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patheticdarling · 6 days ago
What if They’re Like Me?
   Summary: Reader is with child and Loki is worried that his child is bound to be like him, a Frost Giant. Loki is constantly having second thoughts about their life together and Reader has to reassure him that she will love him regardless. 
   Warnings: coarse language/mentions of pregnancy/self-doubt/sad Loki
   Word Count: 1615
Tumblr media
   “Thor?” you called out to your brother-in-law, “Thor? Are you in here?”
   “Y/N? That you?” you heard Thor’s gruff voice as you walked into the corridor. 
   “There you are,” you sighed upon seeing your brother-in-law stuffing his face with grapes, nuts, and ale. 
   “Why’re you looking for me?” he asked as he sipped his cup, “And where’s Loki? Shouldn’t he be hovering over you?”
   “I was just going to ask you the same thing,” you explained, “I can’t find him anywhere” 
   “Well I’m sure he couldn’t have gone far,” Thor shrugged, “Especially with your,” he gestured to your extremely swollen belly, “condition.” He awkwardly cleared his throat.
  You chuckled, “You know it’s not a crime to say the word pregnant. It’s certainly no secret either.” Your hands cradling your bump. 
   Thor laughed as he finished off a bundle of grapes, “I suppose not.” 
   “I’m worried about him,” Thor gave you a puzzled look, “Loki,” he nodded, “He’s been so distant since I’ve started my third trimester. I thought maybe it was just the nerves but he’s hardly ever around anymore. And every time I try to bring up the baby, he’s so quick to change the subject. He isn’t having second thoughts, is he? Thor, has he told you anything?” 
   “What? No,” Thor answered, “Believe me, I would’ve told you. I have no idea why he’s acting like that. Maybe it really is just nerves, Y/N.”
   You shook your head, “I’m not so sure.”
  Thor pondered for a moment before his eyes all but lit up, “I know who you should talk to! Mum! Nobody knows Loki better than she does. Well besides you but seeing as that’s not really an option.” 
   You laughed, “Good idea. Do you know where she is?” 
   “Usually by this time, she’s in the gardens,” he dusted off his hands before tossing back his goblet, “Here,” he extended his arm, “I’ll take you to her.”
   “Thor, it’s alright, I can find her myself-”
   “Nonsense,” he cut you off, “In your state, you should always have a proper escort.” 
   You rolled your eyes, “Whatever you say.” 
   Thor and you walked through the halls of the palace, greeting people as you passed. 
   “Prince Thor, Princess Y/N,” one of the kitchen girls curtsied as you passed. 
   “Princess,” you chuckled under your breath, “Still doesn’t sound normal, no matter how many times someone calls me it.” 
   “You get used to it,” Thor smirked. 
   “Says the boy who was raised to be future king,” you teased. 
   Thor shrugged, “It’s not that big of a deal.” 
   You scoffed as you entered the gardens, “Keep telling yourself that, Your Majesty.”
   Thor chuckled as you found Queen Frigga near one of the reflecting pools, scattering flower petals in the bright blue water. 
   “Hello, Mother,” Thor greeted. 
   Her eyes shot up from the water, “Thor,” she smiled, kissing her son’s cheek, “Y/N,” she hugged you, “My, look at you. You’re glowing, my dear.”
   You blushed, “Thank you, Your Grace.” 
   She giggled, “No need for such formalities, love. Especially when it’s just family. So please, call me Frigga.” 
   You nodded, smiling. Thor cleared his throat, “Mother, have you seen Loki? Y/N and I have tried but we just can’t seem to find him anywhere.” 
   “Sounds like he really doesn’t want to be found then if he’s hiding from Y/N,” she answered. 
   “So he is hiding from me?” you asked. 
   She sighed, placing her hand on my shoulder, “Loki, no matter how hard he tries to hide it or convince others, is an extremely perceptive person. And he is one of the harshest over-thinkers I have ever known.” 
   “Mother, what’re you talking about?” Thor interjected. 
   “He’s avoiding Y/N because he’s scared. Of what? I’m not completely sure. But I know it has to be something quite serious for him to be acting this way.” 
