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Imagine if Iduna was the fifth spirit tho. Since the fifth spirit is meant to be a bridge between the world and all that avatar stuff I wondered, why not take it to the Next Level and give Iduna the avatar powers? Ok, ok maybe not so extreme. But maybe a… special connection to all spirits. Being able to call them and somewhat command them and communicate with them like no one else can. Does she need some rocks earthbent? She does the AAAA aaa AA aaaaaa and some friendly giant shows up to lend a hand. Does she need to cross a river? She calls the Nøkk and he does a moses for her. She already has a very close relationship with Gale and can call her and get her to do her bidding so i don’t see why Gale could be the first spirit she befriended, while she was meant to connect to the other three a bit later in life.

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Agnarr and Iduna: What should we do?

Pabbie: lock her ass up

Iduna: what?

Pabbie: I said lock her ass up until she can learn to control her powers

Agnarr: are you sure that’s what we should do? Couldn’t we-

Pabbie: I’m sure

Agnarr and Iduna:

Pabbie: it’s not like she’ll grow to hate herself and have anxiety and will suffer from PTSD

Pabbie: Also lets erase the memories of her sister, she can’t know for some reason lmao

Agnarr and Iduna:

Agnarr and Iduna: Sounds legit

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I don’t care what F2 says, to me Elsa’s still a daddy’s girl and Anna is the mommy’s girl (literally every other addition to the Frozen franchise seems to follow this logic, so it just feels really off in F2).

Also hot take: Elsa being more connected to Agnarr, the Arendelle side of their parents, means A WHOLE LOT MORE to the connected bridge she’s supposed to represent, than her being connected to Iduna. Same applies to Anna being more connected to Iduna, the Northuldra side of their parents.

In F2 it comes across like “Northuldra belongs with Northuldra and Arendelle belongs with Arendelle“ and it just doesn’t feel right.

And like, if Disney REALLY wanted to push the Elsa and Iduna connection, the LEAST they could’ve done was show Anna and Agnarr’s connection for the Arendelle side. But Agnarr literally still has more interactions with Elsa in F2 alone, than he’s EVER had with Anna.

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What if the beginning of Frozen 2 is the same night that Frozen 1 begun, only earlier?

We see Iduna singing to them after the kings bedtime story, she puts Anna to sleep and puts Elsa in bed and after that it cuts to the sky outside. And there we see that they’re northern lights. In the beginning of Frozen 1 Anna says that the sky’s awake and she’s too, what if we see a glimpse of the last night they had as a family before the trolls had to erase Anna’s memory of Elsas powers? As further proof we altso hear Anna wisphering to Elsa something about snowmen.

This is just a bit sad seeing that afterwards they get separated and Elsa is forced to isolate her from Anna, like they gave us a look into that last night before things started going bad

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Hello again!

Let’s continue, shall we?

All Frozen and Tangled characters belong to Disney, all I own is the story and some original characters.

Chapter 7: Decisions

Flynn had unwittingly grown used to a certain rhythm of life inside the chapel, deciding to help the priest with the upkeep. The priest was harmless and pleasant enough; always welcoming the people inside the church with an amiable face. His voice was always warm, never harsh, unkind or condescending. The priest was in his twilight years, but that didn’t stop him from helping those in need; be it a confession or an act of charity, the priest carried out his duties with heart and without complaint.

Oh, Father is happy with his lot, mused Flynn as he went about his work. If only he could say that about himself. Sure, it had been a nice change of scenery from the grit and grime of the streets of the Rhinelands, but that was the life he had always known. Sure, he hadn’t suffered want for the last two months, and the people had been kind to him, but that didn’t suit him. He considered himself too hard for this two-mule town. Moreover, the place spooked him out. How was it possible for every grotesque and angel in the church to stare directly at him, regardless of direction or position? Was he imagining things, or was someone devilishly smart enough to place them this way, for people to face themselves in their guilt after committing a sin? One thing was for sure, he had to leave. He could not afford to feel so vulnerable all the time. How could one survive when pierced by such hard hitting notions of moral good? It wasn’t a good survival tactic, especially for him.

