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#queen elsa
I found in a deviantart comment of february 2018 the rumor of elsa dying, the first thing jen lee want in the sequel was queen anna, the second thing was elsa dying, bob iger save her from this bullshit dead, lets hope he can save her from the isolation in the glacier

Really? Would you provide a link? That’s interesting cause it was proved to be true.

And fuck Jenn.

So much for “in Jenn we trust”.

She shouldn’t be allowed to write Elsa ever again.

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Same anon. Yea agreed I did like the pants outfit on Anna Bc it suited her. Guess I just thought it looked awkward on Elsa 😂

Glad we agree. :)

Favorite Elsa look in Frozen . Gorgeous and classy.

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Maybe it’s just me but I don’t like the pant and dress outfits of frozen 2 lol. I feel like it should be either just a dress or just pants but I guess they made a combo to be modern and fit with the times the story takes place at the same time..

Well it’s a valid opinion.

Personally I don’t like the pants for Elsa. I know Jen and friends are still patting each other on the back for giving pants to a Queen, but I like Elsa waaaay more in a regal gown.

Anna is fine with pants tho. That outfit reminds me of a knight’ one.

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