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#queer culture

queer culture is seeing the word pride and immediately assuming that the word flag will come after it

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A gold star lesbian terf went after my non binary butch today and I’m PISSED. Be ready for the rant when I am not at work. Because this has got to stop. We are a community being torn apart by racism, the patriarchy, misogyny, evangelicals, and other forces from WITHIN. We need to realize that we are a community that needs to stand together, otherwise we are just doing the work of those that want to see us torn down. And I am absolutely sick of it.

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just drew lil faces on my pet rocks… i HIGHLY recommend it

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*Dresses as a horrible 80s-90s mess but in a unmistakable queer way*

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Hero: Isn’t it kind of cliché that I got the girl at the end of the story?

Girl: We’re gay so it’s fine. 

Hero: Damn straight.

Girl: Don’t you mean damn gay?

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Just realized that me and my gf are literally the “and they were roommates” trope like everywhere we traveled with our class we roomed together and then we started cuddling a lot and then we had our first kiss in our tiny shared room……oh my god we were roommates

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Aro/ace folk belong in the queer community no matter what, because being aromantic or asexual (or both!) is a queer experience, and I 100% believe that, and I wish more people did.

It is thankfully changing, but Tumblr/Twitter in particular can be douchey about it, and I’m very sorry about that anon, because you deserve better.

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What I love about being queer. 

Is no one says “that’s so romantic.” 

We say 


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It’s homophobic that there isn’t an iced coffee emoji tbh

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My mum’s saying I should dye my hair brown again (it’s partly purple right now) but then HOW WILL PEOPLE KNOW I’M GAY

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Today me and my Amazing Lesbian Coworker had a deep conversation about growing up gay, coming out to unsupportive parents, and the horrors of Catholic school. queer2queer communication is unparalleled

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Queer culture is looking back at the posters you had on your wall as a child and wondering how you, and everyone you know, didn’t immediately know you were queer.

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A very queer, young-millennial experience: I think the only holiday greeting cards I have ever received as an adult are custom-made New Year’s Greetings cards with photos of one of my queer female friends and her cat (two of my friends who don’t know each other both independently did this)

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Extragavant balls with dances everyone knows. Just please let me dress in a three piece suit and have a beautiful lady on my arms that I twirl around the ballroom, having to switch partners and looking for her yearningly across the ballroom, waiting for her to return to my arms. 

I am still a huge lesbian bitch and this is complete wishfullness.

I do not agree with the upper class that held these balls, but damn, they were so so good and I want to do that for once in my life. I think they still happen at fairs and stuff, so might look into that.

Just those beautiful balls, dressing to the ninths for no reason and having fun with friends seems super fun right now.

Lets bring back ballroom, but then fun and gay (shout out the the black queer underground culture to which we have much to thank, y’alls were amazing and had the right spirit, you absolute legends)


(I also have more political answers, but the guillotine and class solidarity can be a footnote for now)

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look, we all know that Queer Stereotype ™ about the gays and frogs, but the entire meme channel on my school’s GSA discord is only frogs: 

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