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Pls tell me if there’s ppl out there who are or would be interested in a Quentin Beck (Mysterio) X Scott Lang story!

I wrote them last year after ffh bc at the time there were so many rumors about a lgbtq+ character being in Marvel & I just imagined if the multiverse story was real what if Quentin’s family in the other dimension consisted of a husband? And what if that was Scott Lang?

Anyway i wrote a lil thing & now they’ve come back to haunt me & I’ve started another story about them & I wondered if that’s a ship ppl would be into? Or are into? Let me know!!

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So, Tom Holland was challenged to do something on his Instagram story and let me. Tell you my boy Tom does not know how to instagram

He posted this video with no context of whatsoever on what the challenge was about

just watch for yourself

Then moments later Jake question Tom on. This..


I have been laughing for 5 minutes straight

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Peter Parker x Reader, Quentin Beck x Reader

Summary: Peter just wanted to enjoy his trip to Europe, maybe even confess his feelings to his best friends.But along came a mysterious new hero to ruin those plans. Peter and his class are aged up and in college.

Warnings: Violence in later chapters, manipulation, age gap

Word Count: 1893


The holiday became a whole lot less fun overnight. Originally it was meant to be a break for Peter, away from being a superhero, away from avenging, away from all his responsibilities. But, like always, some otherworldly being came and fucked that all up for him. And Peter was supposed to confess his feelings for her in some romantic candle-lit restaurant in Venice, or at the top of the Eiffel Tower. But Beck came along, swept her off her feet and fucked that all up for him. Even though Fury had said he didn’t have to join the mission, Peter knew, in the back of his head, that some way or somehow he would get dragged into the situation again. There would be another world-ending threat that would inevitably pop up in another city, one that Peter couldn’t ignore.

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Shipping Headcanons Meme: Mysterio/Chameleon

[Link to original post!]

  1. Who cooks? They cook only for themselves, but sometimes Dmitri will make too much pasta and pretend he did it on purpose by giving some to Quentin. Almost every night they order takeout or go out to eat.
  2. Who’s the messiest? The cleanest? They’re both messy and they both blame the other for it. Quentin’s mess is clutter and Dmitri’s mess is forgotten items or uneaten food. Every so often Quentin will reorganize everything in the middle of the night but it only stays clean for a week.
  3. Who fixes the vehicle after a breakdown? The minivan belongs to Dmitri. Quentin is only allowed to use it for emergencies because he is a careless driver and he gets crumbs and trash stuck in-between the seats. Since Dmitri is pretty much the only one who drives it, he’s responsible for all the repairs.
  4. Living space has a leak! Who fixes it? They prefer to hire Max (Electro) for house repairs. When Max is unavailable, Quentin will fix and redesign it so it doesn’t break again, but he complains the entire time he’s doing it.
  5. Who buys the groceries? It used to be just Dmitri buying groceries and Quentin would send him with a list but he’d only get the first item and then whatever else he wanted. Now they’ll both get groceries whenever they think they need more groceries but do not coordinate at all and end up with two of everything.
  6. Going out to eat: Who pays? Who orders the most food? And who has dessert? Quentin and Dmitri will disguise themselves as various famous couples to steal reservations at fancy restaurants. Quentin’s very picky and will order multiple dishes to sample each, then give what he didn’t like to Dmitri, who likes everything. He’ll do the same with dessert but he loves sweets so Dmitri only gets a few bites. Neither of them pay and they don’t get in trouble for it because they’re in disguise.
  7. Would they go to the beach? Mysterio’s endgame is making enough money to retire to his own private island so yes, they love going to the beach, but Quentin is picky about which beach they go to. It has to be a white-sand beach with no noise pollution either on a Caribbean island or the east coast.
  8. Who knows how to swim? Who doesn’t? They both know how to swim. There’s been one or two occasions where Dmitri’s fallen into water and taken so long to come back up that Quentin’s sure he’s drowned but for some reason doesn’t worry or think to rescue him.
  9. Is someone multilingual? Do they try to teach another language to the other? How does it go? Dmitri’s native language is Russian and he speaks English, Mandarin, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Hindi, and several other languages fluently and perfectly and in different dialects. Quentin is trying to learn Italian because he thinks it would be sexy if Mysterio spoke Italian and Dmitri is helping him but Quentin’s having some trouble with pronunciation.
  10. Any pets? Or plants? Quentin had a blind Sphynx cat for a while, but can’t remember where it went. (She was adopted by a retired woman who lives a few floors down.) Dmitri has lots of plants in tiny pots around the apartment that get watered multiple times a day.
  11. Baths or showers? Together or separate? Any bubbles or bubble fights? Quentin will take bubble baths occasionally. They’ve never showered together because Dmitri takes off his mask to shower and it would mean that Dmitri would have to take off his mask in front of Quentin, which he’s not comfortable with.
  12. Can they stand silence? Who talks the most? Who talks the least? Dmitri doesn’t talk much, but will say something to start a conversation if it gets too quiet. Most of the time whatever he says is ignored. Quentin is in his head completely silent until someone mentions something he likes and then he’ll spend fifteen minutes rambling about the topic in incredible detail. Quentin doesn’t know how to shut up while they’re watching movies.
  13. Who stays up late? Who sleeps the most? Does the other have to force them to sleep/wake up? Quentin stays up until morning because he loses track of time or can’t leave his work unless it’s completely finished. Quentin falls asleep a few hours before Dmitri wakes up. Dmitri makes coffee and brings a cup to Quentin but Quentin won’t wake up until it’s already room temperature. The only time they’re on the same sleeping schedule is when they have plans or Quentin’s depressed.
  14. Who is the highest maintenance? Does the other mind? Quentin is very high maintenance but Dmitri has learned to put up with it. It’s actually a good thing that Quentin’s high maintenance because he prepares for everything that could possibly happen while Dmitri doesn’t care, does something without thinking, and possibly gets them both in trouble.
  15. Vacation ideas: who decides them? Where would they go, if anywhere? Quentin likes the beach and Dmitri likes visiting other countries but it’s never worked out that they vacation in the same spot. They few times they’ve traveled together, they’ve each done their own things and then meet up later for a couple hours together. Sometimes Dmitri will disappear on his own for weeks or months at a time but Quentin’s not sure if it’s a vacation or something else.


