!! Avert your eyes children!
Poppy wasn’t staring, definitely not. She had picked this spot way before the game started and the view presented itself. Not that it was a very pleasant one.
“I can feel you staring.” Poppy gave Veronica the meanest side eye she could give. Veronica had her eyes closed with her designer sunglasses up to her head as she lounged back on her towel on the grassy floor. Chloe lounged on her stomach as her face was glued into a magazine. They were all in shorts, shirts foregone with their bikinis underneath it. 
“I am not staring at Hughes.” Poppy huffed only to realize what she said. Chloe had torn her eyes away from her magazine to sip on her drink looking over at the two curiously. 
“I didn’t say anything about Hughes.” Veronica sat up and stretched using this time to check just what Poppy was staring at while the girl fumed. Bea was playing flag football with the guys, and wasn’t it a sight to see. Veronica hummed taking in the skin on display, only in a loose tank revealing her sports bra and shorts it was quite a sight. 
“Why are you so red?” Chloe examined Poppy. “Do you need more sunscreen?” Poppy reddened even more. 
“Shut up Chloe!” Chloe was happy she had Veronica as a buffer from Poppy. Chloe squeaked and returned to her magazine away from the ire of Poppy’s glare. Veronica just hummed, enjoying the view of the muscles of Bea’s arm contracting as she threw the ball to Carter. What would her viewers think, and with that Veronica got her phone out but first she needed to get pictures. 
“I have to admit, Hughes is looking pretty hot.” Veronica snapped some pictures of Hughes who looked pretty concentrated as she rested her hands on her knees. They weren’t far from where the game had taken place, a perfect view. 
“As if.”
Poppy flicked her shades onto her face, she wouldn’t be caught dead staring at Hughes. Veronica shrugged but then smirked as she caught Bea looking over curious. Poppy’s face remained passive as Bea raised a brow at them before someone called her bringing her back to the game. Veronica watched, as did Poppy from behind her shades, as Bea lifted her shirt to wipe the sweat away. Poppy’s breath caught, and Veronica was snapping a million pictures and rapidly texting. A ping of all their phones alerted them and Poppy hesitated before opening the update.
Lookout Thoroughbreds!
Looks like there’s some steel under all that Kansas wheat. (See saucy pic below.) Is anyone else feeling thirsty all of a sudden? The recent top 15 has taken the spotlight in her tantalizing get up completely overshadowing all the other shirtless guys in her team. Stake your claim now ladies, my sources say she is single and well informed ;)
Kisses, The T
Poppy couldn’t tear her eyes away from the pictures Veronica had taken. All of them highlighted her sweat sheened body, contracting muscles and sharp jawline. Veronica admired her handwork and got up to get closer for her stream. Poppy was still trying to function, staring at the pictures of Farmsville not noticing Veronica leaving until a notification appeared that she was on. 
“Veronica!” Poppy scrambled to follow, with Chloe scrambling after her as well, not wanting to be left behind.
“Hey Hughes, take a selfie with me.” Bea turned as she was drinking water and smiled.
“Oh sure.”
 Veronica had her back turned to Bea posing. Bea gave a smile but Veronica didn’t like the angle or the fact that her shirt was still on. Veronica tugged on her collar and Bea looked at her questioningly. 
“Take off the shirt, and lean back here.” Veronica motioned to the picnic benches around. 
“Why?” Bea questioned but she still took it off, the heat was starting to get to her. 
“I won’t accept anything less.” Veronica’s eyes traveled their way over her body. “And flex a little will you.” Bea chuckled and leaned back, eyes on the camera with a small smirk as she flexed her abs and arms a bit. And in that moment Chloe and Poppy came over, the latter putting her hands possessively on Bea’s abs with a sultry look while the former posed winking while blowing a kiss at the camera as Veronica took a picture. 
“Looks perfect Vi.” Poppy hummed her fingertips moving across Bea’s firm core. Bea shivers. Veronica gave her a small annoyed look. 
“I bet.” Bea laughed at their interaction when Ford called out to her.
“Bea! The ball!” Bea snapped into action as she saw the ball fly over the picnic tables and she ran and jumped catching it but fell into the deep end of the pond. There was silence then Bea shot her hand up the football in her hand and the guys cheered, whooping and hollering. Bea stood up and threw it towards the guys before walking back up to the grass pushing her wet hair back. Water dripped from her body, sun shining on her tanned skin. 
“Oh… ” it was then Poppy noticed the gaggle of girls appearing taking videos of her giggling and blushing. 
