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#queer rep
It's just me and my funky little gay podcasts against the world huh?
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Have we talked enough about how the erasure of Dean’s queerness (and all that entailed) is the main reason the finale ended up being such a complete failure?
I really feel like we don't talk about this enough; because the simple fact that this could have happened is testament to something really impressive.
Okay everyone, take a moment, let's meditate on this. The story was so dependent on Dean's queerness that its erasure caused the entire show to crash and burn. So much importance was placed in his bisexuality that it became foundational to the entire plot. This story was written, for seasons, to integrate a queer read of Dean, and an understanding of him as in love with Cas, with the very core of the story at large. That's how powerful his identity was made.
For years, Dean Winchester was PURPOSEFULLY WRITTEN this way. Not only did this writing team construct a narrative that contributed to a queer interpretation of the character, they made a product of his identity -- his love for Cas -- so central to everything in the story that its removal caused the whole thing to crumble. That's the level of commitment here. That's how dedicated these creatives were to bi!Dean and Destiel -- they didn't pander, or half ass it, they literally made these two fundamentally intertwined concepts into complex, seasons-long well-rendered story arcs that tied the whole show together.
Sure, they didn't get away with it. Sure, that effort made queerness the thread to be pulled that would unravel the rest of the story. Yes, they likely knew the risk, and knew that they were staking the failure or success of the entire franchise on whether or not the C/W would get cold feet, like it so often does. Having the story written the way it was, with so much value and importance placed in queer love, and then watching it be torn to shreds before our eyes was traumatic, and deeply hurtful. It could've been avoided. They writers could have taken the safe route. But I, for one, am glad they didn't.
This was brave. Seeing it destroyed was so painful because the thing that had been made was so beautiful. It was brave, to take something as old and steeped in negative cultural history as S*pernatural, and transforming it into a platform where queer stories could be told with care. Of course it never reached the visibility of other on screen queer love stories, but creators have to adapt and work in the spaces they find themselves in under the restrictions placed on them. Against the odds, something beautiful and well developed and deeply meaningful and queer was cultivated in this show.
What was done here was brave, and demonstrates a love for the story and a dedication to queer representation the likes of which I've never seen in a modern era -- certainly not in this setting. This was unique; it was different from other cases of queer erasure and baiting, because what WAS accomplished was done so through clever storytelling, stellar writing, years of planning and laying groundwork, rebellion against restrictions, pushing the envelope, and demanding more.
This is a legacy I could not be more proud of. This is work that values me, that values us. We were made something remarkable, and I refuse to allow its having been stolen away last minute to harm the beauty of what we had before. I won't let it be tainted. I will not forget, or undervalue the power of a story that made Dean's bisexuality, and his love for a male presenting character, so essential that when it was stripped away, the heart of the show was stripped away with it. Just because this attempt failed doesn't mean it didn't mean anything -- it doesn't mean it didn't have an impact. It was important. I see it still. I understand it.
I know what was tried here, and I know it didn't work, and I'm still endlessly grateful to have had the privilege to watch it be attempted. It's given me a mission, to ensure that the next time a team of creatives tries to tell our stories somewhere they weren't welcome before, they won't face the same roadblocks we did. Dean is bisexual. His identity is so powerful, its erasure took the rest of the story with it.
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chill-legilimens · 11 months ago
robert berens coming into a flawed system and making incremental, calculated, and subtle yet poignant changes until he had gained enough power and momentum to launch something truly beautiful, momentous, and meaningful from those hard-built foundations? gosh it’s like this is reflective of the entire queer movement or something
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absolutebl · 3 months ago
Don’t Say No - LeoFiat
It’s been a while but with another MAME offering, break out the pink milk and smores tumblr, it looks like it’s time for another dumpster fire of joy. 
Tumblr media
Don’t Say No Ep 0 AKA LeoFiat Special 
Episode 0 iIs mostly backstory covered from TT2 using previous footage with added chemistry, agency, and flashbacks. Warning: child actors. It’s a bit slow but good as as a reminder. I liked that we got more insight into Leo this time around, and I loved that Fiat was handed the sexual agency - thank fuck for that. Also there’s a ton of communication at the end. Honestly, they could have just given us this special ep and I’d be happy. 
