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#queer in media
kipplekipple · 8 months ago
Okay I'm not sure why I didn't hear about it but I watched The Craft: Legacy last night and also today (I wanted to pay 100% attention and I haven't got many attentions while not also Doing Stuff) and it is awesome.
One of the main characters is a trans girl, played by a trans actress (Zoey Luna), and her transness is acknowledged (in so many words) but it's not what the story is about, she's there to be a witch and kick some arse.
There is also a shot of a high school student with facial hair and a high pony, wearing what seems to be a dress, and they're being bullied and it's really clear that the bullying is wrong (and it stops) (this is a little tiny thing in the greater picture, all of it's just really casual as if the badness of queerphobia is a foregone conclusion and please more of this).
Nothing bad happens to her because of her transness, and there is just a lot of really nice stuff around that.
I am TW'ing here for mention of rape, and for an abusive man who basically does a great job of being the kind of abusive man who grooms his allies well.
But honestly, just, I laughed, I cried, it was wonderful and I hope to see so so so much more like this.
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itsamiraclething · 8 months ago
Again, some people seemed to be confused about what the real issue we, and be we I mean the people who are pissed because the ending generally made no fuckin sense, have with the finale, maybe 18 & 19 can me in here somewhere to, or like about how SPN ended in general. Like yeah fine explicit destiel would have been great, but that's not the full issue, the issue we're having here is how erasing the queerness that was already there, Jan, yes it was there all along form the very beginning. in retrospect or not that's another matter entirely, cost the story so much, it destroyed it, and the writers made sure we KNOW that erasing that aspect, thier love, of the narrative is what destroyed the ending.
"they are real"
And They were always real, their queerness was there from the start.
It. Is. There.
and the fact the a lot of us were, and still some unfortunately are, seeing stories for behind the thick as all fuck heteromotivity goggles notwithstanding.
Like people you can be angry, but be angry for the right reasons and without throwing big words without understanding the meaning of and generally appear like you're having a temper tantrum on main.
Cas was queer-coded from the start, and that's something all of as agree on. easily
Dean was queer-coded form the start, and that's a subject still up for debate for some of us, but not all. So again he's queer. Point of when it was the beginning in the narrative of the show not important bc, he still is queer af.
So yeah, it was queer all along.
Simple as cake.
And that's that on that.
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callmearcturus · a month ago
Tumblr media
ID: tweet from dashiellwood - “Why aren’t there more LGBTQ+ dating games” the community says, after savagely tearing down a game that couldn’t meet an impossible standard to which no straight media is ever held
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eliasericson · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I wanted to draw something fun and celebratory today for Transgender Day of Visibility! Because being trans is a beautiful thing, even if it often comes with painful experiences. Trans people are used to mourning and struggling on a daily basis: there needs to be moments of celebration as well.
These are the main characters from my upcoming graphic novel Diana & Charlie! You can read it in English on my Patreon page or buy the book in Swedish when it comes out on April 14th! 
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cuteyyuki · 3 months ago
to all the people talking about Luca and saying that "omg they are children" "don't bring children into this" "everything doesn't have to be gay or about a minority" okay but, don't complain when I call you homophobic. because you are. LGBT+ people are not monsters, yes these are children , of course they shouldn't have sex for god sake but if that's all you can think about when we say someone is gay, you are the sick one.
I know that if someone said "Luca and Giulia are so cute together" nobody would have said a thing because of course, they are an heterosexual couple, if you think about them having sex you are sick, right?
because cishet children can have crushes. because cishet people can be 13 and take each other's hands, what's wrong with that? because cishet children can be 13 and share a kiss, they are so cute, they'll be married someday!
you know LGBT+ children exist all over the world? that when you were crushing over that girl with blonde hair in elementary school they liked that one boy with glasses? why can't we have that? is that so hard? because love is not only about sex, or kinks, or whatever. we should be allowed to be seen as young, free, full of life and in love.
if you don't see yourself in Luca and Alberto, even if you don't like them, or you see them as platonic, that's okay, everyone has their own experience, but don't even try to tell me that I shouldn't bring my "gay agenda" into this because they are kids. vaffanculo.
also, it's totally okay to watch the movie and see yourself and your struggles and enjoy it, but don't even try to tell a minority to not bring their own struggles into this, because if you are not a part of it, you will never understand.