“Better stake your claim now Poppy, I don’t play fair.” Veronica told her eyes never straying from recording Bea coming on shore. Poppy clicked her teeth.
“I admit, she’s good looking.” Chloe stated. Poppy turned to her slowly. “What? I have eyes.” Chloe shrugged and returned to her magazine, but glanced up once or twice. Poppy bit her lip when Zoey appeared, and shooed away the girls handing Bea a towel.
“Uh oh, too late.” Veronica sighs. “All good things are always taken.” Poppy only narrows her eyes, but the side of her lips tilt up a bit. 
“Bea, head back to the dorm and take a shower.” Zoey pushes her towards the dorms. Bea pouts.
“Do I have too?” Zoey nods, patting her head.
“I love you, but you smell like pond water.” Bea gives her a sullen look. “Don’t give me that look Beatrice.” Bea sighs dramatically then grins and Zoey steps back warily. “Oh no, don’t you even dare.” Zoey shrieks as she dodges Bea’s lunge hugs. “Stop! Bea, this is a new shirt!” Bea relents and gives Zoey’s cheek a kiss and waves at the guys telling them she’ll be back after a shower leaving to her dorm.
“Where’s Poppy?” Chloe looked around, and Veronica narrowed her eyes with an amused smirk.
“That bitch.”
Bea hummed as she walked inside her dorm very much aware of the person trying to sneakily follow after her. She left the door into the dorm unlocked. 
Poppy followed after Bea, easily sneaking behind her to avoid her suspicion and getting inside her dorm. 
“What idiot leaves the door unlocked.” Poppy scoffs and peeks into the door cracked open just a smidge. She admires the view of Bea stripping, her naked back facing her before she saunters into the bathroom. Poppy hears the shower turn on, making her move heads inside her room locking the door. Poppy has to take a moment to think just what she’s doing then nods stripping naked as well and sneaking into the bathroom. Poppy slides the curtains so she could slip in, Bea’s back is thankfully turned, soap suds dripping down the contours of her body. And Poppy has a second to admire her strong back before Bea turns back around and smirks.
“Took you long enough.” Poppy raises an eyebrow but smirks at Bea’s wandering eyes as she crosses her arms.
“I’ll take however long I want.” Bea moves closer, a small smug smile on her face.
“We both know that’s not true. Did my display leave you all hot and bothered, Pop?” Poppy rolls her eyes and wraps her arms around Bea’s neck pulling her closer. 
“Shut up and kiss me already.” Bea smiles into Poppy’s eager kiss, hands placed around her hips squeezing lightly. Bea maneuvers them around until Poppy is pressed into the wall, the cold tiles making Poppy gasp enough to let Bea slip into her mouth and swallow her whimper. Bea kisses her deeper, slower until Poppy is putty in her arms. Poppy’s hands slide into Bea’s hair and her head tipping back to let Bea’s lips trail down her neck. 
“You think of an excuse when you leave here with wet hair?” Bea teasingly bites her collarbone as she trails hot kisses down Poppy’s chest. 
“They’ll accept any excuse I give them.” Poppy gasps out as Bea's teeth lightly scrape over her skin moving lower. 
“Veronica doesn’t seem like the type not to state the obvious.” Bea places a kiss on her hips, pulling her closer as she looks up at Poppy who’s lidded eyes look down at her, hand in Bea’s hair.
“She'll have to deal, now hurry it along farmsville. I'm getting impatient.”
Bea laughs before she slings Poppy's knee over her shoulder, and keeps eye contact moving just out of reach of where Poppy wants her most.
"We can't have that now can we?"
"No we ca-ah!" Poppy gasps sharply, head rolling back as Bea takes her first taste, eyes not leaving Poppy's form. 
Poppy's voice is breathy as she rocks against Bea’s face to get more friction than the agonizing slow place Bea has set herself. Poppy’s hand pushes Bea’s head further down with Bea only looking up at her waiting for something. Poppy bites her lip at the intense gaze Bea has on her.
“Bea… please.” Poppy whimpers pleadingly. Bea hums before moving her tongue at a harsher pace that has Poppy’s legs trembling, until she moans out her release. Bea continues giving languid licks to Poppy’s core drawing out another climax until Poppy is using Bea to hold her up. Bea removes Poppy’s leg from her shoulder and kisses her way up as Poppy trembles in her arms. 
“You...” Poppy tries to catch her breath but is stopped by Bea kissing her silent before moving her lips across her jaw to her ear.
