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shyjusticewarrior · a day ago
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soundofalling-sand · 4 months ago
Adopted Madrigals
Adopted Madrigals can inherit powers as well! 
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thegreatanso · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
They’re dating but Bokuto is very shy… 🦉👉👈
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cavesystemtumble · 2 months ago
Pixar: here, we made these
Tumblr media
Disney: they look gay. make sure they talk a lot about how they're attracted to boys, and then we'll be fine.
Fandom: mmmmmmm......
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southsidestory · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Do you ever see an image and think "every single person pictured here is astoundingly queer"?
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nilreigoweeb · 6 days ago
I cant decide if Hunter and Willow are a bi4bi couple
If their relationship is a friendship between an aromantic lesbian and a trans gay man
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axel-tiredstudent · 5 months ago
He's finished 🤠🤠
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This took me a few days but I'm so happy with the result!!!! Yeah 🤠
Dick is such a special character for me I hope I did him justice ✨
I also hope he has queer vibes because he is!!! 😤 #dickgraysonkissboys
(the @ is my Instagram)
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transhollyshort · a year ago
Artemis straight up says he needs to control his puberty and hormones. That's such a transgender thing to say
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haystarlight · 6 months ago
see, if this movie had come out when I was 14, I’d have had the biggest crush on Camilo. the kid is just adorable, okay? I like his energy. (genderfluid Camilo is a great headcanon, btw)
but, because I’m too old for that now, let me just join the Isabela ban wagon. that woman is just sooo aaaaaaaah... I could look at her for hours.
also, I’m just gonna say it:
¡¡Esa mina es una torta!!
(translation: That girl is fruity!!)
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pdalicedraws · a month ago
Tumblr media
Okay yeah this is 100% self indulgent but I redrew my TOH queer headcanons circle again. Not that much changed (moved Willow to main group, updated Lilith after certain revelations and Boscha after further thought, and added Gus, Eber, and Willow’s dads) but I just wanted to do it again. It makes me happy.
(Luz bought the hair chalk but it didn’t really show up on her dark hair and Eda was like WHITE STREAK GO. Also my egg Gus headcanon is strong but I can’t decide if the eventual revelation will be ‘girl’ or ‘genderfluid’ either way would be great. Gus makes pretty lady illusions of everything and someday will make a pretty-lady-Gus and stare at it like “…oh.”)
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scarlet-streak-fanfics · 2 months ago
If you're comfortable w it (and still want to do some quick hc requests), how about the demon brothers w a platonic relationship with a lesbian MC– MC has a date with a classmate from RAD, how to the bros go about vetting their date?
Aw heck yeah, queer headcanons! I personally am genderfluid, aroace-spec, and attracted to men/masc people, but I am always down to write headcanons for any other queer folks. Ok, here we go!
Lucifer is the one with access to the files, so he is absolutely going to find their date's files and pick through it for anything worrisome. However, he's not too fussed about intimidating the date--everyone at R.A.D. knows that the seven lords don't like when people hurt their exchange student. If the date goes poorly in any way, he has the ability to make sure that the demon responsible won't be heard from, at least not for a long, long time.
Mammon is the one who's going to open the door in demon form and intimidate until MC gets down. He's putting on a big tough guy show--"What are your intentions with our MC?" He'll be checking where this demon is taking MC, making sure they know the curfew, and judging whatever gift they brought for MC.
Levi and Satan have joined forces to look intimidating from a set of chairs they dragged into the hallway. The Grand Admiral of Hell's Navy and the Avatar of Wrath--both also in demon form--should drive home the point that no one messes with their MC without suffering extreme consequences. Satan will also judge whatever flowers the demon brought for MC--if it's not their favorite flower or a well-thought-out bouquet that says something meaningful in flower language, he's making them go get a new one.
Asmo is upstairs with MC helping them get ready in his room. He's on a stealth mission to collect exactly how MC feels about their date while also making sure they look gorgeous enough to make even the most bedazzled succubus green with envy. He's also stalked the date's social media--they passed his initial check. If this date goes poorly, he will not hesitate to ruin the reputation of demon responsible in every way available to him.
