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fixing-bad-posts · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
[Image description: A tumblr text post, edited blackout poetry style in a muted periwinkle colour. Resulting text reads, "omg i might be a she/they??? just trying it out idk. im questioning... what the fuck is gender WHAT IS IT."]
omg i might be a she/they??? just trying it out idk. im questioning... what the fuck is gender WHAT IS IT.
Submitted by @niko-is-d3ad
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the-queer-chemist · 16 hours ago
LGBTQ+ Scientists Series
Faelan Mourmourakis
Tumblr media
Faelan is a trans, gay zoologist who graduated from Western Sydney University with a bachelors degree in 2017 majoring in Conservation Zoology. Currently, they are a Master of research candidate at Macquarie University and their thesis focuses on neuroethology in the European honey bees.
You can find them on twitter at @ Faemourmourakis
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lunarprincx · 4 months ago
not inclusive as in "yeah your identity counts as queer" but radically inclusive as in "if you say you are queer, then you're queer. full stop." being queer isn't some privileged position you have to earn or some special secret club, it's an allyship between marginalized identities where we band together to advocate for our rights to exist and live as we want.
the queer community formed before most of the labels we use now were even formed, and you bet your ass there were people a century ago who were nonbinary, or aromantic, or multigender, or, or, or, or! any identity you have an issue with is and always has been queer. as far as im concerned the only thing that revoke your participation in the queer community is causing direct, intentional harm to the queer community. you know like stalking, harassing, and sending death threats to teenagers.
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gnc-culture-is · 2 months ago
If your name doesn’t fit you, you deserve to change it. Even if your family thinks it’s a beautiful name. Even if you’ve had for a long time. Even if you’ve already changed it, and are scared of what might happen when you change it again. Even if you’re cis, and the name ”belongs” to another gender. Even if you’re trans, and the name “belongs” to your assigned gender.
It’s your name, you should get a say in it.
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miraculouslumination · 5 months ago
Legit being an Inclusionist is actually really fun and easy to do. Not giving a fuck about what someone labels themself as or why is fun and easy to do. Letting people express themselves and not harassing them into fitting perfectly cut boxes is fun and easy to do.
Being an Inclusionist is great. It's legit like. I'm here. I'm sitting here. We are both sitting here. We are all just vibing. We are having a good time because none of us give a shit. That's it. That is literally it. Maybe come and quietly sit with us in a metaphorical field and you'll feel better and less full of toxic gatekeepy bigotry.
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floralprintshark · 8 months ago
microdosing on gender experimentation by creating d&d characters
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kryptidkae · a year ago
every day i think about how i accidentally outed myself in high school by showing my friends a sweet text from my “boyfriend” that read something along the lines of “good morning, i love you, i know you’re going to the beach with your friends today so be sure to wear sunscreen” and they thought that was too nice of a thing for a man to ever say to a romantic partner so they figured out that my “boyfriend” was a woman. the bar is in the earth’s core
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seaxnce · 3 months ago
october is pride month here in south africa and halloween everywhere else. so, in honour of that, i drew a few pride ghosties that y’all can use as lockscreens. happy spooky pride!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(the little pale orange, green and blue one is the unlabeled flag)
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bigenderr · 3 months ago
Let’s stop saying “trans people who don’t want to transition” and start saying “trans people who don’t want to medically transition.” Just because you don’t want to medically transition doesn’t mean you aren’t transitioning. There’s a lot of pressure to medically transition to the point that not wanting anything medical done is seen as “not transitioning” and I’m here to tell you that’s not the case. You transition by realizing you’re trans, calling yourself a different name, or different pronouns, or referring to yourself by a different gender, you transition by telling other people to call you by a different name, or gender, or pronouns. Transitioning is not inherently medical, and we need to stop treating it like it is. I didn’t medically transition, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t transition. I did transition, and I’m proud of myself for it.
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mzminola · 9 months ago
Straight and cisgender people being part of the broader queer community is good in a variety of ways, and the example from my own life is growing up queer in a small town with parents who were supportive before either they or I knew I was queer.
My mom and dad grew up in Berkeley CA and were involved through their youths in a variety of extremely nerdy things like the Society of Creative Anachronism, Dungeons & Dragons (and a Star Trek inspired sci-fi variation), theater, etc. Within those groups, and other parts of their lives, they had a lot of queer friends.
They moved around a lot as adults, and this was the pre-internet era so staying in touch was harder, and even when they stayed in touch they didn’t necessarily see people in person much. I wound up growing up in a small liberal town in western WA. Statistically, due to the small population, I just did not know any out queer adults in my hometown when I was growing up. There was no GSA at the school, either.