“Me...” Bea nibbles on her ear and moves her fingers inside Poppy making her gasp all over again. 
Time slips away from them until there’s a knock which barely sobers Poppy up to. 
“Bea you okay?” Zoey's muffled voice sounds through the door. “I know the school pays for the water bill but girl you didn’t come back.” Bea chuckles and kisses Poppy’s hickey riddled neck before answering.
“There was nasty shit in that pond Zo, I’m deep cleaning.” 
“Uh huh. Well tell Poppy I said hi and to fold her clothes instead of stripping them on the floor.” Poppy blushes hard hiding in Bea's chest, as Bea laughed. 
“Will do.” The door to her room opens and closes signaling Zoey's departure.
“I hate you.” Poppy pushes her away and steps out of the shower taking Bea’s only towel. 
“That’s not what you were saying only seconds ago.” She sings songs.
“Shut up.” Poppy slams the door to the bathroom and sits on Bea’s bed, cooling down only for heat to pool between her legs when Bea steps out of the bathroom with nothing on. 
“Are you sure we’re finished?” Poppy bites her lip before pulling Bea down onto her.
Bea lays in bed, the sun setting with Poppy tucked under her chin. Bea runs her hands softly over Poppy’s exposed back just thinking over the day. She looks down at Poppy smiling at her relaxed and soft look highlighted by the evening light. Bea traces her fingers on Poppy’s soft cheek admiring her. 
Poppy’s face scrunches at the feeling still asleep, moving her face closer into Bea’s neck before settling again. Bea chuckles before taking her phone and snaps a picture of them, with only Poppy’s blonde hair being visible smiling winningly and sends it on The T.
Sorry ladies, already happily taken.
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stanzoeywade · 2 days ago
QUEEN B GIRLS pt 4 (feat. Chloe St.James)
Tumblr media
The queen of naïvete or stupidity, it's up to you decide. Literally has dumb bitch energy but in a weirdly lovable way. She's an airhead, but it's just how she is. Thank God she's pretty.
Ah, Chloe St.James. Who exactly are you?
She's well-known on campus as the second in command in terms of Poppy's army of skanks, AKA the Zeta house. Before, Rosie came in and disrupted the food chain, our platinum blonde was second in the food chain. One spot behind her long term bestie (?) Poppy. How they came to be friends, we'll never know. Rumour has it Chloe is being taken advantage of because she not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. However, if I'm being completely honest, they do seem to have a good relationship. I could be wrong though, and it's far too early to even dissect the cobweb that is the Min-Sinclair clique.
How does a seemingly sweet and naïve girl get to be part of Belvoire's exclusive top ten? Well, let me take you back to Miss St.James' first year. Her reputation tanked when she decided to wear last season Gucci, but instead of being ripped apart by our queen bitch, she was taken in. Some people think that it's because Chloe reminded Poppy of her younger self or maybe because she actually has a heart deep down, reserved only for people she actually finds tolerable. I, myself don't subscribe to that bullshit and I think that Poppy just took Chloe in because she's perfect for her plastic army. I mean look at Regina George's so called "friends", every mean girl needs a Karen.
Despite her lack of common sense, Chloe's actually kind of an idiot-savant, in which she's never actually failed a class. Surprising, I know but I guess she's just weirdly peychic when it comes to her academics, which is a mystery we'll never know the answer to.
She's also well-known in the cheerleading club for her dancing skills, I'm probably going to get hung for saying this but she's actually really good. Maybe even better than Poppy. Her skills have been put on display for campus to see during this year's kick-off day, and it seems like Chloe got to show-off this year because there's a stark difference between last year and now. It looks much more polished and less robotic, like thought and care was actually put in, so props to that.
I've never actually seen her so confident and content, guess having control over something you enjoy doing makes a huge difference.
Chloe may seem all sweet and gentle, but don't be fooled. I've seen her make girls cry with her words too, she did learn from the best. Her insults are scathing and will leave third degree burns in their wake. I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end because despite her tumultuous friendship with Veronica and Poppy, she's still stubbornly protective. I've seen her tear a freshman down because she overheard insults being thrown. RIP 🙏 Begonia Thotia, we will pray for you. I hope you've recovered from the burn department.
Even after all the drama last year, she's still friends with Poppy. During the summer, the iconic trio were seen at Chloe's luxury House in Aspen, like true American elites. (Oh to be young, hot and pretty in Aspen. The true American dream.)
