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#queue because i'm too annoying
peacockdeisy · 6 months ago
I love how at age 13 I had a book where I started dissecting human emotions and their causes and uses, and I'd spend my time thinking about science shit to the point I'd get near 100% on science tests without ever studying bc I Understood it therefore I could make up the right answers on the test, and I'd always be trying to dissect humanity's actions and the world and how shit worked..... Like very rudimentary, I had some good ideas but I was also still only 13. And I'm realising that. Now thats literally been repurposed into "beat me up" machine. I'm constantly subjected to a stream of how my actions could be insulting, misunderstood, how they're blasphemous ("white reminds me of the Moon but I'm in the bathroom and I'm surrounded by white and the toilets dirty and human therefore I'm conjuring Them into the bathroom which is extremely blasphemous"), thinking about how "I'm on top of the stairs and if my brother was here I could push him down and come to think of it my memory's so bad that I have no way of proving I never have and the whole family could very well just not be talking about my evil actions at the moment because that's not how humans work they forget bad things that happen temporarily except you can never give up your actions they're written in history and you'll always be a bad person because you've probably done this"
Like that. Or "I'm going to grab a knife and that could be used to stab someone and no one's in the room right now I think but this is what it would feel like if someone came in because I know what that's like and you need to watch out because you're going to stab them oh god put it down. Oh you're not putting it down? Oh because you're going to stab them now that's it you're going to do it" fuckin. "this is how someone could fall down the stairs and this is what their broken legs would look like with the bones sticking out and now you have to ring an ambulance and you've forgotten the number and this is what you'd have to say to them"
Like all that curiosity and ability to dissect things has turned into a fucking terrifying machine that dissects everything until something bad or condemning is found. Every justification I make for every opinion here is because arguments are playing out in my head where people are coming to pick every single piece of meat off the bone of anything I have to say. Any personal experience that even slightly goes against the norm has to be absolutely perfect and even then by the end of it I'm still scared and exhausted because I KNOW very well that the more you think you know the less you actually do, so every argument I think I've won has a million counterargument I haven't thought of
I get no time to think. Even thoughts about wanting to move to India has been..... I'm over exaggerating saying I wanted to move to India. I want to WANT to move to India, because I actually feel Unworthy to even begin thinking about that. Why? A million reasons I'm too emotionally tired to even look at because yep, yall won, you beat me down, I won't think about moving there I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I fuckin exist man but there's not much I can do about it except keep graciously taking the punishment for it. Thanks for keeping me in line
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wrathfulis · a year ago
tag dump ;
》》anger is an energy ( ic vraelgard. ) 》》a book about better times than these ( headcanon. ) 》》this hour is dedicated to annoying lucifer ( queue. ) 》》if you met my family you’d understand ( gallery. ) 》》twofaced wolf in sheep’s clothing ( self. ) 》》he who brought sin to heaven ( lucifer. ) 》》did you expect the embodiment of wrath to be the preppy kid in the front row of the classroom? ( crack. ) 》》i'll win because i'm too mad to lose ( musings. ) 》》ask if you’d like ; you may not like my answer ( meme. ) 》》i'd rather go to a library than a party ( answered. ) 》》first of all you ignored my pictures of cats dressed up as princesses so fuck you and second of all… ( ooc. )
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╭──╯ . . . . . Pinned Post! . . . . . ╰──╮
Hello everyone! I'm pretty sure you all know this by now, but I'm Fanatic and I'm agender with any pronouns, and I am a minor! I'm also an oriented aromantic asexual.
I haven't made a pinned post with info about me yet, and this is it! Please take your time to read through the whole thing!
≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥
About Me
I know I've already said this, but I'm Fanatic. A minor, agender with any pronouns, an oriented aromantic asexual.
I can easily switch from having a good sense of humor to seriousness, but I usually choose to have a sense of humor but I can get serious when talking about things I like, especially my Danganronpa aus.
I've self diagnosed myself with ADHD and OCD, because I relate to a lot of the symptoms of it. I haven't been professionally diagnosed, but I'd still say I have it.
I love Danganronpa and Beat Saber, but Danganronpa 2 is my favorite but I think Danganronpa v3 had the best characters. I haven't completed Ultra Despair Girls yet, but I'm on chapter five and I'm almost there!
I sadly get annoyed really easily, though it's usually when someone says something. I'll let you know if I get annoyed. That's just something to watch out for, okay? Okay.
Anyways, that's all for now. I might update this later!
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥
My Ships/OTPs/OT3s
✎ Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
╰┈➤ Naegami
╰┈➤ Celesgiri
╰┈➤ Chimondo
╰┈➤ Chishimondo
╰┈➤ Sakuraoi
╰┈➤ Ikuzono
╰┈➤ Leofumi
✎ Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
╰┈➤ Komahina
╰┈➤ Nanamiki
╰┈➤ Soudham
╰┈➤ Fuyupeko
╰┈➤ Soniakane
╰┈➤ Twobuki
╰┈➤ Mahiyoko
╰┈➤ Pekobuki
✎ New Danganronpa v3: Killing Harmony
╰┈➤ Saimatsu (a little)
╰┈➤ Saiibo
╰┈➤ Saiiboruma
╰┈➤ Kiiruma
╰┈➤ Sairuma
╰┈➤ Tenmiko
╰┈➤ Amaguji
╰┈➤ Kaemugi
╰┈➤ Irumatsu
╰┈➤ Goshi
╰┈➤ Harukaito
╰┈➤ Oumami
╰┈➤ Saimota
╰┈➤ Kaemaki
╰┈➤ Kiisaimota
╰┈➤ Kirukiyo
✎ Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
✎ Cross Game
╰┈➤ Kiibotaka (Kiibo × Kiyotaka)
╰┈➤ Makoto and Kyoko
╰┈➤ Byakuya and Kyoko
╰┈➤ Aoi and Literally Almost Everyone
╰┈➤ Yasuhiro and Leon
╰┈➤ Makoto and Sayaka
╰┈➤ Chihiro and Kiyotaka
✎ Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
╰┈➤ Hajime and Chiaki
╰┈➤ Nagito and Chiaki
╰┈➤ Mikan and Ibuki
╰┈➤ Gundham and Sonia
╰┈➤ Akane and Nekomaru
╰┈➤ Fuyuhiko and Hajime
╰┈➤ Peko and Ibuki
╰┈➤ Hiyoko and Twogami
✎ New Danganronpa v3: Killing Harmony
╰┈➤ Shuichi and Kaede
╰┈➤ Shuichi and Miu
╰┈➤ Kaede and Miu
╰┈➤ Kirumi and Korekiyo
╰┈➤ Kirumi and Rantaro
╰┈➤ Kirumi and Ryoma
╰┈➤ Kaede and Maki
╰┈➤ Kiibo and Kaito
✎ Cross Game
╰┈➤ Shuichi and Kyoko
╰┈➤ Kazuichi and Kiibo
╰┈➤ Kazuichi and Miu
╰┈➤ Kazuichi and Kaito
╰┈➤ All the Protagonists
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥
Side Tumblr Blogs
✎ = I own the blog
╰┈➤ = I am a mod on this blog but I do not own the blog
✎ Edits Blog
✎ Celestia Ludenburg Ask Blog
✎ Miu Iruma Appreciation Blog
✎ Shuichi Saihara Ask Blog (⚠️‼️ Contains Heavy Topics and Drv3 Spoilers ‼️⚠️)
╰┈➤ Multifandom Edits Blog (Mod Miu)
╰┈➤ Chill Danganronpa Vibes (Mod K1-B0)
✎ Kaede Akamatsu on Tour Ask Blog
╰┈➤ Danganronpa Haven (Mod K1-B0)
✎ Writing Blog
✎ Wholesome K1-B0 Ask Blog
I have too many side blogs, I know.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥
Discord Servers
╰┈➤ Henry Stickmin Server
╰┈➤ Super Danganronpa 2 Roleplay Server
╰┈➤ Saiiboruma Fanserver
╰┈➤ New Danganronpa v3 Group Chat Semi-Roleplay Server
╰┈➤ K1-B0 Worshipping Cult (don't take too seriously)
╰┈➤ Celesgiri Fanserver
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥
What will you find on here?
Well, you'll find multiple different things on here.
Usually it's just me reblogging stuff, but I usually make my own posts atleast once a day.
Sometimes I'll just gush about a ship, or sometimes I'll scroll through a tag and you'll just see a saga of reblog from that tag on here.
Oh by the way, I don't queue my posts I just straight up post them.
I guess that's really all for right now.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥
I have a lot of kins, actually. But my biggest kins in order are;
✎ K1-B0/Kiibo/Keebo
✎ Aoi Asahina
✎ Toko Fukawa
✎ Nagito Komaeda
✎ Miu Iruma
╰┈➤ You can find my entire kin list on my editing blog here!
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥
Do Not Interact
Do or support p*dophila/MAP/NOMAP
Do or support inc*st
Do or support r*pe
Extreme/Realistic Blood/G*re
Pro Shipper
DNI list may be updated later!
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥
That's it!
That's all I have for now! Please let me know of you have any questions!
Goodbye! Have a great rest of your day/afternoon/evening/night!
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥
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dreamyseraph · 29 days ago
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
"what's in a name? that which we call a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet."
Tumblr media
pairing: adultrio x reader
request: what the adultrio would name a nameless
s/o from meteor city
warnings: murder mentions, diverging from canon just a teensy bit, hisoka knowing french for some reason
* reader is gender neutral, i got carried away with this one
Tumblr media
SONNET — "little song"
♡ growing up in meteor city meant you had to hold on to anything at the risk of losing everything at any given moment. you taught yourself how to get by on what little food you could find , how to tie your own shoes and most importantly how to read ; books quickly becoming your sanctuary as you were easily able to get lost in a place that was everything meteor city wasn't.
♡ chrollo is definitely the most eager out of the three to find a name for his s/o upon discovering that they don't have one. i can see his partner owning a library or a bookstore & chrollo being a regular ; his interest in literature quickly dissipating as it is diverted towards you .
♡ eventually he will ask where you're from and what your name is ; everything about you falling into place when you utter the words meteor city, and that you don't have a name nor had you bothered to give yourself one. an unnamed librarian…how very odd, he thought. all these vivid books full of vivid people with beautiful names ; he thought you would've chosen from there. and of course you've mulled over that idea ; though nothing seemed to stick & not a lot of customers cared to ask for your name either way.
♡ after that exchange, you don't see him much. not until one summer's evening when he shows up in your shop once again holding a book on poetry he had purchased weeks ago. i couldn't help but think of you while getting lost in these pages. he approaches you and hands you the book, a small slip of paper peeking out from the mid-mark of it. go on, i marked that spot just for you.
♡ upon opening the book you discover that his bookmarked page is titled sonnet 18, immediately wanting to hide your face at the sight of it's romantic content. you look back up at him almost dumbfounded as if to ask why, and in response he confesses ; the image of you remained in my mind as i read through the sonnet, forgive me if i'm being too forward.
♡ sonnet. it begins as a pet name of some sort at first as your relationship with him grows fonder over time , and when he realizes how fitting it feels for you he asks if you'd like to be referred to as it permanently ; to which you readily agree. his little sonnet.
Tumblr media
PAPILLION — "butterfly"
♡ hisoka morow is a deeply complicated individual, therefore depending on how he's feeling he'll either want to name you after some inside joke he has with himself about you or he'll tell you to just pick one yourself ; he's not the most empathetic person but if you've gone this long without one he might as well help you half-heartedly.
♡ you first cross paths with hisoka during the hunter exam ; taking note to keep your distance from the magician after witnessing him carve a few of your fellow examinees up with his rediculously sharp playing cards. but much to your dismay , he quickly takes interest in you once he starts to notice how you're only suspiciously referred to by the number etched upon your badge instead of an actual name.
♡ towards the fourth phase on zevil island, you'll be forced to come face to face with him wether you like it or not when he unfortunately draws your badge number from the blind box. you'll be scuffed up & bloodied by the time he approaches you ; the only badge in your possession still being your own as you try your best to protect it.
♡ a mirage of pink toned hues upon silky wings flutter amongst your body ; almost on queue as the magician appears behind you. it seems i've found my target quicker than i intended. he simpers at you as you're frozen in fear, your worst case scenario coming to fruition. do i at least have the pleasure of knowing my preys name? or shall i continue referring to you as number seventy-one like everyone else?
♡ growing increasingly anxious of the butterflies that seem to be drawn to your wounds ; you're only able to shake your head no as you clutch your badge tightly in your hand. no? how very rude of you. his cat-like eyes set themselves upon the insects fluttering around your wounds, approaching you as his finger comes up to serve as a perch for one of them to land on. don't look so somber, i'm not here to kill you ; i'm much more interested in making a deal with you instead.
♡ if he sees any potential in you , he'll want to know your name in exchange for offering his protection throughout the remainder of the exam ; only so that you'll grow strong enough to be a worthy adversary for him to fight someday. if you accept & reveal that you haven't a name ; he'll give you various pet names depending on the level of your relationship as time passes. you're getting so strong, mon petit papillon. you could spend several months by his side and that would be the one to remain consistent ; creating the illusion in his mind that you had a fear of the large-winged insects after one small incident where you were visibly uncomfortable.
