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Durpleton: Glendale has done time.
Horse: What for?
Durpleton: Nobody knows, she changes the story every time you ask her.
Glendale: I defrauded a major corporation.
Glendale: I robbed the second largest bank in Centaurworld using only a ballpoint pen.
Glendale: I created a hole in the ozone layer.
Glendale: I killed a man with this thumb.
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waraosaka · 12 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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shoyotime · 29 days ago
first snow with them but instead they make you a cup of hot chocolate to enjoy while you both sit by the window, your head against their chest, both wrapped inside a blanket as the snow falls outside
atsumu, iwaizumi, akaashi, sakusa, tendou, ushijima, oikawa, sugawara
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zahhcock · a month ago
what dating them feels like (>//<)
includes; izuku, eijirou
details; gn! reader, senairos, short
inspo; post by @keigravy
word count; 353 (it’s short ik)
i wanted to add katsu but im lazy :((
dating izuku feels like pulling an all nighter right before your final exam. its 6am the day before; you're scribbling with a cheap blue ballpoint pen onto a piece of notebook paper, the only light coming from your computer screen with google pulled up as the sun slowly rises and peeks through your curtain. your eyes are heavy and sore, your eyebrows furrowed at the information you didn't fully understand that you were writing. dating izuku feels like walking into the classroom a few hours after, sleepy and anxious. sitting down at the small, uncomfortable desk chairs and waiting for the teacher to pass out the exam papers, getting them and staring in fear and disbelief. you rush through the test just to get it over with, but waiting a few minutes before turning it in. you whisper to your friend next to you, asking if they thought it was easy, then turning it in to the professor. dating izuku feels like the smile on your face finding out you and your friends all passed, despite everything.
dating eijirou feels like calling your friends late at night. your phone laying next to you on a pillow with your headphones plugged in, laying down on your mattress in plaid pj pants and your favorite hoodie. you mumble jokes and incoherent statements into the microphone, your friends’ sleepy giggling at your tired voice. all of you are tired and about to pass out, but still ignoring your bodies’ need to sleep in favor of staying up. dating eijirou feels like, one by one, each person on call falling asleep, leaving you the last person awake. you listen with a smile to your friends’ snores and ruffling in their bed as they didn't hang up. you close your eyes and giggle when one of your friends sleep talk about a stupid dream they were having. you roll over on your side, hugging a plushie to your chest. dating eijirou feels like waking up the next morning, still connect to the call, you and all your friends laughing at how you all fell asleep together.
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duskholland · a year ago
frat!tom inviting you to one of their ragers and all of his brothers trying to be a wingman for him bc they all know he’s had his eye on you the whole semester 😂 bc your friends would be like since when did you become friends with all these frat bros and you’re like idk what’s going on rn you’d be so confused lmao.
god this is such a cute idea...my heart. cw: alcohol + fluff.
finishing up some frat!tom blurbs !!
*:·゚✧*:·゚✧ *:·゚✧*:·゚✧ *:·゚✧*:·゚✧
The first time it happens, you find it funny. The second, you feel a little uncertain but laugh it off. But the third time you’re approached by one of the fratboys hosting the party and offered a round of the house’s finest drinks, you can’t deny your complete bemusement.
“Since when did you become friends with so many frat bros?” Your friend, Val, whispers, clinging to your arm as one of the men, a shorter lad called Harry, dishes out shots to you and all of your friends. You accept one with a smile before dropping your voice.
“I didn’t,” you mutter. “I don’t understand what’s going on right now.”
You’ve barely done your shot when there’s a presence beside you.
“Y/N! Pleased you could make it.” You turn to see Harrison there, the vice-president of the frat. He’s in a SnapBack and a black T-shirt, smirking widely. “Do you and your friends want to come and play beer pong with us?”
You exchange a glance with Val, who giggles.
“Why not,” you agree.
You’re swept over to the large patio with a few of your friends, and you barely have time to process what’s happening before Harrison is claiming you as his partner and pulling you around to his side of the table. Val stands at the other end, and you watch, confused, as she asks one of the fratboys to partner with her, only for him to agree, look across the table and see you, then immediately shake his head and announce,
“Wait— no, I can’t. Stay here. One second.”
