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#queer problems

Can someone agree with me that the queer flag gets wayyyyy to little attention/representation. As a person who just identifies as queer, I barely ever see it anywhere. Repost or like if you agree! 

(I know the 2 purple triangle stripe one exists too but this one is way prettier)

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Im not sure which but i either have a crush on chandler bing or just literally am chandler bing or would be his best friend

oooohhh but also rachel green. she is my fashion icon and i may or may not also have a crush on her

boom there you have it rachel green and chandler bing are the most attractive friends characters. fight me.

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I’m not your typical queer. Ain’t none of us queers your typical queer portrayed by the cishets

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This isn’t at all how I imagined it… I’m not ready now but maybe coming out is one of those things you can never truly be ready for because you can never truly know how anyone is going to react.

Kevin van Whye: Date Me, Bryson Keller

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My mother: you have no clue what it feels like to have to put on a show for everyone and pretend to be something you’re not

Me, closeted because of her bigotry: yeah…

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Ah yes my favorite game:

“Is my queer ass projecting or does [insert MomentTM here] have no hetero explanation?”

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Me: Has a massive crush on a girl, longs to be in a meaningful relationship with her.

Also Me, terrified that she’ll think I’m a predatory lesbian if she knows that I like her and trying to come up with a way to make constantly spending time with her not seem like a crush: “I love you like a sister!”


(For clarification, I’m actually enby but at the time I identified as a gay girl. I tagged it using gay tags bc I feel like the internalized homophobia we face makes a lot of us feel predatory and thus be awkward)

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Hmph. Due to dashboard osmosis, I had gideon the ninth audiobook on hold for weeks, listened to a couple chapters with a steadily increasing frown, turned it off, checked a series summary, scowled and promptly returned it to the library. The writing was great, the narrator superb, but I grew up with that tragic shit as my only option, so it’s a dud for me.

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These idiots over here getting drunk and texting their old ex-best friend from high school because they miss the reliability of a childhood friendship where you just hung out and vibed like the weirdos that you are and now you’re worried that you’ll never have a close friendship like that again

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Wow I feel this one! I think there’s often at least one friend who you’d never really ask out yourself however if they asked you out you’d say yes in a heartbeat. My friend like this, it’s pretty funny because for a long time there were people who actually thought we were going out and everything (we never were) and I definitely high key crushed on her for at least a year (it was longer but moving on)

Even now when I’m not actively crushing on her every now and then my mind slips to the fact that damn we would be so good together? Also if she asked me out I really don’t think I’d say know. This is all while not actually crushing on her anymore even though that doesn’t actually sound like it

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today my little sister said heteronormativity isn’t bad, so i’m uh starting a kickstarter campaign to put her down

the benefits of killing her would i would have to listen to nonsense way less

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the girl i’m in love with and who’s in love with me but has a bf just came out to her mother. and when her mom asked how she knew she also liked girls, she told her she was in love with me

does this mean she still loves me ??

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Gf talking: Yeah, because you’re my girlfriend so… (carries on with talking)

Me (after a minute or two): I have no idea what you said. I got stuck at you saying I’m you’re girlfriend.

Her: *silence* We’ve been literally dating for a year.

Me: *tears up* I know

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can someone please explain to me why my handwriting is so bad? like whenever I take notes on a lecture, and then later I go back to read it, I CANT FUCKIGN READ IT. how am I supposed to pass school 😔

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I want peoples opinions on slurs, like do you think it ok for the people that the slurs apply to can use them or like what?

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That moment when you’re talking about how good a girl is looking. Then you realize everyone around you is straight and you have probably done “silly self-outing”

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Nothing is worse then being with friends you’ve known ur whole life.

And just knowing that their friendship for you is so conditional.

That if they knew you were queer they would leave you so quick.

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Since my former partner and I have decided to separate/divorce I have been s l o w l y sorting through all the junk I have accumulated over the past decade or so, came across this gem.
This morning i declared today Tegan and Sara Friday and have listened to their entire discography. throughout work and since I have been home. Just strange how things work out like that. 
At this rate itll be another decade before i get through everything!

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When you say Oof to someone at work

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