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#queue bc i'm annoying
sagittaritits · 6 days ago
the thing is I’d finally admit 2 myself that I’m bi and not a lesbian but there’s 269 posts in my queue and I KNOW all of the ones related to beef are tagged “im a lesbian but 👀👀👀” and I’m not going back to fix them
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inhypen · a month ago
you don't have to answer this if you don't feel like it but I just wanted to say that you gif whoever you want bc this is your blog! If you want to gif just your biases then please do it by all means! Giffing is all about making things YOU like. If anon wants to see more content for other members they can start making it themself. You're not the spokeperson for the entire fandom. aksks sorry that anon really pissed me off
sofi  first  of  all  thank  you  so  much  for  sending  this,  really  !!  i'm  replying  here  bc  i  don't  trust  tumblr  with  private  asks  JSDSHD  but  yes,  you  are  so  right  !!  there  are  so  many  blogs  out  there  dedicated  to  spreading  content  of  one  person  only  and  frankly,  i  don't  see  the  problem  with  a  person  giffing  just  their  biases  ?  i  don't  see  how  that  would  make  me  enemy  of  the  government  when  i'm  just  doing  my  thing  and  minding  my  business  😭  and  i  wanna  highlight  the  importance  of  that  last  part  because  i  feel  like  people  need  to  understand  it  ...  we  are  not  the  spokespeople  for  our  respective  fandoms.  i'm  not  the  head  student  of  the  engene  council  nor  am  i  the  leader  of  moablr.  i'm  just  a  gifmaker  trying  to  spread  my  creations  (´-ω-`)
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captfalcon · 2 months ago
hey guys,
i’ve decided i’m going to take a little hiatus for a bit. i’ve got a lot of personal stuff going on and i just need to focus on myself and my well-being right now. be back soon 💘
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euphoricsunflowers · 4 months ago
the subs love kihyun and the doms love kihyun everyone loves kihyun
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enbyboiwonder · 5 months ago
idk when I’ll finally finish going through all my drafts (that aren’t just original posts saved to finish and/or queue later), but at least I finally have fewer drafts than followers again lmao
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peacockdeisy · 6 months ago
I love how at age 13 I had a book where I started dissecting human emotions and their causes and uses, and I'd spend my time thinking about science shit to the point I'd get near 100% on science tests without ever studying bc I Understood it therefore I could make up the right answers on the test, and I'd always be trying to dissect humanity's actions and the world and how shit worked..... Like very rudimentary, I had some good ideas but I was also still only 13. And I'm realising that. Now thats literally been repurposed into "beat me up" machine. I'm constantly subjected to a stream of how my actions could be insulting, misunderstood, how they're blasphemous ("white reminds me of the Moon but I'm in the bathroom and I'm surrounded by white and the toilets dirty and human therefore I'm conjuring Them into the bathroom which is extremely blasphemous"), thinking about how "I'm on top of the stairs and if my brother was here I could push him down and come to think of it my memory's so bad that I have no way of proving I never have and the whole family could very well just not be talking about my evil actions at the moment because that's not how humans work they forget bad things that happen temporarily except you can never give up your actions they're written in history and you'll always be a bad person because you've probably done this"
Like that. Or "I'm going to grab a knife and that could be used to stab someone and no one's in the room right now I think but this is what it would feel like if someone came in because I know what that's like and you need to watch out because you're going to stab them oh god put it down. Oh you're not putting it down? Oh because you're going to stab them now that's it you're going to do it" fuckin. "this is how someone could fall down the stairs and this is what their broken legs would look like with the bones sticking out and now you have to ring an ambulance and you've forgotten the number and this is what you'd have to say to them"
Like all that curiosity and ability to dissect things has turned into a fucking terrifying machine that dissects everything until something bad or condemning is found. Every justification I make for every opinion here is because arguments are playing out in my head where people are coming to pick every single piece of meat off the bone of anything I have to say. Any personal experience that even slightly goes against the norm has to be absolutely perfect and even then by the end of it I'm still scared and exhausted because I KNOW very well that the more you think you know the less you actually do, so every argument I think I've won has a million counterargument I haven't thought of