He runs away and Val raises a brow, but before you can speak to her, Harrison is poking at your arm.
“So,” he says, smirking softly. “How are you finding the party, Y/N? Anyone catch your eye?”
You furrow your brows, crossing your arms over your chest as you eye him carefully. You’ve not spent much time with Harrison before. Yes, you’ve been to a few parties together and played some games of truth or dare, but you’ve not developed such a deep connection that would warrant such attention. You find it suspicious.
“It’s a good party,” you agree, “though, I don’t think you guys have ever hosted a bad one.”
Harrison nods, pride reflecting in his eyes. “Well, thanks.” He digs his hands into his pockets. “It’s all Tom. He does all the planning and organising. He’s a great guy.” Harrison nudges you gently. “A really great guy.”
You start to wonder if the reason for your sudden catapult to centre of attention is more straightforward than you’d first thought.
“—Ahh, there he is, actually. What good timing.”
You look across the table, your breath hitching as your eyes fall upon the figure of Tom Holland, president of the frat, and your study partner from english lit. He looks good, wrapped up in a blue flannel and a black t-shirt, with a dark cap resting on his curls. His eyes seek yours out immediately and you raise a hand in greeting, feeling your lips twitch into a soft smile as he walks towards you.
“Y/N, darling!” Tom exclaims, greeting you with a hand on your hip and his lips on your cheek. “You look stunning tonight.” His fingers linger on your waist for a moment before he steps away, and his proximity grants you a deep whiff of his cologne.
“Thank you,” you reply, smiling shyly. “You look good too.”
“Thanks, love.” The tips of his teeth flint white as Tom beams at you. “I wasn’t sure if you’d come tonight. I’m glad you did.”
You tilt your head to the side. “Of course I would,” you say. You’d been overjoyed when he’d extended the invite to you, personally, and invited you and your friends to the biggest rager on campus. “I wanted to see you.”
It’s unclear if he’s blushing, or simply too warm, but you watch as Tom scratches the back of his neck and smiles almost shyly.
“I’m glad.” He clears his throat and his eyes flutter across the table, to where Harrison’s drifted around to stand beside Val. He nudges your arm, his elbow gentle. “Are you ready to win this?”
“Oh hell yeah. I was born ready.”
“That’s my girl.”
You feel your lips pull up, and try not to let him see the thrill that curls down your spine as you hear him speaking so affectionately to you.
The game goes by slowly, and you find yourself wondering how Harrison, usually so irritatingly good at beer pong, misses even the easiest of shots. If you didn’t know any better, you might be tempted to think he was trying to throw the game, yet Tom keeps you too busy to extensively ponder this thought. When you’re not on the receiving end of his smooth praises, you’re both listening to some of the fratbros who linger near, passing off compliment after compliment in Tom’s direction. They hype up almost every part of his person, pointing out, eagerly, and despite Tom’s obvious embarrassment, how good his grades have been, how he’s been learning to cook, how he’s a beast in the gym… Any positive to Tom that could be praised, is, and it leaves you smiling.
Much to your amusement, you end up winning the game. Once you’re suitably buzzed, you wave bye to Val and follow Tom back inside, his hand clinging to yours. You watch, amused, as the crowd seems to part for you, multiple pairs of eyes following you and the way your fingers are linked with Tom’s. Whispers follow you, and you find yourself clinging closer to him, curling your arm around his as you shy into his side.
Tom takes you upstairs. He’d pulled you from the patio whispering about a book he’d borrowed from you a month ago and needed to return, but you know that his intentions go beyond the return of a simple favour.
“This is a nice room,” you say. It’s large, and on the top floor of the frat. It’s also the room that comes without a suite mate, courtesy of Tom’s status as president. There’s a large window set into the wall, a nice double bed, and even an en-suite.
You feel his hand briefly touch you back as Tom moves past you and walks over to his desk. You watch him rummage through a pile of papers and pens, his watch glinting.
“Thank you,” he responds, looking back over his shoulder at you. His thin lips quirk into a smile as he inclines his head towards his bed. “You can sit down if you want.”
