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notgreengardens · 6 months ago
jesus fucking christ, one last time for the record: “the rhetoric western countries use against country X is racist fearmongering” and “the government of country X has done a lot of serious human rights violations that cannot be excused” are statements that can and should coexist
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totalspiffage · a year ago
It's true that like once you start having ambiguous gender feelings it's a little bit of a free for all like yes I'm a woman but I'm also male and I like being called a boy but I'm not a man like sorry I'm on Advanced Gender nuance now but also my gender is that stuffed fox on a chair.
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knife-dad · a month ago
Watching Taika Waititi take over as "guy in charge of delivering queer representation" for marvel (and maybe star wars?) Is kind of like... like watching an invasive species find a highly specific ecological niche and absolutely FLOURISH despite the odds, except that I'm not mad about it, if anything I am highly entertained. You go you funky little (allegedly) straight man, be the pigeon of Disney franchises. Make star wars gay, I believe in you
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dashedwithromance · 3 months ago
thinking about how dracula, at its core, is a queer novel that bleeds with loneliness. we don’t know how bram stoker would identity if he had access to modern terminology and contemporary views on sexuality as an identity rather than a sexual preference (and i don’t think we should know), but queer is super useful term here
and dracula, a novel about a monster who passes his infection on through blood, published two years after oscar wilde’s terribly public, terribly dangerous trial for sodomy, in a time where it was fresh knowledge that STD’s could be passed through blood… i mean, it feels disingenuous to the source material to ignore the terror steeped in the novel like that.
this is a book that revolves around the presence of and the physical lack of sex, that features a single man of his kind so monstrous he cannot say holy words or stand the touch of consecrated things, or even see himself in the mirror… it echoes such a terrible, tortured loneliness echoed in a lot of queer work and gothic in general (and the two very often overlap). the idea of being the only one of your kind, or at least, feeling like the only one, in a world that actively hunts you
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yeetlegay · a month ago
Not for nothing, the representation of Porsche’s bisexuality means a lot to me as a bi person who didn’t figure out my identity until my early 20s. The journey that he goes through in the first half of the show, from a presumed straight man to a bisexual man in love with another man, is written and acted with so much empathy and grace. Porsche’s feelings about his identity and presentation of self are allowed to be confused, hesitant, and complicated without him being homophobic or misogynistic. The result is a more subtle arc of self-discovery, but such an important one. Porsche may not have deep-rooted internal prejudices but he still exists within oppressive structures that shape all our lives whether we want them to or not. Even though he doesn’t deny or dislike his feelings for Kinn, he does quietly struggle sometimes with the discomfort of being queer in a world that sees queer as “other.”
I think part of why this hits so hard is Apo himself. Now I don’t really follow the actors very closely and I try hard to separate the art from the artist, so I don’t want to place too much weight on this. But I do think Apo really brings a particular level of empathy and nuance to Porsche’s identity that deserves appreciation. Apo has spoken a number of times about how much he struggled with homophobic treatment in the Thai film/TV industry through the course of his career. He was often asked invasive questions about his sexuality, made fun of for the way he dresses and presents himself, and demeaned for being feminine or not masculine enough. It seems to have been a key factor in his decision to leave the industry (and even Thailand) entirely.
To be clear, he’s never made any public statement about his sexuality or gender identity, and it’s no one’s business to presume or ask about how he identifies. The problem was that, regardless of how he actually identified, homophobia had a big impact on him personally and professionally. Homophobia (along with all other forms of hate and violence) doesn’t hurt just queer people—it hurts everyone, because it confines and regulates people’s lives/bodies, and punishes deviations, big and small, from the norm.
Apo has some pretty incredible gender vibes to be honest. Something about his mannerisms, his face, his fashion choices, his presentation, just strikes keen envy in my nonbinary bisexual heart lol. And he brings that nuance into Porsche’s character so beautifully. Porsche gets to be tender as he is tough, someone who cares for his loved ones and shows affection without being demeaned for it. He’s allowed to be this strong, tall, muscular guy without it being prescriptive of his internal feelings and personality and how he presents in his voice and mannerisms. No one (least of all him) is policing his body and gender in the way queer people, particularly queer men, so often deal with. He gets to just be.
The freedom in that, for me at least, feels like a revelation. I feel loved when I watch Porsche, because his journey as a bisexual man isn’t rooted in his own repression or external prejudice. Even when he identified as straight, he didn’t behave or present in a way that was engineered to convey heterosexuality or even masculinity. He was already comfortable in his skin, and figuring out his sexuality was more of an internal journey than one centered on his body and how the world perceives it.
Obviously there’s nothing wrong with identity crises/questions/discoveries that do involve repression or homophobia (mine certainly does, thanks Catholic school 🙃). But I think it’s really neat that Porsche’s arc doesn’t, because it brings up questions that often get buried under the avalanche of homophobic/misogynistic/transphobic shit that unfortunately we so often have to wade through to come to our own queer identities. And that’s why I mentioned Apo’s experience, because I really think that as someone who’s had such a hard time in the industry in the past—precisely because he does step outside rigid gender norms—he really gets how homophobia shapes a person’s understanding of their own body. And consciously or unconsciously, he created in Porsche a character who could be free, for fucking once, of that heavy weight around his neck.