   You let out a shaky breath, “I just wish he’d let me talk to him. Or at least ask him why he’s acting this way. But obviously, he doesn’t want to be found so might as well just drop it then.”
   “Y/N-” Thor reached out for you.
   “No,” you backed away from his touch, “I’m sorry. I just need to rest, I think. I’ll be in my bed chambers if anyone needs me.” 
   You sped off as fast as you could, ignoring the calls from Thor and Frigga as you made your way to you and Loki’s bed chambers. You had almost forgotten you shared them until you set your eyes on the emerald silk sheets that adorned your bed. You couldn’t bear to look at the place that you had shared so many special moments with Loki so you left the room, heading down the hall. Taking a left as you expected to enter what was going to be your child’s future nursery, finding a quiet place to be alone. Not at all expecting to find Loki there, him looking just as surprised to see you. 
   “Oh,” you swallowed, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to bother. I’ll just go.” you moved to shut the door. 
   “Y/N, wait,” Loki called, grabbing your arm and pulling you back into the room. A wave of his hand and the door was shut.
   “What is it, Loki? I thought you didn’t want to speak to me,” you answered, not meeting his eyes. 
   “What? What’re you talking about?” 
   “Don’t be coy, Loki. You’ve been avoiding me for days, maybe even weeks. And your mother said that you might be overthinking something. And I, for the life of me, cannot figure out what that might be!” 
   “Y/N, please-”
   “You know that when you marry someone, you’re supposed to trust them,” you cut him off, “Supposed to be able to turn to them when you feel like you have nobody else. Not cut them off and leave them completely in the dark. I am your wife, Loki! You’re supposed to be able to confide in me, no matter what-” 
   Loki grabbed your shoulders, holding you in place, “Will you please just listen to me for one second?” 
   You took a deep breath, “Fine,” you nodded, “Go ahead.”
  “Thank you,” he let out a soft chuckle before taking your hand and leading you to sit at the toy chest that sat in the nursery, “Y/N, I have not been avoiding you because I don’t want to talk to you.” 
   “But you have been avoiding me,” you interjected.
   Loki sighed, “I suppose I have. But I promise it has nothing to do with you.” 
   “Really?” you scoffed, “Because all I can think about is what I might’ve done to fuck this marriage up.” 
   Loki shook his head, “You’ve done nothing, my love,” he brought your hand to his lips, “I swear it.” 
   You couldn’t help but melt at his touch, “Then what’s wrong? Why won’t you talk to me?” 
   “It’s complicated,” he answered. You quirked a brow at him, “Who am I kidding?” he chuckled drily, “It’s really not.” You smiled softly, “Y/N, you’re aware of my true parentage.”
   You nodded, “Of course. Loki, is that what this is about? I’ve already told you, I love you for you. Nothing, not even that, will ever change the fact that I do.” 
   Loki smiled softly, his eyes getting a bit glossy, “Thank you,” his voice shaking a bit, “And I love you too. Which is why I’m so angry with myself for not discussing this with you sooner.” 
   “What is there to discuss?”
   “What if...” his voice faded off as he let out a quick sniffle. 
   “Loki, what if what? What’s going on, darling?” 
   “What if they’re like me?” he asked. 
   “Like you?” you repeated. 
   Loki wiped his eyes, “You know. A Jotun. A Frost Giant. A monster.” 
  “Loki,” you cooed, “You’re not a monster.” 
  He nearly scoffed at your words, “Aren’t I? I’m the monster that Asgardian children read about in their bedtime stories. I’m a freak. A danger to those around me. I can’t believe I was selfish enough to let things go this far. And now having to put you and our child through it, I can’t help but fucking hate myself for it.” 
   Tears had now begun to run down the side of your face, “Stop it,” you shook your head. Loki persisted, “Loki, stop it now!” He sort of jumped at your tone, “Now you listen to me, right now. You are not a monster or a freak or anything of that sort,” his teary eyes were glued to the floor as you spoke softly, “You are Prince Loki Odinson of Asgard. Brother to Thor, Son of Odin and Frigga. God of Mischief and Mayhem. But most importantly, you are my husband, the father to my child, and the absolute love of my life. Do you hear me? You are all of those things. And a monster is never and will never be one of them, is that understood?” 
