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name: sarah

pronouns: she/her

age: 18+

reads for: asexual/queer/lesbian, hard of hearing (wear hearing aids)

sensitivity reading:

general questions and discussion: yes

in-depth discussion of plots and characters: yes

partial read (relevant sections): yes

full read: yes

willing to read: original work, fanfiction (all for the game - nora sakavic, carry on - rainbow rowell, check please - ngozi ukazu,  yuri on ice), erotica/nsfw/explicit scenes

unwilling to read: available upon request

rates: $15usd per 5,000 words

contact: aceoftheocean#7745 (discord)

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Me, traumatized and perpetually suspicious, gteting bad vibes from someone just from hearing about them but not saying anything because they’re clearly in love and I’m usually over dramatic anyways:

The person who was telling me about them: ya so they ain’t shit guess what I caught them doing-

Me, sweating: who woulda thunk my dude

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Hmm, hey yes, how about some pictures of me lounging with my offensively gorgeous hair curling up into offensively perfect ringlets, while catching the light to show off its obnoxiously silken copper sheen.

Musing currently over whether I’m demisexual, if I actually want to really push into the whole demislutsual thing, or if actually what I really need is just boundaries. Can’t quite determine.

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my name is Emeil T.B.

I am 24 years old, transgender, bisexual and a mess.

Currently studying a masters of social work, I have previously done a degree in international relations. I am left leaning politically, environmentally conscious, and generally very concerned about much of current state of the world (not to say i don’t recognise that there has often been many issues and we have thankfully, come some way).

I want to take action, but still have not yet quite known how. 

I speak mandarin as a second language, though i am not fluent.

I am trying to learn spanish too.

I am an artist, i paint. Watercolour mostly. I love it. I am a writer, i am still learning and attending to my craft daily. I appreciate order and good aesthetic.

i exercise, often and with joy, though also with some reserve

people are incredibly important to me, family and friends.

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I really don’t mind the idea of kissing people.

It feels a little more intimate than hugging, but not by much.

Kissing on the mouth I’m less sure about, but I’m inclined to kiss people’s faces when I’m excited, with the same emotion I feel when I hug.

I’d only do it with really close friends, and it would be entirely platonic in nature.

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our hands intertwine and i am mesmerized by the sight of your skin to mine, your fingers tangled in my own and my thumb brushing lazy patterns on that spot you love for me to touch. your smooth brown, as deep and rich as fresh coffee. my uneven bronze, marred by self-inflicted scars that had you kissed until they healed. the contrast is startling and i wonder for a fleeting moment, what life would be like if you were mine and i were yours. 

would you erase my pain for me? would you take away my agony, my misery? 

i wish i had the courage to say it aloud. i wish i could tell you all the beautiful things about you that you somehow manage to fail to see. i wish fervently, wholeheartedly, that i could follow you to the ends of the earth and to whatever lays beyond. i wish. 

but the words die on my lips and instead i tell you that i think you look pretty today. instead i blush and look away and shuffle my feet. instead i pretend that we have all the time in the world together, to just exist as we are.

maybe if i want it hard enough, you will love me back.

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