Tumblr media
So I did an analysis of FIat’s behavior way back during TT2. It seems to be based on a D/s dynamic -- caregiver codependency and the salvation trope. If you find his character frustrating that post explains the archetype in play (during TT2 at least). Not sure what’s going to happen in Don’t Say No. Especially as they already dealt with sexual tension. 
Tumblr media
Extreme Power Dynamic 
I been thinking a lot recently about how informed MAME’s stuff is by early yaoi tropes, including the more problematic ones. LeoFiat’s dynamic ties to that. 
There’s a sub trope from manga and early BL out of Japan and China where the uke is being kept as a household pet/subordinate/servant. This happens when one character is ultra rich and the other is not, and often involves codependency being established in childhood. There’s an almost prince/whipping boy aspect to it. 2016′s Irresistible Love (China) is one of the best examples of the trope (2008′s Forbidden Love from Japan is one of the darkest) trigger warnings on both, but a lot of contemporary set BL from China played around with it pre censorship, even Addicted. 
Where Your Eye’s Linger from Korea and Golden Blood from Thailand also use it. Although it’s materially different when the seme (usually as a warrior/fighter character) is the poor one being kept. 
These is all fool around with power dynamics as rich/poor (adding family wealth conflict to the gay) and is very D/s but carries with it certain inherent issues because of that source power dynamic. There’s this notion that the one being kept has somewhat sold his identity to the keeper. In narrative analysis this is called outsourced identity. 
Tumblr media
Anyway, this wasn’t how I meant to start talking about Don’t Say No but it’s bound to be the biggest sticking point for the new series narrative and it’s not like MAME has a history of being smart about her power dynamics. 
The whipping boy trope suggests that Leo’s rich family has to come into play against the relationship at some point. Also we know from the trailer that there’s evil faen fatal and blackmail plus some good old fashioned slut shaming. I’m actually not upset by that last, since most BL glorifies purity it’s going to be fun to see how one of the highest heat franchises in the business handles this highly political matter. Main BL characters aren’t usually allowed to be sluts (with the exception of het seme sluts like Kai and Y-Destiny) so I’m intrigued.  
Regardless, we (and LeoFiat) are in for a bumpy ride. 
Tumblr media
Don’t Say No EPISODE 1 
I watched and it was... fine. The leads are cute. The story is... not there (but they who expect story from mame are doomed to disappointment). The friends are interfering. The manufactured angst is high. It's fine. I'm not being driven into a furor of verbal excitement because it was harmlessly banal.
Tumblr media
Dropped with hard subs, so Frigay is back!
It opened with a confession & claiming = celebrity coupledom, so already we’re in unusual territory. So far it’s mostly Leo trying to be a good boyfriend and Fiat being a tiny basket case. It’s very seme/uke when what the characters require is hard core D/s (Dom/brat for those keeping sore) and I’m not sure the narrative will go there.
Tumblr media
JaFirst do not have the physical chemistry necessary for high heat but if they move into D/s (and they already started with that hold against the wall + Leo’s denial of Fiat’s attempt to take control of the kiss) they won’t need high heat, so in this instance I hope everyone practices some serious restraint.
Pun intended.
Still it’s high production values and the acting & casting is on point (which appears to be a huge ask from Thailand this year), so it's modestly absorbing so far.
But what? What is the feeling I'm feeling? 
Is it... ennui?
Tumblr media
Don’t Say No EPISODE 2 
Are you ready for this? I’m not, maybe I should eat something first? Snacks everyone. Get snacks. Okay. Right. 
Runs off to get spicy chips. It’s the end of the bag. Up-tilts bag. Get’s spicy chip dust in eye. A metaphor for my relationship with MAME’s work? I think it might be. 
So is Leo the ultimate rich Dom with too many toys? 
He’s like: My brat needs a safe space. My brat doesn’t like this house? Buy new house. Problem solved. 
Tumblr media
Okay now let’s talk about the thing where Leo is all about consent (asking for the hug) and Fiat is just like, “you never asked before, just hug me, dude.”  
What Fiat needs and wants is someone who takes complete control and never asks him to make a decision, including consent. So what we do in this situation, kinky darlings, is called prearranged consent, where we sit down and negotiate all the things that can be taken without asking, establish exactly how demanding the Dom can be, hard and soft limits, and a safeword. And TA DA, magic super-Dom.
Of course, this requires a ton of communication so I suppose we are in for an absolute shitshow with LeoFiat (no, not that kind of shitshow). 