I get no time to think. Even thoughts about wanting to move to India has been..... I'm over exaggerating saying I wanted to move to India. I want to WANT to move to India, because I actually feel Unworthy to even begin thinking about that. Why? A million reasons I'm too emotionally tired to even look at because yep, yall won, you beat me down, I won't think about moving there I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I fuckin exist man but there's not much I can do about it except keep graciously taking the punishment for it. Thanks for keeping me in line
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jiliu · 2 days ago
ok i thought of a new flow for infinity train book 4 that i think would work better:
keep episode 1, it's perfect
episodes 2 and 3 are fine but ditch the annoying characters that constantly chase after kez or at least make the conflict more interesting and relevant to ryan and min-gi
episode 4 keep it about ryan's impulsivity but ditch the weird pig baby and cow mom. maybe here we can resolve kez running from the consequences of her actions but in a way that reflects off ryan
keep episode 5 the astro queue but don't make it lead into episode 6 (the party). i like the setting of this episode but what matters most is that it's abt min-gi learning to push outside rigid boundaries set by other ppl if u want to move forward, so if the premise has to be changed then that's fine too
episode 6 should be the art gallery episode, with a lead up from episode 5. like yeah now they both understand a little better the other's personality, but now the need to address the crux of their conflict with ryan leaving min-gi, min-gi not being ready to go, but also ditching ryan in turn. i feel like it would make more sense for min-gi to randomly start yelling at ryan again bc in the prev episode he literally just avoided apologizing so they still have all that hanging over them. the transition from the party car to the art gallery car just feels so unnatural
episode 7 can be the party car but make it abt kez's shitty friends and having to stand up for herself, and how that's a reflection of min-gi needing to tell ryan he's not ready to just run off and ryan shouldn't look down on him for not being ready to uproot his life at the drop of a hat, but also he shouldn't've ditched him at the first concert (and then here they can have that mini concert in the bathroom)
i honestly don't even know what to do with the last 3 episodes they're kind of a mess but i think we could keep the labyrinth in episode 8 as a metaphor for capitalism and the push/pull between wanting to do what u love and wanting stability/needing to survive. but do not bring those characters from the beginning back into it that was stupid
episode 9 could be about the guy who was in a car crash but use it as a reflection of ryan and min-gi's situations. scrap morgan entirely, that whole thing was weird and irrelevant
keep the concert in episode 10 that's it idk abt the rest of it but i'm sure there can be some resolution to ryan and min-gi's arcs that is much more relevant to them than whatever happened with kez and morgan. and the concert wouldn't be them officially doing their band stuff for a career, i imagine it would be more of a hobby at least for min-gi
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percyinpanties · 3 months ago
hey I'm the pipeyna anon and that's ok!!! can u do pipeyna with piper pining after hot jock Reyna which hopefully ends happy (smutty)
just a quick warm-up, i say, i won’t spend too much time on this. i really had to resist just going on and on and on with this. i miss writing this ship, damn.
anyway - this fits really well with an enemy to lovers prompt i have for jercy, so thats what im hinting at too here.
Read on Ao3
for context : i always write college aus from a UK uni perspective bc that’s all i know and i don’t care to adapt to how it might or might not work in the u.s. (sorry)
rating: teen+ (no smut in this one, but let me tell you, this TEMPTED me)
words: 2.2k 
“An actual goddess” Piper says wistfully from where she’s leaning against the wall next to Percy, taking back the cigarette she’d just bummed of him. Her eyes are glued on the field, and more precisely on Reyna, smile on her face and water bottle in her hand as she jogs over to Jason standing at the side of the field. They greet each other with a hug, even as Reyna wrinkles her face, seemingly complaining about her own sweatiness.
It’s coincidence that the end of Reyna’s soccer practice collides conveniently with Piper’s and Percy’s late seminar on Mondays. It isn’t coincidence that Percy and her have taken to sharing a cigarette on the side of the building that looks out toward the field during their break, however.
 Percy makes a non-committal noise and his eyes follow Piper’s gaze while she takes a drag of the cigarette and wrinkles her nose. She needs to quit smoking for good, she thinks, and flicks the ash to the ground. There was a brief moment in first year when Piper thought that Percy might be interested in Reyna, or she in him, but luckily, nothing ever came of that.