   Loki took a deep breath, nodding softly as he lifted his eyes to meet yours, “Understood.”
   You wiped away his tears gently, “Good,” you cupped his face in your hands, “Don’t ever forget who you truly are, my love,” he nodded, “Promise me.” 
   “I promise,” Loki whispered, kissing the inside of your hand before pulling your lips softly onto his. 
   You rested your forehead to his as you brought his hand to your bump, “I love you, Loki.” 
   He smiled as he caressed over your bump, “I love you, Y/N. I can’t help but hope our child is just like you, my love.”
   “I prefer them to take after their father, if I’m being completely honest,” you both grinned softly. 
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hela-avenger · 3 years ago
Bottled Emotions
Tumblr media
Author: hela-avenger
Word Count: 1067
Summary: Lady Y/N never meant for it to go this far but that was the thing with love potions, they were very unpredictable. 
A/N: MERRY XMAS TO THOSE WHO CELEBRATE IT! Slow start but I promise it gets better! 
Y/N wasn’t the greatest castor in the whole nine realms, nor was she the greatest castor in Asgard. She wasn’t even the greatest castor in the small village that she was born in. Yet somehow, for some reason, Queen Frigga had found her worth the time to teach and harness the small power within her.
Alongside her son, Prince Loki, she started to formulate some sort of structure and discipline in her magic. She found herself a natural at healing magic and potion making. Two subjects of magic that the prince found worthless and he reminded her of this daily.
She didn’t pay him much mind seeing as Queen Frigga’s praise for her work severely outweighed the prince’s insults.  
“He’s just jealous,” Queen Frigga told her as they strolled through the royal gardens.
They were there to pick up some herbs, but the queen thought it was the perfect time to start a conversation with her involving the younger prince who, by luck, had been called away in the duty of combat.
“Jealous of what?” she asked confused.
“I’m not sure yet,” Queen Frigga confessed to her. “Loki does not enjoy sharing his feelings and is a very adept liar. Makes it hard for me to read him at times.”
“Well his insults don’t offend me,” she assures the queen. “I know I’m mediocre at the craft, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn from you.”
Queen Frigga smiles at this and stops in front of the bushes filled with an array of roses.
“You’re one of the most enlightening students I have ever had the pleasure to teach,” Queen Frigga tells her. “And because of that, I’m going to indulge you in an inside secret.”
She watches Queen Frigga pluck a red rose from the bush and hands it over to her. She brings it up to her nose and takes in the sweet scent that the petals have to offer.
“In the first few days of bloom, such as that rose in your hand, the rose offers a very potent component that could bring any man to their knees… with the right ingredients, of course.”
“What can it do?” she asks curiously.
“Roses signify love,” Frigga explains to her.
It takes her only a few seconds to realize what the queen is implying and understand the severity of what such a potion could do to the man who consumes it.
“A love potion?” she asks. “Such a thing exists?”
“It is rarely used,” Frigga tells her. “One could never know what kind of effects the love potion could have on the consumer. Some cases have caused the man to become obsessed with the person who provided the potion. Others lead to having a destructive passion or intense desire for the castor. In simple cases, it led for the man to grow compassionate. Like I said, different effects for different users.”
“Could it give a heartless man a heart?” she asks her.
Queen Frigga couldn’t help but laugh at this, “Are you referring to my son?”
“Perhaps,” she jests. “He certainly needs a lesson in humility. I’ll like to think I’m a very patient person, but if your son praises himself once more on a spell cast well done I will implode.”
“I’ll make sure to keep Loki in check,” Queen Frigga assures her as they continued to walk through the gardens.
“What else is needed for the love potion?”
“Is there some unknown suitor I know not of?” Queen Frigga asked with curiosity.
“No,” she answers embarrassedly. “I’m just curious that’s all. There must be some reason the potion has different effects on people.”
“You believe you may have a solution to the downsides of this potion?” Queen Frigga asked her.
“Perhaps,” she responds. “Like you said, I have a knack for potion making. Maybe I’ll unlock this mystery.”