(And if you think I am going to let a SINGLE kinky pun slide with this series, you have another think coming. And should probably be following a different blogger. I expect your support in this matter with more puns in the comments. In fact, I demand it.) 
Anyway, so for Fiat, Leo being hesitant or tentative is going to be a huge turn off. Also this is why you won’t hear me harping on about this particular uke lacking sexual agency. Fiat absolutely doesn’t want it. I think he’s made his requirements pretty flipping clear. He’s just going to get brattier and whinier until Leo throws him up against something or down onto something.  
Meanwhile, enter a new brat who’s even brattier than Fiat. I don’t know if I can flipping handle this level of brattiness in one show. 
In other news, the actor playing Leo’s younger brother seriously reminds me of someone but I can’t think who. 
Tumblr media
Hold my flag, Harold, we got us a pansexual! 
 Anygay, Leon appears to be an out pansexual character, so add that to the very... very... VERY short list that I had going somewhere of queer rep in Thai BL. We applaud this. Even if he is playing into the bisexual slut archetype. Speaking as a representative of this archetype myself... what can ya do? 
Tumblr media
Apparently pansexual players be playing. 
Inquiring minds would like to know if MAME got edumacated about ze queers and ze kinksters since TT2 because boy am I getting a different vibe from this show than ANY of her previous ones. Did girl visit Folsom Europe? Because this plus the German national anthem casually playing the background is messing with my head. 
I mean, a prostate wand? In a Thai BL? Seriously? What’s next... lube and condoms? 
Incidentally prostate wand =  dongardium leviosa! 
(I have ALWAYS wanted to make that joke.) 
Actually, that scene was really funny. 
Meanwhile: One dimensional faen fatal baddie INCOMING! Plus some blackmail. Weeeee!!! 
I am no longer at all bored with this show. My current state looks something like this: 
Tumblr media
And yes, that is a pun on pansexual. Bite me. 
Don’t Say No EPISODE 3 - the world’s fanciest dumpster fire 
Look, honestly, of all the liars to lie in BL Fiat might just have dropped the biggest fib EVER. 
Tumblr media
*whines* why are you making me watch this, universe? 
Right, anygay, the smear campaign or whatever this DRAMA is has begun. I don’t mean to be cruel but 90% of the time with Fiat I’m like, he’s cute and all but PLEASE don’t make that boy act. It’s rough going watching him cry, or try to cry, or whatever is happening here. 
Question for ya: I saw a cute boy feed a stray and fell in love with him now a trope? 
I feel like it’s reaching peal the shrimp level. 2 Moons, 2 Moons 2, Puppy Honey, My Engineer, Light On Me, and now Don’t Say No. I feel like it’s a THING now. 
Tumblr media
Anyway I liked the subversion of the umbrella trope (using it as a gift and to get the heart knows trope beating) with these two too. I guess I’m getting into the side dishes. 
I don’t wanna judge but what with Leon’s story arc and now Fiat’s drama, this whole show is beginning to feel VERY slut shamey. Viva monogamy, rah rah rah? Monogamy and trew lurv can save the slut from himself?  
*sniff sniff*
Do I smell? 
Is that the whiff of puritanical judgmentalism? 
From MAME? 
Regardless it’s nice to get positive rep of a female friend in the narrative. 
Tumblr media
However, I’m having that issue I always have with her stuff which is my prevailing emotion while watching = the mad desire to grab the leads, shake them violently and scream:
Tumblr media
“But this show is a trashfire in the world's fanciest dumpster and we have all accepted that into our hearts.“ ~ @heretherebedork who always speaks truth in matters BL 
EPISODE 4, I’m Tipsy, let’s DO THIS 
Okay Leo gets the prize for the least tough looking henchmen...uh, ya’know, EVER. 
Tumblr media
Don’t you just wanna pinch their cheeks and be like, 
“Awe look and youz, being all tough or something” ?
They about a fierce as ducklngs. 
What ARE they wearing? I just-----
Tumblr media
What is going on?
I need more to drink to tolerate those socks. Not to mention that shirt. 
Tumblr media
Look I’m sorry but I already lived through my parents wardrobe in the 90s. I CAN’T DO IT AGAIN. 
I’m spiraling here.
Blame the socks. 
And one more thing: 
Tumblr media
Stop it, Thailand.
Look. I get it. 
Boys in uniform is what you do.