The church was small but opulent. It certainly had a lot of gold that could set someone like him for life, but to him that wouldn’t do it. The hustle never ends for the street rat, so they say. Flynn decided to steal a little and flee in the dead of night; for he couldn’t face the priest and rob him, he would lose all conviction. Sure, he would break an old man’s trust and heart by stealing from him, but that would be better than looking him in the eye and robbing him.

Now that was something Markus could have done.

Flynn’s face fell as he remembered his departed partner in crime; now Markus would have had the balls to take what he wanted, and no god could have changed his mind. Unlike me, too emotional and too much of a wuss.

I threw my heart around for everyone, and it got stomped on, every time. Markus left me, that epic moron, to end up being killed himself. So did Mabel, poor wretch, she didn’t trust me enough to let me help her, and she’s gone forever too. To hell with the both of them and their ‘ideals’ and 'principles’, they got what was coming to them.

It was a bitter lesson for Flynn to accept, but in that moment, he took it heart. There is no benefit in standing up for anything, as that is what the world uses to bring one down. The world runs on give and take, and his hands were meant to take.

He set his eyes on the two gold candlesticks. For some reason, they attracted his attention far more than the gem studded prayer basin. The candlesticks would surely be easier to carry, and he could escape without making any noise. So, he crept to the mass room in the middle of night, carefully lifted the two candlesticks and put them in the satchel he had taken from his living quarters. With that done, he made a beeline to the main door he had left ajar for this very purpose. He had already made sure his horse was untethered, so he could leave in as little time as possible. He was almost out when a familiar voice made him freeze in position.


Ah, the thing he had been dreading the most.

The priest was holding a gas lamp in hand, which was a recent invention in Europe. Long gone were the days, when candle lights were the only source of luminescence. And surely, the mass room lit up and unmasked Flynn as the thief he was attempting to be.

'What are you doing, child?’

'Forgive me Vater, but this is no place for me. I’m leaving.’

'With the candlesticks?’ An old man with unusually sharp eyes at night, truly a miracle.

'Sorry Vater, I don’t have anything else.’

'You could stay here, begin a new life and live in peace. You already congregate well and mix nicely with the local kids. Why ruin it?’

Flynn was starting to lose patience; Why can’t this poor old fool see that I’m beyond rescuing?

'That’s very well, Vater, but it’s not what I want to do anymore. I must confess, it has been swell to be well fed and cared for under the watchful eye of the lord, but now it is time for me to venture out back in the open.’

The priest fell silent for a few moments. Flynn had never seen him deep in thought like this. Usually, the priest would always have a convincing answer to provide or question to raise. Apparently, this was not the case this time. At last, he spoke.

'Well, I’ll give you two choices: either have a lifetime of learning, helping people, gaining contentment and giving back to the world, or have a lifetime of chasing the hustle, getting satisfaction and taking your piece. It is your decision to make, and I’ll respect what you decide for yourself.’

Unlike the priest, Flynn had his answer ready.

'All due respect, I once had a friend who would have leapt at the first choice without bothering about the second. Alas, I ain’t that gifted. Sorry Vater, I can’t stay. My hands aren’t meant to give.’

There was pitch silence in the church, but Flynn knew that the priest’s hopes for him were shattered. Still, the priest had a solemn acceptance and resignation on his face when he said, 'All right, I accept your decision. But do remember, if you change your path midway, it won’t be pleasant. Also, keep this document. It legally brands you as the owner of the two candlesticks. I may accept a crease or crack in one’s belief, but I cannot let sin abide in my church. So, I have absolved you of your sin of theft, you may leave in peace. May these candlesticks help light your path to success.’ Finished the priest as he handed a small piece of paper to the nine-year-old.

As Flynn took his leave and continued south in the early hours of the morning, he realized bitterly that he couldn’t ever part with the candlesticks.

A similarly desperate yet vastly different figure in stature and physicality rode on in the starry Arendellian night towards the north to find answers about her fourteen-month-old child of destiny.

Queen Iduna was eight and a half months pregnant when she made the trip to Grand Pabbie’s lair. The old rock pseudo human hermit was deep in his winter meditation, essential to keep the winters forgiving, but in that moment, queen Iduna didn’t care.

'Grand Pabbie! Please help me! I’m in a desperate situation.’ Queen Iduna pleaded.

