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#queen elsa icons

Screw it. Just because I don’t want to horde them I’m putting them all up for grabs FOR FREE. For any roleplayer who wants to use these icons. For those who missed the last post- These are my old icons that I am no longer using due to changing my ‘psd’ and icon size. But rather than keep them to myself to go unused forever, I want to give new RPers or ones who don’t have the means to make custom icons the chance to use them.

(These are for RPers primarily though I guess I can’t stop personal blogs from taking some also…  But I would appreciate personal/fandom blogs not reblogging this. People tend to just take and not give credit if a fandom blog shares stuff like this.)

646 80x80 icons. Rounded corners

Edited in my old color formats. Unaltered options are not available. Apologies if you hate how I colored them.

Do not claim as your own. If you use these icons, credit on your blog that they were created by Fiiimbulvetr. 

A wide selection of different colors and forms of media to choose from.

Get them HERE.  (if the link doesn’t work let me know.)

Again: please give credit. These were well loved icons once, I’d appreciate at least getting credit for them even if I’m not using them.

Like/Reblog if you use

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