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boreddd as fuck right now 🥺 quarantined for the past 2 and a half weeks

Ask me a question and I’ll ask you one in return !

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hi, it’s me again, with another question

you see i’m making drawings to decorate my room and i remember i once read that Lucifer likes sweets like chocolate and honey

is it true? i don’t want to spit out frogs

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40, 42, 47?

40: Do you have a crush on any of your mutuals?


42: Describe the hottest person you know.

Two legs, two arms, all the standard face stuff.

47: If you could marry any celebrity who would you pick?

None and no one.

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12, 22, 35?

12: What’s one of your fantasies?

I become a multi-billionaire and give like 90% of my money away and keep enough to live comfortably while hopefully helping people.

22: Tag someone you think is hot.

@ all of my followers and @ everyone I’m following.

35: Do you have a crush on anyone?


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If I started to post some new Open Starters for my muses, would any of you (followers/following/users who are looking at my profile) want to respond to them?

Because I might start posting some in a couple days, if anyone is interested of course.

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Tagged by @whitecircusbird , Tankiu, for tagging me~ C:

Nickname: Sandía (Watermelon), in spanish for my lastname, or, Laish, like a diminutive.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 148 cm 4.85 ft

Hogwart House: I’ve never watched Harry Potter.

Last thing I googled: “Timer, Fluidsim”

Song stuck in my head: indigo la End 「通り恋」 (Street love).

Following and followers: 670/95

Amount of sleep: Deppending of the day; when i have to work and study 5 hours and the weekends 7 hours.

Dream job: Production boss or maintenance boss.

Favourite songs :

  1. 505 - Artic Monkeys
  2.  Fluorescent Adolescent - Artic Monkeys
  3. Spark - Taeyeon
  4. Glitter and gold - Barns Courtney
  5.  Heroine - Sleeping with sirens
  6. The other side od the paradise - Glass Animals
  7. Bad - Royal Deluxe
  8. Tulip - Indigo la end
  9. 雫に恋して - indigo la End
  10. 「ほころびごっこ」 - indigo la End
  11. Crying End Roll - Indigo la End (Full album )

Instruments: Nope

Random fact: I did practice Taekwondo and I did studied Culture and Language japanese.

Favourite author: Mario Mendoza, Inio Asano (浅野 いにお), Haruki Murakami (村上 春樹).

Favourite animal sounds: The ‘tweet’ of a Tufted Sparrow.

Aesthetic: Short hair of black and purple color with black fashion clothes. And this

Tagging: @kuninika <3 and  @if-that-so . Do this only if you want. 

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For the ask meme... #18, #24, #27

18: What tattoos do you want?

“You’re gonna carry that weight” or “So it goes” in a simple font.

24: What are three places you want to travel?

London, Croatia, and NYC

27: What’s your pet peeve?

When people don’t use their blinkers.

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What kinds of questions do you guys most enjoy answering about your OCs?

I’m trying to make another ask meme but Idk what people actually like to be asked.

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20: What’s something you’re obsessed with?

Not obsessed with but I am very paaaionaye about history and what it can teach us.

32: What fictional world do you want to live in?


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Totally not a venting question, do you ever have this one sketchbook you gotta hide from that one parent cause it's filled with gore and they think that you're screwing up your mental health? -Bookworm Anon

if i still had parents i would kick them in the throat for looking in my direction. however i think i know what you mean. like hiding that one thing from the “parental figure” or else youll get put on suicide watch with the cameras in the living room again. good times. i suggest loose floor boards, under loose carpet (where people dont step), under dressers, a school locker or some place they dont have access to.

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Hi Kait. As someone interested in switching their program to art history, I'm curious to know what you took away from your studies in the subject. How did it shape who you are now and how you see the world, and the work you do? Thank you kindly xx

Art history changed how I see and interact with everything, just like studying fine art did. I wanted to pursue it further by doing research and writing; specifically revising the dialogue surrounding modern art and the countless women artists and artists of color who were left out of it. I never got to do that, but perhaps maybe that’s what you’ll do? 