 “You think they’re dating?” Percy asks, arms crossed over his chest now, making no move to take the cigarette back again. He’s not even pretending not to be staring, his eyes intense where they flit between Reyna and Jason. Piper on the other hand has the common decency to at least cast her eyes away every now and again before she’s caught looking for a little too long.
At the edge of the field, Reyna and Jason are standing close together now, chatting about god knows what, smiling and laughing. They’re certainly comfortable with each other, but Piper can’t say that’s much of an indication given how she’s around Percy.
 “I hope not.” Piper mutters and Percy laughs at that, even though she knows he agrees. Percy wouldn’t admit it in a million years, but Piper would bet real money that he has a thing for Jason, too, as much as he claims to hate the guy. She’d have to be deaf and blind not to notice the tension between them.
It would make sense, though, in a way. Jason is captain of the men’s rugby team, Reyna of the women’s soccer team. Some of their practices collide and the two clubs do most of their weekly socials together, and Piper’s seen the two of them hanging out aside from that plenty as well. Reyna and her haven’t talked much about Jason, maybe because Piper hasn’t actually exchanged more than five words with him and never had much of an urge to change that, but she knows that Reyna and Jason have known each other before university.
Around Jason, Reyna seems to let her guard down, something Piper has only managed to achieve a handful of times since they met during their first year.
 Jason laughs at something Reyna says, eyes bright and head thrown back and Piper can’t deny that he’s handsome, at the very least. He’s fairly decent, too, as far as guys go, and really, Piper knows she shouldn’t be hoping that there is nothing between Reyna and him if that is what would make Reyna happy.
 “Invite her to the party.” Percy suggests then, drawing Piper’s attention back from the tangent her brain was so insistent to start on. When Piper turns her face to look at him, he’s already looking back at her, one eyebrow arched. “I was going to, anyway, but it’s different coming from you yourself.”
 He’s not teasing her, it’s an honest suggestion, and technically not even a bad one. It’s Percy’s birthday this weekend, and if nothing else, it would be a good excuse to hang out again. Percy knows a ton of people, but he usually doesn’t invite too many to his party, so with any luck, it won’t be too crowded to actually spend some time with Reyna.
More than that, though, it’s another opportunity for Piper to finally get a move on. Percy, Piper knows, thinks that Piper’s pining had reached a point where it’s almost comical halfway through last year, but even so, Piper has yet to manage to actually act on her feelings.
A party is casual enough that she can always play it off as nothing serious when it ends up blowing up in her face. Piper might finally get over herself and just ask Reyna out already – although she’s tried that a few times before only to find herself tongue tied and staring at Reyna like she hung the moon in the sky. She’s been head over heels for Reyna since maybe three weeks after they met in first year, and now that they’re starting their third and final year, Piper needs to get a move on or it’ll simply be too late. Granted, she’s scared shitless at the prospect of being turned down, but at this point, even that would be better than pining forever and never finding out if she’d even stand a chance.
 “Yeah… maybe.” Piper says finally, and manages a small smile towards Percy who bumps his shoulder against hers playfully. They should be heading back inside, so Piper sneaks a last glance toward Reyna and this time, finds her looking back.
    They don’t share any classes this year, and Piper doesn’t usually run into Reyna on campus, so on Wednesday morning, she ends up texting Reyna on her way to class. She fumbles with her phone, almost tripping over her own two feet trying to type the words out as fast as possible, and ends up having to sidestep off the path to actually send the texts.
 Hey you.
we’re having a party on Saturday, it’s Percy’s birthday.
 Piper wants to add more, but instead, she bites her lip and stuffs her phone back into the pocket of her jeans. It’s almost an open invitation like this already anyway, and Piper wants to gauge Reyna’s first reaction before deciding exactly how she’s going about asking. Technically, it would be so easy to just as Reyna to go with her, specifically, to the party, but the intention might be lost over text and anyway, wouldn’t it be simpler to just invite her generally?
Piper frets throughout the entirety of her first lecture, and most of the second one, for nothing. Reyna doesn’t answer, even though the messenger app shows Piper that she’s read both texts already, and Piper tries not to be disappointed about it. She doesn’t know what Reyna’s schedule is like today, the girl might just be busy and planned on replying later. It makes sense, much more than Piper’s second thought that Reyna is not answering because Piper is annoying and Reyna doesn’t actually want to spend any time with her. She knows that thought is stupid, knowing that however does nothing to ease the anxious knot in Piper’s stomach.
