eliasericson · a day ago
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Comic about trans men in the health care system I made for magazine Ottar last autumn! Please note that it presents a Swedish perspective unless stated otherwise, as it is mostly based on Swedish studies. I would however argue that it has implications on the state of healthcare for trans people in other places as well. Thank you so much Hedvig for translating this!
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daughter-of-sapph0 · a day ago
I'm making a collection of evil corporations or organizations with pride logos that show the stupidity of rainbow capitalism. please add your favorites
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[image id: the logo for nerv, a fictional organization from neon genesis evangelion, colored in the pride flag colors. the nerv logo is half a leaf partially covering bold letters spelling N E R V and the words "god's in his heaven, all's right with the world" in an arc at the bottom. end id]
for those who haven't watched evangelion, nerv is a government organization that forces traumatized children to fight angels in giant robots and suffer extreme physical and mental pain, while all the adults that are part of the organization are absolutely the worst human being alive.
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thisiswhymomworries · 2 days ago
need more queer books in your life? mad at all the book bans? wish you could read books about people actually like you?
the Queer Books Database is a free, online searchable database that lists queer rep in over 2,500 fiction and 500 non-fiction books! you can filter by age, genre, year, and specific identity--including race, disability, mental illness, and neurodivergence
here’s some ideas of what you can search for:
a legal thriller featuring a bisexual transgender woman or a sci-fi with a disabled black gay man
Young Adult, Middle Grade, and Children’s books in both fiction and non-fiction titles
classic queer lit from 1872 to 1956 (Carmilla to Giovanni’s Room)
biographies of famous historical and modern activists, musicians, athletes, immigrants, and writers
supportive spiritual texts and guidance from community leaders (filter by fifteen different religions!)
representation for LGBT identities under the “plus,” characters of color, fat rep, neurodivergence, older characters, questioning and closeted characters, religious identity, disabled characters--and more!
check with your local library to find these titles or ask about Inter-Library Loans to grab one from a library nearby! this really helps support libraries, authors, and me, an autistic transgender librarian :)
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queerism1969 · a day ago
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intersexfairy · a day ago
my mom is also intersex - and she was bullied relentlessy. when her hair was short, her peers harassed her for "looking like a boy." these same peers were violent with her. so, she'd almost always let the hair dresser do whatever they wanted, as long as they didn't cut it short. and it never made her happy.
but after literal decades, she finally got a pixie cut. a haircut she wanted. she looked so bright and happy after getting it, and she looks much more like herself. it wasn't "just hair" for her; it was healing and joy. and i'm sure for some intersex, trans, nby, and gnc people reading this, it isn't "just hair" for you, either.
if you've been holding off changing anything about your appearance because of bigotry or dismissal: please know that no matter what, you have permission to do what you want with your body. i and so many others support you. it's never too late to do what makes you happy.
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tranzsunnyd · a day ago
protect poc transmascs who already had "manly" features pre transition. who were made to feel like predators, weird, or outlandish by thier peers because of thier natural features
protect poc transmascs whove been gaslit into thinking they were intruders or monsters during thier transitions
protect poc transmascs whove been made to feel like they were "betraying" the women in thier community
protect poc transmascs who havent been allowed to practice and celebrate thier cultures because of the pressure of passing in a white-centered society
protect poc transmascs, full stop. we arent immune to racism just because we take on masculine terms or presentation
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caroldanversenthusiast · a day ago
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rina sawayama for her new album Hold the Girl releasing September 2nd👑😌
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kenochoric · 2 days ago
i am so tired of how unaware people can be towards queer exclusionism. just because you know one kind of exclusionism is bad doesn't mean you're immune spreading similar beliefs due to your biases. it's been repeating and hurting group after group since the dawn of time, so here's a friendly reminder.
if you start saying shit like :
"this hurts ACTUALLY oppressed people"
"all of those people are xyzphobic, they aren't as oppressed as me"
"you want to be special so bad"
"you don't need a flag/word/community/support"
"you're not oppressed because of this, it's actually just this!"
or start acting like there's limited space for language, support, or community and Those PeopleTM need to be removed or treated like shit in order to lift people up, maybe start asking yourself why you sound exactly like an exclusionist.
you should also start wondering why you're wasting your time trying to demean and talk down to other queer people, and how you could possibly justify that besides using bigoted arguments. news flash: these types of claims are exactly the same as any other exclusionist take, you're just switching the target.
you do not speak for the oppression of other groups. you do not have any right to tell others what they do and do not need or "actually" experience. if you can't accept this, you're just another exclusionist when it comes to queer people you don't like.
spend less time being insufferable and denying the experiences of others, denying intersectionality and autonomy for all queer people and subgroups, and more time listening to others on their experiences, and reminding yourself that we all have a need for support, inclusion, and education.
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thefrogginbullfish · 2 days ago
Happy Xenogender Visibility Day! 🌈
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vulnerary-prince · 2 days ago
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Tits out for hot boy summer
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Y'know, being aegosexual is really hard. I want to have sex but I also don't want to have sex and some people still have the guts to say ace people are basically straight when that's the queerest thing I've ever heard
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transfaguette · 12 hours ago
i think it's a good thing if cishet people earnestly experiment with gender and step outside of gendered expectations. no one group "owns" gender nonconformity. they are not lying or tricking you by being their authentic self, and it says a lot about you if that's how you perceive it.
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fandomsandfeminism · 23 hours ago
I desperately need transphobes and all other pearl-clutching reactionaries to please learn the difference between a middle school GSA meeting and Pride.
And also, maybe recognize that minors will not explode or go blind or die and be immediately traumatized if they see a tiddy. If they see bear in a leather harness singing YMCA with a drag queen waving a butt plug in the air on top of a pride parade, children would literally be fine. Even if they know what a butt plug is, seeing one isn't actually harmful. Assless chaps can't hurt you.
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theycallme-ook · a day ago
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I only realized allosexuals were /srs instead of /j when I was 18
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fixing-bad-posts · 18 hours ago
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[Image description: A tweet, edited blackout-poetry style using the colours of the rainbow pride flag. Resulting text reads, "#LGBT is fun. hetero, homo or bi. cis or trans. Pan. Asexual. Queer people want to do the LGBT fight. It's now."]
Queer people want to do the LGBT fight
Submitted by Anonymous
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intersexfairy · a day ago
it's okay if the phrase "born this way" doesn't resonate with you. it doesn't have to. if you're trans and you were your assigned gender at some point, if your orientation is related to trauma, if you just don't care if you were born this way or not... etc. etc. that's all fine and good. we all have different stories and different ways of identifying ourselves. your queerness is just as meaningful and important and true as those who were born this way.
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nikkilanecreates · a day ago
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I’m going to make a few more of these for Pride month- since I’ve been so into Our flag Means Death I’m thinking of doing a couple of quotes.
I’m making a LGBTQIA+ pride, Pride is a protest, non-binary babe
Maybe “you wear fine things well” and maybe something like “crew of the revenge”
Let me know if you can think of any other OFMD quotes you might want to see/buy
Here is a link to my shop where you can see the ones I already made & my other illustrations.
Lane & Lucia on Society 6
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6run63-61rlfr13nd · 2 days ago
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harley & ivy 🤝 veronica & betty
wlw solidarity!!
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thefrogginbullfish · 2 days ago
“Oriented Aroace” 💜💚💛
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starlightomatic · 2 days ago
just heard and understood the sentence “my sister and her wife came to visit us from florida and had a very nice dinner with me [male speaker] and my husband” in yiddish and i feel very blessed
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