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[ID: Distracted boyfriend meme. A man, labelled “Disney films”, is distracted by a woman, labelled “money”, while his girlfriend, labelled “queer representation”, is annoyed with him. End ID]

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I have this thing where I write a full cast of lgbt+ characters for a story but then I’m insecure about calling my writing “LGBT+”. And I think is just because of all the queerbaiting you see in media, where the queer aspect is used to promote and allure a group of people (us) into something just because it has some representation.

“This thing has lgbt+ people, so it must be good because it has lgbt+ representation and thus, you should like it BECAUSE it has lgbt+ people in it!!”

It’s like saying that a cake is good just because it has cherries on top, and so you should buy it even if the cake itself is half-baked or straight up raw.

My characters are lgbt+, but at the same time, that aspect is mostly, tho not always, irrelevant to the main plot (part of it is cause I barely write romance so a good chunk of chances get lost). It’s a struggle to figure out wether I’d be queerbaiting by accident by promoting my writing as lgbt+ when that’s just another characteristic of my characters, or if I’d be missing a chance to help lgbt+ representation in media by promoting it as such.

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BR: Arianna (mãe de Rapunzel) + Iduna (mãe de Anna e Elsa) = Ariduna, casal criado no twitter por um fã de frozen
EN: Arianna (Rapunzel’s mother) + Iduna (Anna and Elsa’s mother) = Ariduna, couple created on twitter by a frozen fan

SpeedPaint link:

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i’m very tired of mainstream period films and shows being set in the uk or usa (with a few exceptions) i want to see more pre-20th century productions set in other places like Greece and Japan and Hawaii and Algeria and Brazil and India and which don’t focus on some intrepid/rich white colonial i want to see diversity of culture and casting whether the story is non-fiction or fantasy adventure because stories don’t need to revolve around white characters no matter what the fat cats of Hollywood would have people think 

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GLAAD: “TV’s LGBTQ Representation Dipped Amid Pandemic, Because Too Few Shows Do Too Much of the Work”

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Me: reading the comments in an ad for Star Trek: Discovery on Facebook, all of whom are complaining about the writing, the annoying characters, and how it should be called ‘Millennial Trek’ because of it’s progressiveness. 
Me: Starts reading the names of every commenter.

Discovery is amazing. The queer characters. The found family elements. The character development. The tons of people of color. DOUG JONES. 
Brian Fuller is a creator. 

(It’s like how so many men hate Fury Road. Like, “oh I’m sorry the allegory’s for rape happening to a man made you so uncomfortable you poor bb’s.”) 

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2.5/5 - a weaker example of McLemore’s typical formula

Rosella Oliva is from a shoemaking family, and one magical fall finds a pair of red shoes that make her dance… and won’t come off her feet. Lala is a Romani girl in 1518 Strasbourg, falling in love with her trans guy childhood friend and under suspicion of being a witch when the dancing plague spreads. Emil is Rosella’s neighbour and connects them both. 

  • I get so excited for every McLemore book, and every time they disappoint me just a little bit - none have ever been as good as Wild Beauty. It’s mainly because McLemore has a few themes they return to over and over - being Latinx/brown in a largely white world, family and sisterhood, childhood friends to lovers, magical realism and magical girls. 
  • They’re all great themes. But when the premise of the book isn’t as strong as other ones, and you’ve already read what McLemore has to say about the side themes of the book, it gets repetitive and boring really fast.
  • It was the case for this one: Rosella’s shoes and Emil’s culture clash does not a whole book make. Lala has a full book’s worth of plot but ignores it all to discuss systematic racism twice a page. And, honestly? Shoes are not nearly as interesting as a valley populated by women who grow flowers from their hands. It doesn’t help that these characters are from typical McLemore templates without anything interesting to make them into their own people.
  • All the things that work so well for McLemore still work, but there is too much of it - too many flowery descriptions and musings on injustice - to cover the fact that this is all that works about the book.
  • Anyways. I should reread Wild Beauty and When the Moon Was Ours. I will not be rereading this book.

Plot: there’s nothing here. I’m fine with slow, character-driven stories. This book used plot as an afterthought to teaching the same lesson about institutional racism over and over again.

Characters: boring. These boys and girls are no Miel and Samir and Fel and Estrella - they’re drawn out in their vague shape without anything special to mark them. I can’t name a single personality trait Rosella has besides loving her family and we spent 25% of the book literally inside her head. Even supporting characters: each cousin at La Pradera was carefully and beautifully drawn. Meanwhile we spent half the book floundering under the names of Rosella, Lala, and Emil’s friends and I couldn’t tell you a single detail about any of them.

Setting: you’ve seen this before. Not badly done, but repetitive - Rosella and Emil’s small town is the exact same as every other small town in this story. Strasbourg was done in quite a lovely way, but we spent far more time listening to Lala’s monologue than we did exploring it.

Prose: okay, I still love this. Yeah, McLemore still has their customary beautiful prose: every time Lala and Alisdair did the dyeing that made them their living, or Rosella went into her family’s shoe workshop, I was enchanted and forgot how frustrated I was with the rest of this book. 

Diversity report: Romani characters, Latine characters, a trans guy love interest, well-written women.  

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if im consuming a modern piece of media and it doesnt have any queer characters i will automatically assume that the creators are either a) homophobic or b) cowards

there is literally no reason that any modern media shouldnt have queer characters but too many creators are more worried about how their show will be received than about their show having representation

(and if its a company thats not allowing queer characters then theyre cowards too)

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Hey guys, who wants to read a steampunk fantasy story full of diverse and queer characters?


Because I happen to have written one! You can find it on wattpad: The Cursed

New chapter every Tuesday!


In Secratia, a world where justice and fate are placed in the hands of the deceased, some people are bestowed with a blessing for their good deeds while others are cursed for their sins. Fiddler, a homeless boy, was blessed with the gift of music. When disaster strikes during the annual festivities of his hometown, Fiddler and his friends are accidentally kidnapped by a group of flying pirates. Before they know it, the group of unlikely friends and misunderstood outlaws find themselves in the middle of a secret war for Secratia’s destiny. Soon they learn that good and evil haven’t been what the Spirits have claimed it to be. Are people really bound to their fate and the Spirits’ decisions or is there a way to create your own destiny? Is it too late to save Secratia from a system of corruption and tyranny? And what role do our pirates, old and new, play in this dangerous game of power and fate?

Publishing this story is one of my biggest dreams, so please share and get the word around, if you like it!!

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Comic from Jared’s panic in Episode 5: Perfect Attendance. Exploring the haunted school brought back feelings to the surface… but no memories

Drawn by CeruleanSiren19 (she/her) on Twitter!

Image description under the cut.

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What a witch– Burn the Witch Review

I want 24 eps of #BurntheWitchAnime plz

View the trailer

Is about two girls fighting dragons in modern London. They’re part of a society that helps clean up the mess that the dragons make also eliminate rouge dragons.

There’s only three episodes to this series since it was made from a one-shot by the same creator who did “Bleach”. (Which is really just the sole society in London.) I’m thoroughly enjoying the art style, and the design…


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