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#queer pride
tricky-pockets · 2 days ago
I disappeared for like 3 months, but I'm BACK, BABEY
back with a prescription
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a prescription for
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And to make it even better, my doctor was said it's entirely possible that it'll help with my stupid fucking chronic fatigue, which would be SO RAD. I'm not banking on it, but I'm looking forward to seeing what happens (for Science).
I am ecstatic. I'm going to be so loud. I'm gonna run around and climb on things. I'm gonna kick life in the teeth and eat the moon. I'm gonna write sternly-worded complaints to the BBC. I'm gonna fuck everyone's dads. I love you all and I'm gonna be a PROBLEM.
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thereal-mickeymouse · a day ago
go watch Loki on Disney+! Loki is genderfluid and bisexual, we are great at representation!
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helenasurvives · 5 months ago
queer is literally a slur. like you’ve never been called that in a derogatory context like most lgbt people? you think your experiences escaping homophobia make it okay to justify the use of a homophobic slur?
queer is an identity.
it has also been used as a slur. there is no denying that. but using a word as a slur does not make it a slur. because before queer is a slur it is an identity. before it is derogatory it is a label. the use of queer as an identity is infinitely more important than the use of queer as a slur because the people who identify as queer are infinitely more important than the people who use queer as a slur.
say a lot of people decided they hated me. despised me. were disgusted by me to the point where my own name became a slur. would you tell me not to say it? would you tell me i could no longer be helena, and instead must come up with a euphemism for the name that belonged to me decades before it belonged in the mouths of bigots?
because that would make you an enabler.
you would tell me i can’t say my name anymore because some lowlife decided he could use it to insult me?
you would tell a gay man that he can’t be gay anymore because some teens in the early 2000’s started calling everything they didn’t like “gay”, and now he has to say “same sex oriented male identifying individual”?
does that enrage you? because it should. that’s exactly how you sound.
you are telling me i cannot use my label. you are telling me that when my great-uncle shouted until his face was red and he spat tobacco and the word queer at my feet, he was right. he was right to insult me, and i was wrong to say my name.
you are shitting on every single one of our predecessors. you are slandering every person who fought for their rights to exist and and be tolerated and be celebrated in their countries, every person who was lost to the aids epidemic, every person whose country criminalizes love and gender expression, every child whose parents abandoned them for straying from the norm, every person who was born and will die in the closet longing to be themselves. the queer umbrella is a safety net, a security blanket, the comfort of being known without being pressured to tell. it is near and dear and important as fuck to every member of the lgbt+ community and you are a blight upon the earth you walk.
how dare you speak upon my experiences with homophobia. how dare you disguise your own homophobia as activism. and how fucking dare you have the audacity to come to my blog and hide behind an anonymous ask and preach to me about how i’m oppressing myself. go look at the fucking wikipedia page for queer and read about how 1980s lgbt+ activists, especially lgbt+ people of color, fought to call themselves queer in a world that still hates peculiar things. and here you are forty years later spitting queer back at their feet.
i don’t give a fuck if people start using my name as a slur. my name is still helena. i will not change it. i chose it, i like it, and it belongs to me. it does not belong to bigots no matter how badly they want it. your discomfort with my identity is not my fucking problem.
i am helena. i am queer. die mad & go fuck yourself
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and-speak · 6 months ago
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happy pride month from your queer knight <3
[image description: a pencil sketch of a knight with long hair on a rearing horse. the knight holds aloft a rainbow pride flag. end image description.]
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tato-s4n · a month ago
still astonished at the fact that ace week is on halloween week we just keep winning
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fixing-bad-posts · 6 months ago
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[Image ID: A tumblr text post. The original username has been redacted using the colours of the aromantic, and asexual pride flags. The body of the post has been edited blackout poetry style to read, "hi as pride month draws near for june reminder: aces/aros belong in our spaces."]
hi as pride month draws near for june reminder: aces/aros belong in our spaces
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"I'm not sorry guys, it turns out I'm not *insert gender/sexuality*, I was just a bit confused."
Is perfectly valid. Want to use new pronouns? Go for it! Bi didn't quite fit, but pan does?! Identify with that! If you stop identifying as something, I'm not going to judge! I'm just glad that you're closer to finding yourself!
*I updated this adding "I'm not sorry" as no one should be sorry for finding themselves. Thanks to people for pointing this out as I simply forgot that I put that in*
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keplercryptids · a year ago
what reclaiming "queer" means
don't call someone queer if they've explicitly asked you not to
what reclaiming "queer" ALSO means
you're allowed to freely use the word queer to talk about yourself, your perspective and other queer folks, without restriction
you're allowed to talk about queer community
you're allowed to refer to queer literature, art, music, and history under the umbrella "queer"
you're allowed to call fictional characters queer
you're allowed to want people to refer to you as queer (yes, even cishets jfc)
you should never be shamed, harassed or attacked for using the word queer in these contexts, or any context where you're not directly calling someone queer who has asked you not to
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justlgbtthings · 5 months ago
"i never seen two pretty best friends" oh yeah? then what's THIS
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Tumblr media
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cakeinator · 18 days ago
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