“Very well then,” Queen Frigga states knowing that if there was anyone who could break this tangent in the potion it would be her. “You are going to need goat’s milk, honey, pomegranate seeds, and a freshly bloomed rose. The potion must be cast over a fire and performed at early dawn.”
Y/N took note of all this and knew that this would most likely take up the rest of her day and likely the next.
Dawn was approaching and Y/N started concocting the potion with the freshest ingredients she could find. The smell of the potion after adding all of the ingredients was sweet and pure just like she had imagined a love potion to smell like. She was very tempted to taste it herself but prevented herself from doing so not knowing what would happen if she did.
She was ready to reveal her creation to Frigga when she heard the trumpets sound at the gates near the castles.
The princes were back, but celebrations weren’t heard from the streets, but screams.
Horses were sprinting down the pebbled stones and heading towards the castle. Y/N knew that she would soon be called in to help as it seemed that there were multiple injuries in the recent altercation.
She had just finished placing her hair in a braid when she heard the soft knock on the door. A servant relayed the message of the queen needing her immediate presence in the infirmary and Y/N didn’t waste time to head directly there.
The infirmary was a chaotic mess of nurses running around with bandages and gauzes to stop the bleeding wounds of the Warriors Three and Thor. Queen Frigga was seated beside Prince Thor who had a large gash across his chest. His eyes were closed and Y/N briefly thought he was dead if it wasn’t for the slow rise of his chest.
“You’re here,” Frigga answers tiredly and Y/N finally takes notice of the gold magic slipping through her fingers that were most likely stabilizing her son at the moment. “Loki, he’s in need of your help.”
She tries to hide the grimace from her face but Queen Frigga sees it.
“I know,” she tells her. “But he’s severely injured and he needs the best. I would go, but Thor is in a more severe state, and you are the next, most qualified castor to take care of him.”
She can’t help but let out a sigh. How could she deny a direct request from the queen?
Tags: @cosmetologynerd @unicorniorosacomefrutillas @mrs-baratheon @fangirl-127 @trashyemonerd @jmb959 @astudyoftimeywimeystuff @hellocookiecutter @teresaoliva20
A/N: Comment if you’ll like to be tagged!
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lucymaywrites · 26 days ago
Frigga to Loki: "You can do anything."
Mobius to Loki: "You can be anything."
Marvel needs to stop making Loki watch people who believe in him, and people he loves, die.
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incorrectnorseboiis · a year ago
Frigga: I’m gonna have to ground you. I’m grounding you. You are grounded.
Loki: What about my studies?
Frigga: Fine, other than that. And no socialising with your friends.
Loki: I don’t have any friends.
Frigga: Then I’ll take your books.
Loki: I need my books for my studies.
Frigga: Fine! Then.. no...
Frigga: *deep thinking*
Frigga: No stabbing Thor.
Loki: What?! nO stAbBinG ThOr?!
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adoranymph · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
T:TDW he's got vengeance for his mother on his mind. LS he's got vengeance for his maybe-boyfriend on his mind.
Vengeful Loki is hot, and I'm not ashamed to say that. 💗
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patheticdarling · 22 days ago
Of All the Rooms
    Summary: Thor, Loki, and Reader have been going on missions together since they were young. And with growing up together, it’s only natural they’ve become competitive with one another. Thor usually coming in first so it only makes the Reader and Loki more competitive with one another. But what happens when a mission goes a bit array and Loki has to put aside his pride to make sure Y/N is alright and ends up having to hear from Thor and Frigga about it. 
    Warnings: none unless you count brief mention of battle scars & injuries// just some fluff and worried Loki :)
    Word Count: 1275
Tumblr media
    “Go get the Healers!” Loki instructed as he carried your limp body through the corridors of the palace. 
   Thor nodded before dashing off, Frigga struggling to keep up with Loki, “Darling, what happened?” 
   “I-I’m not completely sure. She said she had them covered,” Loki tried to muster an answer. 
   He set you down as gently as possible onto the fine silk sheets. Frigga moved to examine you softly. She pushed your hair from your forehead to look over the wounds you had suffered. 
   “I’ve got them!” Thor’s voice boomed as he pushed open the doors, the Healers with all of their necessities piling into the room. 