You hum as you walk towards the bed, perching on the edge of the mattress with your legs crossed. After a few moments more, Tom releases a noise of triumph and holds up the borrowed book.
“Here you go,” he says, walking over to you. He passes you the book, and you promptly put it down beside you. “Thank you for letting me borrow it.”
“Of course,” you respond. You meet his eyes, getting momentarily lost in his caramel depths. “Hey, could I ask you a question?”
Tom nods, crossing his hands behind his back as he looks at you curiously. “Anything.”
You bite your lip before extending your hand towards him. When he takes it and easily loops your fingers together, you smile.
“Did you have all your frat brothers wingman you tonight?”
Tom hesitates, a hint of embarrassment curling over his face.
“You, uh, noticed that?” He asks, scratching at his neck.
You nod, smirking. “If the never ending supply of shots and compliments weren’t indication enough, Harrison also threw the game so we would win.”
Tom curses softly. “He’s such a twat,” he mutters. “But uh… Yeah, I guess. I just wanted you to have a good time tonight, Y/N. Some of them just took it a bit too far. I’m sorry if they made you feel uncomfortable.”
“They didn’t. I thought it was cute.” You hesitate, your eyes shifting over his face. “I think you’re cute.”
Tom shifts on his feet, seeming to stretch a little straighter as he smirks.
“And I think you’re absolutely gorgeous.” Using the hand intertwined with yours, Tom very gently helps you to your feet. His fingers slip down to your waist, where they rest, touch firm and warm. You like the feeling of being so close to him.
“So… What are you going to do about that?”
You bite your lip as his breath hitches, and then you let him pull you closer. His voice is lower, huskier, and it comes out lightly as his warm breath fans out across your face.
“I’m gonna kiss you,” he declares.
You give him the slightest nod before looping your arms around his neck, and then very slowly, and easily, Tom presses his lips to yours. It’s soft at first—carrying more care than you would’ve expected—but your eyes flutter shut as you enjoy the moment. It builds quickly, spiralling from a tender union of mouths to an intensely hot kiss, burning bright with passion as you feel him nibbling your lower lip. You part your lips, and your fingers dig into his curls as your tongues dance together, the kiss growing hotter and heavier as you curl in closer.
When you break away after a few moments of passionate kissing, you’re breathless but happy. You rest your palms on the flat of his shoulders and sigh contentedly, lips stinging softly.
“Next time you want to get closer to me, you can just ask me, y’know,” you tease. “I quite like spending time with you, Tom.”
His lips brush your cheek, and you feel him squeeze your waist.
“Noted, love.” He pauses for a moment, smirk biting at his lips. “Care to spend some time with me now, darling?”
You wrap your fingers around the top of his shirt and pull him closer, letting your lips brush over his as you smile.
“I think I’d like that very much.”
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hqtchner · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Aaron Hotchner + Hand + Wedding Ring (2x01)
1st gif makes my heart go woosh!
My gifs! Please give me credit if you use it.
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kurooskult · a year ago
❝ suna rintarō - because i know you ❞
Tumblr media Tumblr media
in which suna speaks his love language to you on one of the days you needed to hear it the most - x gn reader
Tumblr media
the balls of your feet ached and the weight of your shoulders felt as if it were seconds away from shattering through your entire body; not that you had enough energy to care, but that wasn’t the point. nothing seemed to be going right today, you weren't given the slightest fraction of lenience and the world had decided to curse you with nothing but misfortune.
deciding your day couldn’t get any worse, you dragged yourself back home to your apartment where you knew there would be limitations to what inconveniences you’d come across before the end of your painstakingly long day. after what felt like years, the elevators had reached your floor and you had never been so grateful to see the front door to your home just ahead. digging through your bag to retrieve the silver key to open the door, you huffed and scowled as your hand couldn't seem to find the small piece of silver metal. small mutters of ‘shit’ and ‘ugh’ left your lefts before you gave up and gently rested your head against the front door.
your eyes fluttered shut and you felt tears of frustration well up before your head lost contact with the solid front surface and you came crashing down onto something almost equally as hard but warm.
“rough day?”
suna looked at you from above, one hand on the opened door and the other now wrapped securely around your waist to prevent you from falling to the floor.