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bornfreakdraws · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just a group of sapphic dryads (they’re all dating each other)
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luckycheesefoodie321 · 3 months ago
I’m sorry did you say Luca, the kids movie?? (SPOILERS +LONG POST)
I think you meant a beautiful coming of age story about two boys being forced to conform to a hostile society and hide their true selves for fear of persecution; disguised as a nearly two hour long Vespa ad involving a romp in an Italian coastal town that hates sea monsters
I think you meant a expertly animated tale that discusses ideas like phantom limb syndrome and a character that was born without part of his arm but is no less capable in his daily life, and another character that is the child of divorce who appears quite well-adjusted and the parents are in a seemingly amicable co-parenting situation, but still hints at potentially deeper issues
I think you meant a story that on the surface ends with the two main characters being accepted and being happy and even inspires others to “come out” and be their true selves, and indeed a person who has been touted as someone who actively hunts/persecutes/discriminates against sea monsters is the second person after his daughter to accept and defend them… but they also ground it in reality by demonstrating there are still people who aren’t as willing to accept or are outright hostile, but ignoring those individuals in favour of finding the “good ones” who do accept you and seeking out your own happiness is the important thing…
and just in case you couldn’t tell from my flowery language, this story can be considered a clear allegory for the queer experience, particularly queer youth experiencing the world for the first time on their own, and while not immediately noticing it, come to recognise the indoctrinated behaviours that permeate society (note: Luca and Alberto were dazzled by the town until they started noticing all the naturally embedded sea monster hunting/hating structures and behaviour)…
And there’s a point where, in a very shallow take, you might think they’re forcing a love/friendship triangle situation with Luca getting closer with Giulia and Alberto getting jealous as a result… but it’s really just Alberto’s deeper rooted abandonment issues, and Luca is the first friend he’s ever had or at least the first person who has stepped into his world and has been so much like him! And that fear that this very special person might be taken away or may reject or abandon you is a very real thing… and it’s important that at no point did they make Giulia seem like she was intentionally doing anything wrong because she just enjoyed her newfound friendship in a town where she also felt alone and an outsider…
and sometimes when you find yourself fitting in you can take some missteps (when Alberto was “outed” as a sea monster and Luca pretended he wasn’t one)…
and how a man that is well known for being a sea monster hunter (homophobe) has seen the heart and true character of the two boys that have lightened up his and his daughter’s lives and accepted them for who they are, and came to their defence when the other hunters came for them!
And the two old women, in solidarity with the two boys, decide to reveal themselves to be sea monsters in disguise for clearly a very long time…
AND THE MOM (or grandma? I can’t remember now I’m on an adrenaline rush to write this) SAYS SOMETHING LIKE “not everyone will accept him, but he’s got an eye for the good ones that will”
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secondbeatsongs · 18 days ago
ugly crying in the kitchen because I listened to a gay album from 1979 and then when I googled the artist I found out that not only is he alive and well, happily married with two grown children, but also he’s one of the founders of the gay bookstore where I purchased the record in the first place
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true-bean · 9 months ago
“Queer media still has a long way to come and has problems that we should talk about” and “there isn’t a lot of queer media so what we do have should be promoted and watched” are two statements that can and should coexist actually
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garr9988 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Saw some really good tweets about this whole mess that I thought people had to see.
EDIT: This is about Q-Force.
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therandomfandomme · 2 months ago
okay for once i want in a supernatural teen drama (like Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries but then cooler) to have trans guy character and i want the trans reveal for the audience to go:
trans male character: Your life isn't the only one that has been impacted by [insert whatever supernatural being altered the main character and is trying to kill them now]
main character, completely shocked: What?!?
trans male character: Yeah, I had to ditch my binder for a sports bra due to all the surprise running for my life I've been doing lately. You don't exercise in a binder, dude. So I vote kill them so I can go back, alright.