The sage opened his eyes and welcomed her graciously, but Iduna could sense that he didn’t appreciate the disturbance. Moreover, Grand Pabbie made his feelings clear in the very next moment.

'Your Majesty, I respect your concern for your family and your child, but you must understand that I am accountable to an authority far greater than the crown of Arendelle, or all the crowns in Europe for that matter.’

'Forgive the intrusion, oh great one. However, I’m at a loss for how to deal with my daughter Elsa. I love her with all I could ever give, but her powers are beginning to worry me a little. There have been multiple incidents where her powers have spiralled out of control. Her ice goes berserk at the worst possible moments. Just the other day, her cradle antics caused the entire south wing to be covered in snow. Thank goodness, there was no visitor in the palace, or our well-kept secret would have been out to the world. And another babbling child would not help the matter. Tell me Pabbie, should Agnarr and I be prepared for the worst?’ Iduna finished in a panicky state.

'One must always be prepared for the worst, your majesty. Be it a genuine threat, or mere embarrassment in your case’ Grand Pabbie replied quietly.

'Oh Grand Pabbie, you refuse to understand my plight. Elsa is our heir, and the days of witch hunts are not long gone. Must I remind you of the devastating division between the north and the south? Public knowledge of a child with powers does not bode well for us. All of Europe could declare war upon us from sheer terror, if the common people themselves don’t make short work of her. I can never stomach the possibility of my little girl falling victim to such atrocities.’ Queen Iduna wept vehemently.

'Everyone gets what is coming to them. Starting with you, you have made a very poor decision to travel to my plain in such a delicate condition. With this poorly thought out choice, you could have put yourself and your to be born child at terrible risk.’ Grand Pabbie replied coldly.

'Please don’t scare me further, I’m petrified enough. Early yesterday morning, I happened to come across of the written history of Agnarr’s family dating back from the fourteenth century, how there was another like Elsa, how she survived the black plague, how her powers were discovered, and how she was burned at the stake for the same. I would die before I could ever let that happen.’ Iduna finished with terror in her voice.

'Alright, I have decided to help you. However, I would advise you to be very careful with your one question.’ Grand Pabbie relented and reassured her.

'Thank you so much, oh great one! Please tell me, how could my daughter avoid such a doomed fate that killed her ancient ancestor? Is there a way to know how to avoid that danger?’

Even as Iduna finished asking the question, she realized it was not the right question, and Pabbie’s resigned expression upon hearing it confirmed her realization.

'Your Majesty, can you ever ask a river how to avoid drowning in it if you can’t swim? Or ever ask a burning pyre how to avoid getting burned after touching it with your bare hand? Similarly, you can’t ask how someone could avoid their fate. Every choice people make, ever decision they enforce in their life leads them somewhere they may or may not like. Sure, there is a way for Elsa to avoid her fate and live peacefully, but for that to happen, she would have to walk on eggshells her entire life. You still wish to know how she would do that?’

'Yes, it is better to know and to be prepared.’

'Well, I see three instances in her life so far where her life could change in a split second. First, when the time comes, she must not panic. Second, when the time comes, she must not abandon those closest to her, and finally, when the time comes, she must not give in to rage, fear, anger and hatred. Can you make sure she holds true to these instances forever?’

Iduna was dumbstruck; she could not fathom how she would fit in her daughter’s split-second decision in these moments.

'I don’t understand, Grand Pabbie, how do I help my child in this situation?’

'That is what I am trying to tell you. Your child may have the gift over a force of nature, but she is still a human child. Soon she’ll grow up to be a lady who would be required to make her own life changing decisions. Such decisions are guided by instinct and experience, and many a times, one must make those decisions themselves. No one could influence them in that moment even if they wanted to. Therefore, you must trust your child to do the next right thing.’

Iduna finally put two and two together 'I apologize in earnest Grand Pabbie. Agnarr and I will support Elsa no matter what happens, I promise.’

'Don’t promise, just commit the deed. For you don’t owe me anything, It is a debt you have inflicted upon yourselves.’ Grand Pabbie warned.

'I understand. Thank you. ’ Iduna finished as she moved to leave.

Grand Pabbie heard the call of the wolves harmonizing with the voice as he made a sudden statement ’ Name your second born after the wolves, it is a name they’ll carry well.’

'Alright’ Iduna said.