Please forgive us for asking for more? Just take us back to the land of black slacks and white shirts. I’ll take blue shorts. I’ll take faintly pink ill-fitting short sleeved shirts. Please, anything but this. What are you doing? What do you think you’re doing? Why do you hate our eyeballs? This isn’t fashion. This is a calamity.  
I’m not able to handle this, okay?
I’m just not.
At least Fiat takes that ugly outfit off by the end of the first installment. 
But what is this feeling I’m getting from JaFirst’s sex scenes? Is that? Oh yeah... 
Why? What’s going on with the chemistry? 
It’s just not there. I’ve talked about the fact that i think for a good high heat scene the audience needs to feel that the characters  
like each emotionally 
desire each other physically 
are enjoying it (AKA understand each others needs intellectually)
I think I’m getting diminished returns on all of these elements with JaFirst but it’s #3 that they are really missing. This scene just did not work for me. Made me wince. 
Look, i don’t mean to be rude, but we’ve had Taiwanese BL for the last 5 years. This weak-ass pink-milk chemistry bullshit isn’t gonna cut it anymore. I’d rather not follow them into the bedroom if they don’t wanna do it properly. MewGulf they are not. 
Tumblr media
Christ they aren’t even PerthSaint. 
OMG I am SUCH a mean drunk. 
In other news, DSN post production seems to be using the sound tech person from Lovely Writer. SOMEBODY STOP THEM. Are there any assassins for hire in that part of the world? I hear Zhang Zhehan is out of a job. 
OMG I really am the meanest drunk ever. 
moving on
Tumblr media
TRUTH AT LAST! I’ll drink to that. This bit was cute. They are a lot better at after sex pillow talk flirting than they are at actual sex. 
Meanwhile, I still like the side dishes, player versus tsundere is a good combo when it does’t go all Tom & Jerry (side-eyes BohnDuen). 
Incidentally, if the scene in the library with Fiat and Leon talking honorifics confused you, not to mention the “informal pronoun” bit, I talk about it in this blog post. 
Tumblr media
That’s a mistranslation, what Leon says is essentially “my heart pounded/I was touched/I tingled all over (idiom) when he used phi with me.” 
Phi is somewhat casual, but not necessarily informal. 
I’m sure I’ve seen this dynamic before where the uke from one pair is intersted in the other or something. Oh yeah, TharnType 2. The semes being brothers is an interesting twist. 
Anygay, I’m so very done with this ep. Gotta drink more.  
EPISODE 5, Don’t Say No is a jello salad & I can explain
I think we are in TT2 territory where it’s all a whole riot of nothing happening. You know like those jellos they put in the middle of Holliday tables in the Midwest? Some of you probably don’t know, but here in the quality high falooting land of excess, we do this thing where we mix jello with canned fruit and sour cream/yoghurt/mystery-dairy-curds, put it into a mould, call it SALAD and then eat it with the savory mains. Do not ask. It’s a thing. It is not a very good thing. It is an abomination to all mankind and I can, in fact, eat a whole one myself because I am trash. 
Tumblr media
Where were we? 
This show is like that... food item. (eerrrmm, would we call it food?)
It’s a kinda TT2 green jello foundation holding together a potpourri of LeoFIat mayonnaise and cottage cheese with the shredded pineapple of LeonPob and the occasional pecan because THERE ARE NUTS IN THIS TOO? 
Tumblr media
Watching Don’t Say No is like eating jello salad. I’m like...
What’s going on here? Am I enjoying this? Sadly I think i might be. Do I hate myself for that? What was that? Wait, WHAT was that? What did I just consume? Do I need to have more to know if I like it? Probably. Oh but it’s NOT sitting well. 
And repeat.  
Tumblr media
Then again right now the alternative seems to be very dry turkey and whatever Aunt Gertrude did to those canned green beans. (Yes I am thinking of My Boy the series... But seriously avoid the green beans... and My Boy the series.) 
Fiat does this thing every time Leo accuses him of doing exactly what he just did (like seducing him, or getting jealous). It reminds me of my big dunce of a cat who jumps and misses or slides off the table and then is all... 
What? Who? NOT ME. 
Tumblr media
Sorry all, I can’t comment on the D/s dynamic or the toy in the sex scene because i just can’t watch JaFirst’s sex scenes. They aren’t working for me. So I’m skipping them. 
Oh how the mighty have fallen. 
