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#queer girl
le-dog-et-le-gay · a year ago
"Are you a boy or a girl?" Fun responses
Stare at them as if they asked the most taboo/personal question in existence
"What's that"
Scoff, roll your eyes and ignore them, but, like, sarcastically
Good ol' "yes"
Good ol' "no"
"WAIT that's a real thing-"
"Isn't that a thing from fairytales"
Look stressed, as if you forgot something important (like your keys when there's nobody home) "i left it at homeee noo"
Frantically look in your purse/bag/backbag/pockets saying "aha yeah, gender,,, i totally have one of those,,, wait a sec,,,"
"I can't remember"
"Neither. I'm an imposter and I'm here to sabotage the binary"
"Tch. Mortals."
Alternatively to 12, "Tch, mortals and their concepts"
"how dare you assume the essence of my soul is limited to a binary"
"You dare oppose me mortal"
"I'm above that"
Feel free to add more!!
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jeniferprince · 11 months ago
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i wish you were here...
check more of my work on instagram // buy prints here
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nekk-o-lantern · 4 months ago
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Tumblr media
Happy Friday tumblr! I'm spending my day drunk by the pool, what about you? 💕💕
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animatedmami · a month ago
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New post today, it’s almost Friday I can feel it.
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renae-okay · 5 months ago
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Let me hold you on the dark side of the sun
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thesevenofwands · a month ago
Only ever posting things where I look pissed off.
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