 Piper finds herself checking her phone more often than not. It would be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous, and if the lecturer wasn’t so clearly catching on that Piper isn’t paying as much attention to the class as she is to her phone. She texts Percy as well, but she knows he’s in that seminar he shares with Jason, so chances are that she won’t be getting a reply on that end anytime soon either.  In the end, she has to force herself to put her phone away and actually focus on the lecture up front, even though by that point, she is already lost as to what they’re even talking about in the first place. It’s no good, and Piper can’t deny being relieved when the lecturer eventually dismisses the class.
 She doesn’t allow herself to check her messages until she’s across campus in the coffee shop, queuing for some much needed caffeine and fishing out her phone so she doesn’t have to make small talk with anyone while she waits in line. Reyna still hasn’t replied, but at least Percy has messaged her after his seminar.
 I’m gonna strangle him, Piper. You’ll have to bust me out of prison because they are going to arrest me for goddamn murder.
 All she’d asked was if his classes were as boring as hers today, and while she had expected Percy to go off about Jason in reply, this isn’t exactly what she’d thought to be reading today. She smiles at her phone, types out a quick reply and moves up in the queue.
 That bad? What’s he done now?
 The way Percy talks about Jason makes Piper think of a Cartoon Network villain, always plotting, provoking and scheming. The few times she’s spoken to Jason, the guy wasn’t half bad, and if Piper is honest, she doesn’t quite get the vendetta these two have with each other. She suspects though that it has something to do with how ‘infuriatingly attractive, like fucking superman or something’ Percy described Jason after their first class together.
 It’s like he thinks I’m stupid or something. Got a dumb fucking project to do together and he honestly told me that he ‘needs to pass this class so iif I’m not planning to put in the work, we might as well ask for new partners right away’
Like, excuse me, bitch? My grades are better than yours, for one thing
And for another, it’s not like good-old Dodds is gonna let us switch anyway
 Piper huffs audibly while she reads the texts. It’s clear Percy’s actually upset by this, and she figures it will only get worse if they actually have to do the work together in the coming weeks. Before she can shoot Percy a reply though, she’s next in line.
Piper orders her coffee, steps aside to wait once she’s paid, and rereads Percy’s texts before she types her reply to Percy.
 Sounds like a dick move.
 Piper’s almost inclined to defend Jason for a moment, since Percy mostly doesn’t pay much attention in class, especially in Mrs. Dodds seminars – so how is Jason meant to know how much effort Percy puts in outside of it? On the other hand, though, Piper knows how Percy is, and how personally he’s clearly taken Jason’s comment already, so trying to convince him otherwise would simply be fruitless.
Once Piper’s coffee is done, she heads back outside, finding an empty bench to enjoy the break before her next class. If nothing else, at least Percy’s ranting is distracting her from Reyna, and the party, and asking the other girl out – and in between the rapid texts Percy and her are sending back and forth Piper almost forgets about it entirely. Until she has to head back to her last class, that is, and sees that Reyna has, so far, still left her on read.
 Piper hesitates for a moment, clicking on the text field without typing anything just yet. Is she going to come off as desperate if she texts again, or should she just clarify now before it gets too late and Reyna already makes different plans for the weekend?
Piper types out a few words, deletes them again and pockets her phone only to get it back out a few seconds later to try again. She shouldn’t be walking and texting, especially given that she should be going faster to actually make it to her lecture in time, but Piper knows that if she doesn’t send this text now, she’ll spend another lecture agonising over what to say.
 So yeah, I wanted to invite you too ofc :)
 Piper cringes at her wording, but figuring it won’t get much better, she sends the text anyway and finally tucks her phone back into her pocket to actually hurry to class.
   By the time Reyna replies, it’s late and Piper is sitting on the beat-up couch in her shared flat’s living room, watching something trashy on TV without really paying much attention at all. Percy is clanking around in the kitchen, making something that smells good enough to remind Piper that she should probably be getting herself some food, too. She’s about to get up and rummage through her fridge compartment in search of something edible when her lock screen lights up with a message from Reyna, and that derails any thoughts of food immediately. Piper isn’t subtle in the way she practically lunges for her phone, but luckily, Percy can’t see and judge her from his position in the kitchen.