“asshole. you saw me struggling didn't you?” you scoffed peeking up at your tall boyfriend as a small smile graced his face.
“perhaps, but you can’t blame me. your little angry face is quite the pretty sight actually.”
you scoffed as his smile failed to falter. he ushered you inside and took your bag off your hands to drop by the front door.
“clothes off, go to the bathroom.”
“rin, i’m really not in the mood for-”
he cut you off with a shake to his head, his dark mop of hair swaying in the process.
“that’s not what i meant you little pervert. i’ve run a bath for you, you seemed tired.”
“yeah, ‘oh’, you seem a little shocked, do you really think i’m that inconsiderate. you’re breaking my heart angel.” your boyfriend had a playful grin tugged at his lips, a rare smile that he’d often display in small moments of teasing between the two of you. you flushed slightly upon hearing the affectionate pet name that was strictly reserved for you, and you alone. you shook your head and sighed, rubbing at your temples.
“no, sorry. you’re right, i am tired. how did you know though?”
suna’s expression didn’t change as he pulled his phone from the kitchen island. unlocking it and approaching you, suna showed you a conversation the two of you had had earlier during the day.
“blunt answers. i knew you were stressed.” he muttered before pressing a soft kiss to the top of your head.
“now,” he pulled away and stood in front of you. “go take that bath, my kindness isn’t going to go to waste.”
you rolled your eyes but smiled weakly at him in thanks before heading over to the bathroom like he suggested. the soft aroma and steam rising from the warm bathwater instantly eased the built up tension inside of you as you entered the sleek bathroom and noticed suna had laid out products you assumed he noticed you often opted to use. your heart fluttered at the sight. sure, running a bath for your significant other wasn’t a grand gesture, but this was suna’s love language. small acts of intimacy. it was little details and quirks of yours he picked up on and seemed to remember. he wasn’t partial to being excessive and evident in his acts of love to you, but he was rather more thoughtful and considerate in his approaches to show you that he cared and did think about you.
stripping your clothes away, you felt each layer of stress lift off of you before completely evaporating as you stepped into the warm pool of water. your eyes fluttered shut as you let the soothing water soak in and eliminate each blemish of distress you had been bestowed upon throughout the course of the day.
fifteen minutes of lying in the tub and letting today’s feelings of inferiority and distracting melt away, you felt a little clingy. the warmth of the water only spreading throughout your body easing you into the feeling of a heavy sleep wave beginning to tide in.
“rin!” you softly called, voice bouncing off the pretty white porcelain tiles of the bathroom, echoing through the hall.
“you called?” he stood in the frame of the doorway a few seconds after calling for him. his lean figure blocking the faint golden light drifting through from the living room. you watched as his sharp eyes drank in your body soaking in the clear hot water. a small smile playing on his lips as he sighed after a moment.
“and you called me the pervert.” you raised an eyebrow sitting up a little more. your boyfriend snickered before approaching you and kneeling by the edge of the bathtub.
“you,” he began, sincere eyes meeting your own. “are really something else.”
you hummed before suna started to life his shirt above his head. you couldn’t have torn your eyes away even if you wanted to. suna was sculpted beautifully, as if the gods had spent an exaggerated amount of time specifically on him, not a chip or scratch permitted on their art, the finest marble was used with care and polished to perfection to craft none other than suna rintarō.
“you gonna move up or am i gonna freeze here naked in our bathroom all night?”
you ripped your gaze off his chest for just a moment to meet a playful grin and soft eyes adorning his face. you had been so distracted admiring your pretty boyfriend, you had failed to noticed he had completely stripped.
“whatever.” you muttered hoping the steam was enough to mask your slight fluster. you moved forward slightly allowing suna access into the tub. the tub was spacious enough for two, suna had suggested it before moving in admitting he wasn’t a fan of the cramps he’d get after waking up in the bath after falling asleep after training. his legs at the sides of your body as your back was met to his bare chest.
“hands where i can see them.” he teased as you scoffed.
the two of you stayed like that for a while. his fingers lazily dragging circles upon the top of your thigh as you hummed in satisfaction. his soft breath ticking your neck as he leaned in closer to press soft kisses along your neck and jawline.