♡ it'll annoy you at times, though as you find yourself growing fonder of the magician and the way he speaks to you in that flirtatiously lilted voice of his, how can you argue against him? it was such a nice change from being referred to as his little toy, after all.
Tumblr media
"LUAN" — the moon
♡ meteor city had impacted your chance at having a normal life more than like you'd actually like to admit ; leaving completely devoid of the identity you could have had. you found it increasingly hard to shake old habits from your past as you transitioned into a new life as well, murder & bloodshed were so deeply ingrained into your previous society to the point where it would be difficult to unlearn and even harder to forgive.
♡ what originally served as a self defense mechanism now became something you realized people outside of the wasteland would pay handsomely for. you needed money in order to survive, and walking the path of the assassin wasn't all that bad, that is once you became an ally to the zoldyck family. you had earned their respect due to your diligent work that hardly interfered with theirs, coming together upon realizing you'd be after the same targets at times with the agreement to keep things civil rather than clash. you'll make very little conversation with the rest of the family save for silva & zeno while visiting to discuss intel on common bounties ; a polite 'hello' here and there whenever you interact with silva's wife or his eldest son, illumi.
♡ illumi. you were usually so good at reading people though you never seemed to understand what was going on behind the stoic assassin's void-like irises. he returned the pleasantries you gave him but never really bothered to hold conversations beyond that, until one day when you arrive at the zoldyck estate for business purposes and he asks ; have you been keeping up with your training routines lately? your reflexes seem shot. you seem surprised every time you see me.
♡ he'll invite you to spar with him on some days and inquire more about your past, one day bringing up that his mother also originated from meteor city just as you did. he's already landed three hits on you when he asks ; father also mentioned that you choose to remain unnamed even after your departure from the city. why is that? you'll only scowl in response as you try to hit him back, using your annoyance as a front in order to avoid the more deeper & uncomfortable feelings his question evokes.
♡ illumi is the textbook definition of possessive. when you train enough with him, you will become something of a pupil that he can push to be stronger to the point where your strength as an assassin is on parr with the zoldycks. on some days training will break you to the point of fatigue, your spirit beginning to feel as if it might dislocate from your physical body ; leaving you fully hollowed out to be the shell of a person you always saw yourself as. but that wouldn't do for illumi. if over time he develops feelings for you (or his own confusing version of them) he will do everything he can to make sure you're perfect enough to remain an ally to the family so that you also remain by his side. if you reciprocate at all, you'll allow him to push you ; though you will still remain reticent when the topic of your past arises.
♡ if he senses that your past begins to noticeably affect your present , he'll tell you to stop pitying yourself first and foremost. you aren't helpless, you know that. he'll comment on how the reason you barely even resemble a real person to yourself is because you won't even allow yourself the decency of having a name ; the one thing that'll truly ever belong to you. he'll then show his version of affection by offering to give you a name he feels fitting , explaining that you two should always be in sync with one another in order to achieve the balance he believes every partnership should have.
♡ illumi — 'to envelope in light.' he never felt his name to be fitting and had never given it much thought before you ; he was farthest thing from anything that shone bright though he would decide he wants that for you. he first thought about how during missions you could travel through the night with elegant ease & possessed the kind of soothing beauty he felt a potential heir to the zoldyck family should have. to him, you would be his luan ; appearing anew just as the moon did in every twilight sky as you finally step into a sense of identity ; standing steady & true before him.
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jennyslateswife · a month ago
Random question but do you have any advice on having sideblogs? I'm thinking about having my main be super private (don't want "op is an aphobe" to show up on my donation posts, basically) and keeping two sideblogs, one for the aesthetics and other for when I put on my fandom clown shoes. I'm asking you because you have a lot of sideblogs yet they're all perfectly organized and shit. Teach me, master lol
If it makes you feel better about your donation post, I’ve had several posts on this blog and other blogs blow up and I don’t think I’ve gotten “OP is an aphobe” on them in yeeeeaaars. That might be because I just block annoying people but honestly most people who add that shit onto posts, ESPECIALLY donation posts, are just ridiculed, so I wouldn’t worry about it.
If you still want a sideblog, xkit helps sooo much. One click postage has it so you can easily dedicate which blog which post goes to. It also just makes reblogging in general easier. Quicktags also makes it easy to make tag ‘bundles’ so if you have things you use multiple tags for together (like, for me, if a picture of sasuke and naruto comes up, i have quick tags that post naruto, sasuke, naruto x sasuke, AND naruto tag onto the post automatically), which makes it faster too.
A lot of the time, for faster organization, instead of switching over which blog is loaded onto my one click postage while scrollign through my dash, I just send everything to my likes so I can more quickly through everything into a queue. Honestly, going through my queue and sorting out posts is acutally entertainment in and of itself... idk why I just like sorting shit.
Besides the mechanics of posting, I WILL warn you, if someone has your sideblog blocked... it will post to your main blog. I find this out all the fucking time. But if they have your main blog blocked, you can’t post it to yoru sideblog, either.
Randomly related, if you like a post and get blocked by OP after the fact, it’s stuck in your likes forever. I find that out a lot, too.
Beyond that... meh just decide what kind of posts go where and if you want any tags denote content that belongs on both (liek I use “crossover,” so like if i’m posting anime music on my music blog or like... idk if someone did a winter soldier edit of sasuke I’d mark that a crossover).
Honestly, sideblogs are kind of a waste. I just haev so many because I have... so many annoying interests that people who like one of my interests often hate my other interests.
Like this blog only exists because in college my main blog was... glee, supernatural, doctor who, and sherlock and a lot of my colelge friends... did not like any of those things. So I made this to be aesthetic shit and then anime got mixed in after DIFFERENT college friends got me back into anime after I had done SO WELL dropping it completely for multiple years. But then I posted too much anime... so I made my anime/video game blog. And then I got into one direction and no one on ANY of hte blogs liked that so I made my 1d blog which became my general music blog. And then everyone there hated me getting into kpop... so that’s why I have a separate kpop blog.
Basically, you don’t really even NEED a sideblog unless you are nanoying everyone by having too many annoying interests.
But if you do... xkit saves lives. But also it’s not that serious just post things wherever.
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farihafangirls · a month ago
Forever Home
Pairing: Chris Cuomo x fem!reader
Summary: In which Chris loves you and you love Chris but there is one problem; he is married. 
Warning(s): 18+ mature scenes, fingering, slight exhibitionism, infidelity, curse words.
Note: The least smutty thing I’ve ever written lmao. I do not mention the name of Chris’ wife in this fic because I’m going to let you guys’ mind do it for you instead. Now remember, this is fiction and Chris is technically a character so don’t attack me. 
Tumblr media
You could feel his burning gaze trailed on you from across the room. You tried to ignore it, the urge to turn around and meet his baby blue eyes. You knew you couldn't. He was here with her, and you were in the arms of someone else.
You hate it, the way he has his arms snaked around your waist, tucking you flush against his body in pretence. His obnoxious smile is what draws your mind away from your agonising thoughts.
"Isn't that right?" he asks, tilting his head towards you, smiling with his teeth. Plastering a plastic smile on your face, you beam at him, feeling the eyes of your company on you both.
"I'm sorry, what are we talking about?" you ask cluelessly, knowing it would piss him off. Nothing hurts his fragile masculinity more than not having the attention of the pretty lady in his arms. You catch a flash of displeasure in his eyes before he masks it away with another one of his loud laughs.
He looks back at the circle as if it was all a part of an inside joke. "Ladies always so distracted, am I right?" everyone else joins in, the sound of their atrocious guffawing making you sick to your stomach.
You bite down onto your tongue, resisting the urge to roll your eyes and instead laugh along with the rest of them.
"I'm just going to ahead to the restroom," you whisper, bringing your lips closer to his ears. Absentmindedly, he nods, his focus more on the long-legged belle in across you two.
Not batting an eye at him, you release yourself from his hold and turn on your heels.
"Uhm, darling?" he calls out for you, not even glancing at you, "Will you get me a refill?"
You flashed him a sickenly sweet smile, looking at him with big eyes. "Get it yourself, you big baby."
You don't stay long enough to see his jaw drop down onto the floor.
The restroom is vacant aside from you when you enter. The golden spotlights on the floor highlight the gold-clad interior, making you roll your eyes. It's pretentious, just like everything about the night.
You are plotting your means to escape from this event when you hear the door open and then close, the lock clicking shut. You don't have the turn around to know who it is. The scent of Chris' cologne fills the room, your eyes trained onto the vanity in front of you, his figure stepping closer and closer to you until his hands slide onto your waist, his lips attaching themselves to the bare skin of your shoulder.
Your head falls back to rest against his body, his warmth radiating off to you. Your eyes flutter shut, taking him in as he tightens his hold onto you. You know what every single touch of his means. He's reclaiming you and reminding you who he belongs to; you.
You are his, and he is yours. Even if the coldness of his wedding ring on your flesh proclaims his loyalty to someone else, you know he is yours.
His hands slide down to your thighs, the side slit giving him easy access, your eyes snapping open. "Chris," his name comes out in a soft plea. "We-we can't." Your wife is right out the door, is what you wish to say, but you don't want her name on your lips and not on his either.
His mouth trails up to your neck, nipping at your skin while his hand rides up the sides of your inner thigh, his touch making you shudder. "Why not?" he murmurs against your skin, his warm breath fanning over your neck. "Did you let him touch you, hm?" he growls, his fingers hovering over your clothed pussy.  
No, never, you wanted to scream, but you're too focused on him, his touch and the way your body reacts to him, almost like a magnetic attraction.
Your body jolts forward at the touch, a shiver running down your spine as he nuzzles his nose into the crook of your neck. One of your hands moves up, burying your fingers into his short curls. You're going to mess up his styled hair, you know that, but you could care less.
He used his fingers to push away the fabric covering your core. His fingers slid against your wetness, coating his digits with it. "Shit, sweetheart," he hisses, lifting his head and burying it into your hair. "You're so wet for me."
"Are you this wet for him?"
"N-no," you whimper with a gasp as he slid two of his fingers into your soaked entrance. You're just about to let out a loud moan when the hand on your waist rushes to cover your mouth, muffling out the sound.
"Shh, baby. As much as I love to make you scream, you don't want anyone walking in on us right now, do you?" He grunts as his thumb circles your sensitive clit with light pressure. You feel like you're about to combust, your chest heaving at the sight of Chris fingering you on the mirror in front of you.
You don't care if anyone burst through those doors, watching as Chris brought you to your climax with his fingers. You just wanted him---no, needed him.
Your grip on his grey curls tightens, your walls clenching around his fingers as he pushes them in and out of you. Your legs begin to buckle as you feel yourself getting closer, and it's only his body that is keeping you upright.
"My gorgeous girl," he praised you, lifting his head just enough to catch a glimpse of the two of you in the mirror. God, you were a vision in red--- your neck adorning a diamond necklace he'd brought you, your manicured fingers digging onto his hair that you loved so much, your head thrown back, resting against his tux-clad shoulders. "You're so good for me, you okay that?"
Your back arches as you feel the coil in your belly tighten. Chris quickens his pace, and with a muffled cry of his name, you feel every second of your orgasm ripping through your veins.
You drop your hand from his hair as he removes his hand from your mouth, and you shift your entire body weight onto him with a breathy sigh.
The atmosphere in the room suddenly shifted as you allowed him to wrap his arms around your shoulders, pulling you closer to him, and this time, it doesn't annoy you. He could never annoy you, and that is the reality.
He presses a kiss on your hair, both of your gaze cast onto your reflection. Your stomach flutters; you always did feel quite giddy when it came to the two of you.
"You look like a goddess, my love," he praises you, tightening his arms around you.
You want to giggle at his compliment, bury your face into his neck, climb onto his lap and kiss his lips, but you can't because outside of that door stands another universe, where he belongs to her and not you.
"Chris," your voice laced with alarm. "You have to go now, or else people will grow su---"
"Fuck them," he interjects with such certainty it almost makes you hopeful. "Fuck her, fuck everyone. I just want to spend some time with the love of---"
"Chris," you begin again, stopping him on his track. "Not now, please?"
He can never say no to you, and that's his weakness. You're an angel sent from heaven, and nothing can convince him otherwise. He is besotted by you, and he can never get enough. No matter how many times he's professed his love, he knows it's not enough. He can never put it into words.
Wordlessly, he obliges, gently using his arms to turn you around. For the first time in the evening, you see him properly.  
Almost instinctively, your hand moves up to rest on his cheek, a smile gracing your lips as you took him in. Sometimes he felt like a dream to you, a dream you never wanted to be woken up from, but you always woke up. Exhausted and a little heartbroken.
'I'll see you soon?" you ask, not knowing what else to say to him. You know all it will take is one word from him for you to stay. He knows it too, the power he yields over you but never seems to use it.
"Soon," he affirms, squeezing your hand tightly, and you take it as a queue to leave.
You're about to unlock the door when he calls out your name, making you turn towards him once again.
