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At which point do I stop fighting?

At which point is the breaking point?

When do I let go?

Do I wait until I’m completely broken and can’t put myself back together again?

Is it then?

Am I kidding myself for thinking you will prove me wrong and you will be the man I know you can be?

Am I a fool for thinking my love for you can be enough?

Am I a fool for thinking this is just a bump in the road?

When do I put down the gloves?

When do I put down the armour

and say

I’m done.

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goldon - favorite stationary product?

hmm.. this is a good one :0.. i really like those miniature spiral notebooks,, SPECIFICALLY these ones i think? theyre really pretty and i love decorating + coloring them 🥺


mochi - favorite studio ghibli film?

oohh.. thats a tie between ponyo and princess mononoke, i think !! leaning towards the latter ;w; ?

strawberry - favorite fruit?

strawberry !! no competition there fjdhvBDBB

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I’m always here! Well not all the time but I’ll look through my messages when I get the chance 💕

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I’m really uncertain about meeting new people. I take quite the unusual amount of time getting to know someone before I actually meet in person. If you’re trying to meet me, you should probably start talking to me now 🙃

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I realize I haven’t posted a thing today…. okay, here’s a question for everyone who wants to, to answer :

What do you imagine to be some of the other supporting characters in The Hunger Games names?

For example, Katniss’ mom. Katniss’ dad. Peeta’s mom. Peeta’s dad. Peeta’s brothers. The Mayor. Snow’s granddaughter? Any other random character. Katniss wasn’t always the best in letting us know people’s real names 😂🤦🏼‍♀️.

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I do! They will be with my future man 😁

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Whoever you are, thank you! I hope you’re doing well wherever you are 🥰

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Hi 👋 Thank you for sending this my way! I do love coffee! Some days I will have my iced latte and drink milk tea later in the day 😁 I mainly use a Nespresso machine or I go to Blue Bottle and Peet’s. I do appreciate the recommendation and will definitely look into this 🙏💕

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¿Cómo sacar tus sentimientos si nunca has podido? ¿Qué hacer si el miedo a la soledad, el reproche y el “qué diran” ? ¿Cómo decir cuando me duele la indiferencia si temo ser tratada de peor forma? ¿Existe alguna forma en la que pueda soltar esos sentmientos que siempre he querido sacar?

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