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dirtyhands · 2 years ago
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8.2.2020 tryin to stick with some feel goods. i’m in a very intense virtual residency program, i’m being confronted with a lot of fears and anxieties and electricity, and just hopin to stay moving forward while bein present in those things and all that. can’t reshape the past, but i’m steadying myself in how to change how i hold it in the future. i have a lot of work to do, and i cannot do it all at once. had a good catch up yesterday about the work i want to do about the work that is being done about the work that we can hopefully collaborate on about the sense of community we can keep onto. got to sit in today on a senior presentation that very much shook me out of my sense of feeling sensory overloaded and gave me a lot to carry with me while i figure out how to carry others better. later got a tarot reading which felt really on point. now just sitting and digesting and focusing but still conserving what’s left in my cup. kinda craving any kind of substantial in person hang soon, i’m still getting a little bit but it’s not easy these days, and not to the extent i do really miss but still enjoyin the ones i have and can wait for the more and just looking forward to that. doin my best to stay level. not sure what the universe is giving me, but trusting it.
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themorelinesthebetter · 6 years ago
In the future I just want to live somewhere where there are mountains- with my growing queer, poly family, our awesome furkids, and the freedom to do all of the art I can.
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