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queeniecamps a day ago
Just realized Billy "Snake" Niksslip is a blatantly shameless direct reference to Snake Plissken from "Escape from New York" and idk how I didn't find that out sooner
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thetruequeenoftheabyss 6 days ago
Weirdly specific artist ask game; 1-5! Hope you鈥檙e doing well!!
Hiya regal good to hear from ya dear, I'm doing well thank you
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1. Uhhh I have zbrush and blender that I do t use much in the summer months but that just cuz my laptop has trouble rendering an shit so I normally just wait until I'm back in a lab and can use those computers
2. Left idk why
3. So one of the games I wanna make is a surreal/psychological Alice in wonderland horror based game that the characters I've had since I was a little kid. They used to be my imaginary friends, I've just repurposed them
4. I love body horror but I suck at drawing it that and backgrounds I need to get better at background work
5. Honestly a lot of my finished work I do end up posting online what y'all dont see is mostly unfinished works or half baked sketches. But there's also just a lot of silly doodles/stupid comics that I just draw to make myself laugh
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c-hartwriteshockey a month ago
I can't believe the stanley cup just wasn't given out this year. damn.
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queeniemodz 2 months ago
*aggressively tapping mic* is this thing on?
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yagirlqueenie 2 months ago
wait how many kids i got on here? like from bunny. i know yall on here, where ya at?
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magma-queen 4 months ago
I need some headcannons and fic ideas pronto! I鈥檓 in a writing mood! These are the ships I will write for:
*means that they are my OTP and will write anything for them
Hardenshipping (Maxie x Archie)*
Diodeshipping (Clemont x Ash)*
Rocketshipping (Jessie x James)*
Ikarishipping (Paul x Dawn)
Wishfulshipping (Iris x Cilan)*
Hoennshipping (Brenden x May)
Contestshipping (Drew x May)
Ferriswheelshipping (N x Hilda)
Dualrivalshipping (Cheren x Bianca)*
Boutiqueshipping (Serena x Shauna)
Postwickshipping (Hop x Gloria)
Penguinshipping (Dawn x Kenny)
Originshipping (Wallace x Steven)*
Airplaneshipping (Skyla x Elesa)
Alphafemaleshipping (Courtney x Shelly)*
Seamountshipping (Tabitha x Matt)*
Truerivalshipping (Raihan x Leon)
Aquaheartshipping (Nessa x Sonia)
I will NOT write for the following characters for these reasons:
Lysandre- not good at writing for him
Ghetsis- I despise this character
Giovanni- not good at writing for him either lmao
Lusamine- or her
Trauma Center- omfg I will write anything for Trauma center. There are literally no tickle fics for them at all! And they have such great characters!
Feel free to message or ask me what I will NOT write for, and I鈥檇 be happy to explain the details
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queenie-main 4 months ago
I completely reread my big Delpad fanfic that I never finished and now I鈥檓 wondering鈥aybe I should give it another shot. Even though DT17 let me down in the end, this fic is special to me. And I still didn鈥檛 get to write Donald yet.
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queeniebugz 6 months ago
I'm catching Qilin live on TV and?? Oh my god the animation is so... muddy...
But I love Marinette's mama, she's so sweet. she has her own "mama vision" and paints, marinette IS her mother's daughter
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jellycolors 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
饾槻饾樁饾槮饾槮饾槸 饾槰饾槹饾槶饾槬饾槾饾樀饾槮饾槳饾槸 饾樃饾槳饾樀饾槱 饾槺饾槾饾槬
饾惀饾悽饾悿饾悶/ 饾惈饾悶饾悰饾惀饾惃饾悹 饾悽饾悷 饾惒饾惃饾惍 饾惍饾惉饾悶 饾惃饾惈 饾惉饾悮饾惎饾悶
饾悵饾惃 饾惂饾惃饾惌 饾惈饾悶饾惄饾惃饾惉饾惌
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xenocourse 9 months ago
Chris Pratt: *breathes*
Y'all for some reason:
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qwertyisqueen 9 months ago
Hey Folks
i said this weekend (I think) that if I got to 90 followers by Christmas that I鈥檇 open up my requests for writing and fanart.
well I鈥檓 at 89 right now but considering I gained two followers within the span of 3 days, I figure I might as well open them up now.
here鈥檚 a list of the stuff I know I can probably do
Over the Garden Wall
Masters of The Universe (my knowledge of the lore is spotty but I鈥檒l do my best)
Owlboy (amazing game, 5th anniversary was Monday)
Legend Of Zelda (lore knowledge is slightly less spotty)
and that鈥檚 pretty much it.
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queeniecamps a day ago
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thetruequeenoftheabyss a month ago
I鈥檝e started playing Pirate101 again, my favorite game when I was younger,,, I didn鈥檛 know it was still around. I also technically am working on the blogs as I do school, and helping Disc with a skyblock game,,, waiting for my next class to pick up for school,,, overall though, I鈥檓 teetering on blegh and not blegh, though I blame allergies from summer,,, how鈥檚 work going? Do you like your job?
Oh all that sounds super fun! Well besides the blehg but I totally get the blehg.
Work is fine it's not my favorite thing in the world slow days are dreadfully boring and busy days are exhausting and stressful but I like most of the people I work with plus I'm in air conditioning unlike my old job.
My favorite bonus tho is that if I get off early I can walk around and visit the animals like this guy:
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c-hartwriteshockey 2 months ago
I just saw low-rise jeans on AE and the millennial in me had a war flashback. WHY THE FUCK ARE THOSE COMING BACK?
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queeniemodz 4 months ago
dont mind me just redoing my blogs once again
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yagirlqueenie 2 months ago
If me and @bunnyai ever have kids I hope they're the weirdest lil shits ever just like us
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magma-queen 5 months ago
Ok listen 馃ぃ馃ぃ
I understand it鈥檚 St. Patrick鈥檚 day.. but damn it, I work in a hospital we鈥檙e I have to wear a specific color, people 馃ぃ of course I鈥檓 gonna get pinched. However, don鈥檛 pinch my sides or my belly, because those are obvious tickle spots and I WILL squeal 馃槼 they weren鈥檛 even 鈥渙uch!鈥 Pinches, they were playful (thank god, because pinches can hurt bad) and I fucking SNORTED. Thanks coworkers. Thanks. 馃ぃ
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