   “Loki, dear, you’ve got to let go of her hand,” Frigga cooed. 
   Loki looked down, he hadn’t even noticed that your hand was in his grasp. Seemed as if it was second nature or something strange like that. He nodded as he released, joining his mother and brother’s side as the Healers worked. 
   “Will she be alright?” Loki asked. 
   Frigga nodded as the Healers worked with ease, “Seems like it.” 
   “I knew I should’ve stayed with her,” Loki cursed himself, “She always thinks she can handle everything on her own. I knew it’d come back to bite us both in the ass.” 
   “That’s enough,” Frigga cut him off, “It’s not fair to blame Y/N, especially when she’s not conscious to defend herself.”
   “I’m not blaming her, Mother,” Loki answered, “I’m blaming myself. I should’ve known better than to let her go off alone.” 
   “And blaming yourself isn’t going to help her magically get better either,” Frigga quipped. 
   “But Mother-”
   “But nothing, Loki,” Frigga cut him off, “You don’t see your brother blaming himself and he was there too.” 
   Thor scoffed, “Just because I’m not saying it, doesn’t mean it’s not true.” 
   Frigga rolled her eyes, “Oh not you too.” 
   “Mother, Loki has a point. We shouldn’t have let her go off on her own,” Thor argued. 
   “Y/N knows the dangers of the missions you all go on, same as the both of you. And I for one, think Y/N is more than capable of handling herself. Sometimes things don’t go our way and fussing over it isn’t going to change it.” 
   “Listen to your mother, boys,” you mumbled half asleep as the Healers tended to the last of your wounds. 
   “Y/N!” they both exclaimed, kneeling to your bedside. 
   “We are so sorry,” Thor muttered, “How’re you feeling?” 
   “Bruised,” you chuckled as you moved to sit up. 
   You tried to hide your wince, “Here, let me,” Loki was quick to help you to sit, quickly fluffing your pillows to ensure your comfort. 
   “Thank you,” you sighed as the Healers gathered their things. Frigga thanking them as they shuffled out. 
   “How’re you feeling, my dear?” Frigga asked as she stood behind her sons. 
   I nodded my head, “Just fine, Your Majesty. Thank you for helping me.” 
   She smiled softly, “Of course.” 
   “Glad that you’re alive,” Thor chuckled. 
   “Glad to be alive,” you laughed back. 
   Everyone, including you, took note of Loki’s rather quiet behaviour. Usually, after you’d taken a bit of a beating, he’d tease you about needing more combat training or something of the sort. But he just sat there, rubbing his thumb on the outside of your intertwined hands with a glossy look in his eyes. Frigga shot you a knowing look, to which you returned with a blush. 
   “Thor,” she cleared her throat, tapping her eldest son’s shoulder, “I think Y/N might need some food in her system, help her regain a bit of her strength. Come with me to get it?” she sort of fake offered. 
   Thor furrowed his brow before seeing the look on his mother’s face, “Oh,” he smirked at you, “Of course, Mother,” he stood to his feet. 
   “We’ll be just a moment,” Frigga spoke before her and Thor shuffled out of the room, not before sending you a wink. 
   Loki was still silent as he kept his eyes on your interlocked fingers. 
   “You’re being awfully quiet,” you chuckled, “You’d usually be scorning me for going off on my own.” 
   Loki chuckled drily, still refusing to meet your eyes, “Just not in a joking mood, I suppose.” 
   You decided to pull your hand away, breaking him from his gaze, “And why’s that?” he remained silent as he placed his hands in his lap, “Loki, talk to me. What’s going on in that head of yours?” 
   Loki let out a shaky sigh, “Today was different. Scarier.” 
   “Well we knew facing Kronans wasn’t exactly going to be an easy feat, was it?” 
   Loki shook his head, “That’s not what I mean. You could’ve been seriously hurt today, Y/N. We could’ve lost you. I-I could’ve lost you,” the last part came out barely above a whisper. 
   We both let out heavy sighs, you slowly reached over and took Loki’s face in your hands. His blue-green eyes finally meeting yours. 