I know I've made jabs at her carefree nature, but in all honesty? I'm envious of her innocence. She lives life the way she wants to, without any of the weight and stress behind her. I want that for myself to, but alas I'm not rich, hot or pretty. She's vibing and I low-key vibe with that.
She's infuriating, sure but sometimes she says the darnedest things. I've never wanted to simultaneously laugh or feel bad for another person but Chloe somehow achieves that without trying. She just has no filter. She can make things sound mean without meaning to and I've never been more entertained. Whereas Poppy make men and women cry just because she can, Chloe does it by accident. She doesn't quite know how to filter her words, sometimes she says things that isn't meant to be rude or mean, it just comes across that way. It's the funniest thing.
She can be conceited but what did you expect? She's at the top of the food chain alongside her friends, why shouldn't she be? She's not afraid to flaunt it either, but she's not that bad, unlike some people. 👀
Also I feel like y'all underestimate how much of a dumbass she can be, I've heard her call computers "box thing with the thingy that makes clicky noises" so don't come at me. She's still iconic though.
Overall, she's an airhead, but she's lovable in a way. You can't help but find her naivety endearing, no wonder queen bitch is protective. She's just a cinnamon roll, a dumb one but you know it be like that sometimes.
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immaturityofthomasastruc · 14 hours ago
If they made Zoe and Chloe bond more in the show instead of using her to make Chloe look bad I feel like people would tolerate her more. Fan art and fanfiction are making me like her more than canon does.
Fair point, considering I also thought of an AU on my main blog where the two are on better terms than in canon.
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chemist-ana · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Book: Queen B
Title: My Feral Mind
Characters: Bea Hughes, Zoey Wade, Poppy Min-Sinclair… maybe more...
Rating: M, adult language, implied violence,
Word Count: 2,000 this was tough
Song Inspo: Freak Show by Sub Urban
A/N: This is my first journey into writing a scary story so hello Creepy Campfire Tales 2021. This story takes place sometime during book 1 of Queen B. Thank you to @txemrn for prereading!
Tumblr media
“Zo, can't I just sit here and stuff my face with these Amedi Toscano Black Truffles and drown in a bottle of Dom? I hate Halloween.”
Her eyes roll so hard I think she might have pulled a muscle. “You know as well as I do that holy chocolate and delicious champagne will be here tomorrow. This party is grade A, not-to-be-missed. Everyone will be there. Literally… everyone.” She raises her eyebrows suggestively.
“Blah blah blah, the Zetas throw the best parties and we’re going to get trashed,” I say sarcastically in a weak attempt to show my displeasure.
“That’s not all babe.”
I raise one perfectly shaped brow at her. Her face lights up like the runway at an Armani show as she jumps up on my bed. “Every year during the Zeta Halloween Bash shit gets really weird around campus. Like spooky weird.”
I purse my lips skeptically. “What are we in high school now? Weird how?”
“Remember when I mentioned Persephone Dalton to you?” Her expression changed, as a shadow suddenly settled on her face. She starts fidgeting with a loose thread on her jeans.
“Uh… yeah… you were super dodgy.” I lean back, suddenly uncomfortable.
“Well this is the night she went missing… the cops still don’t know what happened.” She gets a faraway look in her eyes as she stares at the darkness outside. “Something really big always happens at this party, and if you aren’t there, it’s basically social suicide.”
“What do you mean… went missing?”
“Like poof.” She looks back at me and explodes her hands dramatically. “Just gone…”
“You aren’t making a very convincing argument here Zo.” I cross my arms.
Like a switch flipping, she’s smiling again. “Perse was nuts… like certifiable, so she probably ran away and is drinking Mai-tais on the beach in Mexico. C'mon Bea. We have to go. Please?”
She gives me her best puppy dog eyes. I’m weak.
“Fine, but I reserve the right to leave whenever I want.”
“Yeees!” She claps her hands with excitement. “You won’t regret this.”
Tumblr media
We walk the trail through campus. The pounding music flooding the grounds around Zeta House indicates the celebrations are already well underway by the time we reach the steps. There’s no need to knock on the door… it’s already open to the cold night air like some toothless monster leading to the pits of hell.
Every single student at Belvoire looks like they are here, dressed in all kinds of weird and slutty costumes. Zoey grabs my hand and pulls me straight to the kitchen, the counter is overcrowded with bottles of liquor and bowls full of food. Not the chips and salsa kind of food you’d expect at most college parties. No, there are Halloween theme crab cakes and vol-au-vents, deviled eggs, and fancy-looking pastries. A cold martini glass with what looks like floating eyeballs magically appears in my hand.