Beel and Belphie are the spies sent to watch the date at a respectful distance. After all, Beel is never out of place at any restaurant, and Belphie often tags along with him. They stay out of MC's sight, but Beel makes sure that the date knows he's there to keep the demon on their best behavior. However, he won't intervene as long as MC is safe and seems to be having a good time.
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shyjusticewarrior · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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fancyfade · 9 months ago
batfam sexuality/gender headcanons
bruce is a cis guy and he’s bi but too emotionally repressed to have ever explored his sexuality so he thinks he’s straight someone asks him about it and he’s like “what? guys having ‘crushes’ on their male work buddies is so totally normal and heterosexual”
dick is a trans guy and articulates it to himself and comes out at the same time he’s going from robin to nightwing. he already knew he was bi since he was a younger teenager
like to imagine he already knew kory was bi so he went to her “you know how you used to think you had a really awesome girlfriend.... well now you have a really awesome boyfriend surprise!”
babs is a trans girl and starts articulating her gender on the internet and tries out more non-masculine stuff in college, comes out there. she also figures out she’s bi there too
also once she finds the style she likes she NEVER EVER changes it that’s why she always wears outfits that have similar vibes
cass is like me in that she has a hard time finding “girl” a meaningful category when it comes to herself but she likes girls and likes calling herself a lesbian and it feels right so she’s like “I guess i’m a girl then”
duke is gay he and cass are friends and mlm wlw solidarity
tim is EITHER straight or so deep in the closet he doesn’t know he’s gay yet. I don’t know yet which one I prefer for him
stephanie can be bi
damian is definitely gay as i am taking that attempted joke from that shitty multiversity comic and running with it its canon now. i imagine he hasn’t thought a ton on it yet tho just because he’s probably just getting in the stage where kids are caring about dating and shit. i imagine if it came up at all it would just be like awkward “ugh don’t talk to me about this stuff” like if bruce is trying to give him “the talk” and is like “damian sometimes kids around your age are interested in girls” damian’s like “I am not interested in girls OR BOYS father I am above this silliness NEVER MENTION THIS AGAIN GOODBYE”
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thegreatanso · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Two owls on a date meeting two cats on a date 💕🍁🍂
Nobody asked but my queer headcanons for these 4 are : [Bokuto : trans man, gay] ~ [Akaashi : bi, ace spectrum] ~ [Kuroo : bi] ~ [Kenma : NB, gay, ace spectrum] 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🦉🐈
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none-gender-left-man · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
On some self indulgent MHA bullshit don't mind me
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fandom7485 · 5 months ago
Wolfstar head cannons
Sirius has a schedule of days that he uses different pronouns and it’s not written down or anything he doesn’t even notice it either, it’s Remus who does
Remus knows that Thursdays and Saturdays are when Sirius feels more feminine while Tuesdays and Sundays Sirius feels more masculine and every other day Sirius either feels like both or neither
Minnie gives detentions to students who says mean things about the couple even if she will never admit it
If a full moon is on a hogsmeade weekend Sirius will walk all the way their and get chocolates and things for Remus before walking all the way back
Remus reads to Sirius whenever Sirius can’t sleep and they cuddle until they both fall asleep
They are always touching each other whenever possible
Sirius gets all depressed when madame Pomfrey won’t let him go see Remus
Sirius sits in front of the hospital wing door until Madame Pomfrey lets him come in
James explains it to Lily as moony deprivation when she asks him about it
James and Peter will sit with Sirius sometimes and bring him meals on the days after really bad full moons where he’s not allowed to go in until the next day
Sirius came out to Remus right after he came out to James
Remus came out when Sirius said bi and Remus said yes, after that Sirius says I meant to say hi before James says did you just come out Remus and remus shrugs going back to his book not even noticing the blush on Sirius face
Sirius holds Remus hand until Remus wakes up before getting in the hospital bed with Remus and they cuddle until Poppy comes and kicks Sirius out of the bed
Sirius only physically hurts Snivelous when he says something about moony
Whenever Sirius sasses Remus, Remus sasses him right back and quite a few times Sirius has been speechless
Sirius and Remus actually got together in third year but didn’t tell anyone until sixth year
They got together during a game of seven minutes in heaven when they were shoved into a closet together where Remus confessed
Now they go to that closet whenever they want to be alone, they have been caught by many teachers and been given many detentions in that closet
Minnie was happy for them and she got five galleons from Dumbledore
Once Sirius became an animagui he would cuddle with Remus whenever possible in his animagui form and Remus doesn’t admit it but Padfoot has really made some days easier
Padfoot is like a service dog for Remus so whenever Minnie or Dumbledore see Remus walking around with a big black dog they just keeping walking
Whenever Sirius sees Remus having an anxiety attack in the dorm he turns into Padfoot and puts his head in Remus lap
It took Sirius awhile to say I love you back to Remus after Remus said it to him and Remus didn’t mind because when Sirius finally did say it back he almost cried with joy
These are just some I may add more later
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i-wish-i-wasnt-spikey · 4 months ago
Life hack: sad at a lack of lassie content?? just look up Tim Omundson in other roles and pretend it’s lassie undercover 🥺
Tumblr media
Ok so here’s lassie undercover at a renaissance LARP and he was sent in because he is the only detective who knows how to sword fight. He knows how to sword fight because of his civil war re-enactment, and he ends up having to enter a tournament in order to maintain his cover. He wins, of course and Shawn and Gus are already in the audience because Gus made Shawn go.