   “You worry too much, you know that?” we both let out soft chuckles, “I’m fine. You’re fine. Everyone is alright.” 
   He gave a slight smile, “I’m glad you’re alright,” he whispered. 
   Your forehead fell to his, “Me too,” you smiled. 
   Loki pulled away, kissing your forehead softly, “Think I should let you rest.” 
   He was already pulling the covers over you, “You know usually I’d be putting up quite a fight,” you couldn’t help but yawn as you snuggled into the sheets, “But lucky for you, I’m exhausted.” 
   Loki chuckled, “Get some rest, Y/N.” 
   You nodded sleepily, “I love you, Loki.” 
   The words had barely registered with Loki before his widened eyes moved back to your now sleeping figure. 
   He chuckled to himself, “I love you too, Y/N.” he kissed your cheek, adjusting the covers on you once again. 
   “Never took you for the romantic type, Brother,” Thor let out a deep chuckle. 
   Frigga pinched his arm, “Enough,” they both set down the trays of Asgardian fruits they had put together, “Guess we won’t be needing these then, will we?” 
   Loki smiled, “I told her she should get some rest.” He poured himself a cup of the wine his brother had brought in as well. 
   Frigga nodded, “Now was that before or after you told her you loved her?” 
   Loki nearly choked on his wine, “You heard that?” he blushed. 
   “We both did,” Thor teased as he sipped his own goblet. 
   “To be fair, she said it first. Right before she drifted off to sleep. I swear,” Loki explained. 
   Frigga chuckled, “No need to explain yourself to us, love. Besides, we all knew it would happen eventually.” 
   “You did?” Loki furrowed his brow. 
   “Course we did,” Frigga smiled, “The way you look at her, the way she looks at you. I’ve known both of you practically your whole lives, a mother’s intuition is hardly ever wrong, my dear.”
   Loki smirked, “You think she meant it?” 
   Thor nodded, “Oh yeah. Y/N is all about you, trust me, Brother. I’ve tried to make my move many a time and she always said she was waiting for someone else.” 
   “You tried to make a move on Y/N?” Loki raised his brow. 
   Thor downed his wine, “Once or twice but water on the bridge.” 
   “Better be,” Loki scoffed. 
    “Boys,” Frigga was quick to intervene, “You know how else we knew you felt something a bit more than friendship for Y/N?” 
   “How?” Loki admired your sleeping figure. 
   “Out of all the hundreds of rooms in this palace, including her own which you passed, you took her to your own bedroom,” Frigga smirked. 
   Loki couldn’t help but blush, “Just felt natural, I suppose.” 
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cottage-core-inspo · a month ago
Can’t believe old religious figures are getting copyrighted by a company hundreds of years its junior 🤯🤯
Disney really put a copyright on Loki, Thor and other Old Norse figures smhhh
Petition to stop this right here:
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hela-avenger · 3 years ago
Bottled Emotions- Part 5
Tumblr media
Author: hela-avenger
Word Count: 1061
Summary:  Lady Y/N never meant for it to go this far but that was the thing with love potions, they were very unpredictable. Loki x Reader
A/N: And here’s a Frigga x Reader scene! Sorry for the late update! School is starting up soon so updates will most likely come once a week from now on. I’ll set a more permanent date soon. 
Bottled Emotions Masterlist
This time as Y/N arrived at Prince Loki’s room the doors remained firmly closed. It was as if it knew that the younger prince wanted some privacy with his mother. Lady Y/N remained patiently waiting outside the doors respecting their wishes. She could distantly hear the queen’s laughter from inside and that made her smile.
Laughter is the best medicine.
Y/N couldn’t help but recall how her mother repeated this mantra in their home. It was because of this that Y/N decided that the potion might help Loki with the side effects of the poison. If laughter was the best medicine then love must be too.
She wished her mother could see her now. All of her training with Frigga was her way to live up to her mother’s memory. She knew she was a long way to achieving that, but being at the palace was a big step forward.
Her thoughts are disrupted as the doors open on their own. Queen Frigga steps out of the room with a bright smile on her face. Frigga looked so much better than when she had found her in the infirmary. The queen looked refreshed and happier.