“You're gonna need that,” Zoey says loudly over the roar of the party. We pin ourselves to the wall and watch as the madness surrounds us, Belvoire students all jostling and shoving at one another. I can’t figure out where they’re going until I see Poppy standing halfway up the stairs. She’s dressed in a black leather bodysuit, holding a gold geometric-looking wolf mask in her hands. Behind her is Veronica and Chloe, dressed similarly with matching masks except in silver.
“Welcome to our freak show, Belvoire. The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived!” Veronica calls out with uncharacteristic fervor. ”May we present to you, the Master Of The Hunt!” A deafening cheer breaks out as everyone in the foyer loses their minds.
Poppy claps her hands once and everyone magically shuts up. “As Queen and Master Of The Hunt, I call the shots tonight. And as always, we have a Zeta House game that will either elevate your social standing for the rest of the academic year or leave you all in the gutter. In the forest surrounding Belvoire, there are a series of gold flags like this one.” She pulls a length of gold material from between her perky tits, holding it up in the air. “There are a hundred of them hidden within a two-mile radius. Collect as many of them as you can and bring them back here. The person who manages to bring back the most flags wins a coveted position in either the Zeta House or the Alpha House.” She gestures to Liam who is watching her like a desperate puppy. “You have until three a.m.,” Poppy shouts as murmurs flood through the crowd. “Until then, happy hunting. And be warned. There will be wolves out, hunting down their prey.”
I watch her eyes flash with a murderous gleam as she somehow picks me out of the crowd and pulls her creepy wolf mask over her face.
“I’m out.”
“Oh stop it, Bea, what’s up with you tonight anyway?”
I flash her a quick glare. She doesn’t need to know that Ian hasn’t replied to any of my texts or even cast me a sideways glance all week. Prick.
“Look Zo, I’m not interested in playing some ridiculous game that Poppy concocted.” I lift the drink to my lips, draining the martini before setting the empty glass down.
“How good would it feel to win and see Poppy’s face when she has to invite you into Zeta?”
I see vindication in her eyes. She has a valid argument.
“Ugh, fine.”
Tumblr media
The night air is cool and crisp. The trees rustle, whispering amongst themselves as we skirt along the edge of the forest. I can hear yelling in all directions around us as other people attempt to find flags. My imagination is running wild… mostly lingering on Persephone Dalton.
“Is this what happened the night Persephone disappeared? She was trying to join in whatever dumb game the Zetas were playing?” My voice breaks the silence.
Zoey nods, “Yes.”
“Something tells me you know more than you are letting on…” I look over, she remains silent, chewing abusively on her bottom lip. We continue walking and eventually come across a small clearing in the trees and I wheel on her. “What are you not telling me?”
She lifts her eyes.
“Don’t you dare tell me it’s nothing.”
She huffs out a sigh. “Look. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you everything, okay. I love you, Bea. I care about you, and everything that happened with Perse was such a mess. I didn’t want your experience of Belvoire to be as fucked up as ours, okay?”
“Uh, news flash Zoey, it’s a fucking madhouse here and I’m in the middle of it.”
Her forehead creases in worry. “The last All-Hallows party was weird. I knew something was up the moment I walked through the door. Everyone was more reserved than usual. I asked Veronica what was going on, and—”
A loud crack interrupted her. Both of us lock up and another sound comes a second later followed by another… and another. A figure emerges from the trees, dressed in a black leather bodysuit and a gold geometric wolf mask.
“Go on, Zoey,” A female voice sang from beneath the mask. “I wouldn’t want to interrupt storytime.”
“Poppy leave us alone. I don’t want to play your stupid game. I just want to go home.”
I step to the right and she mirrors my movement, tilting her masked head to the side.
“Bea?” Zoey says.
“Poppy, get the fuck out of the way.” I try to move to the left this time and she’s right there in front of me again.
“Bea… I don’t think that’s Poppy.” Zoey grabs my hand and yanks me back next to her.
I frown.
“We kept your secret, okay,” Zoey hisses. “We kept our mouths shut. You swore you wouldn’t do this again.”
The woman in the mask slowly shakes her head. “I hate breaking promises, Zoey. I thought I’d be over it by now, but…” She reaches up, tugging on the mask, slowly drawing it off. “I just can’t stop loving him. It’s an obsession, I know. I thought I could handle him caring about someone new but it’s impossible. I hate her just as much as I hated the last one.”
