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lesbvan · a year ago
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the turkeys thing™ (the call with henry included)
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i mean the fucking comedy ??????
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maybe its just me, but i often notice how dads usually have 0 rights. well i present u Oscar Diaz. he gets all of them, ALL OF THEM. is he perfect? no, but let's all be honest: who is 100% perfect nowadays?
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the mom too
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shaan & zahra
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(continuation here)
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ouyangs · 9 months ago
2021 really said yes to books with:
sports sapphics,
time traveling wlw,
murderous sapphics + dorian gray
bi women dating soft boys,
fake dating desi lesbians,
great gatsby retellings with queer asian girls,
f/f slavic enemies to lovers,
gay women + peter pan retellings,
grumpy/sunshine + lesbians of color,
bisexual con artists & trauma recovery,
queer tsoa inspired fantsay set in china
(plus some more I found in the reblogs!)
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denim-poet · 2 years ago
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“I am always hungry / & wanting to have / sex. This is a fact.”
-from Peanut Butter, Eileen Myles, 1991
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boykeats · 3 years ago
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Federico García Lorca, from "Ode to Walt Whitman" (1934)
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sapphostication · 7 years ago
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queer fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal/dystopian books and graphic novels that i've read or planning to read
i'm easily distracted, so i decided to make a list of books i should start reading this spring, then i thought that it can be useful for some of my followers, because i'm frequently asked to give recs on these here it is, kind of a rec list, but not really, because most of them are the things i'm only planning to start
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thebibliosphere · 2 years ago
*hacks through the untamed thickets of Vermont to reach your cottage* oh wise witch of the woods, you have experience with the writing and the editing of the M/M romance. Why does it seem like the big muscley dudes always the tops? I keep finding ones where you can hear the author's thought train screaming, HE HAS CHEST HAIR AND A BEARD, HE IS CLEARLY ~THE MAN~ IN THIS RELATIONSHIP. Many thanks, kind sorceress of syrup.
Gather ye round by the cauldron fire and listen well traveler.... it’s pervasive heteronormative ideals of toxic masculinity and the fetishization of gay men. That’s...that’s it, that’s all I’ve got.
And this is just purely speaking from my own experiences in the industry, but a large part of that imo is due to a lot of M/M fiction actually being written by straight women for women. I know everyone thinks this is a myth made up to shame fanfic writers but it’s really not. The majority of clients I worked with in the publishing house (and there were thousands) were straight women writing really awful fetishistic things, while in the same breath complaining to anyone who would listen about women being consumed like objects in mainstream pornography and how it was evil. Like, the cognitive dissonance was real y’all. I used to hang up on conference calls and hit my head off the desk sometimes.
We had one gay author during the time I was there, and he was eventually let go from his contract because “his work didn’t sell to our target audience” and that target audience was...wait for it...straight women.
It’s been seven years and that memory still makes me want to riot.
And you can usually tell when something is being written for straight consumption, because they bring that Straight Perspective into their work at every turn. Whether it’s making sure you knew which one is “the woman” (usually by using derogatory language) and which one is “the man” (usually by invoking violent imagery or language), or coming up with delightful phrases like “he wasn’t one of those gays, the campy ones” before going on to detail how manly and rugged he is and how much of a “top” he is, and that’s not even me coming up with paraphrased bullshit, that is a direct quote from a work of published fiction by a fairly well known amazon author with a large devoted fanbase.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Queer folk tend not to do this so much when writing (and of course because some people are going to get really upset if I don’t say it, not all straight women do it either). But that’s also because their (our) perspectives on gender, masculinity and sex are often not the same as a Straight perspective. The difference is hugely noticeable, at least to me. It’s like all my years working in the pro-industry gave me a heightened sense for bullshit and I can usually tell within the first few paragraphs of a story whether or not the story will be good or Some Kind of Bullshit.
