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#queen vassa
vucienstan · 4 hours ago
Happiness for Lucien
Happiness for Vassa
Happiness for Vucien ♥️
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vucienstan · a day ago
Jurian third wheeling Lucien and Vassa, I need this and how 😩♥️
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vucienstan · a day ago
Lucien, Vassa and Jurian's friendship is superior, that's it.
Band of Exiles supremacy ✨
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Potentially unpopular opinion: I think that Sarah J Maas sometimes forgets what the readers do and don’t know about certain characters.
Hear me out, I obviously don’t know what it’s like to be in her shoes or be a successful author, but as an absolute amateur who has an original book I’ve been working on consistently for over a year... I’ve edited this thing so many times that i routinely forget what I took out or added in. Because some things may be 100% cabin in my mind but just don’t really add to the overall story. I imagine this process is ratcheted up to a whole new degree with professional editors and agents and publishers. In addition to that, I tend to write side stories or different things that was intended to be something that will never be published (LOL in some insane universe where any of my nightmare fuel got published) but is just for me to get to know the character better. To know their motives and feelings and experiences. I do this especially with villains to make them feel more realistic.
I saw recently that Sarah originally got the idea for ACOTAR in 2008 when she “heard Feyre’s voice.” I genuinely believe that throughout these years and the process and the whole experience... there are stories Sarah has written in her head or things she “knows” are cannon that we will never know. But I also think that with all of these books and the time... it’s possible that some readers know what has been published about their favorite character more specifically than SJM herself does. And I think that is why we as readers sometimes feel that a character is being treated better or worse than they “deserve” or is being too hard on themselves.
I also think it’s why certain characters that we don’t find all that compelling somehow end up with a bigger part in the narrative. Because she knows. Either where they have been or where they are going. It’s something interesting about reading what is essentially a WIP version of a super popular series.
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fawnonfire · 5 days ago
Anyway in other news this blog is probably gonna start the move to a full on FireFawn blog
Because Elain and Vassa would kill it as girlfriends and Queens
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fawnonfire · 5 days ago
Listen I don't know what's going on with the whole Vucien/Elriel/Gwynriel/Elucien situation but
Vucien shippers I am on my knees, BEGGING YOU to stop drawing Vassa as white.
That's it, ship whatever you want, but please remember that Vassa is a WOMAN OF COLOUR
Thank you, I'mma leave you to it now
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lucienvassa · 5 days ago
Why is it so hard for people to let others ship what they want without assuming bullshit?
Vucien stans ship Lucien and Vassa, because they love the two of them, not because of any other ship. How many times do we have to say that?
Can Elucien and Gwynriel stans just let us be? 🙃
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unhealthyfanobsession · 6 days ago
Him: what’s wrong?
Me: it’s nothing.
My brain: ok but with the amount that SJM has Feyre always torn up about right and wrong how has she never even CONSIDERED telling Lucien that the man who killed his lover and tried to kill him isn’t actually his father? Has she ever talked about it with Helion? I’m sure Rhys said no for political reasons but when has that stopped Feyre? She knows that Lucien has no real home and lives in constant pain that his mate wants nothing to do with him and even literally describes himself as an exile but instead of offering this life changing information Feyre just laughs at the name he came up with for his found family while not even giving him a chance to find his real family? And who all knows this secret? It seems like Cassian and Nesta don’t since Cassian notices a “flame” he didn’t know Lucien had in his eyes... but then there’s also this weird side narrative of Feyre being close enough with Lucien the she’s sending him to check on Nesta for her. And Lucien might be in love with Vassa but she’s mortal so how would that even WORK? Would he just end up heartbroken again when she dies in a handful of decades? And Elain is a seer so does she avoid Lucien because she knows they wouldn’t work out? Or is it because she knows they WOULD and she just isn’t ready? And if the magic of the land is clear enough that people know Eris is the heir of Autumn and that Tamlin was Heir of Spring then how do people not know Lucien is heir of Day? Lucien is a from book one character who keeps getting pushed aside and I just NEED HIM TO HE HAPPY PLEASE!!!
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herondaisybrekker · 10 days ago
'gwyn is a lightsinger and shes actually evil' i just think its too good of a theory that it won't actually it would be a really good and complex twist but i dont think sjm would write it for some reason...i would love it if she did though. it also seems like it would be a very big twist in the plot and i dont see gwyn being a big character in the next book (if its elains book, which it likely is) since the main focus would be on elain/azriel/lucien romantically and elain/nuala/cerriwiden+possible new friendships. maybe when the books go to multiple povs like the ToG series was it would be more possible imo.
'elain is evil and working with grayson' theres no foreshadowing to do with grayson and i think theres still a possibility of her becoming evil which would be a good twist but i dont think it will have anything to do with greyson. and the whole seducing koschei thing is such a reach im pretty sure yall just hate elain for no reason and you want sjm to finally give you a reason to justify it. i can see her going evil bc the trauma effected her and she hasn't got to tell her story yet so we don't know how she feels but thats up in the air honestly since we know so little about her right now.
'rhysand and feyre end up as high king and queen' honestly this would be very out of character to be honest but i feel like sjm isn't very consistent with characters like rhysand lying to feyre in acosf and nesta being randomly nice to gwyn when they first met when shes not nice to anyone. so even if it is out of character unfortunately i can see it happening further to the end of the series. however i hope it doesn't happen because feysand dont want to be conquerers and dont like war so i hope they get the life that they want with their family.