Lexi Montgomery?
What. The. Fuck.
The spiteful twist on her features makes a shiver run down my spine. “Who?” I manage to ask.
Her top lip curls in disgust. “Ian Kingsley, ooh, did he not tell you?”
“Tell me what?”
“That he and I were together for a time. A short time, sure. He and I, we’re kindred souls. We’re supposed to fucking be together. But you know him. He’s stubborn. Sometimes he won’t admit something unless it’s on his schedule. And so last year, when Ms. Dalton tried to sink her pretty pink claws into him, I had to do something about her too.”
“I’m sorry but a creature as sick as you should be put down.”
“Don’t, Bea.”
Lexi shakes her head violently, pressing the heel of her hand into her forehead, which is when I see the massive knife she is clutching in her hand. All of the air escapes my lungs. She lunges forward, suddenly pointing the knife directly at my throat. Zoey jumps and screams but I don’t flinch. I know better.
“I never thought a guy like Ian would go for a girl like me. But the way he looks at me sometimes…” I sigh dreamily, wondering if I am pushing too far. “We’re gonna be together when I graduate. It’s gonna be amazing. We’ll—”
“Keep your slut mouth closed, Bea. Unless you wanna end up bleeding out in the dirt right here.” Her eyes flashed something crazy.
This bitch is for real.
“He will never care about you. He needs more than some farm girl to make him happy.”
“That’s where you are wrong, Lex.”
I almost collapse when I hear his voice, deep and unwavering. Ian emerges from the tree line next to me and his eyes widen when he sees me, his eyes full of terror.
“Well, well, well look who it is! We were just talking about you. We seem to have a reoccurring problem, when are you going to realize it’s you and me forever?” Lexi’s attempt at a purr almost makes me vomit.
“What happened to Persephone, Lex?” Ian holds up his hands defensively as he approaches her slowly.
“Isn’t it obvious my love? She was in the way, so I took care of her.”
“I guess she isn’t in Mexico after all…” Zoey whispers.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” A look of disgust creeps onto Ian’s face.
Her bottom lip starts to wobble, the way a child’s mouth does when they’ve just hurt themselves and they don’t know if they should cry or not. “You don’t need to talk to me like that. I’m just trying to do what’s best for us. How are we supposed to be together when you keep getting distracted by these whores?”
“You are not in your right mind, you need help,” Ian whispers.
“You can help me right now, you can take care of Zoey and I will take care of Bea.” She sounds so desperate, it’s actually sad.
Ian takes another step closer to Lexi, her eyes softening as his face glows in the moonlight.
“Give me the knife.” He gestures with his hand.
I see an opportunity, she’s distracted, my eyes flash down to the ground and I see a rock. My eyes dart to Lexi and Ian as her attention is still fixed on him.
“Please, Lexi. Let’s talk about this.”
Now or never Bea.
I bend down, wrapping my shaking fingers around the rock, and before I even realize what I’m doing, I’m yelling like a madman, using all of my strength and momentum to deal Lexi a blow to the head. She crumbles to the dirt.
My knees weaken and give way as I fall to the forest floor, relief tearing through my body. Ian’s arms find me as he pulls me to his chest.
“Bea. Are you alright?”
“You and Persephone!?”
Tumblr media
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sarcasticchoices · 2 days ago
ch2 of of Queen B is really funny. Chloe and MC are just... competing for Kinglsey’s attention. “Oh, yes professor” and “I can’t wait for you to teach me more about the subject” and “I’d love to hear more about the paper you wrote.”
Queen B acts like Chloe, Poppy, MC, and Zoey are like.... hot shit and top of the school and everyone looks up to them like subjects, but I like the idea that there’s just a bunch of students off to the side muttering “omg, not these fucking drama queens again. i s2g i’m gonna transfer to Hartfeld next semester.”
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dontloselove · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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priyalacroix · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
selene looks almost exactly like what i imagined grown up jane marshall to look like, i'm gonna cry
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Tumblr media
Sent by anonymous
'It disturbs me that people compare Poppy to Chloe Bourgeois from Miraculous Ladybug. Yeah Chloe is toxic, but she’s also a 14-year-old girl who at least has some understandable reasons to why she acts the way she does. What is really redeemable about Poppy other then the fact that she hugged a puppy once? Her positives don’t outweigh her negatives. Also, Poppy is in her 20s. She’s literally a adult. And I don’t think I need to explain why comparing adults to children is wrong.'