Tumblr media
Meanwhile, I SUDDENLY realized who Leon reminds me of! Mark in Gen Y - not in looks but in attitude. 
He’s very forthright about what he wants and i admire that.
While Pob reminds me a bit of Kaow from Brothers. 
Anyway, I like them a lot, cute combination. 
Tumblr media
Tropes included: library assignation, sexual punishment, my boyfriends closet, that stare, drag baby around, back hug, forehead kiss, domesticity, and hair drying. 
extra special booty slap, a personal favorite, thank you DSN 
Tumblr media
Don’t Say No EPISODE 6 - please don’t make them, cry, sing, or play sports
So things are becoming abundantly clear in this episode
Fiat has TERRIBLE taste in men (and clothes)
He is also an absolutely awful team captain 
If it’s MAME there will be blackmail 
I have decided DSN is not actually a series with an overarching plot or character arcs or anything. So if I don’t expect more from the episode than a kind of “day in the live of disaster gays” soapy installment, ah la Queer as Folk or Friend Zone, it’s actually all fine. 
I just gotta adjust my expectations going in. 
Tumblr media
Honestly while it’s clear LeoFiat are supposed to have a D/s dynamic the actors do a lot better with just sweet, tender, lower heat boyfriends. The feeding in the kitchen scene was really nice. 
I like the side dishes more and more each ep, too. 
Eh, yeah, know it’s the usual with MAME’s stuff. 
We up.
We down.
We back up again. 
Ep 6 was an up week. That’s nice. 
Tumblr media
I’ve talked about the fact that I think fan fic is a new kind of genre and style of writing (and that’s the PhD I’ll never do). But the point is, and I already have a point this week (look at me go), this show is fan fic! 
MAME is writing fan fic of herself. TharnType 2 was the same thing.
Tumblr media
I mean it watches the way fan fic reads: 
There’s practically a new plot every week. 
There is no established story structure or narrative theme. 
it’s the same old characters who occasionally act entirely out of character. 
There’s weird flashbacks and recons. 
There’s random new characters that you’re not sure if you’ll like or if they will just be Mary Sues or psychopaths. 
The soft stuff is cute if immature and the D/s is clearly written by someone who has no experience with sex, let alone kink.
I mean. Come on, right? This is fan fic in BL form. 
Tell me I’m wrong. 
Tumblr media
And look, right now, I’m still really liking this one. 
I’m a bit confused as to WHY I’m liking it. 
Tumblr media
But hey, that’s also fanfic. 
So there it is. 
Also NEW CANDIDATE for best mom in a BL. Leo & Leon’s Maah is THE BEST Maah. Or at least one of them. 
Tumblr media
No offense ficcers out there, of course I don’t mean YOUR stuff. 
Your stuff is brilliant and magic and the quince in the pie of life. 
Don’t Say No EPISODE 8 - AND a soap opera
Okay so given Fiat’s overreaction to... wait let me think.. oh yes
Plus the complete lack of any effort at a plot except a constant cycle of hurt/comfort. Add to that the mother escaped from the mental asylum trope, AND a case of mild amnesia, plus a sprinkling of plot device panic attacks and I’m gonna call this a fan fic soap opera. 
MAME has invented a new genre. 
Look we just need an evil twin and someone coming back from the dead and we are right back in 90s Days of Our Lives. Oh no wait I GOT IT:
Tumblr media
The BL & the Beautiful 
Ooo I can do more:
General University 
Sponge Baths of Our Lives 
Rama Bridge 10100
The Young and the Bicurious  
Although, to be fair, it also feels a lot like some of the worst of the Thai BL pulps only with better actors and cleaner production. Could be a new genre, also could just be a new version of an old one. 
Tumblr media
Anygay, back to the story.
Such as it is. 
Fiat’s psychomom showed up. Did anything else happen? 
Next week? Lemme check? Hurt/comfort? Oh it looks like MORE OF THE SAME. 
Tumblr media
Don’t Say No EPISODE 9 - I realize why
You know I keep thinking of this show as MAME fanning all over herself (in a slightly masturbatory way, shall we call it bullship? yes I think we shall) meets a soap opera and I finally realized why. 
I’m watching Leo’s two random badly-dressed lackey characters show up again and found myself wince-laughing at them (and not for the right reasons). And sudden I got it. 
Like a bolt of lightning. Like a light bulb over my head. Like whatever tired cliche you wanna reach for because...
It’s CORNY! 