Like it is absolutely one thing if the author is gay and they have a preference for muscular toppy men, like that is a totally different ballpark and not even remotely in the same strata as the things you’re describing—for one, speaking form experience, the language and perspectives used is usually entirely different.
But yeah, I know the type you are meaning. And it is more than just a wee touch tiresome.
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fromtherubble · 5 years ago
I want to make Romeo jealous. I want the dead lovers of the world to hear our laughter, and grow sad. I want a breath of our passion to stir their dust into consciousness, to wake their ashes into pain.
Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray
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rageofthenerd · 3 years ago
Phyona, could you recommend m/m books?
I sure could!  Alright *rubs hands together*, let’s start with the holy trinity (most have probably heard of these and with good reason):
Captive Prince by CS Pacat: My favorite of all time tbh.  Laurent and Damen are clinics in character writing, and the slow, methodical way Pacat brings them together has a staggering payoff (aka the best sex I’ve ever read, period.).  Trigger warnings abound, however (mentions of rape, slavery, dub con (though not between L&D), torture), so be warned.  
The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller: Pure poetry.  Reading this is like getting drunk on gay wine (emotional hangover included).  A piece of literature that I wish I’d read in a classics course.  Knowing how it ends between Patroclus and Achilles does not save you from this book shattering your heart. 
All for the Game by Nora Sakavic: Less, um, *elevated* than the previous two, but it’s full of relatable yet dark, delicately handled characters.  I like sports, but I don’t think you must to enjoy this.  Andrew is a character that burrows under your skin and refuses to leave.  The slow burn is everything.
And now for some lesser known gems.  If you want something sexy and historical with a supernatural mystery as a bonus, I recommend:
A Charm of Magpies by KJ Charles: Pure fun.  KJ Charles is a ridiculously prolific writer, so if you like her style you’ve got plenty of reading material.  The relationship between her characters is sweet and sexy, while not being unnecessarily angsty.  
For something raunchy, dark, and wickedly fun:
The Beautiful Monsters series by Jex Lane: Vampires, Incubi, Egyptian Gods, oh my.  These books are not for the easily triggered, but if you enjoy a bit of guilty indulgence and don’t mind some m/f sex with your m/m, these are for you.  There are two ships to pick from (team Tarrick/Matthew all the way), though everyone pretty much fucks everyone.  I’m serious with the trigger warnings, though (specifically rape and dubcon).  Oh, and the plot is thrilling and complex.
For some smutty, healthy BDSM:
Wine & Song series by Eleanor Kos: I’ve been a fan of this author’s Hannibal fic for years, and boy am I glad I decided to read her original work.  I blew through these books in 2 days.  You’ll fall in love with the characters.  The way their relationship deepens, despite some intense baggage and a significant age difference, is erotic and beautiful and I couldn’t get enough.
For something teen, sweet, and Harry Potter-ish:
Carry On by Rainbow Rowell: Enjoyed the plot, enjoyed the characters, and the world is interesting.  This is a great PG-13 m/m read.
For more adorable, PG-13 teenage love:
Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz: Poetic and touching with a cute get-together and supportive families.
A Boy Worth Knowing by Jennifer Cosgrove: If you want something easy and happy with very little stress or plot, this is for you.
For elves, prostitution, and a fantasy setting:
A King’s Ransom by Lia Black:  I enjoyed how these characters found love and the magic that enhanced their bond.  Definite trigger warnings here, specifically for rape and dubcon (though not between the main couple, except for perhaps a scene where one of them is a little drunk).  
Things in my library that I haven’t read yet:
The Raven Cycle, Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda, Shadow of the Templar, The Half Wolf (I’m like 20% in and it’s cool), Hush, The Ruin of a Rake, and Locked in Silence.
Happy reading!
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paperfury · 8 months ago
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here are some books by trans authors I’ve loved and some coming in 2021 that I cannot WAIT for 😍 (covers edited in! I don’t have copies!!)