"I love you."
Those simple words make your heart flutter, and with a final smile, you repeat them. 'I love you too."
I'll be home in twenty.
Later that night, as you slip out of the dress into your sleepwear, your phone goes off on your vanity, and you know who is texting you so late at night.
Home. That's what you were to him. She might've been his wife, but when she was out doing yoga at a Jimmy Choos store, you were nestled into his chest as he whispered words of affection in your ears. After they both argued, he came back to you and every night, he would remind you that his heart belongs to you.
You are already in bed when he makes his way into your bedroom, still dressed in the tux from the evening. His eyes looked exhausted as he threw his black suit jacket on your couch, unbuttoning his white dress shirt and climbed onto the bed beside you.
You know better than to question his mood. He would tell you when he was ready to share, and until then, you would comfort him in all the ways you could.
You are nestled onto his chest, hearing the soft thuds of his heart beating, his fingers raking through your hair and a Netflix show playing on the TV in front of you, which neither of you is paying any attention towards when he suddenly speaks up.
"I love you more than anything, you know that, right?"
There is something about the way he asks that makes your heart clench. Of course, you did. He never made you doubt it. Were you tired of sneaking around and seeing him with her in his arms in public? Yes. Were you desperate to call him yours in front of everyone? To hold his hand and kiss him outside of the walls of your room? Yes.
However, you knew what you were getting yourself into the moment you let him kiss you. You knew his wedding band would stand between the two of you when you told him you loved him for the first time. Yet, you never had any doubt that one day, you would have him all to yourself and you to him.  
You lift your head to face him, shifting in his arms. "Of course, I know. You've never failed to remind me of that."
It's not the occasional diamonds or expensive dresses he gifted you that told you he loved you. It was the late nights after a bad day when you could curl into his arms, and he would comfort you; when he cooks delicious meals, his mother taught him for you because you can't cook to save your life; when he kisses the pulse on your throat, a reminder that you exist and in his life.
He calls you an angel, but he is your salvation.
He shakes his head, a soft chuckle leaving his lips. "I need you to know that I want you and only you. There is no one else I would rather spend the rest of my life with."
He's always been sincere with his emotions. You could read him in his eyes, but now as his gaze is locked onto you with vulnerability, you understand that he needs you to know this is a proclamation.
"I will leave her. Not in the future, but now, I talked to my lawyer," your mouth parts open at his revelation, your chest tightening as he continues, "We can be together, and we will have everything we've dreamed about together."
You can feel your heart bursting into flames at his words, and he's smiling at you with such joy you can feel warm tears running down your cheeks. You pull his head down with your hand, planting an intense kiss on his lips as he smiles against you. You're finally going to have your forever home.
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readingslumpfanfic · 3 months ago
I'm totally in Love with your Storys !!🥰 Would you do an Imagine where Eli/Hawk bullys a girl (Nerd/Weeb) but due to a Event he falls in love? Thsnk you in advance !🤩
Hi! First of all, thanks a lot for your request! And for your kind words it is so nice to read this after the effort us writers put on our stories...🥺💚💚✨🌼 I hope you don’t mind but I am not very familiar with Weeb culture, so I don't want to offend anyone by writing about the reader in a wrong way. I therefore decided to go for a nerd, geeky reader. I hope you like it!
Warnings: perhaps some spoilers from season 3… I’m not sure but just in case… and language, as usual.
Word count: 1604
A/n: I had a lovely time writing this, but I think it has come out veeeery cheesy… Anyway, enjoy!
Tumblr media
The table was filled with all sorts of geek handmade stuff. Banners with prizes and tins for donations surrounded it, praying ‘WE MISS YOU MIGUEL’ and ‘HELP MIGUEL GET OUT OF HOSPITAL’. You put your hands in your hips, proud of all the work you’ve done. Alongside your friend Demetri and some others, you’ve been painting t-shirts, creating earrings, pendants, rings and all sorts of things to help raise funds for Miguel’s surgery. Next to you, there was the Car Wash Sam had organised too. Any help was useful, and all of you had great ideas. Dimitri had made a website to sell all these things you’ve made, but today you had brought some lemonade and snacks for the people waiting in the queue. You were wearing your favourite show’s t-shirt and everything looked perfect.
Of course, until the Cobras Arrived.
You heard some motorcycles and looked in their direction. Dimitri cursed under his breath. 
‘Shit, not again…’
Led by Hawk, the boys got off their bikes and headed in your direction. The one with the mohawk went straight to your friend, who stood there, straight faced. 
You were pretty new at school. You had arrived a couple of months before the big fight when Miguel’s accident occurred and had become great friends with Dimitri because of your common interests. He has been the one who told you all about Eli, the “previous” Hawk. How shy and clever he was, and how they both shared amazing movie nights and scientific discussions. It was clear that Dimitri really missed Eli, but for some reason, Hawk was treating his friend terribly. And you. He didn’t even know you, but since you were part of Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter and many more fandoms, he seemed to hate you for barely existing.
‘Hey losers’ one of the boys behind him said.
‘What do you want?’ your friend asked, standing in front of you.
Suddenly, Hawk moved forward and stood in front of Dimitri. You had a feeling that something bad was going to happen so you took a step forward.
‘Look, guys, we don’t want any trouble. If you could please leave us…’
‘And who's this?’ Hawk said, smirking ‘You’ve found a girl as nerdy as you, Dimitri?’
‘Don’t call her a nerd!’
Both of them got closer and you started to worry your friend would end up wounded.
‘Please, leave us alone’.
‘Don’t tell me what to do, you freak. I can't believe you still like that childish crap’.
And then, they proceeded to destroy all the stuff you brought to sell. Kicking the table, all your things on the floor. After they were done, the took the money and one big boy said:
‘Now this, this is for Miguel. But raised by Cobra Kai’
They all started laughing. You stood in front of them and looked at Hawk directly in the eye.
‘Are you done?’ you crossed your arms over your chest.
The boy looked at you up and down. 
‘I’ll take that as a “yes”. Now get the fuck away from here before I call the police. At least I’m sure the money will go to Miguel’s cause and not somewhere else…’ you turned around and started picking things from the floor. You looked miserable taking the t-shirts from the ground, stained and soaked with lemonade. Dimitri and the other boys helped you do so and the Cobras said ‘Whatever, losers’ and started to leave.
However, Hawk stood there for a couple of seconds. He had been surprised by your courage and he even found that attractive?. The boy looked at you quietly, analysing your gestures. Surely Eli would have fallen in love with you, but not him, not Hawk. He was a badass and you were a nerd. No way. Though he actually felt bad for what they have done to you.
‘Hey, Hawk. Come on!’ his friend called him.
He shook his head and turned to them. Soon all of these weird emotions would have been forgotten. 
A couple of hours later, Hawk was heading home on his bike. He stopped at a red light near the car wash area and saw everyone had already left. However, he spotted a familiar figure sitting on the edge of the road. You were looking down, embracing a tiny cardboard box. He suddenly felt the urge to keep you company since it was getting dark, so he turned to the left and parked the bike right behind you.
‘Hey’ he said.
You looked behind you, and scoffed.
‘What do you want?’
Of course, he thought, she must be very annoyed. He realised your eyes were puffy. Certainly, right after the Cobras left, you took everything from the floor, but you started crying right away. Dimitri promised you everything would be alright and ran to get some more drinks to try and sell them anyway. 
‘Look, I… I’m sorry’. he said, sitting next to you. 
You looked at him, raising an eyebrow. 
‘I shouldn’t have let the boys do that, and of course I shouldn’t have participated’
You looked down at your black Converse. 
‘Yeah…That was really mean’. 
Hawk felt really embarrassed. He wasn’t sure about why he had behaved like that, but now that he was talking to you, he felt terribly sorry.
‘What are you doing here? Alone, I mean’ he asked after a while.
‘Dimitri offered to take me home, but I told him I wanted to walk a bit, you know… After today…’
‘Yeah.. Oh, I just remembered’ Hawk said, picking something from his pocket ‘I brought the money back. As a way to say sorry’.
‘How did you…? you asked, taking it cautiously.
‘I told them I would take it to the Hospital’.
You nodded, caressing the paper bag.
‘Thank you’ you muttered after a while.
He smiled softly.
‘Don’t. I did something hideous, and I am really sorry. I’m just trying to mend it’.
You looked at him. He was remarkably cute, and the mohawk gave him that badass look. You shook your head in disbelief, how could you be thinking that? After how bad he treated you… 
Both of you remained silent. You moved the box a bit with your feet and he looked inside.
‘Have you… Have you made those?’ he said, pointing at the shirts.
You nodded. ‘I designed them and painted the original drawing. Dimitri copied it into 50 of them’ 
‘They are really cool’ he said, taking one and looking at it. ‘However, I think the Winter Soldier is way cooler than Captain America’. 
You chuckled a bit. ‘Yeah, I think so as well, but the boys said he would be more recognisable…’
Hawk looked at your profile. Your laugh had sounded like music to his ears and he started analysing the lines of your face. You felt his eyes on you and felt the heat rising to your head. He thought about how good it felt to be talking about something he used to like a lot with you and smiled to himself.
Then, you realised it was completely dark.
‘Oh, shit!’ you said, standing up ‘I better get going, I promised Dimitri to text him when I got home…’
‘I’ll take you’ Hawk said before he could stop himself.
You looked at him, shocked. What? Why would he take you home? 
‘You don’t have to…’
‘I… It’s no problem… I mean If you want to…’ he said, a hand in the back of his head now.
You smiled shyly.
‘Oh… Ok, then’.
You went hiding the box behind some bushes to get it the next day and followed Hawk to the motorcycle. He offered you his helmet and you put it on.
‘Thanks. How on earth do you put this on?’ you asked.
He chuckled.
‘Well… It’s the power of Hawk’.
You scoffed and he asked you to hold on to him. You climbed behind him and put your arms around his torso. You felt his abs behind his shirt and started to feel hot again. Jesus, Y/n... put yourself together! 
Once you arrived at your house, you dismounted the bike and handed Hawk the helmet. He looked at you with those puppy eyes of his and you nearly melted.
‘Thanks a lot for the ri…’
‘I’m really sorry, Y/n’ he blurted out.
‘It’s alright, Hawk, really. It was really nice talking to you’. you smiled.
He relaxed a bit and you could see he was blushing a bit. Looking down, both of you remained silent. Then, he opened his mouth when your phone started vibrating.
‘Oh, that must be Dimitri’ you said, refusing the call. ‘I… I’ll better get going’.
‘Yeah, yeah, of course…’ Hawk said, seeming disappointed.
You bit your lip and looked at him. Picking all the courage you had, you took a step closer to him and kissed him in the cheek.
‘Thanks again for the ride’ you said ‘See you around!’ 
And you ran to the house, your heart feeling about to explode and leaving Hawk looking at you in awe. He saw you running to your door and couldn’t help but think how hard he has fallen for you.
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percyinpanties · 3 months ago
hey I'm the pipeyna anon and that's ok!!! can u do pipeyna with piper pining after hot jock Reyna which hopefully ends happy (smutty)
just a quick warm-up, i say, i won’t spend too much time on this. i really had to resist just going on and on and on with this. i miss writing this ship, damn.
anyway - this fits really well with an enemy to lovers prompt i have for jercy, so thats what im hinting at too here.
Read on Ao3
for context : i always write college aus from a UK uni perspective bc that’s all i know and i don’t care to adapt to how it might or might not work in the u.s. (sorry)
rating: teen+ (no smut in this one, but let me tell you, this TEMPTED me)
words: 2.2k 
“An actual goddess” Piper says wistfully from where she’s leaning against the wall next to Percy, taking back the cigarette she’d just bummed of him. Her eyes are glued on the field, and more precisely on Reyna, smile on her face and water bottle in her hand as she jogs over to Jason standing at the side of the field. They greet each other with a hug, even as Reyna wrinkles her face, seemingly complaining about her own sweatiness.
It’s coincidence that the end of Reyna’s soccer practice collides conveniently with Piper’s and Percy’s late seminar on Mondays. It isn’t coincidence that Percy and her have taken to sharing a cigarette on the side of the building that looks out toward the field during their break, however.
 Percy makes a non-committal noise and his eyes follow Piper’s gaze while she takes a drag of the cigarette and wrinkles her nose. She needs to quit smoking for good, she thinks, and flicks the ash to the ground. There was a brief moment in first year when Piper thought that Percy might be interested in Reyna, or she in him, but luckily, nothing ever came of that.
 “You think they’re dating?” Percy asks, arms crossed over his chest now, making no move to take the cigarette back again. He’s not even pretending not to be staring, his eyes intense where they flit between Reyna and Jason. Piper on the other hand has the common decency to at least cast her eyes away every now and again before she’s caught looking for a little too long.
At the edge of the field, Reyna and Jason are standing close together now, chatting about god knows what, smiling and laughing. They’re certainly comfortable with each other, but Piper can’t say that’s much of an indication given how she’s around Percy.
