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#question to my followers

If I did a designated day and time where I hosted a game of Among Us for you guys to join, would you guys like that or no? I love Among Us and I could actually interact with you guys! You can comment on this post or send something in anonymously! If y’all think you’ll want it, I can even create a post with more info if you guys want.  

You can track this progression with ‘#pappydaddy’s among us game’. 

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Just curious – are there those of you who would want to read my Untamed fic series if I posted it here on Tumblr? (Currently, I post it on AO3 and link it here – which I would continue to do, regardless – but I worry my posts about it are getting lost because of the whole Tumblr Hates Outside Links thing).

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If I made discord server would you like to join it to casually interact with me? No hard feelings if you don’t.

If you do, write in the notes under this post, or give a like. I will then send you an invite privately. It’s a precaution to avoid trolls and such.

DO NOT reblog.

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Should I make a post showing off all the adventurer illustrations from Goblin Slayer: the endless revenge? I pretty much have everyone (except for dwarf).

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question regarding liveblogging: 

do you think it’s better (do you prefer) when liveblogs are all in one post, like the person just reblogs the post over and over again but with new thoughts as they are watching something or makes new, individual posts throughout the course of their liveblog?

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This question is really for my witchy followers, but anyone can answer!

What sort of original content would you like to see from me? Spells, DIY, Information dumps?

I have been out of the community for a while and want to get back in. I do love that people come to me asking questions but I want to give more. Please let me know what y’all would be interested in.

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Do you have a problem with reading long parts in cursive? I’m writing aa story with a lot of longer flashbacks and I think the easiest way to make a difference between the past and the presents is to just write the past in cursive, but I’m not sure if this might be irritating for some of you to read

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Please send me your thoughts in my ask box but do you guys want me to make a master list of my fanfictions and

a master list for tagging people for new fics or fic updates? if so check out my ao3 VirusZeref and tell me which fics you want to be updated about or which fics you want me to venture into

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i want to write a short stand alone series with drake x camille but…

1. i’m paranoid that i’m posting too many fics and it’s clogging up people’s dashes

2. would anyone be interested in reading it? 

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*Hey guys mod Lae here, I’m thinking of doing a stream later on twich where I will draw Deltarune related stuff. I might also show you the work process on the blog answers if I have the time. Would y’all be on board with that?

PS. I won’t show my face and rarely my voice.

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