Also I’ve made some graphics of more trans authors’ books coming in 2021. The way they are so beautiful and I want to read them all 😭💛 feel free to share!! It’s trans week and these authors deserve love and hype for their stories. Not just now, but always.
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xompeii · 2 years ago
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These are all the lgbt+ books I got this month 🏳️‍🌈📚
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queergirlslit · a year ago
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Look at this! Look at this fucking cover for the sequel to Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir! Be still my heart!
“Lesbian necromancers explore a haunted gothic palace in space! Decadent nobles vie to serve the deathless emperor! Skeletons!” —Charles Stross
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lichlup · 4 years ago
what book(s) on lesbian history would you recommend to a baby gay (me) who knows practically none?
tragically i currently only have one specifically lesbian history book, but i know a few overall lgbt history books which can also provide some perspective on lesbians of the past. i’m going to provide links to the cheapest editions i can find too because books are fuckin expensive
odd girls and twilight lovers by lillian faderman | the only specifically lesbian history book i’ve managed to get my hands on. it’s fucking awesome. it was one of the first queer history books i read and i absolutely could not put it down. any lillian faderman book is going to be a great lesbian resource, just search her on thriftbooks and have at it tbh.
the gay revolution by lillian faderman | a veeeeery comprehensive overview of the fight for gay rights in america from pre-stonewall to marriage equality. it’s pretty dense so i haven’t finished it yet, but reading it is so fascinating. 
word is out by nancy and casey adair | neither lesbian-specific nor a “history book”, per se, but hear me out: it’s a fascinating collection of interviews that provides a snapshot of gay life in america pre-AIDS, which is so mind-boggling to even think of. there’s no retrospective lens of academia or theory or anything - it’s just words, exactly as they were said, from gay people in the late seventies. you may know this as the book that made alison bechdel realize she was a lesbian. it’s great. 
charity and sylvia by rachel hope cleves | i lied, this is also a lesbian history book, but i haven’t actually read it yet - it’s a textbook for a class i’m in right now. it’s the true story of two women who were married in the 19th century in massachusetts, and it sounds lovely.
a queer history of the united states by michael bronski | so, so cool. this covers queer existence in the US from pre-1492 (!!!!!) to the 2000s. it explains why and how exactly america became a pseudo-christian heteropatriarchy and american masculinity and really demonstrates that queer people have been around literally forever.
i have a lot of other books i haven’t listed because i haven’t had time to read them so i can’t really vouch for them, but feel free to poke around in my goodreads list which is full of queer lit. 
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hibiscusandmistletoe · 2 years ago
Hot Take: Ronan doesn’t know at the beginning of The Dream Thieves that his second secret is Adam Parrish.
I think it’s pretty clear that his second secret is more than a crush, it’s his romantic and sexual identity as a whole. Ronan knows he’s gay he’s just not ready to tell himself until Kavinsky asks him outright and he’s not ready to accept himself until Opal asks him why he hates himself. It’s not 100% clear if before that point if Ronan considers himself sinful because of his dreaming, his sexuality, or both. 
But throughout the book we see him crush on different people. He has a crush on Gansey. He has a crush on Kavinsky. He has a crush on Adam. But by the end of the book he sees Gansey as a brother and rejects Kavinsky, leaving Adam as his only potable crush. From that point on he concentrates his affections there until they take him over (you know, like an oil spill). But!!! As good as that line is (”Ronan's second secret was Adam Parrish.”) it’s even more powerful Because it’s said as it becomes True. Ronan not keeping his own orientation from himself anymore, but he’s not ready to face how invested he is in Adam just yet. 