 Sorry, long day, reads the first text, following a few seconds later by another one.
Promised Jason to hang out but I’d love to :(
 Piper bites her lip, knowing before typing out the words that Percy won’t like what she’s doing in the slightest.
 You could bring him? Percy won’t mind.
 Except that Percy most certainly will mind, Piper thinks, and grimaces. If she hadn’t come off as desperate before, she most certainly does now – texting back within less than a minute after having been left on read all day, only to offer that Reyna can bring her friend (boyfriend?) along as well if that means she’ll be there.
There’ll be other opportunities, Piper tells herself, and scrubs a hand over her face. She needs to chill, and maybe she needs to grab a cigarette and step outside and calm down before she embarrasses herself even further.
 Piper stares at the screen. How on earth is she meant to interpret this? At this rate, she won’t make it until Saturday, dying of one crisis or another before then.
 if you’re sure? I’ll ask him.
haven’t seen you in a while, would be nice to hang out again ;)
 I’m sure.
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oya-noya04 · 3 months ago
I'm so happy your requests are open! May I request one where Kuroo and the reader go to spend a summer day at his s/o family house and they meet him for the first time, and it happens that there is a voleyball ball and her little cousins or nephews/nieces want to play, so Kuroo kinds of teaches them and everyone loves him? 🥺 extra points if they talk about having kids in the future, I'm a sucker for soft Kuroo 😭
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
meeting your parents + teaching your nephew how to play volleyball | kuroo tetsuro | headcanons
pairing | kuroo x gn! reader
a/n | ahh this was so cute !! 🥺 I hope you enjoy it, thank you sm for requesting ☺️💕 I too, love soft kuroo 🌝
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsuro
 “they’re gonna think my rooster hair stupid,” kuroo grumbles as he follows the directions you set on the gps, to your parents house
 “maybe you should’ve done something about it his morning,” you tease, poking his cheek lightly
 “you don’t think i tried?” he defends, bringing a hand up to squish it down, before it bounces back up to its original state
 giggling, you lean over to press a light kiss on his cheek
 “you’re going to be fine,” attempting to calm his nerves
 you arrive to your parents house and they immediately greet you and kuroo warmly
 “i’m so sorry, our house is a mess! we haven’t even gotten started on lunch yet, y/n do me a favour and help out your nephew?”
 you leave and kuroo PANICS TF OUT- bc now he’s alone with your parents
 you quickly sprint back to help kuroo out, but to your surprise, he’s getting along with both of them so well
 “right? they’re adorable when they drool a bit in their sleep, I took photos, do you wanna see?”
 “of course!”
 “NO—“ least they’re bonding 💀💀
 to make it worse, your dad shows your boyfriend your fucking baby photos
 not even the cute ones,, he shows him the ones where you have food all over your face
 “they’re so cute! do you mind sending these to me?”
 “no not at all! we have more!”
 queue you banging your head on the wall
 after lunch, you’re forced to help clean up by your parents so you ask kuroo to keep your nephew and niece busy since they wanted to play
 “are you y/n’s boyfriend?”
 “are you here to play with us?”
 he picks them up and carries them on his shoulder, forgetting that his hair was uh- at its rooster form”
 “woAH- your hair is so cool!”
 your nephew,, is just- s o entranced by his hair and cannot keep his hands off of it
 your nephew starts controlling kuroo by his hair like remy with linguini
 all while asking him questions abt you SJDH
 “do you love y/n?”
 “how’s y/n like at home?”