Idk, i think that would be a neat way to show that a character was trans while also giving a shout out to binder safety
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camifornilla · a month ago
Idk why there’s so much discourse about how creators executed lgbtq+ characters and storylines in animation (especially when it comes to content on cable). Like, did y’all have other shit to watch or something? Was there a whole bunch of queer media to indulge in that I missed or something?
Not to be an Old Bitch on main, but in 2011, when Adventure Time aired “What was Missing” and Marceline dropped that broken hearted love song, there was NOTHING else like it. Like that shit changed the game! Everyone was collectively surprised that a major network would even HINT at giving us a queer character. (And the reason it didn’t get bigger sooner was because of Capitalism, babe.)
Then like years later we got more game changing shit at an exponential rate (working alongside game changing legal and social achievements off air) like Korrasami in 2014(hella hindered by the network cuz of Capitalism), Ruby/Sapphire in 2015, a bunch of other stuff I missed cuz I was busy, until we finally got the blockbuster Bubbline on screen kiss and the Ruby/Sapphire wedding. Each one of these moments was equally game changing And Screwed By The Network.
Nickelodeon was hella meddling and underfunding Legend of Korra throughout its run and Especially during the last season when they made Korrasami canon because Nick didn’t want to lose viewership in certain regions (cuz money), which resulted in the last season ending Like That™. Iirc something similar happened with shows on CN and other networks, so it’s not an isolated phenomenon.
Personally, I don’t understand all the anger toward Steven Universe. I didn’t understand it while it was on air and I still don’t understand it now. Cuz looking at the landscape at the time, again I ask, Y’ALL HAD OPTIONS??? Cuz iirc queer programming on other networks were either behind a paywall (Netflix queer shit) or wasn’t Rated E for Everyone (Clexa and Copphine). Plus this was the only series out there explaining nb/bigender/they/them concepts to a wide audience. Like I was able to forgive and forget the fact that it didn’t show Every queer ID and whatever else they didn’t do perfectly, because, again, there wasn’t much else available.
Honestly, I don’t see the point of comparing each program to each other because each one is doing their best and building up from where the other got. Adventure Time helped Rebecca Sugar get the platform to create Steven Universe and SU helped create the next generation of queer creators creating queer programming for major networks. #ItsAllConnected and eventually comes around to help each other out. I honest to god think that the wide acceptance of AT’s content allowed SU to give us Ruby/Sapphire and the success of SU’s queerness allowed us the opportunity to canonize Bubbline.
Anyway, tl;dr calm down, be patient, be understanding, and for the love of god stop bullying content creators cuz they’re doing their best to give us everything we need.
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homeworkforpigeons · 3 months ago
love talking about queerness in star trek with ppl who have never seen star trek because it’s like. okay yes the captain and the vulcan hold hands a lot and yes it’s confirmed that vulcans touching hands is essentially considered kissing and yeah spock refers to kirk using a word that can be translated as soulmate but also no it’s not. and yeah these two ladies do kiss on the bridge in that one episode but it’s probably just gals being pals or whatever. and yeah okay on another show there is a woman who literally says “i was a young man once” but no she’s not trans but yes she is. and there are two dudes who argue all the time and one of them’s an alien species who we later find out flirts through arguing but also no homo no homo at all. and yeah there are countless secondary characters who are genderless aliens but also within these same episodes protagonists will say shit like “ah yes, it seems the only universal constant is that of male and female genders” so yeah star trek’s queer. it’s not. it is. it’s not.
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tre-trunk · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
sleep away yr youth
a collection of images u see in yr unconscious mind but when u wake up can’t remember a dang thing except that once u had a dream 🛌
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analogued · 7 months ago
you ever come across a piece of media so wonderfully and lovingly constructed that it fuels your own desire to make something that touches someone in the same way? a piece of media that wraps itself around your heart and squeezes until your creative juices start running? that fills your heart so fully that you need to start building out new chambers to contain it all?
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coniferouskiddo · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
dust 🧶🌌
Ingydar bares a scar like a meteor Crystalline amber guilds her cheek Tambourine of the beech leaves lead her To the raven playing hide and seek - Adrianne Lenker
just a Sawdust portrait ;w; i should post more things of them
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