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lesbians4castiel · a year ago
Hey y’all so i made a book recs quiz earlier today but i had an even better idea. The quiz is fun and all but i think it’d be more effective to have all the questions and answers i made written out and books that i associated with those answers laid out so you can make more informed choices about which books you wanna read. Might be a dumb idea but i’ve been thinking about it all day and have nothing else to do so! Here we go. For the purposes of this, I have eleven books selected: Red, White, and Royal Blue, Carry On, The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, They Both Die at the End, The Song of Achilles, Crier’s War, Girls of Paper and Fire, The Abyss Surrounds Us, Of Fire and Stars, Tell Me How You Really Feel, and Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.  There are many many many more great queer books but these are my faves and the ones I’m recommending. This is all of course my own opinions about the books! 
Here we go!
Do you wanna read something that’s:
Women Loving Women? (Crier’s War, Girls of Paper and Fire, The Abyss Surrounds Us, Of Fire and Stars, Tell Me How You Really Feel)
Men Loving Men? (Red, White, and Royal Blue, The Song of Achilles, Carry On, They Both Die at The End, Aristotle and Dante, Gentleman’s Guide)
Pick a Place to Go:
Somewhere ancient (The Song of Achilles, Crier’s War, Girls of Paper and Fire, Of Fire and Stars)
Europe (RWRB, Carry On, Gentleman’s Guide)
The ocean (The Abyss Surrounds Us)
America idk (They Both Die at The End, Tell Me How You Really Feel, Aristotle and Dante, RWRB)
What Book Series Shaped Your Childhood?
A Series of Unfortunate Events (Girls of Paper and Fire, They Both Die at The End)
Percy Jackson and the Olympians (The Song of Achilles, The Abyss Surrounds Us, Crier’s War)
Harry Potter (Carry On, RWRB)
The Chronicles of Narnia (Gentleman’s Guide, Of Fire and Stars)
Umm i actually didn’t like book series growing up. I was more of a standalone book kind of person (Tell Me How You Really Feel, Aristotle and Dante)
Pick an LGBT Movie:
Brokeback Mountain (The Song of Achilles, They Both Die at the End)
But, I’m a Cheerleader! (Tell Me How You Really Feel, Carry On)
Moonlight (Aristotle and Dante, They Both Die at the End)
Love, Simon (RWRB, Gentleman’s Guide)
The Handmaiden (Crier’s War, Of Fire and Stars, Girls of Paper and Fire)
Star Wars if they hadn’t been home of phobic (The Abyss Surrounds Us)
Okay Honestly I Have Three Favorite Tropes. Pick One. 
Enemies to lovers (RWRB, Carry On, Crier’s War, Of Fire and Stars, The Abyss Surrounds Us, Tell Me How You Really Feel)
Hurt/comfort (Girls of Paper and Fire, They Both Die At the End) 
Childhood friends to lovers (The Song of Achilles, Gentleman’s Guide, Aristotle and Dante)
How do you feel about science fiction / fantasy?
YES TO BOTH (Crier’s War)
I like the science stuff but i don’t like the magic stuff (The Abyss Surrounds Us)
I like the magic stuff but i don’t like the science stuff (Carry On, Girls of Paper and Fire, Of Fire and Stars, The Song of Achilles)
I don’t like either. I want real people and real stories (RWRB, Gentleman’s Guide, Tell Me How You Really Feel, Aristotle and Dante, They Both Die At The End)
How do you feel about having parents in stories about LGBT kids?
I don’t mind as long as they’re loving a supportive (RWRB, Aristotle and Dante, Tell Me How You Really Feel)
It’s not the parents story. I dont want them involved heavily with the plot. (They Both Die At The End, Girls of Paper and Fire, The Abyss Surrounds Us)
It’s realistic and i think it should be a way for kids with less than loving and supportive parents to see themselves in the stories and see how they can heal as the characters have from the trauma of their childhood and parents. (Carry On, Gentleman’s Guide, The Song of Achilles, Crier’s War, Of Fire and Stars)
Opinion on Period Pieces?
