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HEY DELTARUNE FANS!! Do you like Queen? Do you wish she had her own month just like Spamton did?? WISH NO LONGER, THEN!!
Queencember is a month-long art event centered around Queen from Deltarune, starting on December 1st, 2021 and ending on December 31st, 2021. It was created out love and appreciation for Queen, as well as a desire to create and seek out more content for her. All forms of art are welcome in this event, including drawings, writing, music, and anything else you might think of! As long as it involves Queen, it’s fair game!
You are not required to create something every day, nor should you feel pressured to! Feel free to just participate in whichever days interest you the most ^_^
Sound fun? Prompt list is under the cut!
Week 1 (December 1-7):
Introduction: Draw or write your version of Queen!
Favorite line
Favorite on-screen/canon interaction
Favorite off-screen/”non-canon” interaction
Free day!
Week 2 (December 8-14):
Giga Queen
Free day!
Week 3 (December 15-21):
Queen Tea
Free day!
Week 4 (December 22-28):
Free day!
Week 5 (December 29-31):
Free day!
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akikothefuzzball · a day ago
Deltarune Doodle Requests
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I had done a few doodle requests on Insta some time ago, I still like them so I'll put em up here
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felikisiel · 17 hours ago
I just noticed a tiny funny detail!!
not a theory but useless and unnecessarily deep character analysis
not sure what the parallel means but
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it probably shows that Rouxls basically has been following Queen and picking up her sayings to?? assimilate to her???
meaning that when he was serving King he might have had been trying to assimilate to him
as he often sticks to character that word in word woukd say "I'm the villain here" it explains the "thou're greatest adversary" part
the first time we met him, he instantly asserted himself as the villain, just like Lancer
assimilating to someone (+constantly trying to impress) the one looks up to often goes with bring neglected, ignored, having low self esteem u kno I hope it makes sense
for some reason ot reminds me of berdly
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delta-rambles · a day ago
I like the posts about other characters getting Flavor Teas, but like... the tea changes flavor based on how you feel about the charecter. That's a lot of work to include so I don't judge, but by the power of hyperfixation I did it myself!
Game World:
- Positive - Like a Lava Cake! Thick, warm, and rich!
- Neutral - Very sweet, almost like simple syrup. Rides the line of too much, but doesn't quite cross it.
- Negative - As if you were to attempt to eat Slime. Like, the stim slimes made from Glue, Water, and Borax.
- Positive - A Mint, Chocolate, and Blueberry flavored drink. It's the same color as he is. Cooling you, but Warming you at the same time.
- Neutral - A plain Mint Tea, no sugar or cream
- Negative - Dirt and Worms, with a gritty and slimy texture to match
King Spade
- Positive - Chocolatey and Heavy like Lancer's, but much less sweet, like Dark Chocolate
- Neutral - Black Coffee, but just before you've aquired a taste for it. Not too bad, but not good yet.
- Negative - It's Bitter enough to make you gag, thick like sludge, and the longer it sits in your stomach the more it makes you want to throw up. You only hold back because you know it'll taste worse coming up.
- Positive - Cinnamon and Pumpkin, like a Pie! Warms you right up, feels like a warm hug inside.
- Neutral - Broth from Chicken Noodle Soup, good when hot, but you have to drink it fast before it cools, or it'll be disgusting instead.
- Negative - Cotton and Mothballs
- Positive - Something sweet???? Other then that you have no clue what you're tasting. It's good though. Completely unidentifiable.
- Neutral - It tastes like nothing, not even water. Absolutely nothing. It is cold, but you only feel it once it reaches your stomach.
- Negative - Rotten Eggs
Cyber World:
- Positive - Sour Candy, just on the edge of being too painful for you, but sweet enough to make up for it.
- Neutral - Metalic, almost like a coin? But in drink form?
- Negative - Actual Acid. Hurts.
- Positive - Shifting, slowly, between a warm pumpkin spice coffee to an iced peppermint mocha coffee. Back and fourth, soothingly.
- Neutral -  The color is shifting, and whenever you sip from it, it tastes like the fake candy flavor associated with said color. It either changes too often to savor, or you have to sit and wait for it to change to your favorite flavor each sip.
- Negative - Paint Water.
Tasque Manager
- Positive - Sweet Spearmint, with a bit of a calming effect. Makes you wanna sit down and savor it a while. Maybe some subtle Chamomile?
- Neutral - Ice Water
- Negative - Electricity and Cat fur
- Positive - Feels like drinking liquified pop rocks, with a zingy raspberry flavor. Definitely has Caffeine in it.
- Neutral - You suspect the drink is actually an advertisement for other drinks, as each time you take a sip it's something completely different.
- Negative - Too painfully sour to drink
(Do not come after me for listing a flavor you like as bad or a flavor you dislike as good. DO let me know if I missed anyone that you want me to add! Not Undertale charecters tho, although I may make that it's own post later.)