 “I hope not.” Piper mutters and Percy laughs at that, even though she knows he agrees. Percy wouldn’t admit it in a million years, but Piper would bet real money that he has a thing for Jason, too, as much as he claims to hate the guy. She’d have to be deaf and blind not to notice the tension between them.
It would make sense, though, in a way. Jason is captain of the men’s rugby team, Reyna of the women’s soccer team. Some of their practices collide and the two clubs do most of their weekly socials together, and Piper’s seen the two of them hanging out aside from that plenty as well. Reyna and her haven’t talked much about Jason, maybe because Piper hasn’t actually exchanged more than five words with him and never had much of an urge to change that, but she knows that Reyna and Jason have known each other before university.
Around Jason, Reyna seems to let her guard down, something Piper has only managed to achieve a handful of times since they met during their first year.
 Jason laughs at something Reyna says, eyes bright and head thrown back and Piper can’t deny that he’s handsome, at the very least. He’s fairly decent, too, as far as guys go, and really, Piper knows she shouldn’t be hoping that there is nothing between Reyna and him if that is what would make Reyna happy.
 “Invite her to the party.” Percy suggests then, drawing Piper’s attention back from the tangent her brain was so insistent to start on. When Piper turns her face to look at him, he’s already looking back at her, one eyebrow arched. “I was going to, anyway, but it’s different coming from you yourself.”
 He’s not teasing her, it’s an honest suggestion, and technically not even a bad one. It’s Percy’s birthday this weekend, and if nothing else, it would be a good excuse to hang out again. Percy knows a ton of people, but he usually doesn’t invite too many to his party, so with any luck, it won’t be too crowded to actually spend some time with Reyna.
More than that, though, it’s another opportunity for Piper to finally get a move on. Percy, Piper knows, thinks that Piper’s pining had reached a point where it’s almost comical halfway through last year, but even so, Piper has yet to manage to actually act on her feelings.
A party is casual enough that she can always play it off as nothing serious when it ends up blowing up in her face. Piper might finally get over herself and just ask Reyna out already – although she’s tried that a few times before only to find herself tongue tied and staring at Reyna like she hung the moon in the sky. She’s been head over heels for Reyna since maybe three weeks after they met in first year, and now that they’re starting their third and final year, Piper needs to get a move on or it’ll simply be too late. Granted, she’s scared shitless at the prospect of being turned down, but at this point, even that would be better than pining forever and never finding out if she’d even stand a chance.
 “Yeah… maybe.” Piper says finally, and manages a small smile towards Percy who bumps his shoulder against hers playfully. They should be heading back inside, so Piper sneaks a last glance toward Reyna and this time, finds her looking back.
    They don’t share any classes this year, and Piper doesn’t usually run into Reyna on campus, so on Wednesday morning, she ends up texting Reyna on her way to class. She fumbles with her phone, almost tripping over her own two feet trying to type the words out as fast as possible, and ends up having to sidestep off the path to actually send the texts.
 Hey you.
we’re having a party on Saturday, it’s Percy’s birthday.
 Piper wants to add more, but instead, she bites her lip and stuffs her phone back into the pocket of her jeans. It’s almost an open invitation like this already anyway, and Piper wants to gauge Reyna’s first reaction before deciding exactly how she’s going about asking. Technically, it would be so easy to just as Reyna to go with her, specifically, to the party, but the intention might be lost over text and anyway, wouldn’t it be simpler to just invite her generally?
Piper frets throughout the entirety of her first lecture, and most of the second one, for nothing. Reyna doesn’t answer, even though the messenger app shows Piper that she’s read both texts already, and Piper tries not to be disappointed about it. She doesn’t know what Reyna’s schedule is like today, the girl might just be busy and planned on replying later. It makes sense, much more than Piper’s second thought that Reyna is not answering because Piper is annoying and Reyna doesn’t actually want to spend any time with her. She knows that thought is stupid, knowing that however does nothing to ease the anxious knot in Piper’s stomach.
 Piper finds herself checking her phone more often than not. It would be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous, and if the lecturer wasn’t so clearly catching on that Piper isn’t paying as much attention to the class as she is to her phone. She texts Percy as well, but she knows he’s in that seminar he shares with Jason, so chances are that she won’t be getting a reply on that end anytime soon either.  In the end, she has to force herself to put her phone away and actually focus on the lecture up front, even though by that point, she is already lost as to what they’re even talking about in the first place. It’s no good, and Piper can’t deny being relieved when the lecturer eventually dismisses the class.
 She doesn’t allow herself to check her messages until she’s across campus in the coffee shop, queuing for some much needed caffeine and fishing out her phone so she doesn’t have to make small talk with anyone while she waits in line. Reyna still hasn’t replied, but at least Percy has messaged her after his seminar.
 I’m gonna strangle him, Piper. You’ll have to bust me out of prison because they are going to arrest me for goddamn murder.
 All she’d asked was if his classes were as boring as hers today, and while she had expected Percy to go off about Jason in reply, this isn’t exactly what she’d thought to be reading today. She smiles at her phone, types out a quick reply and moves up in the queue.
 That bad? What’s he done now?
 The way Percy talks about Jason makes Piper think of a Cartoon Network villain, always plotting, provoking and scheming. The few times she’s spoken to Jason, the guy wasn’t half bad, and if Piper is honest, she doesn’t quite get the vendetta these two have with each other. She suspects though that it has something to do with how ‘infuriatingly attractive, like fucking superman or something’ Percy described Jason after their first class together.
 It’s like he thinks I’m stupid or something. Got a dumb fucking project to do together and he honestly told me that he ‘needs to pass this class so iif I’m not planning to put in the work, we might as well ask for new partners right away’
Like, excuse me, bitch? My grades are better than yours, for one thing
And for another, it’s not like good-old Dodds is gonna let us switch anyway
 Piper huffs audibly while she reads the texts. It’s clear Percy’s actually upset by this, and she figures it will only get worse if they actually have to do the work together in the coming weeks. Before she can shoot Percy a reply though, she’s next in line.
Piper orders her coffee, steps aside to wait once she’s paid, and rereads Percy’s texts before she types her reply to Percy.
 Sounds like a dick move.
 Piper’s almost inclined to defend Jason for a moment, since Percy mostly doesn’t pay much attention in class, especially in Mrs. Dodds seminars – so how is Jason meant to know how much effort Percy puts in outside of it? On the other hand, though, Piper knows how Percy is, and how personally he’s clearly taken Jason’s comment already, so trying to convince him otherwise would simply be fruitless.
Once Piper’s coffee is done, she heads back outside, finding an empty bench to enjoy the break before her next class. If nothing else, at least Percy’s ranting is distracting her from Reyna, and the party, and asking the other girl out – and in between the rapid texts Percy and her are sending back and forth Piper almost forgets about it entirely. Until she has to head back to her last class, that is, and sees that Reyna has, so far, still left her on read.
 Piper hesitates for a moment, clicking on the text field without typing anything just yet. Is she going to come off as desperate if she texts again, or should she just clarify now before it gets too late and Reyna already makes different plans for the weekend?
Piper types out a few words, deletes them again and pockets her phone only to get it back out a few seconds later to try again. She shouldn’t be walking and texting, especially given that she should be going faster to actually make it to her lecture in time, but Piper knows that if she doesn’t send this text now, she’ll spend another lecture agonising over what to say.
 So yeah, I wanted to invite you too ofc :)
 Piper cringes at her wording, but figuring it won’t get much better, she sends the text anyway and finally tucks her phone back into her pocket to actually hurry to class.
   By the time Reyna replies, it’s late and Piper is sitting on the beat-up couch in her shared flat’s living room, watching something trashy on TV without really paying much attention at all. Percy is clanking around in the kitchen, making something that smells good enough to remind Piper that she should probably be getting herself some food, too. She’s about to get up and rummage through her fridge compartment in search of something edible when her lock screen lights up with a message from Reyna, and that derails any thoughts of food immediately. Piper isn’t subtle in the way she practically lunges for her phone, but luckily, Percy can’t see and judge her from his position in the kitchen.
 Sorry, long day, reads the first text, following a few seconds later by another one.
Promised Jason to hang out but I’d love to :(
 Piper bites her lip, knowing before typing out the words that Percy won’t like what she’s doing in the slightest.
 You could bring him? Percy won’t mind.
 Except that Percy most certainly will mind, Piper thinks, and grimaces. If she hadn’t come off as desperate before, she most certainly does now – texting back within less than a minute after having been left on read all day, only to offer that Reyna can bring her friend (boyfriend?) along as well if that means she’ll be there.
There’ll be other opportunities, Piper tells herself, and scrubs a hand over her face. She needs to chill, and maybe she needs to grab a cigarette and step outside and calm down before she embarrasses herself even further.
 Piper stares at the screen. How on earth is she meant to interpret this? At this rate, she won’t make it until Saturday, dying of one crisis or another before then.
 if you’re sure? I’ll ask him.
haven’t seen you in a while, would be nice to hang out again ;)
 I’m sure.
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midgethetree · 3 months ago
(Extinguish anon)Sorry I must have thought I already had those lines in the first message! They were Node: 8 Tree: id 4109 name 'Extinguish - Simulate' version 5 from Fire. I tried doing what you said and unfortunately no mod in my Downloads folder modifies any of the 3 BHAVs (simulate, core and interaction - extinguish). I'm not sure if every frame is related to the error but the next frame after these 3 had wait for notify from global and one package modifies that - SWDuelingSwordsPart2.
(Extinguish) The frame after that (I think it's main check queue ) is modified by HBAubreeAnimated baby swing and jumperoo ALEP packages but really not sure if that's relevant? I put them on the lot when causing fires anyway/used them at that time and got nothing.But I mentioned in my first message that it's pretty much impossible to test this because it's so intermittent - I cannot get the error to appear when I try no matter what, I just got a bunch of test sims burned to death!
(Extinguish) It seems to only occur when I'm regularly playing and not expecting it, which is very annoying when it's so infrequent. I started about 10 fires (inside/outside, stove, leaves) just now and all were able to be extinguished without issue.I think I might just have to accept having this error sometimes because I can't see any other way to test it when I can't figure out what causes it to occur?I'll try to keep an eye out in future when playing if a fire occurs and see if there's a
(Extinguish, last part!) pattern, unless anyone else has any ideas! Thanks for everything you do anyways, you're a gem!
Hmm. I have one other idea, which is to ask if you have any objects cloned from a fire, maybe you do and it had a necessary BCON deleted and that’s why the constant is invalid? If you’re not sure try doing a simantics resource finder search of your downloads folder, but this time instead of searching for a BHAV name search for an NREF name and just type fire. Fireplaces and the likes will show up too but if there’s any results that just say Fire coming from your downloads folder you might want to check that object’s BCON 0x1001 to see if it a) exists and b) has values up to 0x6.
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sckyie · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
word count: 2.5k
genre + warnings: enemies to lovers; coworkers, office love, alcohol mentioned, swearing
pronouns used: she/her
a/n: hi hi here’s my exchange gift for @coophi! happy holidays and stay safe, i hope you like what i wrote for you! [ this was apart of @/haikyuucreations secret santa ]
You put your forehead on the table groaning at the recent news. "You'll get'em next time, Y/n," your coworker rubbed your back. You sighed louder as you heard something being placed on your desk. You shift your face towards the corner of the surface to see a coffee cup with your name scribbled on the side.
You rolled your eyes and looked up to see the new lead, Kuroo, being congratulated by everyone. "That was supposed to be my promotion," You grumbled. You stared at the coffee up and walked over to Kuroo's desk. Leaving the filled cup, you excused yourself to the bathroom.
Kuroo watched as you rejected his peace offering before leaving the office. He understood how you felt once you heard that you didn't get the promotion. Your papers were perfect, clients loved you both, but the one thing keeping you from getting the promotion was simple. Kuroo's numbers were much higher than yours and it crushed yours.
The thought of endless nights staying late to catch up became pointless. The effort in surpassing him wasn't necessary anymore. All your work, all your stressful nights, everything didn't matter to the manager and execs.
"Hmph," Kuroo seated himself and stared at your drink on his desk.
"Something wrong, Kuroo?" Your coworker peeked beside him.
"Oh nothing," He responds.
You return to your desk, side-eyeing your now superior. You took a deep breath before returning to your paperwork.
Numbers, numbers, numbers. You spent your shift calculating, writing, and fixing errors. The jumble of text on your screen began to hurt your brain for working so hard.
The day dreaded on as the anger in you fumed. It wasn't that you were mad for not getting the promotion. You were furious that out of all people it'd be Kuroo who got it. You despised his snarky, overly confident facade and his petty ways of trying to show you how great he was.
Finally, your shift comes to an end but so does Kuroo's. You two walk together to the elevators though you tried your hardest avoiding him. "Did I get your order wrong?" Kuroo smirked as he pressed the lobby button.
"I don't want your pity coffee," You muttered.
"It's not a pity coffee," He rebutted. "It was a hot chai latte."
"Haha," You mocked. "I don't even like chai."
"Then what do you like?" Kuroo smiled.
"Not you," You immediately walked out of the elevator, making your way to the parking lot.
"Tsk," He was the tiniest bit irritated by your tone but decided to try again tomorrow.