 “does she do your hair in the morning?”
 eventually they get tired and run off somewhere leaving kuroo to relax on the couch
 it wasn’t long before your nephew comes running back carrying something in his arms, he quickly sets it aside and pulls on kuroo’s pants
 “kuroo! i have something to show you!” your boyfriend chuckles and follows them
 your nephew brings out a volleyball that he was hiding behind the couch and holds it up
 “look! y/n told us that you were captain of the volleyball team,”
 kuroo, like the little shit he is, makes a mental note in his head to tease you about that later
 “y/n takes abt ME to their family??”
 he’s so annoying BYE-
 “can you teach me please?” your nephew asks shyly, “i still don’t know how to play yet.”
 kuroo’s heart couLD BURST SJDHSJD
 “of course bud, let’s go right now,”
 by the time you were finished your chores, you take a peek outside and you almost cry
 “just like that bud, bend your knees a bit more,”
 you watch as kuroo adjusts your nephew’s arms as to help him with his receives more
 eventually, they come back inside at the end of the day, and your nephew comes running straight for you
 “y/n! uncle kuroo taught me how to play volleyball today!”
 you almost chOKE on the uncle part but pull yourself together
 “did he now?”
 it wasn’t long before his mom came in to pick him up, thanking both you and kuroo for taking such good care of him
you turn to tetsu who was still waving back at your nephew
 “you’d make a great dad,” you smile
 kuroo narrows his eyes, before shaking his head, chuckling, and then pulling you close
 “I would, wouldn’t I?”
 you smack him on the chest for that
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piinkblood · 4 months ago
previous anon, pass me the baton! oow yeah i'm gonna ask you this: 6. How do you feel about Genos and why? (with this question, the Shitty Teen Squad members has been completed ajsbskl)
I'm answering things out of order now bc the Shitty Teen Squad has been completed
6) how do you feel about Genos and why?
Bro I feel like half of the people who even watch opm at least started it bc the cyborg was cute. And an idiot. While it's not exactly the reason I started watching the anime, he is what kept me around throughout most of the first season.
I'm not even sure why I liked Genos at first? Because to me he can be super annoying and kinda flat out rude to the others, but I still loved him dearly. I think it was the headcanons the fandom came up with that rlly made me simp hard for this walking toaster.
One of my absolute favorite theories is that when he converted from human to cyborg, he still had his "humanity" if that's what you want to call it. I.e, his compassion, his drive, etc. But as the four years began to pass, he slowly started to lose it, and for a multitude of reasons.
For starters; losing his parents and seeking revenge. I know when I lost my mom I kinda pushed it away and kinda denied it like it didn't even happen. I thought she was pulling a huge ass prank on me. Maybe one of Genos' methods of coping was sort of pushing the whole idea of his family passing away by trying to find what caused the ordeal to happen; and in the process, he became so wrapped in seeking the cyborg out he sort of forgot why. His mind became narrow and the only thing he could think was "Find. Kill. Cyborg."
And then there's the situation he was in. When he was introduced in the first couple of episodes, he had apparently been tracking Mosquito Girl for days. Alone. That probably isn't the first time that's happened. Like can you imagine a broken teenage cyborg just sheltering wherever he can bc he's been away from home for weeks? Not to mention home is a laboratory and his bed is actually a fucking operation table and his new dad is a talking mushroom. I'm not shitting on Dr. Kuseno, he's very lovely but he does not seem to be very well equipped to deal with a hormonal teenager.
Add that to losing touch with reality and you have a mess. He was going through typical teenage angst when tragedy struck, and now he has to get accustomed to all these new feelings. Oh. He doesn't have to do typical human functions anymore. Like eat. Or sleep. Or urinate. That can make you lose touch of your human side very fast when you don't really have a human side anymore.
This is where Saitama comes in.
I think throughout the course of the story, Genos starts to "gain" his humanity back just by being around the egg. It's very odd because in a way Saitama seems to be out of touch with reality/humanity? But he obviously still has enough to have morals and stuff, which he seems to be teaching Genos. Even if he doesn't know it and even if Genos doesn't even pick up on it.
To me I feel like Genos becomes less violent as the story goes on. I feel like before he would be snarky/fire up his plasma blasters if you even looked at him wrong. But he seems to mellow out over the course of time.
Also; I feel like he has a similar problem going on that I mentioned with Garou: he's basically just a kid reacting a way a kid would. He's basically having a crisis, you know? He's constantly stressed and he just has difficulties functioning.
It makes you wonder what would happen if he didn't run into Saitama? Would he have gone as far as to completely lose sight of that he was fighting for and turn "evil", the same way Garou did?
Queue the villain! Au.