The doors close on their own and the smile on the queen’s face dims at the sight of Lady Y/N.
“Walk with me,” she orders and Y/N does as requested.
Queen Frigga nods in greeting to every passing servant and guard. The smile and her grace never faltering.
“How’s Thor?” Frigga asks once they were alone in the palace hallways.
“He’s awake,” she responds. “And in pain, but awake nonetheless.”
“Good, that’s good…” the queen replies as she begins to slow down to a stop. Y/N stops by the queen and looks at her in concern.
“Your majesty,” she calls out to her. “Are you alright?”
“Loki was abnormally kind this afternoon,” Queen Frigga comments. “Extremely grateful as well. He didn’t outright admit it, but he seemed grateful for you…”
The queen stared at her with a hint of amusement in her eyes and plenty of curiosity.
She suspects.
“...and grateful for that tea you’ve been serving him.”
She knows.
“I’ve never heard of a tea that could relieve one of pain,” Queen Frigga continues on. “Nor of a potion that could counteract this specific poison. Perhaps it is time for the teacher to learn from the student…”
“Oh, you know,” she sighs out nervously as she covered her face in embarrassment. “You know of the treacherous thing I’ve done with the love potion. I swear it’s not what it looks like...”
Queen Frigga couldn’t help but laugh at her reaction.
“Oh sweet child, I never thought I would see the day that you would do such a thing,” Frigga chuckles. “You pulling this on the God of Mischief. I have certainly underestimated you.”
“You’re not angry with me?” she asks the queen. “You’re not upset?”
“I’m not upset with you, child,” Frigga comments as she resumes their walk. “I am concerned though. Are you sure of what you’re doing?”
In all honesty, Y/N was flying blind in this experiment of hers. She had certain theories formulated after these past two days, but nothing was concrete.
“There are countless factors that could pertain to the irrationality of the potion,” she explains to the queen. “There’s the amount of dosage given to the consumer, or the state of emotions from both parties involved, or the durability of the potion itself.”
Once she thought these things through did she notice certain patterns and results in her recent findings.
“In the past two days, I’ve noticed the love potion relieve the prince of his pain. He becomes more grateful to those around him and as you must have experienced today, he’s been more open with his emotions. Counteracting with the poison, it seems that the love potion extinguishes quickly and the effects along with it. The dosage, which is mere drops into his tea, either has to be increased to make these effects permanent or remain the same to diminish the chance of the love potion taking a deeper effect.”
Queen Frigga couldn’t stop smiling at her ramblings. Her eyes were narrowed in concentration, sight on the ground as endless thoughts ran through her mind.
“I hope you’re writing all of this down,” Frigga remarks. “These theories and findings of yours would amount to a great spellbook.”
“I should be writing this down,” she comments more to herself. “Oh, I’ve done all of this so wrong and what if this all goes bad… I shouldn’t have done this in the first place but he was so… ugh… and I was so… huh…”
“My dear, calm down,” Frigga tells her. “I’ve got you covered if this happens to go wrong. Besides, you were only helping my son through the pain in the only way you thought you could. I doubt any of this to go wrong.”
“What if he ends up obsessed with me? Like you said the others did?”
“He won’t,” Frigga assures her. “Love… well, love is like a planted seed. It needs the warmth of care and a flow of compassion. It needs to be nurtured delicately and surrounded by a trusting environment. Time will make it grow and being loved in return will make it bloom.”
“Like a rose,” she whispers.
“Yes,” Frigga responds. “Just like a rose.”
Lady Y/N nods at the explanation. Perhaps that was another theory to consider. The potion could be used just a catalyst to this analogy. It was a way to rush the timeline but it contained major side effects.
It was obvious that Loki would never feel anything for her. Not only was she beneath him in the arts of magic, but she was also a commoner gifted with the high title of “Lady.” Prince Loki was better than her in every which way and she couldn’t care less about his opinions of her.
Due to his treatment of her, Y/N would never, never, never in a thousand years feel anything for Prince Loki of Asgard.
The seed that the love potion has planted was long dead. No warmth of care or hint of compassion would ever allow that seed to grow.
That sweet rose would never bloom… and if it did, it would only be made of thorns.
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