So basically, I hope he knows how much that means to a lot of people, not just me. And I hope that playing Porsche has given him some amount of comfort or healing or validation. He gave homophobia and misogyny a massive middle finger through this character, and I hope that and his continued outspokenness about his experience make everyone think twice before policing people’s gender and bodies.
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that-gay-jedi · 17 days ago
Society if fandoms made presumed-abled characters disabled more often:
Tumblr media
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hanz-xd · a month ago
nothing - and i mean nothing - can top the way neil gaiman talks about crowley and aziraphale’s relationship on his episode of david tennant’s podcast. every time i hear it, a part of me dies in the absolute best way possible.
“because you’d actually spent 28 minutes watching the up and downs of these two on earth for 6000 years becoming the only important thing in each other’s lives. and here is this moment where they are actually - they have two utterly different philosophies of existing. and aziraphale cannot go off with crowley and crowley cannot go off without him, but he has to. and you wind up with that ‘have a nice doomsday’ line. the excitement i had at writing that stuff, and the joy i had in knowing that we’re gonna watch that relationship open like a flower to us, ending in a 1960s - with the hand over the holy water, and there wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house. and i knew that because it did that for me. watching what [david] and michael brought to it, and it became the most glorious, tentative, friendship over thousands of years, that then becomes sort of peculiar and flirty and weird and prickly and funny and glorious.“
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medusa-was-innocent · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Frank Ocean // Queering the Map // Frank Ocean // Quora // Lemony Snicket // Marina Abramović // Charli XCX // Beach Bunny // Queering the Map // JP Saxe // Adventure Time
1. I care for you still and I will forever / that was my part of the deal, honest
2. Screenshot from Queering the Map: “We fell in love here, sneaking around your parents and dropping hands every time they came to take food we made or get coffee from the kitchen. We paddled around your lake, we had picnics, we had fun. I don’t miss you anymore, I hope you’re doing well and have found something and someone who makes you happy!”
3. I will always love you how I do / let go of a prayer for you / just a sweet word / the table is prepared for you
4. Question from Quora: “What does it mean when he says ‘You have a special place in my heart?’” Response: “It means that no matter what happens, even if you both are apart, even if you can’t see each other anymore, even if you both have someone in your hearts- your memories and deeds that you have given him will forever be remembered and cherished within him/her.”
5. I will love you if I never see you again, and I will love you if I see you every Tuesday.
6. GIF of Marina Abramović and Ulay at The Artist is Present
7. I know in the future / we won’t see each other / cold just like December / but I will always love / I’ll love you forever
8. Even when we fade eventually to nothing / you will always be my favorite form of loving
9. Screenshot from Queering the Map: “We had one of our very last dates at 82 Queen. While you were holding my hands and gazing into my eyes, you told me how much it meant to you to be in public with a girlfriend, and not be afraid that anyone would see. A few weeks later, I came out to my mom, and spent the next months on lockdown, stuck alone in my house. I had to end things b/c of it, but I will always treasure that night at 82 Queen. How beautiful you looked, the lovely sound of your laughter, and the way your eyes looked when you looked at me. I miss you.”
10. You weren’t down for forever and it’s fine / I know, you know, we know / we weren’t meant got each other and it’s fine
11. Picture of the treehouse from Adventure Time with text that says: “Time is an illusion that helps things make sense, so we are always living in the present tense. It seems unforgiving when a good thing ends, but you and I will always be back then.”
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feral-and-or-horny · a month ago
I'm pretty sure my love language is just offering my holes to hot girls
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queerrambles · 7 months ago
Gender isn't about gender presentation. You can present differently than your gender. Anyone can present however they want, regardless of gender.
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mistydragonflyart · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Cheers to always learning new things about ourselves and happy pride month!!
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heartslobbf · a month ago
something something every rgu character is misogynistic in some capacity because ohtori’s system relies on the idea that women and especially feminine women are innately weak; utena transgresses this and is punished for it, forced into femininity as a means to better control her; anthy complies in a performative capacity which only serves to disprove the system’s entire ideology, because, you know, gender is performance. the second anthy chooses to leave it all falls apart because she’s proving in that moment that she isn’t constrained by her gender performance whatsoever. i’ve always loved anthy’s outfit she leaves ohtori in because it is so feminine, anthy doesn’t have to relinquish femininity to be free because femininity is not constraining her; a patriarchal system that insists femininity innately, biologically constrains her is. idk man tldr hesbians and transbians <3
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bottom-of-the-riverbed · 5 months ago
I think the world needs more non-binary characters whose assigned gender at birth is never revealed
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verdantviridity · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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queerism1969 · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
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bamsara · 9 months ago
gender envy is at the rennasiance faire
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dragonflavoredcake · a month ago
Gender presentation is overrated. I would like to wear hoop skirts and boxers and a chest binder and button-down shirts with fun ties and cute earrings with matching cufflinks
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