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Is anyone ever actually okay?

What’s it like to be happy?

What’s it like to actually like yourself?

What’s it like to be able to truly trust yourself and your judgements?

What’s it like to be healthy?

What’s it like not overthinking?

What’s it like to be in love and have it not be destroyed?

What’s it like being stable?

What is everything?

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Christmas asks

17.     Do you like Christmas shopping?

I do like Christmas shopping. I like buying things for people that I think they might like and havn’t seen before. I think I’m known for giving ‘weird gifts’  LOL

I do this annoying thing every year though, as December arrives, (I start xmas shopping in august to spread the cost) I start to panic, I think that I havn’t bought people enough things, or that the things I’ve got, aren’t good enough for them. I start having anxiety that they won’t like what I’ve bought them and it’s now getting too late to buy some other things…. every year I do this to myself… ‘facepalm’

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*What do you think of me?

*What do you think of my (shitty) stories?

*What could I do better at writing or personality-wise?

*What do you want me to do more often?

*How often would you prefer me to put out story updates?

These are questions I asked on Wattpad but feel free to fill it out.

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First off, thank you that is super sweet of you to say that. I hope the same for you as to everyone. 💜 and lastly, I’m not sure how you would know that but, but I definitely always give it my all.

Thank you, anon. ☺

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1. Ever cheated on someone? How many times?:

Never I’m not a piece of shit :)

2. How old were you when you lost your virginity? Or if you are a virgin, what age do you think you’ll lose it at?:


3. How many people have you given oral sex to?:

A few

4. Do you know anyone who was raped? How many people?:

Nobody personally but I’m sure there are a lot that I’m unaware about

5. Did you ever do anything sexual on your parents bed?:


6. Ever been “the other person” in an affair?:

No that’s pathetic 😩

7. How many people do you have a crush on right now?:


8. How many people have you been in love with?:


9. Ever had a one night stand?:


10. Ever gotten drunk and couldn’t remember the night?:


11. Ever been sexually harassed and/or assaulted?:


12. Ever had a crush on your neighbor?:


13. Ever snuck out of the house?:


14. How many illegal drugs have you tried?:


15. Do you do any drug regularly?:

No lol

16. If you’re underage, do you still drink and/or smoke cigarettes?:

I’m not underage

17. Ever cut yourself? How long ago?:

Yeah, a few months ?

18. Ever attempted suicide?:

Kinda but not rly

19. Ever been to therapy? Why for?:


20. Have you ever been so upset that you stopped eating?:


21. Are you clinically depressed? Are you taking anything for it?:


22. Ever hooked up with someone and regretted it?:

Never hooked up wjrh someone

23. How old were you when you first got kissed?:

18 rip

24. Is there any “friend” of yours that you secretly hate but talk to anyway?:

No I cut them out

25. Ever been in a relationship and wanted to end it, but stuck with it for some reason?:


26. Ever sent naked pictures to someone?:


27. What about sent them to someone you met over the internet?:

Yeah lmao

28. Ever been abused?:


29. Did you ever run away? How long were you gone for and what happened?:


30. Do you ever lie to yourself about things so much that you believe it?:


31. Ever liked someone else while dating someone?:

Not rly besides crushing on actors

32. Ever dated a friend’s ex?:

No that’s really fucking weird don’t do that lol

33. Ever done something with your friend’s significant other?:

No wtf

34. Did anyone ever confide in you about being gay/lesbian?:


35. Have you ever questioned your sexuality?:


36. Do you know of someone who has done a horrible crime but never got caught?:


37. Ever stole a large sum of money?:


38. Ever purposely threw up?:

Yes but that’s bc I was sick and wanted to throw up

39. Ever had an eating disorder? What happened?:


40. Did you or anyone you know have an abortion?:


41. Were you or any of your siblings an accident?:


42. Ever found porn on your parents’ computer?:


43. Do you look at porn?:


44. How many people have seen you naked in person?:

A few

45. What about through pictures?:

A shit ton

46. Ever had phone sex and/or cybered?:

Yes lol

47. Ever got a piercing behind your parents’ back?:


48. Ever sold or bought an illegal substance (drugs, or something you shouldn’t be buying at your age, things like that)?:


49. What’s your #1 biggest fear?:

Dying idk

50. Have you ever faced that fear? What happened?:


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5 questions I ask God (p.II)

- Bones in a drought are weaker than my own yet I have traced the path of exactly why your delicacies feel so heavy & “At the very least of my problems are the ones that I have met”.

…like that. It is like that and I know it. You do, don’t you? It’s puddles on mud roads and holes in my little blue anchor rainboots; it’s a mouthfull of breakfast and a speech tickling my tongue.



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We’re pleased to inform you, #Registration will begin from #December 15th 2020 onward for 1st #international #aviation #quiz #championship. 

Details to #register.
#Signup/#Login at our #website and Click on Team Register (#Available from Dec 15th 2020 onwards

Team member Size : 4 ( 3 #members will be permitted to #participate and 1 #replacement. If required)
#Qualifying Rounds Details: (#Objectivetype) Round 1 : 100 #Questions (No Negative #Marking)Round 2 : 100 #Questions (Time frame 60 minute)Round 3 : 100 #Questions (Time frame 60 minutes with #Negative #marking)

Further details will be followed by.

#InAerCamp #VeAer

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