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#queen of demons

Lunamoon moonlight vs Queen Anomist Part 1

Lunamoon:You’re nothing but a monster who tried to destroyed everyones’ emotions. I won’t let that happen.

Queen Anomist:You have no idea who you are up against with. But the next time we meet, I’ll show you no mercy

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❛❛        forgive me,       talia,         if you take offense——        ❜❜       he pauses,      taking a moment to pull his cowl away from his face,      the soiled cape soon following.       sheepishly,       bruce uses this as an excuse to catch a glimpse of the woman who would now be considered his .  .  .         ❛❛        ——but i feel a bit out of place without .  .        a ceremony of sorts.       you told me to accept us as we are       &       i do.       i just .  .       CALL IT A BOY’S DREAM,       if you will.       after this is over,       we could go somewhere;       a honeymoon.       ❜❜

sc.             @talghul 

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A witch!!!
Been working on an old game redoing art and improving it. I feel it’s been great practice. Been radio silent about it, but since I’m seeing a bunch of Witches due to Halloween season, thought I’d post one I happen to have drawn.

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“She, the ice Queen.. soft like sweet ice cream, but lit fires at her depths might make you scream.”

The air almost cools the closer you get but you’re sweating when she brushes you with her lips, cold, hot, falling at a blaze - eUë

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tag drop. muses

#⟨           tessa gray           ⟩        there was a girl behind the scrawled letters., #⟨           will herondale           ⟩        whose heart was as easy to break as it was carefully guarded., #⟨           matthew fairchild           ⟩        he believed there was more to life than blood and fire., #⟨           james herondale           ⟩        my father was cursed whereas i am damned., #⟨           alastair carstairs           ⟩        we’re all of us alone in the end., #⟨           feyre archeron           ⟩        not consort not wife.  feyre is high lady of the night court., #⟨           morrigan           ⟩        i was a dreamer born in the court of nightmares., #⟨           kara danvers           ⟩        i am kara zor-el of krypton. i don’t scare easily., #⟨           effie queen           ⟩        she had arrows in her eyes and fear where her heart should be., #⟨           wanda maximoff           ⟩        while i live and until i die i am an avenger., #⟨           annabeth chase           ⟩        wisdom’s daughter walks alone., #⟨           logan slater           ⟩        she’s the jerk of all trades., #⟨           phoebe vareck           ⟩        i am light‚ i am one too strong to fight., #⟨           circe           ⟩        when i was born the word for what i was did not exist., #⟨           piper halliwell           ⟩        vanquish demon now‚ kill husband later., #⟨           judith grimes           ⟩        rest in peace‚ now get up and go to war., #⟨           kevin day           ⟩        what’s so important about being second best?, #⟨           ken kaneki           ⟩        i’m just a normal college student who likes to read.
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I need to get myself Tarot cards… there probably are gorgeous ones on Etsy, though to be frank I am a little bit wary of buying such a spiritual object online, without being able to feel it and and see if it matches my vibe…

Of course, I DID get my Ouija board off of Killstar, but to me personally buying a “commercially made” magical object from a store is one thing - it is in a sense spiritually empty until it comes in contact with my energy, thus becomes mine, and so I can only pay attention to appearance while I’m shopping… getting a tool handmade from an artist is something else - they have poured their own creative and spiritual energy into it, and if I don’t vibe with the artist or even simply don’t like their character, an object from them will likely not work well with me either.

I suppose I can read up on the artist and “vibe” with the object throught the screen too..

But it COULD be challenging unless it’s a really strong sensation… I could try and see if there are any esoteric shops in my area too. Eh, I’ll think about it.

There are different objects on my to get list anyways. Some more expensive than others…

Consider this a diary entry or something 👻

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365 DC Comics Paper Cut-Out Villains - One Villain, Every Day, All Year…

October 26th - Fara

Fara was an Amazonian warrior from the Isle of Themyscria. For reasons unknown, Fara left her island home to explore the world of mankind. During her travels she encountered Cain, first of the Vampires. She fell under the thrall of Cain and he transformed her into a vampire. Cain then made Fara a war chief in his army of the undead and charged her with laying siege to Themyscria. She and her army were able to take the beach but were ultimately repelled by forces led by Queen Hippolyta. Fara perished in this battle, beheaded by the Amazonian queen. As a vampire, however, there is always the chance that she will rise again. Fara first appeared int he pages of Demon Knights #16 (2013).

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Just a little candid from our Good Omens cosplay debut. Nothing like a little bit of Queen to get things going.

( I would also imagine that once Aziraphale learned how to use a mobile phone, he would take plenty of little videos of his snusband as they go about their day )

Crowley - kattskreations_ on Instagram

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