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promisedneverwrite · a day ago
Knight in Charmeuse Silk
A/N:  A Poppy x Mc fic where ina tries to flirt with mc and Poppy and Mc are dating so poppy gets jealous and tells her to back off and mc gets happy requested by my buddy K :)
Poppy tapped her heeled foot on the floor for what seemed like forever, waiting outside of the Anthropology building. She and Bea had agreed to go out for lunch today, making good on an old promise Poppy made to Bea that she would come to eat at some mom and pop diner Bea had found. Bea looked really happy to have found it so Poppy couldn’t really refuse when her face looked so excitedly cute. 
“They even have hotdish Pop, look!” Poppy looked over at the phone as she rested on Bea’s chest cuddled together on the couch after finishing a movie in the pool house. It had it’s own media room and Poppy made sure to use the house to its potential without the whole of Belvoire looking at them. 
“What’s that?” Poppy smiled up at her amused as Bea went into a whole rant about ingredients in a true hotdish and how to prepare it correctly.
“And peas! you got to have... I’m sorry I’m probably running your ear off.” Bea looked embarrassed, face turning red. Poppy smiled and kissed her jaw curling closer to Bea’s warm body.
“No, I like hearing you talk it’s nice.” Bea smiled kissing her forehead and snuggling closer as well, arms wrapping around Poppy’s smaller frame.
“Well look at you miss sweet talker, I’ve been rubbing off on you too much.” Poppy snorted moving back and sitting up and moving until she straddled Bea’s lap. Bea raised a brow but was curious to where this was going.
 “Not enough.” Bea smiled up at her still laying against the couch, putting her hands on Poppy’s hips and shifting her hips up into her a bit.
“Care to remedy that?”
Poppy smiled to herself remembering the memory when the sound of the doors to the anthro building opened and Bea came out. Poppy smiled until she saw how anxious Bea looked as Professor Kingsley came walking after her.
“Bea, I really enjoyed reading your paper, I’d really like to talk more in depth about your findings.” Poppy watched Bea stiffen as Professor Kingsley touched her arm to stop her. Poppy felt her eyes narrow at how Kingsley’s hand stayed as they stopped walking. 
“Oh... I’m sure it’s nothing you don’t already know Professor.” Poppy watched Bea shift, Bea never did like one on one conversations with professors. She got nervous and Poppy knew she hated the feeling. 
“I truly would like to know how you got to your conclusion, maybe over coffee this weekend if you’re free?” Bea stuttered and Poppy had enough.
“Babe!” Bea turned to her and relief filled her face as she rushed over to her hugging her hiding her head in Poppy’s neck for comfort. Poppy hugged her while keeping her eyes narrowed on Kingsley who watched them uncomfortably.
“Help.” Bea mumbled into her neck. Poppy turned her attention to Bea pushing her away a bit to hold her face in her hands and pull her in for a kiss. Poppy smiled into the kiss as Bea responded with a happy hum relaxing into it holding her waist close. Poppy opened one of her eyes glancing at Kingsley pointedly. Mine. Kingsley coughed uncomfortably before walking off getting the message. Bea and Poppy continued to make out until Poppy had to breathe. 
“Okay okay, I’m happy to see you too.” Poppy laughed as Bea peppered her face with kisses. 
“I love you.” Poppy smirked and pecked her lips one last time.
“I know.” Bea snorted. Poppy looked Bea over and had to take a minute to appreciate how well she was dressed today. No wonder Kingsley was all over her.
“Can you at least try not to be so...” Bea blinked.
“Soo?” Poppy waved her hand dismissively.
“So you.” Bea scrunched her face, a cute little crinkle forming in between her brows putting her hand out for Poppy to take.
“First of all rude you like waved at all of me, and second you act like I had a choice in that.” Poppy rolled her eyes and took Bea’s hand, intertwining their hands while walking to the parking lot.
“I just don’t like when people touch you in front of me.” Bea smiles at her kissing her temple as they walk. Poppy can feel heat rising in her cheeks.
“You came to my rescue, my knight in charmoose silk.” Poppy snorted at the mispronunciation.
“It’s charmeuse baby.” Bea blinked.
“That’s what I said.” Poppy shook her head laughing to herself before kissing her girlfriend again.
“I love you.” Bea smiled dopely.
“I love you to bibi.” Poppy gave her another kiss just because she was being cute. It was hard to resist kissing her when she looked at her like that. 