Tumblr media
This show is corny. Mame’s style now is basically just corny. It’s cheesy and slightly dumb. Definitely cliched. Predictable. 
And that’s why I’m finding DSN a bit boring. 
The psycho mom. The dad choosing the weirdest most dumb path (exactly like Tin’s dad in LBC2). 
Tumblr media
Look, I thought we talked about not making Fiat cry. Now I’m skipping the sex scenes and the crying scenes. There’s not gonna be much left for me to watch at this rate. 
That said Leo’s dad coming to the rescue was a very nice touch. Although funny to see him being all nice when he was a such a stern mf in UWMA. 
Tumblr media
I would have given 10 points extra if they’d joked about dowries and arranged marriages at this juncture. 
Meanwhile photo montage meets the post it love note trope. Cute. LeoFiat gave us every kiss variant: cheek, forehead, lips, even temple (usually only Taiwan does that one) and every other trope in this episode (piggyback, hand hold, face touch, back hug, drag baby around, striped shirt, central aperture framing). 
I kinda feel like: where to go from here? 
Not enough LeonPob for me, but ah well. Notice Leon calls his bf “Khun Faen”? 
So adrobs!!! 
I sort of wish this were the final ep. It’s seemed good to end here. 
Apparently with Don’t Say No we can’t have everything, but we can have every trope. 
Tumblr media
Don’t Say No EPISODE 10 - huh
Back in the land of nothing happening. Well, almost nothing. 
Tumblr media
Okay though the bit with Leon and Pob and modes of address was great. Leon says if Pob uses Pob (not Phi or P’Pob) to refer to himself when they are talking Leon will melt. Pob does, right before hanging up. 
Then Pob does it again when he’s begging Leon later and Leon just crumbles. Pob is older but acting linguistically younger so it’s very very CUTE and subby to Leon. 
It’s no Taiwan but these two do give good kiss. Also, they reminded me of J9′s MingKit a little, from 2 Moons 2, especially the sitting on the bed confessing. 
Tumblr media
The player versus innocent Tsndere works for that too. 
I kinda loved the:
“It’s obvious you know what you’re doing.”
Well, shouldn’t one of us?
Tumblr media
This was a serviceable installment. We all know what’s next. I’m not saying it’s possible to turn in a boring ep 11 in a Thai BL, but if it is, MEME can do it with this show. Let’s not challenge her. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Don’t Say No (the dreaded) EPISODE 11 - 
MAME writes the most one note mustache-twilling (smart phone wielding) faen fatale characters ever put into a BL. And that is saying a lot. I have this issue with her stuff all the time, but evil characters are just evil to be a plot device they have no motivation of their own. It’s exhausting to watch... like a Disney villain. So I... erm... didn’t watch them. 
Tumblr media
Honestly how could anyone think they're able out bitch Fiat? 
Tumblr media
Regardless of the prevalence of bitches, this was basically just throw a faen fatal and a faen fatale conspiracy into the mix t break up the main couple, make them do dumb contrived shit and ta da! MISERY = that’s an episode 11. The amount of thought put into this?
There was no thought. It was thoughtless. 
And now I’m pissed off at this show again. 
Fuck’em all. 
Also, honestly I thought we already talked about NOT MAKING THEM CRY. 
Thailand: no crying, no singing. 
Apparently I’m back on a low with show. Look, at this point, I just want it to be over. 
This is your brain on BL: 
Tumblr media
This is your brian on Mame’s BL: 
Tumblr media
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comic-book-jawns · a year ago
RE: Dani and Jamie’s ending, I think people are missing the point. They didn’t have a “tragic” ending because they’re gay but rather because they had agency and chose to be the selfless heroes of the story: Dani saving Flora and all the trapped souls and Jamie standing by Dani knowing she would eventually “lose” her.
I fully recognize tragedy does affect gay couples disproportionately on TV. But tragedy is an inevitability in the horror genre and characters should be able to have agency, regardless of their sexuality. (In fact, it’s problematic if they don’t, as is often the case.) Dani was always going to make that choice because of everything that makes her who she is.
And they actually have the least tragic love story of anyone. Owen and Hannah never fully get together. Peter destroys Rebecca. Dani and Jamie have ten or so incredible years together and then really are with each other still, even if they can’t see each other.