But for years I had stories of queer adults, long before I ever knew I needed them. I never once worried my parents wouldn’t accept my bisexuality, because I was so very used to my parents talking about queer friends of theirs who were giant nerds, with the exact same fondness and nostalgia as all their other friends. Stories of queer-specific shenanigans were told alongside all the other shenanigans.
We had semaphore flags in the costume playtime box because Dad’s a nautical history nerd, and we had big motorcycle goggles designed to fit over chunky glasses because Mom used to catch rides around the Bay Area with lesbian biker friends. That blend and casualness was just a normal part of my childhood.
I learned from stories of my parents’ friends that you could take stereotypes and turn them into in-jokes; gay friends playing backyard baseball or catch or other sports totally flubbing a throw, and heckling each other with “What’s the matter honey, your wrists too limp?”
I learned about the AIDS epidemic, of the loss, the grief, the stigma, and of the ways people fought back. Supported each other. I learned a lot more when I was older from queer adult survivors of the epidemic online, but I learned first from my parents, who were still grieving friends they lost.
This was not distant history, this was not something that happened to “other people” this was something that happened to their community.
My father’s mother’s brother is gay. My great uncle. He raises tropical birds. When he was a much younger man than he is now, the signaling style of wearing a diamond earring in one ear was starting. Now, at the time, most men to wear a diamond earring as a signal of their sexuality wore very small, discreet flecks. Just this little flash of light that might catch your eye, that might make you look again.
Great Uncle inherited his mother’s engagement ring, took that honking big “look at me and admire how I got engaged! Look at me, look at me!” diamond to the jeweler, and got that sucker turned into an earring. You could not fucking miss it.
And you know what? That’s how I learned about queer signaling as a thing people could do, it was presented as a fun family story, and I wouldn’t have heard it if not for my parents, because Great Uncle lives in a completely different part of the country from us and doesn’t travel much, so I’ve only met him twice, during which everyone was catching up on current life, not stories of his youth.
When my mom, dad, and their friends were all young adults who’d recently left home and were living in a different state from their families, one of their friends was a butch gay man who’d recently come out to his parents. And his mom wanted to be supportive, and she was a person who sewed clothes herself. So she made him shirts. She had his measurements, and she’d regularly mail him care packages with beautifully hand-made button up shirts in pink and purple fabrics. Because those were the gay colors at the time, and she wanted to make sure he knew she supported everything about him, that she would never want him to change himself to fit in society’s mold.
Now the thing was, pink and purple were not actually to his taste. They were not colors he’d normally pick out for himself. But he and his parents didn't live in the same state anymore, this was pre-Internet, if you wanted to share photos you had to take them, develop the film, and mail them. So she wasn’t seeing his style regularly, she was seeing the style of the out gay men back in the Bay Area, and doing her best.
He wore the shirts. He was running around the Oregon countryside as a butch gay man in the early 1980’s in pink and purple button ups, because his mom made them for him with love, he loved her too.
So I heard this story growing up, and I learned from it. I learned parents could love and wholly support their queer children long before I ever heard about parents who rejected theirs. I learned love is in the actions we take. That it’s going to be imperfect, but what matters is we’re trying our best, and accepting that from each other.
I’m bisexual, and I’ve got some weird gender stuff going on. I did not know any out queer adults in my hometown growing up. I did not find any writings until the early 2000’s when the Internet became more accessible. My school did not have a GSA.
But I knew I wasn’t alone. I knew pieces of west coast queer culture and history. I knew queer people could be giant nerds, could be outdoorsy, could be silly and serious and fully rounded people with rich, wonderful lives. That their friends and family could accept them wholly without hesitation. Because what was there to hesitate over?
I’ve said before my hometown is liberal, and it is, but it still had enough prejudice to keep me semi-closeted as a teen. I had peers insist to me that “a child needs a mother and a father”, had adults insist civil unions were fine but marriage equality would violate religious freedoms, heard peers use “gay” as an insult from late elementary school onwards (and the teachers just ignoring it).
I needed all those stories from my childhood. I needed them. And I had them. Without ever having to ask.
And my brother had them too. He’s straight and cisgender, and he has never been anything but 100% supportive of me. He was arguing for equal rights and refusing to use the derogatory language peers were before I ever came out to him.
When I see people trying to gatekeep the queer community, this is what I think of. I think of being a kid in a small town, without knowing any local out queer adults, hearing people around me say bigoted things, but having all these stories burning in the hearth of my heart, and I think…
You want to douse that flame?