“Are we still on for our lunch date.” Bea hummed.
“Hmm well usually in fairy tales the knight sweeps the damsel in distress in her arms and carries them away.” Poppy laughs as Bea dramatically puts one hand over her head in a faux faint pose.
“I’m not carrying you, you’ll crush me.” Bea laughs and pulls her in for a hug, both of them swaying from side to side. Poppy allows it, for now.
“Under the weight of my love~” Bea puckers her lips and Poppy pushes her face away then, how cheesy could she be.
“You’re so annoying.” Bea only laughs and smiles at her.
“Annoyingly yours.” Poppy feels her heart warm.
“Yes mine.” Bea grins.
“Well if you’re not going to carry me I’ll just carry you instead.” Bea easily picks Poppy up into her arms, one arm under her legs and the other supporting her back. Poppy instinctively puts her arms around Bea’s neck as she is lifted.
“Put me down.” Bea kisses her and it makes her a dizzy as they separate.
“Nope!” Bea walks unhindered as she carry’s Poppy across the quad for all to see. Poppy hides in her neck, and Bea kisses her head.
“I can walk myself, stop being embarrassing.”
“But I must carry my princess.” Bea says reverently, Poppy peeks back out from Bea’s neck in amusement.
“Oh so I’m the princess now? And who are you supposed to be my knight.” Bea grins wickedly and Poppy feels a slight bit nervous about the why.
“Nope! I’m the beast that’s gonna have my wicked way with you as soon as we get to my secret lair!” Poppy laughs genuinely at that smacking Bea’s shoulder playfully.
“Your such a dork, Put me down!” Bea cackles as she runs to the parking lot.
“To the victor go the spoils!” Poppy keeps laughing at the ridiculousness of her girlfriend, until she notices they arrived in the parking lot.
“This is not even where your ‘secret lair’ is.” Bea grins taking out her keys to her truck and clicked it open with a beep.
“Nope, but we’ve never had sex in the car yet.” Poppy’s eyes darkened as Bea looked at her intensely. 
That hotdish could wait, they had all the time in the world anyways. 
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You know, something I hardly ever see people address when talking about Poppy...
Is that even if she’d never led a hate crime against Zoey, she would still be an irredeemable pos.
Don’t get me wrong, it was absolutely the worst thing she ever did, but a lot of the time, both apologists and antis seem to act as if Poppy was just this snarky but ultimately harmless antagonist right up until that chapter. But off the top of my head?
She is also classist as hell, which, of all her glaring faults, is actually the only one she could actually outgrow (even though for a woman in her 20s, she has had more than enough time to), but that’s not all.
In chapter one, she made a comment about what English sounds like where MC’s from, which is racist enough when directed at a black MC, but is doubly racist and additionally xenophobic when directed at an Asian or Hispanic MC (and everyone conveniently seems to forget that xenophobia is a real issue). [Edit: the comment I was referencing was from the T, but Poppy’s derision toward MC’s background/where she’s from is still xenophobic and racist in those cases where MC would come from an immigrant family]
Poppy literally drugged a classmate and got her pulled out of school and wrongfully sent to rehab. Need I say more?
MC was a victim of stalking and had an altercation with Benji that could’ve easily escalated into her being assaulted and was lucky to escape. Poppy mocked MC for it, called Benji her boyfriend, said that MC made the whole thing up and accused her of throwing herself a pity party. So much for women’s solidarity.
So yeah, Poppy is a bigoted bitch in just about every way a person can be, so let’s not act like the human sacrifice crap was a one-time lapse and that all her victims are just necessary collateral damage so she can deal with her family issues, because she’s been a bitch and she’ll stay a bitch, regardless of whatever puppy-cuddling, secret-heart-of-gold bs narrative PB tries to cook up to appease the “uwu Poppy pretty” crowd.
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why do outfits in playchoices always have to be like. your friend having ALREADY BOUGHT YOU AN OUTFIT and you saying “nah, I think I’ll just wear my jeans” or “oh no that’s too much money.” girl she ALREADY BOUGHT IT FOR YOU just wear it
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Tumblr media
PB PARTY 2021 - Day 9 - Crimes of Fashion
This fanart of mine was inspired by Vogue magazine cover.
MC is top, ok? @playchoices @somewillwin @jmojellybae @uhh-the-green-thing @shows-simp-card @stanzoeywade @somin-yin 
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Tumblr media
ZOEY has joined your posse!
shoutout to @thamartia for this commission of our girl ❤️
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