Tumblr media
Here he is undercover in a biker gang 🧎‍♂️🧎‍♂️🧎‍♂️
He definitely got some tips from Shawn on how to ride and the chief found out Shawn could ride better so they sent him in with lassie.
Tumblr media
Seducing the boss of a crime syndicate and Shawn is in the van outside and he hears lassie flirting. Shawn gets mad and confused as to why he is jealous and maybe a little flustered because the earpiece in his ear makes it sound like lassie is talking to Shawn. 
Tumblr media
Undercover as a father at a school and Shawn calls him “Daddy Lassiter” the whole time much to lassie’s disapproval fhsjfhdjdhshdh
Tumblr media
Posing as an investor for a company to take down the CEO 😩❤️‍🔥
Tumblr media
He needed to have a sight line from the stage to get a clear view of the perpetrator so he ends up being the opening act for the band. He sings like an angel because he had a lot of free time at old senora and he hung around the cowboys who sang songs around the campfire. He tried to keep his musical and vocal talents a secret as long as possible but he was the last one at the station working late one day and he had headphones in. He was belting “uptown girl” at the top of his lungs when Shawn, Gus, and Jules walked in because Jules left her purse at work on accident. Lassie shrieked when he saw them, reached for his gun on instinct but didn’t grab it once he saw who it was. All three of them had their mouths hanging open, and all Shawn could say for a second was “wow. Lassie you sound like an angel!” And all Lassie said was “…shut it Spencer. Not a WORD of this leaves this group.” Although lassie was definitely a little happy that they thought he sounded so good. Eventually the chief found out-she’s the chief for a reason of course, but all three of them kept their word at the knowledge of the repercussions they would face. Lassie of course got a standing ovation from the crowd at the end of his song, and there were definitely some karaoke nights after that with a certain baritone and three of his closest friends (with the occasional McNabb if they needed a bass) and lassie became kinda known as “that one tall lanky cop with the really good voice” in quite a few circles.
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starwarsbutmakeitgay · 5 months ago
Random citizen: So then she-
Anakin: It’s they.
Random citizen: Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to
Anakin, tired and used to it: It’s fine-
Ashoka, ever the supportive and protective sister: *igniting her lightsaber* NO IT’S NOT FINE WHAT THE FUCK-
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your-fave-is-nonbinary · 4 months ago
My headcanon: Sarah Lynn from Bojack Horseman is Nonbinary but presents femme because they're a highly sexualised pop star and never got to explore their presentation etc. Because they were also a child actor.
I can see that! I haven't seen much of the series, but knowing Sarah Lynn, I can definetely see that :) may I add to that hc that even if they did get to explore their presentation, they'd still prefer to present femininely, because it makes them feel empowered and we love and support all forms of presentation here? ;3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sarah Lynn from Bojack Horseman is nonbinary and fem-presenting!
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fedyorsundyinglove · 8 months ago
Dean: *blows a kiss toward Charlie*
Cas: *catches it and looks down at his hand fondly*
Dean: *has an existential crisis*
based on @starrynightdeancas 's post
btw, can I use that for a fic?
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