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second attempt at person with a wasp head, January 2021

digital art

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I’m wanna practice a bit, pls send me ideas for sketching <3

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Hi! I recently opened an etsy shop to help support myself where I mostly make earrings and put crochet projects. Everything’s handmade by my partner and I.
Use code ”OPENED21“ for 20% off!

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“Do you have trouble falling asleep at night, or tend to wake up standing in your front lawn, with no idea how you arrived there? Fear not, dreamers. If you live in the Northern Hallowoods, help is at hand. Just say ‘Granny Mend’ three times in a mirror before you go to sleep.” 

- Hello From The Hallowoods, Episode 7: Nightmares

Hi all, I’ve noticed we’re getting some likes lately, and that’s lovely! In case you haven’t tuned in, we’re a queer (spooky) fiction podcast with some… weirdly positive elements? Use as a sleep aid is questionable, but who are we to stop you?

You can tune in on Apple, Spotify, Google and anywhere else you get your pods! 🖤

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When I can’t sleep, I come down to the kitchen for a cup of tea.
It’s happening more and more often these days,
I stare up at the ceiling of my room while the clock tick tick ticks it’s way towards

1 AM.
2 AM.

3 AM.

It’s tea time.

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The Gayest gloves in town!!! These may have been my favourite project to date, and the fact that I finished them the morning of my birthday makes them even more special 😊🏳️‍🌈🌈

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Day 17: Location

I am originally from Baltimore, MD. Baltimore will always have a special place in my heart. Now I live in Santa Fe, NM, and Santa Fe for me is definitely home. It is a feeling I can’t necessarily describe.

This piece is inspired by a watercolor painting I did of these beautiful plateaus and cliffs in Nambe, which is about 20 minutes north of Santa Fe.

It’s always so stunning to hike out there to see these desert cities, and then green mountains opposite from them. New Mexico is truly beautiful and full of vivid colors and shapes.

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