  • Dmitri inherited the Kravinoff estate and he and Quentin lived in it for a while, but later moved into a smaller apartment in Manhattan because there were too many bad memories tied to the house.
  • Quentin and Dmitri were married at one point and act like it’s still legally binding but aren’t sure if that’s true. Dmitri’s changed his name several times since then and never had the marriage certificate revised and he’s also technically a widower since Quentin is still legally dead.
  • The original post included questions for sex headcanons, but only two of them apply to this ship so I’ll answer them both here: Quentin and Dmitri might’ve had sex once or twice, but they don’t enjoy it so they don’t do it. Quentin is AFAB (assigned female at birth) so his genitalia is, you know.
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Okay but... mean but sweet daddy Mob!Quentin Beck? Prettyyyy pweeaseee

Oh yes… OH YES!

  • Mean but sweet huh?
  • Okay but imagine getting into a heated argument with Quentin
  • And it gets to a point where you two are just fucking it out of your system;
  • Because lowkey, hate sex with mob!Quentin sounds incredible…
  • Can you imagine how wild he’d be after you called him out on his bullshit and called him arrogant?
  • He’d have your hands pinned down on the bed, his body in between your legs and he’d just fucking you like you’re nothing but a toy
  • “God, you are such a bratty bitch.” he’d say, pounding into you and making you moan while he furrows his eyebrows as he speeds up into you.
  • You’d manage to flip the two of you over, in a fit of rage, and ride him at your own pace.
  • “Sometimes I think I’m more of a man than you’ll ever be.” you spat at him, riding his cock and moaning at how good he felt
  • Your words would bruise his ego, but you felt so good around him that he could barely open his mouth to sass you back without moaning out loud.
  • He’d let you have your fun for a while, then he’d flip you back and he’d turn you around and lift your hips up and push your face into the bed
  • A part of you loved how easily he could throw you around and use your body
  • He’d push into you from behind and moan at how good you felt; warm and wet, just for him
  • “You’ve been running that pretty little mouth all day, now what huh? Can’t even talk, can you?” he’d ask while hearing you moan and whimper; unable to form coherent sentences to sass back at him.
  • And as soon as he feels you clenching around him and hears you getting louder, he’d pull out and watch you squirm and whine for him
  • “Aww what is it, Princess? Need my cock don’t you, you greedy little whore?”
  • You’d get over the denial and turn around to face him and push him back down on his back.
  • “Oh i don’t need you.” you speak, bitterly; climbing on top of him again and sliding down on his cock. “You’re not a necessity Quentin, you’re just an option.”
  • You ride him, slowly; feeling all of him and moaning at how full you feel with him snug inside of you.
  • And judging by the strong grip he has on your waist, you can tell he’s getting more and more pissed.
  • Because one thing mob!Quentin hates more than anything, is feeling useless. Especially to his girl.
  • He grips your waist and pushes you off him and onto the bed again
  • He pins you down by your throat; his large hand wrapped around your neck and squeezing just enough to keep you wanting more.
  • He looks you dead in the eyes
  • “So you think you don’t need me, babygirl?” he asked, aware of the wild look in your eyes which he likes so much.
  • “Answer me.” he’s suddenly calm again, and he hates it when you don’t listen so he gently smacks your cheek. “I said, answer me!” he asks, more sternly this time.
  • “No.” you reply, smirking because you know you’re driving him crazy.
  • He chuckles, darkly. And pushes in you again, making you moan.
  • “But I bet I feel better than your pretty little fingers and your toys, don’t I?”
  • You could only moan in response
  • “Admit it baby, you need me.” he whispered in your ear, between grunts and moans
  • But you can’t focus on anything other than his body and how good he makes you feel. In that moment, if someone asked what your name was, you surely wouldn’t know.
