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#questar magazine

From 1980, my 4-page strip “Spaceman” that was published in Questar (Feb. ‘81, Vol. 3, No. 3). Back then, my forte was twist-of-fate science fiction stories featuring unhappy astronauts 🙂. As this was created during my last year at NIU, I probably shoulda been in painting class; alas, getting my work published in slick, newsstand magazines proved to be a bit distracting! Media is India ink and watercolor. Note: not my scans.

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Questar magazine Nov 1979. A nicely produced but short lived fanzine

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Flashback Friday! The first page of “Spaceman,” a short comic strip of mine that was published in Questar magazine in 1980. Media: Technical pen and Dr. Ph. Martin’s Radiant Concentrated Watercolor.

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Questar magazine June 1980. One of the many magazines that popped up in the wake of the original Star Wars movie. Questar was a confused mess in terms of subject matter but was always nicely presented.

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Illustration about sci-fi pinball machines from Questar magazine June 1981

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