In conclusion: I love Genos he's trying his best
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myriadimagines · 6 months ago
I'm scared of bugs like that and that's why I nowadays make backups of my writing when posting or when putting them to the queue. I'm so sorry you lost a piece of your writing, I hope it comes back at some point. When I've had a bug like that, it posts anyway during the next 24 hours, I've never had a bug where my post disappears forever. Tumblr is changing though and that's possible too. But let's hope it pops up at some point. 🙂
omg im replying to this late but thankfully it did pop back up!!! every time tumblr does an update everything always goes to shit and it’s so annoying bc the updates are never good like tumblr pls.............. calm down.....................
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tea-pettiest · 6 months ago
...out of curiosity what are your hard limits for what you will/won't write? not to judge or because i want to send extreme stuff in i'm just curious cause you've posted stuff like smell kink which is p out there
this is kind of a complicated question, bc tbh i find it hard to define hard or fast rules for that.  i used to say no paraphilia’s, but i recently added knife play to the queue, which counts as a paraphilia (poop/vomit kinks, sorry, won’t do it), so while i’m not sure how much help it’s going to be, this is what i absolutely will NOT write for, for sure; 
- anything involving underaged characters, canonically (like korea, latvia, etc.)  or reasonably assumed (liechtenstein)
- things that require a large suspension of belief/ super weeby prompts.  this isn’t a knock on either thing, i just have no interest in writing them.  i know this rule might seem a little hypocritical too, bc 1. the anime is on personifications which obviously requires somewhat of a suspension of belief, and 2. it’s an anime.  but like;; certain prompts just...aren’t to my liking, and i ignore them, and i happen to notice they fall into these categories more often than not.  again, hard to tell, bc like, i will write for vampires and such, but someone sent in a chibi prompt, and it’s like?? i don’t know wtf to do with that.  
- incest.  again, it gets kinda muddy in hetalia.  for ex. tho, norway/iceland, america/canada, and italy/romano pairings i will not write for.  however, england/america, romano/spain i will.  (in some aus, i might make them family, or found family, but by fault, they’re not canonically blood-related (whatever that means in a national concept, i.e. hetalia makes things complicated), so.)
- any prompts sent in with slurs.  i suspect that some people might not intend things as slurs, or i might be playing it safe, but even if the idea itself is unproblematic, if the prompt has something that can be construed as a slur, i will not write it.  
for example, someone sent in a prompt with a reader x trap!poland lemon.  i have no issues writing a poland x reader lemon, however the term ‘trap’ seems to be a term applied to crossdressing men and, more commonly trans women to denote some sort of predatory meaning, and as such, i deleted the prompt bc trap is derogatory.   
- i will write non-con stuff.  non-con fantasies are prevalent, and in fiction, non-con can’t broach the realm of actual rape, even if it’s about rape, because it’s fiction - characters can’t consent and in a fictional setting, i am of the belief it’s okay to explore such themes, without necessarily approaching them from a critical standpoint, as in sex, many sexual fantasies are transgressive, and indulging in them in a consensual setting (non-con rp in the bedroom) or where it’s a purely fictional setting (erotic fiction) can’t truly infringe on consent, since you’re either operating within the set parameters of consent in acting it out, or the reader is consenting to read such content for pleasure.  (i will tag accordingly.)  
- i will not do body or zodiac prompts anymore.  they’re annoying.
- i will not do matchups.  again, annoying.
//sorry if any of this isn’t making a ton of sense.  i’m pretty drunk rn.  anywho, this is a general list of what i operate as.  if you’re still unsure, just send it in, and if i don’t want to write it, i’ll just delete it without making a big stink about it.  
purity police, DNI.  minors, DNI.  if you @ me about this tomorrow when i’m nursing a bitching hangover and go off as if you’re on some moral highground, i’ll probably be nasty.   i try to think very critically in terms of what i write, trying to toe the line of being responsible as a content creator, while still participating in an open and uncensored dialogue - that being said, i’m human.  i’m flawed, and i’m learning.  if you truly see something problematic with what i’m doing, there is a polite way to let me know, and i suggest you use it.