The ride back home was a little more relaxed as the queen found her way back in the palace and into her chambers as she saw Agnarr and Elsa sleeping peacefully. She had just laid down beside them when she felt something wet trickle down her leg.

Iduna woke Agnarr up at once.

'What happened? Feeling sick?’ Agnarr asked even as he was half-asleep.

'Agnarr, I think my water has broken.’ Iduna replied.

The king was up in an instant.

When a new life announces its arrival, it always creates a hustle-bustle around it. It doesn’t care how much pandemonium is around it, it will make its presence known. King Agnarr held Elsa close to himself. Now the young princess was excited; she was going to be a big sister, or so her papa was telling her. Elsa kept kicking around, sending ice in all corners of the corridor. Agnarr had gotten used to her shenanigans by now, and while he didn’t mind her antics with her powers beyond a little embarrassment, he wished that she would go to sleep. But convincing Elsa to sleep when she could be getting a playmate soon? Easier to squeeze milk out of a stone.

Ah well, it will be over soon, the king thought.

It was a tougher birth than the first, with Dr. Klaus and his attendants trying their best to make the birth less effortful. Agnarr almost fell asleep leaning on the corridor walls when he heard,

'You tell that son of a bitch to get his ass in here!’ Agnarr could recognize that shouting voice anywhere.

'But your majesty, the king-’ the midwives began.

'I don’t give a shit! If I must squeeze this watermelon out of me, I want him to see that, goddamnit!’ Iduna bellowed from her chamber.

As Agnarr entered the room, he almost turned to leave to avoid being squeamish when Iduna called out,

'Where are you going, you devil?! I’m not doing this alone, understand?!’

The king admitted defeat, handed Elsa to one of the attendants, and replied, 'Of course, I’ll always be there for you.’

'Your majesty, please breathe normally, keep pushing and avoid shouting, we’re almost done. You may clench the King’s hand if you feel abnormal pain.’ Dr. Klaus the consummate professional, urged the queen to calm down.

Iduna clenched on Agnarr’s hand, almost twisting it in the process.

'Oh Iduna, please be careful.’ Pleaded the king through clenched teeth.

'Oh Agnarr, fuck you, you aren’t squeezing this small animal out yourself, are you?’ Iduna hissed back as she concentrated on her breathing.

'Agnarr, promise me something’ the queen started after an exhausting session.

'What, love?’ Agnarr asked.

'You won’t let them trap Elsa, you won’t let them doom her, do you promise?’ Iduna asked expectantly.

Agnarr answered within a split second 'Of course, Iduna.’ A decision that would be immensely important and tough, but he didn’t know in that moment.

Then one final push and it was over.

It was a little bundle of energy, taking the dark hair after her mother, and her little nose and face after her father.

As the wolves howled in the early morning, Iduna knew what to call her second born:

Olva, Olva shall be her name.

As Elsa squirmed in the attendant’s hands, she moved back to her father’s embrace who introduced her, 'Look here Elsa, say hello to your little sister Olva.’

The princess hesitated for a minute, then spoke, 'H-Hi Olba.’

Iduna and Agnarr were besides themselves with joy.

Her first word and sentence!

'Congratulations your majesty! It is a girl! I am happy to report that mother and child are in perfect health.’ Dr Klaus beamed with satisfaction.

'Thank you so much Dr. Klaus!’ Beamed the king as he hugged the good doctor.

Iduna whispered to her new-born 'Welcome to the world.’

Hmm, another chapter like the previous one. Hopefully you people enjoyed it.

As always, constructive feedback and general comments are always welcome.

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Part 4 is the conclusion of this Agduna amnesia AU; you can find Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 with those links or all of it on AO3.

Thank you for reading, and thank you @the-spastic-fantastic​ for enabling and beta-ing and making this gorgeous moodboard and making sure the soldiers had the appropriate ranks!

A day later it was Christmas Eve.  Mrs. Calder and Iduna lit candles in the window of the Sommerhus while Elias, Captain Calder, and Agnarr took turns going outside, knocking on the door, and singing carols when Elsa opened it.  Thea joined the singing in between bites of kringla and butter cookies from where she was ensconced by the fire.  Elsa had another round of presents to open, including a new doll made by Linnea.

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