Papers, papers, papers. Endless papers for you to edit and write at home. It was torture but how else could you succeed in your career. Things were already shit with Kuroo trying to be friends with you. Nevertheless, you finished at least ten pages of reports for tomorrow's agenda.
Early morning, you arrived at the office before everyone like normal. Kuroo arrives with two coffees and a small brown bag. He walked over, placing the snack and cup on your desk without a word. He walks to his desk and begins his work without interacting.
You turn the cup to check what it was. "Café latte," You mouthed. You peeked in the small bag to see a blueberry muffin. Before you could return the drink, people began to file into the room. You rolled your eyes and sipped on the drink.
"Success," Kuroo thought to himself as he watched you snack and sip the offerings.
It became a daily thing for Kuroo to bring you drinks. Never the same one twice, but always a blueberry muffin. You gave in to his gesture and thanked him silently whenever he passed by.
Your favorite interaction however was his failed attempt in talking to you. "You come here often?" He asked as he placed your coffee on your desk.
"Considering I work here, yes," You say sarcastically.
"Wow I'm literally so stupid," Kuroo thought. Kuroo saw many opportunities to talk to you more but fell nervous every time. It was always hard for him to get close to someone new. His past relationships had left him hopeless for his own future. The toxicity from the past girls left him thinking he'd never be happy with someone. These past few years, he'd been focusing on himself.
Then you walked into his life. After being transferred to a new branch, you seemed different than any other girl he's met. Kuroo saw hope in you and believed that you could be the light of his love life. He admired your attention to detail, your determination, and well, your beauty. Kuroo saw all your greatest features yet he could never bring himself to tell you his admiration.
One day, you had already a shitty morning and didn't want to deal with anything at work. From annoying traffic to angry clients to the blisters from your heels, you wanted more than anything for the day to end.
A few upset clients later, your head began to pound and you excused yourself for an early break. Kuroo turned to see you sulk away, causing him to furrow his eyebrows.
"What's with Y/n?" He asks his desk neighbor.
"Oh, two of her clients weren't co-operating and it's getting her frustrated," She responded. "She's been having a bad day."
Kuroo looks at your desk curiously and noticed how you had removed your heels under your desk. "Be right back," Kuroo gets up from his desk and walked over to the shared kitchen area to grab some things.
You returned from your short break to be greeted with a small pile of things. Bandages for your blisters, medicine for your headache, water, and a cut-up apple. "Take it easy," You found a post-it on the water bottle. You looked at your screen to see your client queue cleared with everyone on the list as approved. Confused as ever, you make use of the mystery goods to tend to your needs.
"Attention everyone, tonight Ryu here is throwing a little work party at his apartment," Your manager announced. "It is a small goodbye party for him and congratulations to our new lead, Kuroo." You rolled your eyes at Kuroo's name and continued to snack on the apples.
Later that night, you arrived at Ryu's house, catching Kuroo's attention. "Woah," Your male coworker gasped at the sight of you. "Damn, how is she single."
"Hey calm down, Kuroo-san has a crush on her," Other teased.
"Fuck off and keep my love life out your mouth," Kuroo nudges his shoulder. Though they weren't wrong, you were stunning. Dressed to impress and you even put your hair down from your usual updo. Kuroo was left speechless, thus leaving him too anxious to tell you anything.
After one cheesy speech and a big congratulations, the drinking began. Kuroo began to get too into the moment, having one too many drinks. You, however, stayed sober the whole party. You snickered at the sight of your drunk colleagues.
Kuroo's cheeks were bright red and he walked funny. He made his way towards you and you couldn't help but laugh. This was his chance to confess. "I- I- want-" He hiccuped between words. Kuroo began to get lost in thought, forgetting he was drunk confessing. "I- want my- keys- I- need- need  to go- home."
"I don't think so," You snatch his keys from the key holder before he could. "Do you want me to take you home?" He nodded excessively as you rolled your eyes. You chat with Ryu shortly before taking Kuroo to your car.
"Kamikita Apartments," You say. You had asked Ryu as you saw no hope in getting anything out of Kuroo. He slowly fell asleep in your car as you drove through the lit city. "I hope you know, I'm only doing this because you're drunk. I still don't like you."
"Mhm," Kuroo says in his sleep. You giggled at his expression all the way to his apartment.
Kuroo rests his arm around your shoulder as you two made your way to the apartment. You unlock the door and Kuroo immediately walks to the bedroom. Once he realized you weren't behind him, he turns back. "Where'd you go?" He pouted.
"Nowhere," You followed into his room. "Where are your pajamas- Oh, here. Change while I get you water."
Kuroo obeys your order and seats himself as he waited for his water. To him, he had already confidently talked to you about how he felt. Yet in reality, he was too drunk to even comprehend the front of his shirt.
"Here," You notice the tag in the front of his shirt as he chugged the water. "Your shirt is backward."
"Help me?" He begged. You facepalm at his tone but agreed. It felt like you were taking care of a baby. Your cheeks flushed pink once you helped him take off his shirt. You stopped to admire his face as you adjusted the middle of his sleep shirt. His hands move to rest on your hips. "It's so cold. Thank you for helping me change. Oh, and Y/n?"
"Y-yes?" You stuttered at his large hands.
"I have something to tell you," His voice started to sound sleepy. "I love you." Your eyes widen and you couldn't show him your shy expression.
"Tell me that again when you're sober," You move his hands away from you. Making your way to the light switch, you looked at the sad Kuroo. "I'll sleep in the living room. Just- go to bed."
Thankfully you had a change of clothes in your trunk that you used to sleep in. You got ready for bed, chuckling at the sounds of Kuroo snoring next door to the bathroom.
You laid silently on the couch staring at the ceiling. Those three words, you never thought you'd hear them from him of all people. It'd been years since your last break up, so you'd always been so closed off when it came to men. After getting heartbroken, you didn't think another man could love you. Kuroo was no exception. Sure he was handsome but you were adamant about staying single for the longest.
The thought of Kuroo in your life lingered up until the morning. He had woken up before you and found himself with a pounding headache. He made his way to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water. As he drank his water, he spit-sprayed the water out of his mouth when he spots you sleeping. He began to cough aggressively before collecting himself. "Wha- what is she doing here?!" He whispered.
You woke up to the sound of your dying colleague, rubbing your eyes to the bright room. Kuroo walked over to you as you sat up, pulling the blanket to your lap. "Good morning," You yawned. "How's the hangover?"
"What are you doing here?" Kuroo panicked.
"You were shit-faced. This was the one thing I could do for repaying you for the coffees," You say.
"Did I do- did I say anything stupid?" He hides his face in his hands.
"You told me something," You began to fiddle with your thumbs. "I don't know if you meant it or not, but you told me you loved me."
"I...did?" Kuroo slowly moves his hands to look at you. Your face was red and you were playing with your sleeves now.
"Well, did you mean it?" You ask. "If you didn't..."
Kuroo reached over and pulled your chin up with his index knuckle and thumb. "I meant it," He says. "I really did."
Your face grew warmer at his words. "Why?" You sighed. "I'm so mean to you."
"Because," Kuroo moves his hand away to stare at his lap. "I love your smile. I love the way you work. I love how determined you are. The way you sign your papers with a tiny heart. The way you laugh at the smallest things. And...I know you might hate my guts but ever since I saw you, I admired you. You make so many people smile and bring happiness to the room. I thought I'd been on your shit list but I'm glad you took care of me- See that's another thing, you put yourself after everyone else. That's why I gave you bandaids, buy you coffee, finished your quotas for you. I just think you deserve better than what you have right now. And I'm so impressed by you-"
You got annoyed by his rambling and decided to grab his cheeks. You interrupted his words by crashing your lips into his. "You literally talk so much," You pulled away. "Can I talk now?"
Kuroo was stunned at the fact that you just kissed him to shut him up. "You just- kissed-" You pressed your lips on his again to keep him quiet. He deepened the kiss before you could pull away. "You can talk." He smiled as he pulled away.
"Okay," You move from his face. "I wanted to say, you weren't on my shit list or whatever. I was upset I didn't get the promotion and I didn't like your attitude. But, getting to know you I learnt how different you really are. Especially when you’re drunk, it's funny. Besides that, I didn't know how you felt, I didn't notice all the things you've done for me."
Kuroo placed his palm on yours, carefully comparing the size of it to yours. "I didn't think I could fall in love with someone who didn't give me the time of day," He says. You moved your fingers to trace his.
"How are you so sure that you love me?" You laced your fingers with Kuroo's.
"That's the thing, I'm not sure," Kuroo looked down at his lap. "I did all those things just to make your days easier. I thought all the small gestures I did, wouldn't matter to you. That they were just tedious things that bothered you. To be honest, I'm afraid of letting someone into my heart. I was drunk when I told you and I meant it but I want to know for sure that I'm in love with you before anything."
"Do you want to find out?" You say softly.
"Only if you'd let me," Kuroo looked up to see you smiling at him. You nodded and leaned in for another kiss. "Man if only your kisses made this hangover go away."
You rolled your eyes and pressed your lips against his once more. The feeling of his hands move to your waist caused the heat in your face to return. Kuroo pulls you to straddle his lap as he deepened the kiss. Your hands rest on his shoulders while he rubbed your sides.
"I promise to make you the happiest woman in the world," He whispered as he pulled away.
"Do I still get morning coffee?" You giggled.
"And your blueberry muffin," Kuroo chuckled. You smiled before pecking his lips. You rest your head on the crook of his neck as he rubbed your back. "I won't disappoint you."
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voidswan · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Jungkook has dreams about a woman he had never ever seen in his life.
Warnings: Masturbation, unprotected sex.
"Fuck that feel so good baby... So fucking good for me" Jungkook threw his head back, eyes closed in euphoria. The pleasure coming straight from his cock, all the way up to his spine as he felt himself shivering at the sensation. Y/N bobs her head up and down, managing to swallow his hard length without any complications whatsoever. "So good for daddy..."
"J-Jungkook-ah..." She called out, her voice slightly croaked.
"That's not what you're supposed to call me, sweetheart..." He warns running his hands through her head as he gave it a harsh tug, almost as if he wanted to punish her for it.
"Be a good girl, Y/N" Jungkook warns once again as Y/N looks up to him with watery eyes and hallowed cheeks. Jungkook moans when he felt her tongue gliding underneath the slit of his tip, collecting all of his pre-cum as some of them drips down her chin. "Fuck, I'm close... I'm close baby"
"Who the hell is Y/N?" Jungkook's eyes shot up when he felt sprinkles of cold water hitting his face, waking him up from his perfect slumber. He groans, looking around as he noticed where he was.
"Shit, sorry hyung... I think I overslept" Jungkook apologizes, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand as he pulled off the covers from the body. The wet patch underneath him mapped the bed as if he ran a marathon and went straight to sleep. "Shit..." Jungkook cursed once again, looking down to his pants to see a large tent growing underneath. Namjoon laughed, shaking his head as he got up.
"Hey... No shame, we all went through that... But I gotta say, who the hell is Y/N? Are they your secret lover or something. Is there something you wanna tell us?" Namjoon speculated as Jungkook sighed, taking the pillow with him to cover himself. "You've been saying their name in your sleep more than three times now"
"That's the thing... I don't even know myself"
Namjoon may have caught him three times but Jungkook's had been dreaming of her since last month. He doesn't who she is, where she's from. All he knows is that he dreams some really explicit stuff and all of it seems too real. He thinks he has a problem but all he could think about is her.
Just one name.
Jungkook even went as far as googling the millions of Y/N's there is but none had matched her face. There's no way his brain could've just made up a pretty face like hers, his mind was not that complex.
"Maybe you saw her in one of the shows, those things happen to me sometimes" Namjoon suggested, waiting for him to shower and get ready for breakfast.
"Yeah, maybe" He agreed, not wanting to in-depth with the secret girl he's dreaming about. The truth was, they hadn't performed in any shows last month so it was possible for Y/N to just be some girl in the crowd. If he was so captivated by her, he would've remembered her face and what row she was in. Hell, he would've even invited her backstage.
Namjoon and Jungkook went out along with the others, grabbing a cup of coffee and maybe stop by the studio by any chance. He needs to distract himself from her. He needs to get her out of his mind because whatever it is, he wasn't sure it was healthy.
The night came, Jungkook and his hyungs thought it was a great idea to have some fun before they start their tour and he definitely agreed.
So here he was, dancing manically in the middle of the club with a cocktail in his hand.
A woman approached him, dancing slightly closer and closer to him the longer the music went on. Jungkook was buzzed and all he could think of was how flexible the woman looked grinding her body against his.
"I have a private booth, why don't you and I go somewhere a little bit quiet..." Jungkook whispered in the girl's ear, as she nodded, following him from behind as Jungkook closed the door behind them. The girl, who's named 'Sora' immediately sat on the cushioned chair, eyeing him up and down seductively.
Jungkook walked right up behind her, kissing the nape of her neck as she immediately whimpered underneath his touch. Their clothes were off on the floor and Jungkook wasted no time bending her over the chair, lining up his tip up to her soaking entrance.
