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Commission for @reminaissance

That’s a scene from her fanfiction, go read it!:

I loved drawing every single part of this work, and I tried my best to give justice at the scene, which is so sweet and romantic! 💕
Thank you for commissioning me and for support my work 😍

Hope you like,


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P2 “Anna is a character that those of us who are not heroes identify with. She is wonderfully imperfect, but she is not afraid and wants to do things the right way. He is one of those characters that you end up loving “ ooohhh, she always want for anna to be popular because is an author avatar? she write elsa with the intention of not being a popular character? but everything backfired and 6 years later she have ger revenge? now she wants to distance herself from frozen now that anna is queen?

Well, she wrote Elsa as a villain, so we know where her heart was, with Anna. Which is ok, she deserves love too, but she should find a way to make her shine without putting her in Elsa’s place.

We have a very different vision of Anna. I think we loved her more than KBell, cause we really saw why she was special and what she could become. KBell just wanted her to be like Elsa.

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“You can fool everyone, even yourself, but not me. Let’s get you home, Queenie.”

In which Hans is not amused with Frozen 2 ending and takes matter to his own hands and shoulders

My original for the use of the pose before this happened, not that I complain of course, being a helsathot is life

Just a fun little gag I came up with

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I made comparisons with Elsa and Erik the Phantom. Also, I noticed their names begin with an ‘E’. Since Frozen 2 came out, here are my opinions on their similarities with the new songs. 

Into The Unknown. - In “Till I Hear You Sing”, ‘your music, your music/it teases at my ear/I turn and it fades away and you’re not here’, I feel Into the Unknown matches with Erik’s yearning to see Christine again. The only person who ever showed him kindness. 

Show Yourself. - Elsa and Erik had to accept themselves. With Erik, he didn’t need Christine to accept himself for who he is. He needed himself all that time. 

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Canon Things About Anna

( Spoilers From Forests of Shadows!)

  • she is terrified of elsa leaving her/not needing her anymore.
  • growing up, she had constant nightmares about being chased by a ferocious wolf. now, she has nightmares about the wolf, elsa not needing her, and hans marrying her.
  • other random nightmares she has had include all her teeth falling out & standing in only her underwear in a crowd.
  • the night she was struck by elsa’s powers, her parents slept on the floor of her room because they were so scared.
  • she memorized countless facts about different kingdom’s (Zaria, Royaume, Chatho, Tikaani, Eldora, Torres, & obviously Corona) to convince elsa to let her join her royal tour.
  • her & elsa have “scheduled sisterly rides through the woods” on horseback.
  • she can recognize the people from the village by just hearing their voice or getting a quick glimpse at their face.
  • she still feels mad about her family keeping so many big secrets from her, but she never says so out loud.
  • her only friend while growing up in isolation was her horse havski.
  • travel by ship terrifies anna. it makes her think of her parents.
  • anna was the one to teach olaf to read.
  • she loathes secrets. whether it be about her, her family, or anything in general, she can’t stand them. “why was anna always shut out?…like when they were children, was anna the last to know again?” (pg. 56)
  • her mother told her tales of magic growing up, including magic from the enchanted forest.
  • she keeps her father’s old sketchbook in her room and flips through it often.
  • she has memorized every fact there is to know about arendelle.
  • she hates forgetting things, even though she does it often.
  • anna sits in the castle kitchen and listens to the kitchen staff gossip.
  • she remembers every moment of when she was frozen, but she told elsa she doesn’t.
  • the thought of her freezing again haunts her. “she was cold again! she would freeze again!”
  • anna was practically raised by kai & gerda and loves them dearly.
  • she makes visits to oaken’s constantly.
  • she broke a clay salamander when she was five becuase she thought it was a flying dragon.
  • sometimes anna believes she’s too much for people. “she was too much….she was too distracted, too carefree, too ridiculous for any one…” she even thinks that elsa is better off without her & a dragon should come and “swallow her whole”
  • anna was told her grandfather died by “dangerous northerners”
  • “you know i will always come back to you.” i love kristanna so much.
  • she made the secret library into a hideaway for elsa to take a break from her queen duties.
  • anna came up with family game night. they used to play charades with their parents every night.
  • in this book alone, anna almost dies from drowning in ice cold water, being attacked constantly by a wolf, almost falling off a cliff, almost being pushed in a fiery pit, and getting blasted by elsa’s magic combined with the nattmara’s sand.
  • thanks for reading this far ❤️ feel free to add more!!!!!
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