You want to reach back in time and wrench those stories from the child I was?
You’d rather I grow up isolated, confused, lonely, and scared, than have my straight, cisgender parents in the queer community? You want me to be isolated now, you want my brother to abandon me?
Identity and community are intertwined, but they are not rigid, nor should they be.
Community being broader is good.
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keplercryptids · a year ago
what reclaiming "queer" means
don't call someone queer if they've explicitly asked you not to
what reclaiming "queer" ALSO means
you're allowed to freely use the word queer to talk about yourself, your perspective and other queer folks, without restriction
you're allowed to talk about queer community
you're allowed to refer to queer literature, art, music, and history under the umbrella "queer"
you're allowed to call fictional characters queer
you're allowed to want people to refer to you as queer (yes, even cishets jfc)
you should never be shamed, harassed or attacked for using the word queer in these contexts, or any context where you're not directly calling someone queer who has asked you not to
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fixing-bad-posts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
[Image description: a long tumblr text post, edited blackout-poetry style using the colours of the rainbow pride flag. Resulting text is below.]
the LGBTQIA+ community:
you want to join the community that was built for you and your rights? here is a list of people you have to be inclusive & accepting of
- people who identify with queer - people who identify as trans - every non-homosexual in the community - people who say you don't have to have sex to have a healthy relationship - gender non-conforming people - people who ask for consent before BDSM - people who go by they/them pronouns - people who r demisexual - people who have multiple partners - trans lesbians & trans gay men - people who don't have sex - sexuality is fluid
Submitted by @hellyeahshitposts
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queerism1969 · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
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acejupiter · 6 months ago
stop making fun of ace or aro terms. this is a psa especially to other lgbtq people, it may seem funny but it’s usually really not. most of the terms that seem weird were made by and for ace or aro people, not for you, and have nothing to do with allo people at all. do some research before making fun of random identifying words. frankly, they’re not for you to use or judge, in general.
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veryqueermovies · 26 days ago
My list of Queer Movies:
In no order or category. It's just the way I have them written down.
Some of these seem to be a bit more obscure, like find the whole movie on YouTube type of obscure.
All of the ones with red check marks are ones I've reviewed, the ones with white check marks are ones I've seen before I made this account so I didn't review them
Monsoon (Gay) ✔
And Then We Danced (Gay)
Dare Me (WLW)
The 10 Year Plan (Gay)
BearCity (Gay)
Saving Face (WLW)
Friends and Family (Gay)
Undertow (Queer)
Brokeback mountain (Gay)
Elisa & Marcella (Lesbian)
The Favorite (WLW)
The Miseducation of Cameron Post (WLW)
Those People (MLM)
I Am Jonas (Gay)
Handsome Devil (Gay)
I am Michael (Gay)
The Thing About Harry (MLM)
Tell It To The Bees (WLW)
Rafiki (WLW)
Your Name Engraved Herein (MLM)
Seashore (MLM)
Benjamin (MLM)
Play The Devil (MLM)
Check It (Queer)
From Zero To I Love You (MLM)
But I'm A Cheerleader (Queer)
Elena Undone (WLW)
Ride Or Die (WLW)
Ana E Vitória (WLW)
Edge Of Seventeen (Queer)
Wish You (MLM)
Loev (MLM)
The World To Come (WLW)
Breaking Fast (MLM)
Supernova (MLM)
The Girl King (WLW)
House of Hummingbird (WLW)
Saturday Church (Queer)
Port Authority (Trans)
The True Adventures Of Wolfboy (Trans)
Tucked (Queer)
Transfinite (Trans)
Alice Junior (Trans)
Disobedience (Lesbian)
The Watermelon Woman (Lesbian)
My Own Private Idaho (Gay)
(BPM) Beats Per Minute (Gay)
Imagine Me & You (WLW)
Happy Together (Gay)
Duck Butter (Lesbian)
Desert Hearts (Lesbian)
Weekend (Gay)
The Wound (Queer)
Beautiful Thing (Gay)
Parting Glances (Gay)
Mysterious Skin (Gay)
Maurice (Gay)
Giant Little Ones (Gay)
Boy Erased (Gay)
The Way He Looks (Gay) ✅