I can’t tell you that it will lead to anything concrete or tangible, and it most definitely won’t lead to money. But that part of my education shaped and informed the way I experience the world; the way I read books and watch films and write. If you care enough about it, you should do it. The only thing I can promise you is that you will love your education – you will love the lectures, the term papers, even the studying for exams. Sometimes the things that are most worth doing feel like a huge leap of faith. 

Best of luck to you. x

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angrysnakes replied to your post “weaned rosette’s litter last week and now they’re trying to stasis? …”

Would you be able to go a bit into what stasis is/what causes it/how to handle it?


gut stasis is when the gut literally stops moving.  this is usually caused by the rabbit not eating, or a buildup of gas in the gut.  rabbits’ gut systems are very fine-tuned machines, and if a rabbit doesn’t eat, its gut stops working, and they starve to death very rapidly.

usually bloat goes hand in hand with stasis, as gas builds up in the guts from food over-fermenting, causing pain, which causes the rabbit to not want to eat, ad infinitum.  it’s common in weaning kits that will get stressed and not want to eat after being taken away from their dam, during food changes, or rabbits who have been moved recently.  providing lots of extra hay can sometimes help, which is why i mentioned it in the tags.  i have admittedly stopped giving my rabbits daily hay due to the effort involved, but i think i really should get back into it now that i have lots of litters on the ground and in the oven.

the treatment for stasis is to try to get the rabbit to eat so that the gut gets going again.  because of the pain caused by bloat, this can be hard to do, and often requires force-feeding the rabbit a high-nutrient liquid diet along with pain and anti-gas medication.

so far it seems none of the kits are in need of force-feeding, but i’m keeping a close eye on them.  they aren’t particularly bloated but a few are very thin and poorly.  

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How do your character(s) feel about ASMR?

  • Does it relax them or make them feel uncomfortable?
  • What types of sounds do they prefer?
  • Are there any sounds they really don’t like or can’t handle?
  • How often do they listen to/watch ASMR?
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hey whatre the textures of the bunnyblobs? like are they smooth and glassy or jelly feeling or rocks and energy or what?

The Bejeweled bunnyblob eggs are like those sticky hand toys, squishy, and sticky. So if an owner were to throw one on a ceiling that egg would stay there and not fall down unless somone pulls it off. It’s why when females are laying their eggs they make sure to give them a sticky coating so they stay in place and don’t roll away. The gems are protected inside the egg yet can still be seen clear as day.

As for the buns themselves when they hatch from their eggs they are smooth and squishy like Orbeez but firmier. Almost like a stress ball. The gems that they have are smooth and cold. If you ever held a smooth pebble before thats exactly what they’re gems feel like.

A litle side not, Bejeweled bunnyblob and their eggs do have magic within them. Its highly compatable with other types of magic which makes it very easy for them to be treated and taken cared of easily by their owners.

(I hope this helped UwU also if there is more questions don’t be shy to ask.)

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So here’s a discussion question for my Tumblr folks: If you could see any event from history made into a well-produced movie or TV series, what would it be? 

I can think of a lot of possibilities, but I think I’d most love to see a Band of Brothers style series based on the march of the 10,000, chronicled in Xenophon’s Anabasis. In 401 BC, ten thousand Greek mercenaries march across Persia beside the armies of Cyrus the Younger to unseat his brother, King Artaxerxes. The Greeks take part in various battles and skirmishes along the way and play a pivotal role in the Battle of Cuxana against the King’s armies. Unfortunately, Cyrus gets himself killed in that final battle, rendering the entire expedition pointless. The Greeks find themselves forced to march their happy asses across foreign and very hostile territory to get home.

Ideally, I’d like to see a 3-4 season series made out of it. The first season details the recruitment of the Cyrus’s army and their march toward Babylon. Then the season ends with the big climactic battle at Cuxana, but with the plot twist of Cyrus getting himself killed during the battle. The remaining seasons deal with the army’s march back across Persia and the various battles and hardships they faced during their journey. Thoughts?

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