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Queen probably does make her own Pottery in her free time.
she makes pottery for the gang and susie destroys it instantly
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deisdaublus-milk · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Spamton's eviction 2021 colorised
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sabdreamsblr · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
i missed drawing her
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for-real-fandom · 19 hours ago
How Deltarune Characters Play Minecraft
Let me introduce you to the minecraft player of your (or at least my) dreams. They've played minecraft since they could hold a controller, can defeat the ender dragon without breaking a sweat, probably competed in a tournament somewhere and won. This child is a god amongst mortals and they want you to know it.
They can find diamonds within the first 10 minutes of playing the game, they're a strip mining expert.
They can't build. Their house is a small dirt shack, their farm is basically hoed dirt with wheat, carrots, and MAYBE sugar cane. There are two sheep and two pigs. They have a dog.
Is okay enough at redstone that people like me will bow and quiver in their presence.
You've met minecraft player of your dreams, now meet your worst enemy.
She has never played a full game on survival, has never truly beat the ender dragon, and has no clue how to mine. She just gets lost constantly because she only carries like 10 torches on her because, "I'm Susie I don't need any lame ass torches" and, "I can find my way out I'll be fine."
She's lying.
Shes never actually found diamonds she just gets them on creative. She also griefs your builds because she finds your frustration funny.
Doesn't play minecraft by herself, the game isn't entertaining unless shes ruining someone's day.
Red stone will make her cry, but she loves enchanting (even if she always cheats for the lapis)
If you think Noelle is afraid of caves, mobs, nighttime, builds that naturally spawn, and literally everything else, you're correct. She used to play with Kris growing up and they did all the hard work, she just built mediocre houses and picked flowers.
A god a farming. She has well kept animals and a gorgeous field of plants both for eating and beauty.
She always has that one texture pack with the really nice looking flowers on.
Has two girl dogs and they are married.
She was the type to roleplay or play pretend while Kris just went along with it.
Has never touched TNT, redstone, or lapis in her life, and she likes it that way
Only plays to use the elytra (???) wings.
He makes giant towers and covers them in lava, they're such an eyesore but they're all over the world. They make his game lag and he is completely fine with that, he will continue to make more.
Has no clue how anything works.
Has never been off creative.
He makes his houses out of gold, diamonds, emeralds, etc. They are also an eyesore. Just giant, basically empty, bright blue, rectangles that sit in the middle of the world. He doesn't even sleep in them. He adds like 4 chests and one of them has a ton of speed potions in it.
"What?? Redstone exists?? I thought that was a myth."
Digs straight down just because people tell him not to.
The most mediocre minecraft player in the history of ever. He knows all of the super cool tricks but he never does them right, entered a tournament and came in last, has never had a cat.
This man doesn't play on creative because "that's not the TRUE gamer way Kris !"
Cannot use redstone, he tried for weeks but he just cannot get the hang of it. He is very jealous of people who can, but will never admit that outloud.
His luck is terrible. He dies while mining constantly because of RNG, it's so sad.
Has never gone mining once, he makes Kris do it.
His builds?? Incredible. He Is The Master Builder alright??
Everything looks realistic and is still functional. While Kris is slaving in the mines and Susie is gathering (read hunting) animals, Ralsei is slaving away making a 5 story castle with a working refrigerator.
Does apologize for the time it takes him to make the build but it only takes him like an hour maybe hour and a half max?? He is truly talented.
This fluffy angel has never touched a sword a day in his life. He is, in fact, terrified of creepers. When he's playing by himself he's playing on peaceful. Has not defeated the ender dragon. Does own too many cats.
Is nowhere near god tier with redstone but WAAAY better than average. Ralsei helps Kris with their own redstone builds and its wholesome.
Can Use Lapis But Doesn't, Cannot Use TNT And He Likes It That Way.
Dream walked so she could run. God tier at everything she does. An icon.
Has the record for speed running minecraft, everytime someone beats her time she just one ups them, it's amazing.
Her downfall? Mediocre builder, is a griefer.
If she put the effort in then her builds would be great. I mean, her builds are a bit more than subpar because of the redstone in them, but they're pretty basic for the most part.
Queen enjoys making everybody else miserable, she doesn't care If you can't take it, either get with the program or don't play with her. She wants to terrorize you, if you build she'll find it and light it on fire, place a chest and she'll raid it for everything it's worth, she'll slaughter all of your dogs horses and cats in cold blood.
"LMAO Its Called Getting Gud Loser"
[none of these characters know how to make potions and it shows]
I'll Do More Characters If I Feel Like It
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deltaruneconfessions · 2 days ago
scc REALLY think they're rivals with Queen and she's just going along with it because she thinks it's funny
i love this hc so much actually
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