His brain was buzzed from alcohol and he wasn't sure what happened. The next thing he knows, Sora's vibrant pink hair change colours and so did the shape of her body. The girl turned around, showing Jungkook the unfamiliar face his been stuck with for months.
Jungkook tried shaking his head trying to get rid of the vision but it only got clearer and clearer until he was almost convinced that Y/N was really writhing underneath him.
Jungkook pounded into Y/N mercilessly, feeling the warmth of her skin-soothing into his.
"Y/N... Fuck, I'm so close... I'm so close baby"
"What the fuck?!" Y/N's voice disappeared, replaced with a much more annoying one. Jungkook's eyes widened as his vision was clearing up and he immediately noticed who was truly in front of him. Sora picks up her clothes, quickly storming out of the room. "What a fucking dick"
Jungkook cursed underneath his breath, putting on his clothes as he sat there on the chair and think about what just happened.
Something was wrong and Jungkook needed to know who she is before he looses his mind.
Jungkook's hand were tight on his cock, fucking it roughly as he smothered the pre-cum that was dribbling out if the slit of his tip every now and then. “Y/N…” He whispered so lowly under his breath, the girl he fucked just right beside him, peacefully sleeping after Jungkook pounded her into the bed. The girl was such a deep sleeper that she didn’t even realize that Jungkook was jerking off to the thought of another woman that wasn't her. Jungkook imagined Y/N underneath him, at least this time he didn't accidentally say her name. “F-fuck, baby…”
Jungkook chased his orgasm, feeling the pit in his stomach growing bigger and bigger. He lifts his covers up slightly, points his hard cock right against his stomach as strings of cum paints his torso white. “So good, baby…” He whispered one last time, imagining Y/N cumming underneath him.
Y/N was the only thing that could keep him going, no one else. No one else but her.
Jungkook wakes up at nine o'clock in the morning, going at his usual routine as he steps out of his house going for a good jog and maybe find someplace to have a coffee alone.
He gets his trainers on, blaring a song in his headphones as he started running. He finds himself getting further away from his neighbourhood and somewhere much quieter and peaceful. The town was surrounded with modest houses and little shops that reminded him of his hometown back in Busan. It was unusual for Seoul to have places like these.
Jungkook stops by a bakery, wanting to get a few pastries and maybe some good coffee. He queues right behind a woman, waiting patiently for her to be done with her order.
"That will be 10,000WON, please..." The woman in front of him nodded, fumbling through her purse looking for money.
Only to find none.
"Oh my god, I left my purse back at home" Jungkook knitted his eyebrows in confusion, feeling as if her voice was familiar and he had heard it before. "I'm so sorry, I guess I have to cancel all of this"
Jungkook steps in front, pulling out a couple of bills as he paid for the woman's food. "Is'alright, I got it..."
"Thank you so much, I promise I'll pay you back..." The woman turned her head to properly thank him and suddenly...
Both of their eyes widened at the same time.
No it couldn't be.
A/N; notify me if there are any name errors!
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one-boring-person · 4 months ago
I'm A Slave To Rock 'N Roll.
Stacee Jaxx x reader
Warnings: alcohol consumption, bad language, mentions of sex
Requested by: @cool-leekeur
Tumblr media
A/N: I hope you like this!😊💛💛
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Tumblr media
"Tell me why I had to come, again?" I complain for the fifth time that night, my friend only rolling their eyes as they pull me into the queue outside the bar, which is  a favourite of mine when it comes to gigs usually, though tonight's players are not ones I want to see. 
"Because you agreed to. You're the one who said I needed company, anyway. You can't complain." They point out, rummaging through their pockets for some money to pay the entry fee.
I roll my eyes at the memory, now regretting my decision to join them at his concert, wrapping my worn leather jacket around my body to block out the cold air around us, some of the studs knocking together lightly even as the chains at my belt do, my fingerless gloves doing nothing to warm my freezing hands, though the overall look is one I try to keep up as much as possible. I might've made something of myself, but I'd never let go of my Metalhead roots, even in spite of the somewhat jaded past I've had in that genre.
"I guess." I grumble, shoving my hands in my pockets as I look over at the other side of the street, frowning at the sight of the protesting women with their raised placards and signs, hoarse voices just reaching the rest of us as we fight to get inside the Bourbon, most of us eager to get to the gig itself.
"Eurgh, I bet we've missed the opener." My friend sighs, looking over at me, "And all because you took ages getting your ass together."
"Hey, you can't rush a good look. And plus," I shrug, meeting their gaze dismissively, "No one likes the opening band, anyway, so what are we really missing?"
"They could've been really good!" They pout, pulling out a handful of change that they start counting out, awkwardly juggling it to stop it from falling.
I sigh, pulling a couple of bills from my pocket and waving them at them.
"I've got it, don't worry."
They shoot me a quick smile, before finding their ID card and handing it to the bouncer by the door, letting me do the same as they stand back. We pay and enter, taking our ID back as we step into the heaving crowd inside the small bar, the strong odour of sweat, alcohol and heady cologne creating a near-suffocating atmosphere. Heavy music throbs in the background, the sound of a screaming guitar overpowering all of the wild cheering from around us, the crowd singing along with whoever the opener is, cleat having a great time. Normally, I'd join in, but at the moment my mind is not with it, my attitude not right enough to start rocking out with them.
"I'm gonna head to the bar. Have fun." I shout over the music to my friend, who is already grinning broadly, body starting to move in time with the rhythm.
"Ok!" They yell back, pushing through the crowd to find a better position for themself.
Rolling my eyes, I start making my own way through the throng of people, ignoring the somewhat annoyed looks I get, as well as the few slaps I receive to my ass and thigh, the few perverted members of the crowd seemingly quite excited today. I just cuss them out and fund my way over to the bar, where I order myself a tumbler of heat whiskey, tossing it back as soon as I get it, the potent alcohol providing a pleasant burn in my throat and stomach, making me feel a little less annoyed about coming here in the first place. Making eye contact with the bartender, I order another, counting out the money I need just as the familiar opening riffs start to play around the room, a deafening scream of excitement rolling off of the crowd as they move forwards in unison, hoping to get closer to their idol.
I bite my lip as his voice enters my ears, the sound heart-wrenching to hear until i remember what he did, and why it is painful to listen to. Accepting my new drink, I shoot a swift glance at the stage, my eyes easily finding the man who caused me so much pain for so long: Stacee Jaxx.
He hasn't changed. Not physically, in any case, though his stage presence seems to imply that he hasn't lost the sexually-driven rocker he's always kept as his persona, something which I eventually recognised as one of the flaws of our initial relationship, back when we were younger. We had a good time together - the two of us were practically inseparable, doing everything together and making sure to keep our relationship as close and honest as possible, my support and his attitude often helping us through this, though it was eventually this that made me hate him now. After years spent together, building and working on our relationship, he decided that his music was more important. He broke it off with me over the phone, unable to face me for himself as he left me in the dust at his heels, scrambling to get my life together. Since then, I got a successful job, and have done much better than anyone ever thought I would, giving Stacee Jaxx no more thought until my friend asked me to join them at this particular concert tonight.
I turn away from the stage, ignoring the sight of the beautifully-built man strutting around up their, his exposed torso now littered with more tattoos than I remember, though the revolvers at his hips are still reminiscent of those on my thighs, the ink unfortunately staining my skin as it did years and years ago. I never got them removed due to some silent instinct telling me to keep them, the sharp lines of each gun adorning my skin like the shadow of a former self that was proud of them; she is long gone, now. 
The alcohol stings now as I toss it back, a light sensation of nausea starting to set in, though I easily push it away, steeling myself for more, though I do decide to tone it down a little and ask for a beer next, paying gratefully for it. Receiving it, I thank the bartender and start sipping on it, enjoying the taste of the milder alcohol in contrast with the biting stuff from before, swilling it round my mouth a little as I listen to the music, fighting the urge to turn and look again, my heart wrenching at the sound of some of the songs I helped Jaxx write, annoyed at him for using them, even after all this time, though I know I'm just being petty. 
As time wears on, I finish another couple of beers, as well as a pint of water as I try to keep myself together, feeling utterly pissed off with the entire world. The set comes to an end and I turn to look back at the stage, only to feel my heart stop when I make eye contact with rocker, his face twisting into an expression of shocked recognition even as mine remains blank, a slight turn of my brow giving away my distaste for him, though there is still a part if me that wants to go running back to him. I turn away and finish my drink, slamming the glass on the bar as I stand up, saying goodnight to the bartender as I leave the Bourbon itself, intending to stand outside until my friend emerges again.
I pull a pack of cigarettes from my pocket as I leave the heaving bar, my other hand swiftly locating my lighter as I move to stand around the side of the building, where there is a stretch limo waiting to take Jaxx back to his place of rest for the night. Rolling my eyes at the sight of it, I take a cigarette out and light it, taking a deep drag from it as I mean back on the wall behind me, glad that there is no one else here at the moment. The smoke burns a little in my throat, but only because of the alcohol I've had beforehand, the sensation pleasant and familiar to me, helping to soothe my suddenly jittery nerves. Exhaling again, I watch the grey smoke curl up into the night sky, the patterns it makes enthralling to my slightly inebriated mind, though it doesn't stop me from hearing the doors to the side open loudly, footsteps audible as they leave the building. I turn my head towards them, uninterested, a frown creasing my forehead as I then notice Jaxx standing at the stairs there, a bottle of bourbon in hand. He doesn't notice me at first, which I try to use to my advantage, going to walk away again until he calls out to me.
"(Y/n)? Is that you?" His voice is hoarse from singing, but it's still unmistakably his, the curious yet disbelieving tone familiar to me.
Groaning, I turn back around and look at him, trying to keep my expression blank.
"Yeah, it's me. What do you want?"
The musician is silent for a minute his mouth hanging open in surprise before he finally comes to his senses, stepping down from where he is, his bare chest pale in the light of the streetlamp above us, his long hair dishevelled and soaked through from sweat, his light eye makeup smudged a little under his brow.
" are you doing here?" He stutters, clearly struggling to find the right words.
"Babysitting a friend." My response is cold and blunt, trying to be as sharp as possible.
He nods, taking a drink from the bottle, which he then offers me. I decline, knowing that my head is already fogged up enough.
"Did you...enjoy the show?" The way he is speaking with me is odd, a completely different fashion to how he used to speak, as if he's trying to put on a different persona.
"I didn't really watch it." 
We remain in silence for a moment further, the brunette's eyes remaining fixed on me as he checks me out, still a little awkward in how he's standing. 
"Can I help you?" I bite out, fixing him with a stare.
"Well, I was just,'s just, it's really good to see you again, (Y/n). It's been way too long." He says, running a hand through his hair.
"If I remember correctly, that was your choice, was it not?" I point out, frowning at him.
He rubs the back of his neck, looking down as if he's actually ashamed of his actions.
"Yeah, I guess." The musician looks up at me again, "Can we start over again? Please? I've missed you, (Y/n), I really have. I've not stopped thinking about you his whole time."
"Jeez, you really are naïve, aren't you?" I laugh bitterly, stubbing out my cigarette under my boot, "What makes you think I want to go back to you? After the way you treated me? You left me over the phone, Jaxx, you couldn't even be arsed to talk to me in person! And you missed me? Really? So all the times I called you those first few months, you just couldn't handle talking to me or something? Did you miss me when you were fucking some prostitute along the way? Did you miss me when you were up on stage, singing the songs I wrote for you?"
His mouth opens and closes a few times, clearly distressed now, as if he is trying to figure out the best response. In my incensed state, however, this pause only serves to irritate me further.
"That's just what I thought." I growl, turning away from him and going to start back up the alley to the main road.
"No! Wait! (Y/n), please hear me out!" Stacee catches my wrist, pulling me back towards him, the bottle of bourbon now forgotten as he drops it to the floor, moving to take both of my hands in his, "I was stupid, alright? I thought I was doing the best thing for myself, when i was actually doing the one thing that I've regretted  the most in my entire life. I realised very quickly what a dick I was, and I'm so sorry for that! Can you please let me try and make it up to you? I promise I can be better! I swear to you I won't let myself choose the wrong thing again!"
He sounds genuine, but I've long since learned not to trust him.
"How can I trust that you will actually change, Stacee? You left me once for your music, how do I know you won't do it again? For something else-" I don't get to finish before his lips are on mine, his hands on my waist, pulling me closer to him, my back finding the wall behind me as the force of the kiss pushes me back. Instinctually, I go to kiss back, before my Brian catches up with my body, my hands pushing at his chest.
"What the hell, Jaxx? That might've worked once, but it won't any more." I snap at him, somewhat breathlessly as my body screams to kiss him again, the strong odour of sweat, alcohol and leather familiar and comforting to me.
"Come on, (Y/n), please let me try again. I'll do anything to have you back in my life!" He looks down slightly, "Honestly, since I left you things have gone downhill for me. I can't keep living like this, it's gonna kill me. I'm a slave to rock and roll, (Y/n), and I think the only way I'll get out of it is if you help me."