Plus, it was actually set up early on: love vs. possession and beauty lying in mortality. That is why they’re the foil for Peter and Rebecca. Dani and Jamie loved each other completely and that was enough for them. That is what makes theirs such a powerful, beautiful and rare love story.
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demon-babies · a month ago
you know what drives me absolutely insane?
the fact that they could've made these boys have explicitly crushes on each other and it would take nothing away from the film.
just a kiss on the cheek in the train scene. boom. subtle but explicit queer rep.
but no. mickey mouse gotta be homophobic as always.
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adhdspeedsters · 9 days ago
Everyone who is like “this is how timkon/jondami can still win” shut up. Y’all sound crazy and are really making this ground breaking representation about your ships.
This is like if when Jess was introduced I went “this is how we can still get Bart confirmed as non-binary”
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raavenb2619 · a year ago
Tumblr media
[ID: A two paneled image. The first panel, labelled “Queer rep in Disney TV shows”, shows someone reading an extremely large book. The second panel, labelled “Queer rep in Disney movies”, is the Lisa Simpson plate meme. Lisa Simpson looks down at an empty plate. End ID]
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Why 15x19 Means Destiel is Endgame
Queer theory, and the battles fought behind the scenes
(Disclaimer: this is only informed speculation.)
Don’t like how they made the second to last episode an episode that can appease the less-invested, more nostalgic general audience? Mad that they gave this story two endings because people who don’t understand shouldn’t have a way to opt out of acknowledging Destiel, and Saileen, and the healthier remaster of the bro bond? Upset the anti’s got pandered to? I counter it with this: capitalism.
They have a product to sell here. They have markets that values certain content and reject other kinds of content, and it’s just part of the industry that you have to cater to that. The show is on the air because the network makes money off of it, and this is their last chance to  make sure this keeps making them money. They have box sets to sell. There are quotas to hit, story beats required to be included, all of it regulated and mandated by the network and studio. Big risks, like the canonization of a 12-year-old queer romance, are not often taken because of the money issue. It takes a lot of convincing and conniving to get queer content greenlighted, and just how much of the show can speak to that narrative is determined entirely by the people at the top. 
It’s not about representation or social progress, it’s about money, and it’s much easier to capitalize off of a queer romance if it is introduced in a new series with a tailored market and not a lot of history. It took gargantuan effort for the creative minds behind Supernatural to get us as far as they have in the last few years. They had their own heartless, manipulative higher powers to battle for the inclusion of this content, and they, like the champions of queer content before them, had to negotiate, compromise, and sacrifice for their goal.
So what if I told you that the writers had found a way to give us endgame Destiel? What if I told you that this was the way? 
By compromising, by fashioning an ending that can stand alone and pleases the demographics the network demands must be pleased, they gain unprecedented freedoms with their final episodes. Audiences not predisposed to enjoying queer content have been satisfied, meaning that the network can guarantee that their money will still line their pockets -- and overseas markets that might not air an episode with the confirmation of a reciprocal queer romance have a passable ending to work with. Is all of this ideal? No. But this is how we do it, and have done it for years. Nobody gives us anything -- we take it. The gaping maw of capitalism has been fed, there is now far less of a need to fear repercussions of airing an ending with a main character in a happy gay romance, and the powers that be will recognize explicit queer content as less of a risk. 
They can now reap the reward of making it gay without losing their trusted cash cow -- a market with mixed leanings. Don’t like it? Here. Have 15x19. That’s YOUR ending. In a perfect world, this kind of creative tapdance wouldn’t be necessary. But, it’s efforts like this, and, hopefully, successes like this, have been what’s paved the way for queer content in the public eye for the last century. Appreciate it. Recognize its history. Place faith in it. Know that with or without compromises, we will have won. They pulled this off -- and while hope can be a dangerous drug, I have a feeling I know exactly what it is I am watching, and cannot wait for 15x20.