Does it count if it’s in the future? (The Abyss Surrounds Us)
It’s about the YEARNING and the HANDS and the HISTORY (Gentleman’s Guide, The Song of Achilles, Crier’s War, Girls of Paper and Fire, Of Fire and Stars, Aristotle and Dante)
Miss me with that pride and prejudice shit. No thanks. Modern Day Only. (RWRB, Carry On, They Both Die at the End, Tell Me How You Really Feel)
How do you feel about royalty? Like the mood of it all?
Megan Markle is the only bitch i respect. (Red, White, and Royal Blue)
Okay honestly i love royalty shit. Don’t judge me. It’s a whole mood. (The Song of Achilles, Of Fire and Stars, Gentleman’s Guide)
I like royalty stories as long it’s about how to take them FUCKING DOWN break out the guillotine ladies!!!!!!!!! Down with the monarchy!!!! (Crier’s War, Girls of Paper and Fire, The Abyss Surrounds Us)
Hmmm no thanks (Carry On, They Both Die At the End, Tell Me How You Really Feel, Aristotle and Dante)
Do you want things to get steamy?
I mean i don’t mind a sex scene but let’s not get nasty. (Crier’s War, Of Fire and Stars, The Abyss Surrounds Us, Tell Me How You Really Feel, Girls of Paper and Fire, The Song of Achilles)
Ummmmmm no thank you i don’t want a sex scene (Carry On, They Both Die at The End, Aristotle and Dante, Gentleman’s Guide)
I only ever select the mature/explicit ratings on ao3. I know what im about. (Red, White, and Royal Blue)
How deep of a read are you trying to get into here?
I want a book I can completely immerse myself into. I want to be so pulled into the world that I’m awake till 3am reading the book. I want maps. I want timelines. I want to this book to suck me into its world and never let me go. (RWRB, Carry On, They Both Die At The End, The Song of Achilles, Crier’s War, Girls of Paper and Fire, Gentleman’s Guide)
Just like something casual (Of Fire and Stars,  Tell Me How You Really Feel, The Abyss Surrounds Us, Aristotle and Dante)
How would you like your ending served?
Something that gives me chills (Crier’s War, Girls of Paper and Fire)
Warm and lovely like a cup of tea that fills me up and makes everything okay (RWRB, Gentleman’s Guide, Tell Me How You Really Feel, Aristotle and Dante)
The kind of ending that acknowledges the characters just went through a LOT and probably need some THERAPY and probably sets up the sequel (Carry On, The Abyss Surrounds Us, Of Fire and Stars)
Like i wanna be wrecked. I should be sobbing. On the floor. (The Song of Achilles, They Both Die at The End)
What Do You Want To Do?
I wanna YEARN (RWRB, The Song of Achilles, Crier’s War, Of Fire and Stars, Gentleman’s Guide)
I want to feel seen (RWRB, Aristotle and Dante)
I want to laugh (RWRB, Carry On, Gentleman’s Guide, Tell Me How You Really Feel, The Abyss Surrounds Us)
I wanna get riled up and ready to kick some ass (RWRB, Crier’s War, Girls of Paper and Fire, The Abyss Surrounds Us)
I want my heart to go: “Oh.”  (RWRB, Carry On, The Song of Achilles, They Both Die at the End, Aristotle and Dante)
Emotional Check, how are you feeling in the quarantine?
I’m horny and restless. (Red, White, and Royal Blue. Trust me.)
Everything sucks! The World is Ending! (Okay homie you may not be in the emotional headspace for a dark story. May I direct you to: Carry On, Gentleman’s Guide, The Abyss Surrounds Us, Of Fire and Stars, Tell Me How You Really Feel, Aristotle and Dante, Red, White, and Royal Blue)
I mean obviously not fantastic but im in a pretty okay headspace (You are probably a little bit better suited to handle something heavier. May I direct you to: The Song of Achilles, They Both Die at The End, Girls of Paper and Fire, Crier’s War)
I hope this is helpful to anyone who’s looking for a new book to read!
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