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phoebehalliwell · 10 months ago
I just. really love your blog?? and I really love Charmed?? and I'm kinda thinking about starting my own sideblog, so would you happen to have any advice? Either way, your blog is such A+ content and I adore it so much, between your stuff on the next gen (my CHILDREN), underappreciated characters like the Morris's and Henry and Coop and Bianca (my CHILDREN), and your AU's, like, everything is just v good, okay, thx u and have a v swell day, you suberb person you.
Tumblr media
🥺🥰💖😊💕💞🥺💜💛 thank u anon
and as far as advice for a sideblog, the one thing that i would really recommend is like,, consistency?? if that makes sense. like i love the queue feature. when i first started thing blog i think i had my queue running 11 times a day and i would just like keep my queue full at like 80 or so posts and then once it started to run out i would spend you know an hour fill it back up and then go back to not worrying about it. bc like the advantages of being an active charmed blog is that you are in the small niche of charmed blogs, and then the even smaller niche of active charmed blogs. and then my second recommendation beyond that is just post things. like when i first started this blog i really had no idea how to make gifs, so i would just make like aesthetics or i’m looking through my archive it was basically just aesthetics but you know. just things. lil textposts, incorrect quotes, obvi gifs if you can make them as those really gain traction, but just you know things that aren’t just original but also sorta show who you are. which leads me to my third & final point like have fun with it and make it Your charmed blog. i know for me personally i really like when blogs show the op’s personality, especially with concentrated blogs (i.e. blogs that only post in one fandom or one idk category or something). so like write things in the tags and maybe post some of your musings this that and the other. like if you feel like you need to dull down your “voice” to make yourself seem less annoying,,, don’t man it’s tumblr we’re all annoying and if you really sound like yourself you’re gonna come off as more earnest imo. but those are just sorta the things i did i really don’t know if it’s applicable for all or really a surefire way to land anywhere but i think it’s a p good place to start 💞💕
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joancallamezzo · 11 months ago
(1/2) Ellie [Delilah's sister] i feel so bad for her. She has no one left of her family. Beck is prettier than Love, but i found her selfish at times imo. How do you feel about Peach? I feel quiet neutral about her. I kind of wish she didn't die though. I will go to Knotts one day, but i like huge thrill rides, Knotts is more smaller. SFMM feeds my soul, fast intense rides. My fav ride at Disney is Pirates of Caribbean & Space Mtn. I'm such an introvert, so the lockdown hasnt really affected me.
Tumblr media
omg i know :((( ellie deserved so much better too... i’m glad joe is supporting her tho. i hope he stays doing that in s3. did you really find beck selfish? why is that?? peach was kinda irrelevant to me, but like at the same time a joke bc shay mitchell is just such a meme. but yeah i was just indifferent about her. she was kinda super annoying tho. definitely could have done without her, so i have no issue with the fact that she died lol. i enjoyed knotts!!! but ya tru the rides there weren’t that big. i’m really not a big pirates fan. i think i’ve ridden it once in the past like five disney trips i only took, and only cuz i was there for halloween and they do fun stuff in the queue at halloween. i really enjoyed indiana jones when i went to disneyland, that was probably my favorite ride at disneyland that they don’t have at wdw. i love space!! i thought disneyland’s space mountain was better than disney world’s. my fav ride tho is probably splash mountain... it was down at disneyland the one day i went so i didn’t get to experience dlr’s version of splash ://// felt that! the literal only change to my life has been not working (and like i guess traveling) but it’s not like i was going out or anything tho so this is honestly kinda my dream. however i can’t wait for quarantine to end so that i can WILLINGLY stay at home 24/7 instead of being forced to do it. u feel me??? and i’m tired of my entire family being home all the time omg. yeah heat is suuuuuch a love hate. i also enjoy being able to break out my summer clothing instead of wearing jeans all the time for warmth omg. but like. is it worth the sweat? that’s rough... you should just move out of cali to avoid the insane heat summers :))) YES CAMP ROCK >>>> i feel that so hard. big demi stan idk if you knew!!! i honestly was never a big hsm fan, idk if i genuinely dind’t like it or if i was just trying to be cool by not liking the thing everyone does, but either way i didn’t like it back in the day LOL. king kong closed back in aug :/ i haven’t heard anything about a tour but you should see wicked!!!! love her miss her my og musical <3 if you ever do see it plz inform me of your thoughts!!
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