Shiva Baby (WLW)
The Birdcage (Gay)
A Fantastic Woman (Trans)
The Sex Of Angels (Polyam, M/M/F)
Havana Eva (Polyam, M/F/M)
Vicky Christina Barcelona (Polyam, F/F/F)
Design For Living (Polyam, M/F/M)
Happy Birthday, Marsha! (Trans)
Stage Mother (Queer)
Taste Of Betel Nut (Polyam, M/M/F) ✔
Girl Gets Girl (Lesbian)
Lady Peacock (Queer)
Tangerine (Trans) ✅
Last Summer (Gay)
Fair Haven (Gay)
Men For Sale (Gay)
Dreams From Strangers (Gay)
Lucky Bastard (Gay)
Daddy (Gay)
Out In The Dark (Gay)
District (Gay)
Elvis & Madonna (Lesbian)
Heartstone (Queer)
Her Side Of The Bed (Lesbian)
Into The Lion's Den (Gay)
I Want To Get Married (Gay)
Hara Kiri (Gay)
I Am Happiness On Earth (Gay)
Moonlight (Gay) ✅
Peyote (Gay)
Sand Dollars (Lesbian)
Such Good People (Gay)
We Are Three (Polyam, M/M/F)
Below Her Mouth (Lesbian)
Summer Time (Lesbian)
Holding The Man (Gay)
Velvet Goldmine (Queer)
Kyss Mig (Lesbian)
Hearts Beat Loud (Lesbian) ✅
The Half Of It (Lesbian) ✅
Pariah (Lesbian) ✅
Naz & Maalik (Gay) ✅
Getting Go: The Go Doc Project (Gay)
Touch Of Pink (Gay)
Sun Kissed (Gay)
Bessie (Queer) ✅
Free Fall (MLM)
Boys (MLM)
Shared Rooms (Gay)
The Skinny (Queer)
Rag Tag (MLM)
Bit (Trans) ✅
Something Beautiful (Gay)
A Wake (MLM)
Ripples Of Water (MLM)
Mosquita y Mari (WLW)
Cloudburst (Lesbian) ✅
Two Of Us (Lesbian)
The Feels (WLW)
Booksmart (Queer) ✅
Akron (Gay)
Love The One You're With (Gay)
Fear Street (WLW) ✅
Eternals (MLM)
Benedetta (WLW)
Speech And Debate (Gay) ✅
Milk (Gay) ✅
The Portrait Of A Lady On Fire (WLW) ✅
Colette (WLW)
Claire Of The Moon (WLW)
The Handmaiden (WLW) ✅
My Last Summer (WLW)
Beautiful Creatures (WLW)
Can You Ever Forgive Me? (Queer)
Between Two Women (WLW)
Circumstance (WLW)
The Fish Child (WLW)
Signature Move (WLW)
Set It Off (WLW)
Unfreedom (Lesbian)
Stud Life (Lesbian)
Desi’s Looking For a New Girl (Lesbian)
Yes or No (WLW)
Tender (Lesbian)
Professor Marston And The Wonder Women (Polyam, F/F/M) ✅
Alaska Is A Drag (Queer)
Ammonite (Lesbian) ✅
I'm still adding to this list, recommendations are greatly appreciated!
If any of these are labeled wrong or are problematic let me know I'll change or remove them!
I also do not know of the Trigger Warnings for any of these movies as I haven't seen most of them, please do your research, protect yourself!
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intersexfairy · a year ago
Because there arent many posts like this for transfems here are your reminders to...
Take your estrogen/progesterone! Refill your prescription if you ran out/will run out soon!
Stop tucking if you're experiencing pain, numbness, etc., or have been tucking too long!
Hydrate! Even if you aren't thirsty, if it's been more than a few hours since you drank something, please do!
Be kind to yourself! No matter where you are on your trans journey, know that you are valid and loved. ♡
Tumblr media
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jellogram · 9 months ago
I just want to live in a world where realizing you're not straight isn't fucking terrifying
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lokis-bookish-boy · a month ago
Tumblr media
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lgbtqa-plus-alliance · 6 months ago
Michaela Coel, who has been cast as a currently unknown character (though people speculate that she will be playing Storm. People also think she could be playing Madame Slay!) in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is Aromantic! I've never known a Celebrity to be Aromantic and I thought that was pretty cool when I learned that so I thought that some Aromantic people would like to know!
Edit: It's rumored that Michael Coel will be playing Aneka!
Tumblr media
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transmasc--tips · a month ago
Things I Wish My Babygay Community Taught Me
Labels aren't necessary
AMAB people belong in queer spaces
Attraction to men is okay
Questioning and then realizing you're cis/het/allo is fine
You don't have to conform to stereotypes
Being queer doesn't have to be your whole personality (it can)
Being in a homophobic/transphobic environment is often better than being homeless (unless it's abusive)
There is loads of homophobia/transphobia out there and ignoring it does nothing
Mental health problems are normal, but still problems
You don't need to understand a label to respect it
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