I frown at this, completely aware of the impacts fame has on people and their lives, only now noticing the haggard tiredness lingering around his eyes.
"Please, (Y/n). Give me a second chance!" He pleads, pressing his forehead to mine.
I sigh, leaning my head back against the wall, my mind slowly starting to give in to the urges I've been fighting off for years, the old feelings I had for him swiftly resurfacing as I remember our time together, suddenly feeling a yearning for that life again.
"Fine, but you have a lot of making up to do." I agree, looking him in the eye.
"I will make it up to you, (Y/n), I promise."
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fangirlovestuff · 5 months ago
Hi! I love your work!! If you are free, can you do one where the reader, who is an actress, is rumored to be with someone else she worked with and Chris Evans actually starts believing it and they fight which leads to a break up? I'm sorry it's really dumb.
Rumor Has It
Tumblr media
a/n - nonnie, your request isn’t dumb!!! it’s a very good request and tysm for asking it, i really hope this is what you wanted and i could do your request justice. also yes, the title is from the Adele song, i just couldn’t resist lol. enjoy!<3
Word Count: 1k
Warnings: angst, cursing 
edit - this turned into a series🥰: part 2 part 3
You were returning from set when you read the headline of the article and snorted. Seriously? Don't these people have anything better to do but speculate about coworkers "dating"?
Entering your house, you shut the door behind you, knowing Chris was already home. "Babe?" you called out, putting down your bag.
"Hey," you heard Chris say in the living room. He sounded off, maybe even angry. You frowned and came into the living room, plopping down on the couch next to him.
"You alright?" you asked, pouting slightly at his expression.
"I don't know," he shrugged.
"You don't… know?"
"I don't know. Is my girlfriend cheating on me?" he finally turned to look you in the eyes, his expression annoyed.
"Excuse me?" you said, your eyes widening in shock.
"You heard me," he grumbled and took his phone out of his pocket. He opened it and the first thing that popped up was the article you just saw, open on some pictures of you and your friend David getting lunch on set today.
You rolled your eyes. "Very funny, Chris."
"Is it though?" he said bitterly and raised his eyebrow.
"C'mon, you can't be serious about this," you chuckled and cupped his face with your hands. "You know I'm not dating him, right?"
"I dunno, this seems pretty compelling to me," he said coldly. "listen to this – 'the two stars met on set for their hit new show, and sources state they immediately hit it off. They've been rumored to be involved for quite a while, but new pictures from the set today—'"
"Alright, I've heard enough," you cut him off, "we're just friends, and we went to get lunch. Obviously, the press blew it up like they love to do so much. You know this," you squeezed his hand in yours.
"Well yeah, but is it true? I mean, did you two really hit it off? Are you dating now?"
"God, do you really believe that crap, Chris?" you stood up and started pacing, unable to contain your anger.
"What do you want me to do?" his voice rose, his frustration evident. "Every fucking day you're dating someone else, and it's never me. How long until that turns true?"
"Never! It's never gonna turn true Chris!" you were exasperated. "Now, are you going to trust me? Take my word on this?"
"Considering the fact that everyone else says something different than you, it's a pretty hard thing to do." His tone was lower now, eyes fuming, and jaw clenched.
"It shouldn't be!" you lashed out, "You don't know these people! But you know me!"
"Yes, I do. That's how I know how anyone would jump at the chance to be with you." He looked into your eyes and you stared right back, still angry. After a short pause, he spoke up again. "You didn't answer my question."
"No, Chris! The answer is an obvious no! I'm not fucking around, I'm not in love with my coworker, or whatever it is people are saying about me. It doesn't matter, because I'm with you, and that's how I wanna be. The fact that this stupid gossip means something to you tells me that you don't. If you actually wanted to be with me, you would listen."
"I do want to be with you!" he said, taking your hand in his, "I just don't want anyone stealing you away from me. And when you go out to lunch with David," he spat out the name, "maybe make sure you're not all over the fucking tabloids, and then we can avoid this argument and you can lunch with whoever you want."
"Green was never your fucking color, Chris. Especially when you refuse so adamantly to trust me."
"Look, we both do what we do. We know what it's like to be someone you're not. And sometimes, it feels like if you wanted to lie to me, you could, because you're just that good. And if I was David, I'd do everything I can to be with you. You know I love you, but you can't blame me for having a hard time trusting you," he said, frustrated.
"Oh my fucking god!" you yelled, "You're an actor too, Chris! And guess what, I still believe you! So yes, I can blame you for not trusting me, because if you actually loved me like you said you do, you'd trust me!" tears of hurt were streaming down your face now, the truth of your words sinking in.
"I'm done making excuses for you, and I'm done with you," you said, your voice cold and leveled, strong. Meanwhile, your heart shattered.
"Oh, really? Is it because you don’t love me, or is it because you love him?"
"None. And the fact that you can't get that through your thick skull tells me I'm making the right call."
You took a deep breath before walking away, picking up a bag and starting to stuff your clothes in it, your phone, everything you needed to take with you. God knows you're not coming back here again.
Chris didn't follow. Maybe he thought you just needed some time to relax, maybe he didn't want to stop you. You didn't care.
Wordlessly, you slipped out, your stuff with you, already calling your friend to let you crash at her place. You passed the living room entrance and saw Chris on the couch, Dodger in his lap, watching the TV. You could join them, whispered a voice in you, like you always do, and then it'll be okay.
But it won't. You couldn't be with someone who didn't trust you fully. You couldn't give your heart to someone who took the press more seriously than he did you. You couldn’t compromise your soul like that, not even for Chris. You went outside, slamming the door behind you. By the time Chris noticed, you were far enough from him to realize you did the right thing, the only thing you could do.
You walked away.
i’m don’t love my writing in this one a hundred precent, but i really wanted to get it out because i know i’ve been taking forever with the requests, i really hope it was good anyways🥺 also this is very angsty but i’m posting a very fluffy headcanon soon (probs gonna queue it up today) so keep an eye out for that<3
Taglist:  @horny-nd-bored​ @shannon124 @perfectlyharolds​ @wintersoldierslut​ @iceebabies​  @sleepingpapermouse @steverogerswasalwaysworthy @holtzkinnon @angelicl-y @stydia-4-ever @thatoneperson5000 @fangirlfree​ @kaitcordx25 @bequeening​ @steve-barry-damon-logan​ @itscrazycherryblossomcollection​ @hollandxmarvel​ @stargazingfangirl18 @readsreblogsfics @onetwo3000 @beritmetal @harrystylesholland @jazbot2000 @anobscurename @xxxtwilightaxelxxx
if you wanna join / be removed from this taglist, comment/message me! much love <3
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silvanable · 5 months ago
OMG I'M SO HAPPY I SEE U AGAIN ON MY FEED AND NOW YOU ALSO TAKE REQUESTS FOR TWST💞💗💕💓❤️❣️🧡💙💚💗💕💕💞💘💝Uhmm... i need to calm down🥺. Can i ask for a hc for Leona, Jamil and Ruggie with a gn s/o who is basically the twst version of mulan? Sorry if i ask for too much🥺 Love you and take care of yourself❤️
Tumblr media
bless you, you wonderful doll! please don’t calm down. i found twst right before halloween and by the following morning it had consumed what remained of my soul.
i’m so glad you’re coming with requests and i absolutely adore this idea. mulan was one of my favorite disney ‘princesses’ as a kid because she was absolutely badass.
i’m literally taking this as is, so the boys’ s/o is mulan 2.0 with a twist wink wonk.
and a bonus at the very end for all you lovelies about twst mulan!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
jamil never honestly paid them much mind in the beginning, mostly because he was babysitting watching over kalim.
he probably started to notice them more when they started participating in club sports and the magishift tournaments.
the reason they start interacting because one of their lizards, their asian water monitor to be exact, ended up getting out and saving jamil from a beetle.
queue them running up, heaving a massive lizard in their arms, and apologize for starting jamil mistaking his yell of fear for the beetle for their fear of their scaly baby.
the two strike up a conversation and sort of hit it off after that point, more or less because they constantly come up to him when they see him and start talking afterwards.
jamil has the underlying inferiority after constantly having to put himself below kalim, therefore doesn’t do well with those who look down on him or challenge his worth.
with his s/o, they understand that feeling because everything they have done in life was to fight and prove themselves of being someone worthy.
knowing about each other’s pasts and how each of them has to fight to be even glanced at as someone worrying is part of what brings them together.
the both of them have a lot of untapped or unrecognized potential but it would get better.
the two of them compliment each other in many ways and tend to be the leverage the other can use to bring out the best of themselves.
jamil is the type to actually train with his s/o, while he might not be trained in the same swordsmanship art as them, it’s an enjoyable moment for him because it’s just him and his s/o.
most time it happens he just stumbles upon his s/o practicing and joins in, as much as he loves watching it feels far more intimate to participate in their training because it’s almost like a dance between opponents.
jamil braids his own hair with magic and having a s/o who also has long hair, he would offer to do their hair for them rather happily, be it with or without magic, but he does enjoy running his fingers through their dark hair.
if his s/o asks him if they can braid his hair, he might just pass on to the next life right then and there. catch his s/o decorating his hair with unique trinkets from their home too.
jamil has grown up at the constant service of other people, so his s/o offering to do something for him is not only surprising but extremely heartwarming.
and sharing similar backgrounds he and his s/o would do small services for each other as a sort of show of their affection for one another.
as a person who keeps lots of reptiles, they introduce all of their scaly babies to jamil rather early on, if only to say they have a special fondness for even their beloved viper.
Tumblr media
of course he found them annoying at first but it’s also not every day someone dares to square up with him. he’s used to submission and compliance from others out of fear.
he finds them overly annoying but they always seemed to run into each other until one day they actually got to talking.
turns out they were quite dedicated to their family.
leona has never had a great relationship with his family, so he doesn’t quite understand how someone could be so devoted to their family to put themselves in harm’s way for them.
is not always the most respectful of his dearest s/o but when he steps too far out of line you can bet they’re setting him straight again.
leona is extremely impressed with his s/o skills, particularly their swordsmanship.
these two are literally yin and yang when it comes down to it, opposites but they perfectly balance each other out to keep each other in check.
he likes to watch them practice on the ground after classes when he’s lounging and napping. they always have such an adorably serious expression and appear almost as if they’re dancing.
absolutely will drag his s/o from their practice to nap with him in the gardens.
other times he just plops in their lap while they’re reading or studying.
is actually very impressed, if not a little jealous, of their defensive magically abilities.
leona’s specialty is ancient curses. his s/o specialty is defensive magic, particularly against curses.
not that he would ever throw a curse at them but his s/o has already proven to break more than a few of his little testers for them.
learns about their background somewhere down the line of being together.
his s/o was very reluctant to talk about it given that he was a prince, so trying to explain the work and hardships they had to endure to support and protect their family, particularly their father, seemed like a bad conversation.
leona is actually very attentive when they finally open up and it makes more sense to him the more he hears.
he understands to a degree, but again he never had to struggle with wealth or safety, nor did he have the same dedication to his family due to childhood complications. 
Tumblr media
found them interesting right off the bat. they were peculiar in ways he couldn’t quite place.
really started to like them when they told leona off one time. ruggie expected them to back down from the savanaclaw dorm leader when he started growling but they did not.
much like leona and his s/o— these two are a balance of each other, yin and yang, and his s/o often likes to remark.
his laid back and carefree nature does clash with their dedicated nature though. it’s a problem sometimes, especially when it comes to why his s/o works so hard.
it’s times like those that ruggie finds he doesn’t know a lot about his s/o, particularly their past. which he understands, as he’s sensitive about his own too, but still his s/o is a mystery to him.
it does take a lot for his s/o to open up about what they’re so focused and determined to become a great mage. and it turns out it’s all for their family, particularly their father.
that brings a new side of them to light for ruggie, brings him to admire them that much more because all their goals were never really for them.
genuinely sees a lot of similarity between him and his s/o’s pasts, sure they’re different but both of them had to learn and adapt to survive—whether it be for themselves or for those around them.
loves his s/o unique magic, being quite a prankster himself, ruggie has thought of 101 uses for his s/o magic that does not involve its usual purpose like roasting marshmallows.
however he does not like being in it’s path as he has been singed by it before ( of no fault of his s/o since they did warning him ).
in awe at his s/o swordsmanship and talent at defensive magic but doesn’t admit it.
he likes to watch but tries to be sneaky about it. getting caught causes his cheeks to tint pink and he will absolutely brush any and everything his s/o says about him staring off.
his s/o culture is vastly different from the one he knows from the afterglow savanna. so he’s curious.
will absolutely ask his s/o to prepare him tea or cook a dish from their home, whether or not they are a decent cook he will eat whatever the offer.