'gwyns father being tamlin/lucien' i don't know where this theory came from since im fairly sure the entirity of prythian do it every year so it could literally be anyone with read hair lol. if it was tamlin however i understand that it could help redeem him into being a good person again but i dont see it happening personally. if its lucien that would be very strange but the timeline would add up. if its one of luciens brothers idk man it still seems unlikely and i dont see gwyn ruling the spring court after tamlin since shes a preistess.
'lucien vs azriel blood duel' ik some people think that it'll be helion and beron but i don't see either happening. beron wouldnt do any foght himself so that ones out of the question. people will talk azriel out of the blood duel since i dont think lucien has dome anything to exactly warrent a death penalty when he isn't even near elain anymore. he did the respectful thing and took the hint and left her alone and i think azriel was talking out of anger. i also think helion will die at some point leaving the day court to lucien - this is why i think elucien is still possible since she would definitely fit in at the day court.
'lucien and vassa get together' i can see it. theres like no foreshadowing for it but its a possibility. however i think jurian and vassa are more likely and i feel like they will rule the mortal realm from the throne on the continent (or at least vassa will) by the end of the books. i don't think lucien would get w vassa when he has a mate i feel like he still has hope that elain might look his way :( i hope hes happy though hes one of my favourite characters in the whole series.
i don't think any main characters will die because sjm doesn't do that so i think the closest to a mc death would be tamlin/lucien/helion/one of the high lords or something. these are all the theories i can think of right now let me know which ones yall think are actually possibilities for the next books!! <3
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hacawijo · 11 days ago
Yes, there is currently a vicious ship war going on that threatens the sanity of many involved every day. BUT, we must at least be able to get behind the facts:::::
Helion is very, wildly hot
Beron is very, decidedly not
Amren must now eat food and sleep
Varian is hers to love and to keep
Kallias has an icy, cool name
Tarquin, sweet, plays an honest game
Rhys is the most powerful high lord of all
Tamlin is a drag, on the verge of a fall
Eris is more than he’s ever let on
Merrill is venemous as a giant python
Feyre likes to create and paint
Nesta likes to parry and feint
Emerie is filled with courage and skill
Gwyn makes use of an iron will
Morrigan’s gift is, apparently, truth
Lucien is charming and never uncouth
Thesan has dawn and dreamy eyes
Azriel has brawn and sneaky spies
Cerridwen and Nuala know
Every whisper the wind blows
Nyx was just born, luckier than most
Koschei could be shadow, man, or ghost
Vassa can never see the sun
Jurian (most likely) hates a good pun
Cassian has lovely, red-gold wings
And Elain fills the world with beautiful things.
P. S. This is what happens when I get access to the internet at 2:00am
I will not apologize JK I apologize
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positivewitch · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
As it spread it’s wings wide, trailing sparks and embers across the waves and I realize what - who- now flew at that enemy host. A firebird. Burning as hot and furious as the heart of forge. Vassa - The Lost Queen
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positivewitch · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Jurian had been sliced apart by Amarantha, his consciousness somehow trapped within his eye, which she’d mounted on a ring and worn for five hundred years.
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fawnonfire · 14 days ago
So... Who’s gonna tell them that Vassa’s not white?
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lucienvassa · 15 days ago
Lucien will choose to be with Vassa
Vassa will choose to be with Lucien
Their journey will be full of pain, passion, healing and most importantly choice 🍂
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lucienvassa · 16 days ago
Imagine thinking Vucien shippers ship Vassa and Lucien to sink Elucien. How hilarious. Elucien is a sunken ship, we don’t need to ship another pairing to sink it. Our love for Vucien has nothing to do with other characters or ships and has got everything to do with Lucien, Vassa, their equation and their potential. Please stop assuming, thank you very much.
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manon-and-the-thirteen · 17 days ago
Lol people ship Vaasa and Lucien? Not trashing it or nothin, I’m just surprised, I never got any sort of vibes from them...
Ey man, but if it makes Lucien happy, I’m game
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lucienvassa · 17 days ago
— Lucien will get his book, whether you like it or not.
— Vassa will get her book, whether you like it or not.
— Vucien will be endgame, whether you like it not.
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lucienvassa · 17 days ago
— Lucien Vanserra is one of the OG characters of the series. He was introduced long before the Inner Circle was. He freaking carried the first book. If you think he won’t get his own book and his own journey, you’re the fool.
— The people who think Vassa won’t get her own book and journey, are the same people who think Gwyn will get hers. According to them, a character introduced in the last book is more important than a character introduced in the third one, who has major connection to one of the original characters and is the key player in the whole plot of the spin off series.
— Koschei is the main villain of the spin off series, specifically the last two books. The only character who deserves to kill him is Vassa. She has suffered at his hands, been enslaved and cursed by him: it is her RIGHT to do that. Yet, people think and want Elain to kill him. She can’t and she won’t. This is Vassa’s revenge with both Koschei and the mortal queens. Nesta and Elain killed the King of Hybern, it was their revenge. Vassa will kill Koschei, it is her revenge and that is that.
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