“not complaining, but why are you suddenly being like this?” you whispered with a small smile.
“because you need it right now.”
“and how would you know that?” you challenged, playfulness lacing your tone delicately.
“because i know you.”
you laughed softly and leaned back further into his chest as he sighed.
“i know i’m not always the most vocal about it, but i do know you. i know when you’re tired you need attention, i know you hate wearing wet socks so you always carry another pair with you, i know you hate it when people chew loudly, i know your shoulders ache after most days, i know you angel and i do love you.” he mumbled closely to your ear, the kisses to your neck and jawline never stopping between his words.
you bit the inside of your cheek as you processed his genuine words. sure, suna wasn’t huge on pda, but understandably so. that didn’t mean he loved you any less than people who did show their partners public displays of affection. the giddy feeling of being loved bubbled up inside your chest as you couldn’t hold back the wide smile pulling at your lips.
“i love you rintarō.” your words honest and pure alike to his own.
“i don’t blame you.” he shot back as you flicked the water back into his face. his face scrunched as he turned away just in time before squeezing your thigh slightly as he steadied himself.
“let’s stay like this for a while.” he muttered, eyes fluttering shut as he pulled you back to lean on his further. “we can have dinner in a bit, i sometimes like to be selfish too when it comes to you.” he admitted his words showing no signs of deception.
“be as selfish as you want. i’m yours for as long as you need it too. because, i know you too rintarō, and i know you need us like this at times too.”
love languages never had to be explicitly spoken words, but rather a form of communication, whether that was spoken or unspoken between the two of you. just a way to let each other know that you did love each other as much as the other. while not always vocal about it, you understood suna’s small ways of telling you he was in love, and it was small acts like this that you knew he was chanting he loved you a million times over.
Tumblr media
general taglist → @atsumuwoah @bloody-bella @bbymilkbread @miracleboy420 @doggonudez @tsumue @peteunderoos @tsukkisbean @saturnfarie @dear-kozume @zumisace @boosyboo9206 @totorosleaff @27kei @dai-tsukki-desu @angrylittleriri @tsukkaria @kuxredere @warakou @iss6s @lovinnoya @sophiashortcake @wompwomphq @waitforitillwritemywayout @webworld @brokeasshoee
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Tumblr media
I’ve got a feeling called the blues 💙
alternatively: sadtosugu
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verooquieremimir · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
For @chatnoirinette (carpisuns) dtiys on instagram ✧˖°
Congrats for your 2k (actually 2.5 woooow!) followers <3 You deserve all of them and more! And thanks for this dtiys, I had a lot of fun drawing him :D
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ:*.゚✧ Merry Christmas Eve/ Happy Holidays everyone!
My instagram :3
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Thrawn x fem grand admiral. General headcannons. Or perhaps his they spend time together and share fluffy affection
Note: these turned out pretty long lol
Pairing: Thrawn x reader
Warnings: none
Rating: G
Yes yes yes and yes!! I have always thought this type of pairing to be absolutely adorable!
You were fairly new at being a Grand Admiral, but you definitely earned your rank. Your fleet was organized, but you weren’t overly strict or punishing. You understood what it was like to work on a Star Destroyer since you did so, yourself, in the beginning of your career. So, you always told your subordinates to speak their minds since you weren’t the only one working in your fleet.
You probably met Thrawn at some party or gala you both were practically forced to attend. Many high ranking officers and other socialites tried talking to you, and you indulged them, albeit with few words. 
It wasn’t until you ran into Thrawn did you truly start talking. He was unlike anyone you had ever met and you found a sort of companionship with the Grand Admiral of the Seventh Fleet.
He understood your way of leading and you both found different aspects of your Fleets that were quite similar, and some that were different but also interesting, to say the least. 
You and Thrawn found ways to speak more frequently after that first encounter. Even though you were extremely busy most of the time, you would consult each other on different problems and would talk for hours into the night.
You didn’t know where it exactly came from, but after a few months of talking and your friendship growing, you found that you were also developing feelings for the Chiss. 
