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So we found the term araisagenic (a system formed due to MaDD or escapism, the headspace is fused with the paracosms) and it resonated pretty deeply but we were curious if there were any terms that just refered to one’s paracosm(s) being fused with one’s headspace?

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do you like lemon demon still or am i just gay cause i love lemon demon……… oh and if you do, should i do lemon demon art :3 i mean technically i did so like ???????????

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which hlvrai character should i draw, all of them are valid so i will do the ‘background characters’ too.

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Hi, I’m the ENTP 6w7 from a couple weeks ago who had a falling out with my (probably?) ENTJ friend. I don’t know if you remember that submission, but it isn’t all that important for context I guess.

When I am trying to recall things that I did and the things the other person did that made me upset, I always second guess myself on what I’m upset about, if it really happened, or if I just experienced it like that in my head. I have a hard time being able to tell if I’m remembering things correctly or not. I want to tell my friend what made me upset, I’ve contemplated just keeping my grievances to myself, but I don’t think it will do either of us any good in the long run if I don’t bring up the things he did that upset me. The only thing is, I am afraid that I’ll end up accusing my friend of something he didn’t do, or that I’m upset about something trivial or something that isn’t as important or valid as what he’s upset about. I am also afraid that bringing up what I’m upset about will be akin to guilt tripping. I feel like I’m stuck in this constant loop of “This is what happened. -No, wait, maybe that’s not what happened? -No, I wouldn’t be remembering it like that if it really didn’t happen….., etc. etc.” I don’t really know what I should do.

I’m wondering if this is related to Ne at all, or if it has to do with enneagram?

Thanks for taking the time to give advice to everyone, btw. You really help a lot!

I do this all the time and it sucks. It comes from Ne-dom seeking a ‘fair trial’ for the other person ahead of your own personal hurts and feelings, and being a 6 also is causing you to second guess what you remember (weak Si, being railroaded by endless possibilities Ne). The ONLY thing that will fix it is to forget and move forward about the stuff he has done in the past, but from this moment on keep an “angry diary” where you record the incident as you think it happened immediately after it happens and record your feelings about it. That will both help you get it out of your head, allow you to ‘see it’ on paper – and there you can go back 2 days or a week later and go either “wow, that was a lousy thing for them to do…” or “wow… that was immature of me to overreact like that…” and have a record of your feelings for future consultation, to keep you mindful of them.

In general, it is not fair to hold grudges against people and bring up ancient history in a feelings-dump, no. You should either learn to address problems within 24 hours if they upset you or let them go. Immediately allows you to clear the air and has the incident fresh in your mind – later, you’ve forgotten the details and only remember the feelings.

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What is Alice from Alice in Wonderland (live-action movies)’s tritype?


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<div> —  Rainer Maria Rilke </div><span>At present, you need to live the questions.</span>
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I’m curious to know, so reblog this and let me know:

Who is your number one celebrity for who you’d break up with your significant other?

Mins is Tom Hiddleston.

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The sun, moon, ocean, my bed and @superwholockian93 😘

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This line from Machine Head’s song “Game Over” is so ingenious and relatable from my perspective:

If life is just a game then game over

Because… from my perspective it is basically the same as saying “Yo, your life is just a bug fucking failure!” and for some reason… that really resonates with me.
I don’t know if it’s because I failed at life or because I started life with the “Autism” debuff and acquired the “Depression” curse early in my playthrough.

So, on that note… Anyone know how to access the cash shop for buying in-game currency and buffing items? 😅

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“Different eyes see different things”

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Thought of the day: Tell me guys, what if an AI Robot has the image of Person A in their memory (possesses the facial recognition ability if needed). At the same time, the robot writes Person A’s name down in the Death Note with its mechanical arm. Would Person A die?

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Everyone says to ask out your crush because the worst thing that can happen is them saying no, but for me idk abt anyone elseee, but the worst thing that could happen is they say yes and then they realize I’m not who they thought I was and I just disappoint them

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Ah, the Birthday Blog Takeovers?

It’s true that Miss Raven has a birthday (July 27), which happens to also be Leona’s birthday. That date is when she was formally introduced on this blog; it’s not my actual birthday.

The original intention for birthday takeovers was to allow readers to wish the TWST boys a happy birthday. I didn’t intend to do one for Miss Raven, but I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea if readers are interested. Due to the date though, this may result in a double takeover with Miss Raven and Leona (similar to what I did with the twins’ birthday in November).

For those of you who were around during EBG, you may recall the cat and the corvid’s “totally real friendship”, which will probably come back in spades

Please let me know if this is something you would want to see.

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What’s the most generic Batman villain you can come up with in 30 seconds, Requirements

• must have a gimmick that helps the brave bay boy solve the crime

• Give them a cheesy catchphrase cause why not

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Guys… is it bad to use references and bases when doing your art work?

I use them on almost every piece I do because frankly I suck at anatomy and sometimes need to look at a reference image to get the colors shape, or perspective right.

I was drawing with my tablet and computer and my step mom made a comment about me cheating and it confused me only for her to come back later and say that she knows I didn’t completely freehand the drawing and such and it just made me feel really bad…

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Do y’all like my writing or art better?

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