  • And Quentin can see it in your eyes, the desperation and the pleading look
  • He hears it soon after.
  • please…please…please
  • “Please what? Tell me you need me, you little brat.” he spoke again
  • And he moves his hand from your neck and grips your jaw; parting your lips and spitting in your mouth.
  • “Come on, babygirl. Tell me.” he whispers against your swollen lips while he pounds into you fast enough to make you lose your mind, but slow enough to make you beg for it
  • “Fuck! Daddy please…please i need you…please.” you beg and he chuckles right next to your ear.
  • “Good girl.”
  • He smacks your thigh and finally makes you cum violently after messing with you for a long while.
  • You’re shaking and trembling after you two are done, but since you’ve got your pride on, you try to push him away and get out of his bed
  • But he grabs you and pulls you into him again.
  • And just like that, he’d go from a wild animal in bed to the loving man you knew
  • “Hey baby, don’t go.” he’d say softly. “You’re shaking, come here I’ll take care of you.” he’d spoon you from behind, pulling you under the covers, and he’d push his face into your neck
  • His hands caressing your thighs and up and down your arm gently while he kisses your shoulder and the side of your face.
  • “It’s okay baby, I’m right here. I’m sorry if I hurt you. I’m sorry for everything I said, I didn’t mean any of it.”
  • Yeah you misbehaved sometimes, but he loved you more than anything. You were everything to him. You had him wrapped around your finger, he’d drop to his knees and place the world at your feet if you ever just asked for it.
  • He’d placed a gentle kiss on your cheek, which he smacked earlier while in the moment
  • Eventually you’d stop trembling and you’d instinctively make yourself comfortable in his arms
  • “I’m sorry too.” you’d apologize, sheepishly
  • “Are we done fighting now, honey?” he’d ask, kissing your neck.
  • And you’d nod.
  • “Mind telling me what we were fighting about in the first place?” he’d ask again, knowing damn well that he fucked you so good that you wouldn’t remember.
  • “I forgot.”
  • He’d chuckle and wrap his arms tighter around you.
  • “You want a bath, princess?” he’d ask, pushing his face into your neck again.
  • And you’d nod again.
  • He’d chuckle and give you a kiss on the forehead.
  • “Wait here, baby. I’ll come and get you in a bit.” he’d leave the bed after giving you and quick kiss and making sure you’re warm enough under the covers
  • You’d watch him walk into the bathroom, in all his naked glory and you’d smile to yourself
  • Quentin sure was a mean man, but he was also the one you felt the safest with.

a/n: i want one

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I added a new fanzine to my gumroad store!

I also have more OTP zines on there if you want to check them out. Buying a copy helps me so much, specially in these hard times we are all going through! ;o; (As always I feel like I need to add that every character I draw is +18!)

You can get them ✨HERE

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Quentin Beck never worked for Stark Industries. Tony Stark never fired him. Tony Stark never even knew who he was.

Quentin Beck invented EDITH. He gave them to “Nick Fury” to give to Peter Parker because he knew Peter would misuse them, and he knew Peter would have a breakdown after handing them back to him.

Quentin Beck did not die on Tower Bridge. He wasn’t even on Tower Bridge. He did not even wear the Mysterio costume once throughout the movie, because he wasn’t played by Jake Gyllenhaal–the character played by Jake Gyllenhaal is a man the real Quentin Beck hired to impersonate him.

Quentin Beck was the writer for their play. He orchastrated everything, but wasn’t on stage. He knew Mysterio would die at the end of the play because he wrote his death into the script, and he didn’t want to kill himself, so he declined the role. He remained anonymous. He introduced himself to the former employees of Stark Industries as Gutes Guterman, and none of them had any idea who he really was.

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