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This shipping grid was also posted on DA:

Hello, hellooo people, I decided a shipping grid looked fun so i went ahead and made one, This features some character redesigns i’ve done myself, I’d love to make another eventually with all my own designs. But until then it’s a bit of a mix with some random creatures on top!.

Slots are 5$ (Or 500 points - DA only), There is no limit to the amount of slots you can claim! You claim then in the comments, Please make sure this slot isn’t taken before going to claim it because it is first come first serve.

- You can choose the Age, Race and Gender of the OC in question before i draw them but otherwise you will have to leave the design up to fate (Though you can change them later if you feel like you want to add something!)

- If so inclined, You can also ask for a cutiemark idea, I may do it, I may not depending on if i have any ideas if you ask!

- You can ask for the show version of the characters who’s own interpretations i’ve added if you do not like them/do not prefer them, you can also ask for your own interpretation (If you have it) to be used!


A1: Twilight x Rara - Open
A2: Twilight x Zecora - Open
A3: Twilight x Tempest Shadow - Open
A4: Twilight x Saffron Masala - Open
A5: Twilight x Autumn Blaze - Open
A6: Twilight x Spike - Open

B1: Cadence x Rara - Open
B2: Cadence x Zecora - Open
B3: Cadence x Tempest Shadow - Open
B4: Cadence x Saffron Masala - Open
B5: Cadence x Autumn Blaze - Open
B6: Cadence x Spike - Open

C1: Celestia x Rara - Open
C2: Celestia x Zecora - Open
C3: Celestia x Tempest Shadow - Open
C4: Celestia x Saffron Masala - Open
C5: Celestia x Autumn Blaze - Open
C6: Celestia x Spike - Open

D1: Luna x Rara - Open
D2: Luna x Zecora - Open
D3: Luna x Tempest Shadow - Open
D4: Luna x Saffron Masala - Open
D5: Luna x Autumn Blaze - Open
D6: Luna x Spike - Open

E1: Chrysalis x Rara - Open
E2: Chrysalis x Zecora - Open
E3: Chrysalis x Tempest Shadow - Open
E4: Chrysalis x Saffron Masala - Open
E5: Chrysalis x Autumn Blaze - Open
E6: Chrysalis x Spike - Open

F1: Sombra x Rara - Open
F2: Sombra x Zecora - Open
F3: Sombra x Tempest Shadow - Open
F4: Sombra x Saffron Masala - Open
F5: Sombra x Autumn Blaze - Open
F6: Sombra x Spike - Open

Full images of the Headcannon ponies included

- Twilight Sparkle

- Cadence

- Sombra

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I have completed my breeding project, so I have some ungened, non-Veilspun hatchlings to give away if anyone would like to replicate this!

I have 2 males, 2 females with the above colors, all with Nature eyes that are freshly hatched and looking for homes to those that are a fan of the look and intend to BC them. Message me here, or the username You on FR!

In addition, I also have the breeding pair Shutter and Bug for someone who’d like to breed their own. I also have an extra Obs/Teal/Obs imp male in my Hibden who could breed with one of the female hatchlings for one more possible breeding pair.

Please note again that none of these dragons are currently Veilspuns, but they are 5/33 of the existing Nature dragons with this color combo.

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Cozy Glow: I refuse to believe that Luster has another enemy. I saw it in her eyes, she only has hate for ME.

Chrysalis: Are you… jealous?

Cozy Glow: Pfft… OF COURSE I AM. I despised her with my entire being and now I find out she was only despising me with a FRACTION of her’s?!

Chrysalis: Where are you going?

Cozy Glow: To find out if there really is… another mare…

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H-hiiiii!! this is my first ever post here on tumblr, and well… i feel nervous but excited to be on here! i’m a newly person and well.. here’s some facts about me!

I’m very optimistic but shy irl, i tend to get stressed out easily especially in school- i have uh… ADHD, mild autism… Trichotillomania, anxiety, and depression..

I have a huge thing for doggos, especially GSDs, i love being part of fandoms, i love westerns (it got even more intense after playing RDR2, and i enjoyed it even more then the first game, but i love RDR1 for Undead Nightmare), i have a soft spot for pokemon, skyrim, fallout, Mlp (especially Gen 3, which in my opinion, is completely underrated and deserve more praise))

and hehe, i’m a huge fan of Aquafina, it’s good water! .. oh yeh, my fictional husbandos…

welll as you can see, miraak is one of them, but shhhh- it’s not like i ship my skyrim character with him.. hehehe 

also my character Skylo? her name is actually Skyla-Love-Coat.. hehehe.

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