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fridaywormteeth · a month ago
nah but seriously I need more people to go watch young royals on netflix, cuz like... yes, the queer rep is good and yes, they have some disability rep (ADHD and asperger’s) and yes, it’s well written and yes, the characters are as well
but most importantly, the snobby upper-class kids are just so incredibly fucking accurate and I need more people to talk about it
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two-braincell-bastard · 28 days ago
Ppl freaking out about the Gonzo Sesame Street dress thing recently when literally all that happened was gonzo wore a dress to a party: THEYRE BRAINWASHING ALL THE KIDS TO BE GAY!!!! BACK IN MY DAY MEN IN CARTOONS ACTED LIKE M E N!!! BLAH BLAH MACHO BLAH BLAH EMASCULATION
Me, every other queer person, allies, Chuck Jones Himself: I'm sorry did you forget the part where one of the most iconic cartoon characters in history was coded as a gender non-conforming man who kisses other men on the lips and flirts with them and wears drag because he feels like it? And he's been this way literally since his inception decades ago?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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1-800-jooheon · 2 months ago
listen, you can accuse me of not liking soohyun’s arc only because it “gets in the way of my gay ship” all you want, but I’m actually just tired of seeing a potentially compelling character go to waste to instead make her essentially irrelevant beyond her relation to gaon, her only motivations seeming to be gaon, no media ever seeming capable of depicting a healthy, loving friendship between a man and a woman in a world where a lot of society still maintains that “women and men can’t be friends, they either end up falling out or dating/fucking” while having literally zero main male leads/mlm romance arcs or representation despite heavy queer coding, which doesn’t even approach the lack of main wlw leads - and don’t come into my mentions with shows that are explicitly bl/gl or that largely center around being gay itself. we deserve queer romance in fantasy, in sci-fi, in court dramas, and thrillers, and sports movies and not in throw away side characters that you can ignore. Goddamn.
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colombinna · 7 months ago
I hate that we have to watch straight shows and headcanon and shipp straight characters because simply there are not any queer TV shows besides one teen drama or two that Netflix cancels after two seasons
Let us have the TV show variety straight people have too
I want sitcoms where the main relationship everyone roots for is gay (yes I've watched ODAAT, I need more of that), I want period dramas where at least one of the important romances is a queer one, I want TV shows where the character who doesn't want to marry and doesn't like men is actually a lesbian and not someone who just hasn't met the right man
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strawberryoverlordart · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Mora/Bean (morean?) commission for @emperorsfoot!
had fun doing this and put a little extra tlc in cause i also love them uwu
//please do not repost//
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thriftedspacesuit · 3 months ago
The penumbra podcast has completely ruined me. Any other lgbtq media I consume I'm just like "ok but it could be gayer"
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enigmatic-lizard · 4 months ago
Loki actually confirming he's queer, which can be interpreted as either bi or pan, is really amazing. It's almost sad how used to being starved of representation the LGBTQIAP+ community is.
This show means so much because they are blatantly and gloriously and shamelessly confirming one after another that this is Loki.
He plays on any team he likes. Be it a prince, or a princess, or, I infer, any of the in between.
He's not phased in the least by his Variant counterpart (Sylvie) being a woman.
He's gender and sex fluid.
Thank you. Really and truely. It's so hard to find this kind of genuine rep with no baiting or dancing around the edges. This is my favorite fictional character and I can see myself in him.
These writers know what they're doing, and even if they didn't know the effects, one look at us should tell them all the work they put into this was stunning and glorious and purposeful.
Love is a beautiful dagger indeed, and I am beyond happy that this one turned out to be real and didn't make us bleed.
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spaceshipkat · 10 months ago
what are some romance tropes typically given to cishet people you’d like to see queer people get? i’ll start: 
Character A and Character B working together to set up two people, only for A and B to end up falling in love with each other
Character A being chosen to be a “sacrifice” to Character B, who protects the world and has a bad reputation, only for A to discover that B is nothing like the stories would have you believe (by this, i mean like Agnieszka going to the tower as a “sacrifice” to the Dragon in Uprooted)
arranged marriages (one book with this trope that i’m looking forward to is Winter’s Orbit by Everina Maxwell) 
Character A asks Character B to pretend to be their partner to make Character C jealous, only for A to start to fall in love with B instead while B has been in love with A this whole time
bodyguard romance!!! aka Character A is hired to protect Character B only for feelings to get in the way
second chance romance!!!
Character A and Character B are stranded somewhere together (airport, desert island, elevator, etc)
Beauty & the Beast
sibling’s best friend and/or best friend’s sibling
friends with benefits (such as in the movies Friends With Benefits or No Strings Attached)
Character A sleeps with everyone but Character B and thus makes B feel as though their love is unrequited when A is only doing this bc they love B but feel like B will never love them in return
Character A asks Character B to pretend to be their partner for the holidays (B is either already in love with A and agrees despite worrying they might get hurt, or hates A from the start--only for that to change)
feel free to add on!
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