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“That’s good! I’m glad to hear it - ah, Volkan, be careful! There’s still mantis monsters running around here, don’t get too far ahead!”

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I haven’t forgotten about you guys I promise! I’ve been focussing on my rune readings and mindfulness/meditation guides over on instagram @themindfulnessmagpie but I can’t get it to link to my tumblr! *grrr* I will try to figure something out I promise. I’m still here! In the meantime I’m happy to do a bit of a Q+A if you guys have anything you wanna ask :)

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“Hey there! We’re finally away from the river, and the perpetual storm that comes with it… of course, that means we’re dealing with the Snail Wasteland, now. At least that’s mostly cliffs and stuff.”

Volkan’s already started climbing one in Dash Newt form.

“Someone’s eager, huh~? Anyhow, how’re you doing?”

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Genuine question: How do you determine that a trans victim of murder was killed specifically because of the attacker’s anti-trans sentiment?

Ps. Please don’t attack me, I’m very much open to opinions, explanations and constructive criticism in the case I sound insensitive(?).

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The North Node is an agitator and amplifies the planet it resides with.

In this NN/Moon case that can mean creating overblown and dramatic reactions.

The NN also rules almost desire and taking risks.  When the Moon is involved it can mean taking risks to attain things you long for.  Whether they be emotional connections or things that make you feel balanced.

The NN is also linked with innovation.  When it’s with the Moon it can create a very imaginative personality that is good with coming up with imaginative new ideas.  Downside?  The North Node also rules delusion.  When conjunct with the Moon it can overblow the imagination and create delusion.

The NN also is affiliated with the rejection of the traditional or bucking trends of society.  So this combination of them together can create a somewhat offbeat, weird, or eccentric personality.  There can be a love of foreign things.  Maybe wanting to live in a foreign place.  An obsession of going against the grounds of the nurturing giving to you. Rejecting the mother might be something seen here. Maybe even rejecting the culture (which can even be seen with NN in 4th as well.)

Another thing I can think of….The North Node is linked with the future.  What you ultimately striving for.  When the Moon is conjunct NN is can create thinking that is always locked into the future. For some, this can manifest as letting go of nostalgia easy.  Why think about the past, it just holds you back.  You get obsessed with what you CAN change and effect, and not what is done and over with.

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So I personally use an app that’s literally called collage maker, and upload photos I find to the app to put into moodboards. I’m not sure what other mods use, but that’s personally what I do! <3

-Mod Maggie

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do you guys eat bread after the expiration date? like one day after

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