Thrawn was unique, but he was also loyal and kind, in his own way. He cared for those close to him, although it was hard to see that, but you did. And you found yourself wanting to spend so much more time with him.
It was even more surprising when he confessed first.
It was during one of the very few days you had off on Coruscant. Thrawn had invited you to tour an art gallery he had been wanting to go to, which you gladly accepted -- that was another thing you had in common, a love for art. 
You had been walking through the gallery, not really paying attention to the art so much as the Chiss beside you. You were working up the courage to tell him how you felt when he stopped in front of a particular painting.
It was beautiful, to say the least. It’s myriad of colors ranging from subtle pinks to deep reds was truly breathtaking.
“This piece is one I’ve studied for many years,” Thrawn stood tall, his gaze never leaving the painting as yours never left him. “I never could understand what it meant. Which was something strange for me, as art is something I try to understand completely.” He then turned to you, his piercing red eyes staring into yours. “But now, now I believe I have finally figured it out.” His cold hand reached to cup your face, you let out a quiet gasp. “I could never have understood it until now. Until I met you. I never understood love, until I met you.”
You shared your first kiss then. In front of a masterpiece depicting two figures embracing amongst the colors of their love. And that became a memory you would cherish for years and years to come.
Marriage was never something you had thought to be a possibility in your career. You were dedicated to the Empire and to the Empire only, and yet Thrawn changed that for you.
He made you want to be married. To have someone you could call home rather than the cold ship you were always in. 
And so you did. You, the Grand Admiral of the Fifth Fleet, and Thrawn, the Grand Admiral of the Seventh Fleet, got married in a quiet and small ceremony. But that was all you needed. Since he truly was your home, and you were his.
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omoridrabbles · 19 days ago
Autistic Mari hcs!
Happy stims by tapping her fingers/feet(especially during a song), twirling her hair, pressing her hands together, moving them as she talks, and rolling her sleeves up/down
Stress/panic stims by pacing, biting her nails, flapping her hands, and rocking from side to side(usually while standing up)
Likes the texture of soft things, but dislikes the texture of fluffy things. She loves to pet Mewo because of how nice and smooth his fur feels, but hates those super fuzzy blankets
Special interest is music, specifically classical music. This is why she loves playing the piano so much, and is so serious about the whole thing
Freaks out whenever anything gets even slightly out of her control, or off schedule, or is imperfect in any way
Her room is always spotless. Sunny never really picked up for himself, so things got a bit more stressful when the two started sharing rooms, but she managed to keep it under control
Tries to joke around in an attempt to seem more normal. People usually don't get them, but she's trying her best
Loves how satisfying it feels to hear each key clink on the piano. The weight of it going down, then back up, all in one swift motion, and the beautiful note produced afterwards
Originally took an interest in Hero because he would listen to her songs, and she loved that kind of validation
Will avoid eating lumpy/mushy foods whenever possible- bad texture
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incorrectcentaurworld · a day ago
Mysterious Woman : So apparently the 'bad vibes' I’ve been feeling are actually severe psychological distress
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waraosaka · 12 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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new-horizons-screenies · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
this is gerald the flamingo everyone say hi to gerald
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zahhcock · 2 months ago
aizawa: *holding a bottle* is this whiskey or perfume? present mic: *chugs entire bottle* present mic: it’s perfume.
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jjoon · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
One of these days you’ll see me fistfighting bangtantv watermarks in a parking lot
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hqtchner · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
BAU Team Scenes
some of my fav bau team scenes!
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sxnshinestars · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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genotsidy · a day ago
Q:    where  does  your  power  lie    . . .    ?
Tumblr media
the    mouth    . . .       sharp  teeth,    sharper  tongue,  all  growl  and  bark    &.      bite,  bite,  bite.        your  power  is  gritted  teeth    &.    set  jaws ,    quick    &.    powerful  words,  decisive  actions.  everything  you  do  is  so  personal    &.    vulnerable     -     the  way  you  love,  the  way  you  are  loved,  the  way  you  attack,  the  way  you  drink  in    &.    feast  on  life.
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dogwlw · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
sayaka miki icons ! f2u, credit not needed
requested by @atiredonnie
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