Tumblr media
dresses rather ambiguously leaning masculine but can absolutely slay a skirt and heals.
everyone at night raven college actually thought they were a guy for the longest time until a conversation struck up and they mentioned they were actually nonbinary.
everyone swears their unique magic is shapeshifting because they change their presentation, style, and outfits so beautifully but literally everyone never knows what they’ll look like next.
luxurious, soft hair that’s darker than a starless night. often tied up to keep it out of their face.
red is their signature color.
their father is very frail and was deemed medically unfit to preform his job, so his dear child took his place to support their family.
the only reason they’re even a nrc is because their family persuaded them to go & eventually they agreed if just to have a way to support their family and make them proud.
from an ancient line of warriors in the war against dark magic, users were renowned for their skill with a blade and their magic against curses.
best class is obviously defense magic, more grounded in combat against curses, but no one has beat them on the defense yet anyways.
also exceptionally skilled with a sword. practices daily before or after classes to keep those skills sharp.
floyd calls them “sea dragon” ( shīdoragon-chan ) after the leafy sea dragon.
reptiles freaking love them. is constantly being stalked by some scaly friends. and yes, they absolutely do talk to them all.
on that note they also have so many reptiles in their room. whoever their poor dorm leader is, better pray for them, because it’s not uncommon for a scaly friend to get out of their enclosures and wander around looking for their master.
is a member of the horse riding club.
unique magic would be called dragon’s guidance and it’s incantation is: “ancestors hear my plea, bring honor to my family and watch over me. dragon’s guidance.” 
the magic brings to life a chinese dragon made from the sparks of fireworks from their hands. ( if you’ve ever seen the fellowship of the rings, imagine the firework dragon merry and pippin set off. or a similar firework dragon george & fred weasley from harry potter set off in the fifth movie ).
it acts as a sort of ‘guide’ towards their goal ( for example, finding the way out of the woods if they are lost ).
however their unique magic also has other purposes, as it can act like a signal flair, works well for parting thick crowds ( no one wants to get burned after all ), or a light source briefly before the sparks fizzle out.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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one-boring-person · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Bro, I hope I got this right and that you like it, I'm kinda worried that it's not that great😅 I've never really shown much interest in the 50s, but the research I did looked pretty cool, so I hope this is decent!
Requested by: my good friend @jawline-of-steel 😊💛
What Do You Know About Vampires?
The Lost Boys x reader (set in the 1950s)
Warnings: none
Tumblr media
"Why must you always meet with him so late, (Y/n)? Why can't you just have a normal date in the day, like the rest of us?" Kiera complains as we walk down to the Boardwalk, our skirts blowing gently in the cool seabreeze that flows through the town, our neatly styled hair loosening a little from the heat of the warm summer night.
At her question, I roll my eyes, shaking my head at her unwillingness, as well as at her ignorance of the fact that it's not just a "him", but more like a "them".
"Because they have to work during the day, Kiera. Not everyone is as privileged as your Jay is." I remind her, referring to her wealthy husband, Jay, a man everyone knows for his money, rather than his personality.
"Oh, yes, you've told me this before." She rolls her eyes in turn, "What is his job, anyway? You've never said anything about that."
I think for a minute, my brow burrowing as we arrive at our destination, the attraction only just starting to fill up as the sun drops below the horizon, casting the town into twilight, the sky turning a beautiful deep blue. They mentioned it once, when I first met them; I remember being surprised to find out that they all work in the same place, but being unsurprised when they told me what the job actually entailed.
"I think they work as mechanics, somewhere on the outskirts of town." I frown slightly, "I don't remember the name of the workshop, though. All I know is that they bought their motorcycles from the place next door (Note that these are not the same as they are in the movie, but are more decade-appropriate)."
"You keep saying "they". Don't you mean "he"?" Kiera queries, eyeing me suspiciously when I chuckle nervously.
"Well, I mean what I say. It's not a "he", it's a "they"." I clarify, brushing a strand of hair behind my ear as I try not to blush too much, knowing my irrational embarrassment is entirely visible on my face.
She stops abruptly, a hand on my arm as she looks at me in horror.
"You are in a relationship...With two men?!" She exclaims, blue eyes wide.
I struggle for words for a moment, not entirely sure how to put what I need to say, knowing that she'll find it even more outlandish than what she now thinks.
"Not two people..." I start, thinking through my words.
"Not two? So you're in a relationship with one? And you call him "they"?"
"No, no. What I mean to say, is that I'm in a relationship with four men."
There is silence between us as she stares me down, her mouth falling agape momentarily before she regains her composure, straightening her back as she falls back into step with me, brushing off her skirt as she goes.
"Four?!" Is all she can say, the word hissed out at me as we make our way to the base of the Ferris wheel, walking in and out of the homebound workers in overalls, and their smartly dressed comrades as they filter through the popular summer attraction. A tall man greets us as we move past, the top buttons of his work shirt undone to reveal a patch of tanned skin beneath, the bulging muscles on his arms implying that he works in the construction industry, his dusty overclothes appearing bleached and completely soiled. Beside me, Kiera smiles and laughs flirtatiously as he speaks, her sweet demeanour putting a broad smile on the roughly spoken man's face.
"Yes, I'm in a relationship with four men, who I love dearly, and who love me just as dearly. You know, just the other day one of them told me that they had something very important to ask me." I pause for dramatic effect, "I think they may ask me to marry them!"
"What?! But how?! And what do your parents think?"
At this, I pull a face and look away slightly, a little annoyed that she isn't happy for me.
"In the same manner that everyone gets married, Kiera, it is no unusual affair. And as for my parents," I roll my eyes, knowing exactly what they'll say when they find out, "I value their opinions, but they are sometimes old fashioned in their attitudes. They will hopefully come around quickly once they have met them."
Kiera doesn't reply immediately, an uneasy frown on her face as we reach our destination, the two of us stopping by the great struts of the Ferris wheel in silence.
"I'm happy for you, (Y/n), I really am, but I'm not sure I can quite understand how you manage to maintain a relationship with four men. I find that one is quite enough." She laughs dryly, referring to the hardships she often faces with Jay.
"It works well, thank you." I decide to leave the conversation there, unwilling to keep going, "Is Jay meeting us here, too?"
"Yeah, he should be here in a few minutes." She looks around at the crowd, "He's coming straight from one of his car competitions."
"Oh? Where is it this time?"
"I don't know, he told me earlier, but the names all sound the same to me, so I easily forgot it."
We laugh at this, knowing it to be true.
"You two ladies having fun there?" A familiar, smooth voice interrupts us, the tone teasing as it always is.
Together, Kiera and I turn around to face the newcomers, a smile quickly spreading over my face as I see the four bikers standing there, the lapels of their jackets and shirts turned up against the breeze, their usually neat hair dishevelled from the ride over.
"Oh, plenty, thank you. And you boys?" I reply playfully, letting my eyes roam over their masculine figures, very much enjoying the sight of them.
"All the more that we are here now." David smirks, stepping forwards to kiss my cheek in greeting, letting his lips linger a second or so longer than necessary as I breathe in the brief wave of motor oil and sweat, as well as leather and cologne.
"I'm glad." I smile, letting the other boys do the same as I turn around to face Kiera again, "Kiera, I'd like you to meet David, Dwayne, Marko and Paul."
In turn, each of the boys smirks and gives a wave of their own, Kiera politely greeting them as she struggles to process what she's seeing.
Thankfully, Jay chooses this moment to arrive, the short man running up to us with a call of our names, smiling widely as he takes Kiera around the waist and kisses her, a deep blush appearing on her cheeks as she reciprocates it. Upon seeing this, Paul steps forwards and places an arm around my waist, pulling me against his body as Marko steps up and does the same on the other side, David and Dwayne moving to stand beside their comrades, smiling genially.
Jay eventually pulls away from Kiera, only to double-take when he sees the five of us as we are, a variety of emotions flitting over his features before he settles on a neutral one.
"Hey, (Y/n), how are you?" The young man eventually manages.
"I'm good, Jay. How about you?"
"Good, good, thank you." He responds, staring at the bikers behind me, taking in the grease-stained leather jackets and rolled up trouser legs, enviously eyeing their boots as he compares them with his own smart shoes, evidently wishing he'd dressed differently.
"Jay, this is David, Dwayne, Marko and...Paul, was it?" Kiera steps in, looping her arm through her husband's, watching as he tenses slightly, almost as if shying away from her touch.
The four bikers smile and shake hands with Jay, each of them standing a good head taller than the refined man, a triumphant smirk creeping onto Marko's face when he realises this.
"Well, what's the plan?" I ask them, open to any ideas of how to spend the night.
"I want to go on the Ferris wheel, because it looks very romantic. I think you could benefit from that, Jay." Kiera interjects, smiling playfully up at her husband, though he only grunts and rolls his eyes.
"The Ferris wheel it is. Let's go!" Dwayne chips in, pushing Mark and Paul out of the way as he takes my arm and gently leads me over to the queue to get on, where he carefully wraps his arm around my smaller body, pulling me against him. The others are quick to join us, Paul pouting as he watches Dwayne hold me, David only laughing as he pulls a cigarette out of his pocket, sticking it behind his ear as he searches for his lighter, moving it from his blonde hair before he lights it.
"You got a spare?" Jay asks quickly, leaning forwards a bit as he waits for David's response.
"Sure." The blonde confirms, shrugging as he finds another cigarette and lights it for him, handing it over when it starts to smoke.
"No problem."
The queue moves slowly, but the boys manage to keep us entertained as we wait, making the time feel much shorter as we laugh our way through the snaking line of people. When we finally manage to get on, we find that we have to split up into five separate pairs, plus one of us who will remain alone, so Paul, Marko and David choose to stay at the bottom, watching ad Dwayne and I settle into a seat together, the brunette throwing his arm around my shoulders as we go. Before we leave the ground, I just about catch the other three discussing something, though I only hear a couple of sentences.
"Are you going to tell her tonight?" Marko asks David, voice sounding curious.
"I think so." Is the reply, before Dwayne and I are too high to hear any more.
Two hours pass, the seven of us having a relatively good time together, despite the awkwardness between Jay and the boys, before Kiera and the former decide to call it a night, leaving the rest of us to keep ourselves entertained. By now, the Boardwalk is a little less busy than it usually is, meaning we can walk pretty much unhindered around the different stalls lining the road misreading towards their parked bikes. Already, they have offered to give me a ride home, though I have declined, knowing my parents' distrust of boys and men around me, willing to walk home in any case. Of course, they can't let this happen, and have insisted that they at least give me a ride to the end of the road I live on, but not before they tell me something important.
Curious, I let them lead me onto the beach, David keeping an arm wrapped around my waist as he guides me onto the sand, the pressure feeling reassuring but unfamiliar, as if he's trying to keep me calm. We go a few steps away from the edge of the Boardwalk, making sure that we are out of earshot but still within the light, coming to a stop just on the edge of it.
"What is it that you want to tell me?" I ask, frowning slightly as the others crowd around me, as if trying to stop me from going somewhere.
"Well, (Y/n), we think that you've earned our trust, so we think that we can tell you our deepest, darkest secret. But before I tell you what it is, I need you to swear yourself to secrecy. No one can know about what I'm going to tell you. No one." David starts, giving me a serious look instead of his usual teasing one, blue eyes cold in the harsh light.
"I swear?" I say, looking at him in confusion. What could he possibly need to tell me, that's so secret?
"No, you need to mean it. Swear you won't tell a soul." He almost growls, shaking his head.
"Ok, I swear I won't tell anyone what you're about to tell me." I repeat, trying not to roll my eyes.
"Ok that will do." He pauses briefly, exchanging a look with the others, "What do you know about vampires, (Y/n)?"
Shocked and confused, I frown as I regard the blonde in front of me, wondering if he's maybe inhaled a few too many fumes at work today.
"Yes, vampires. What do you know about them?"
It takes me a few seconds to reply, needing to collect my thoughts.
"I know that they don't exist." I say with conviction, eyeing him carefully. Surprisingly, the four of them chuckle quietly, obviously expecting the answer from me.
"And that, my dear (Y/n), is where you are wrong."
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cc-pdf · 6 months ago
Izuku Midoriya x Reader
Word count: 2400
Warnings: none
(Quirkless AU)
Tumblr media
The fluffy haired boy had finally worked up the courage to ask you out, although he didn't tell you where you two would be going. He was so flustered when he asked you. His face was so red it looked like he was going to explode. He mixed up quite a few words too. Of course, you couldn't say no to those precious little eyes of his. If it wasn't for how bad you felt for him then you probably would've said no. You barely even knew him, but you knew it took him a lot of confidence to ask you out. Most of your friends had picked on you for saying yes.
Izuku was pretty shy and most definitely a nerd. His hair always looked like he just rolled out of bed. And, well, his fashion choices were.... okay. A couple people would pick on him sometimes, but not too often. You could tell he was pretty smart, but most of the time he seemed kinda awkward. As expected your friends would prefer you to go out with a popular boy that's on varsity teams and always pays attention to his looks. You would probably prefer that too, but you didn't want to hurt the little green haired boys feelings. You knew he was a pretty delicate boy.
A couple months ago your boyfriend had broken up with you. He had brown fluffy hair that always looked perfect and shining blue eyes. He was on the varsity football team of course too, his dad was the coach. He was nothing but perfect to you... well at least you thought. Your friend had set the two of you up at a football game several months ago in the fall. You liked him a lot especially because of how most girls were jealous you were dating him. It made you feel above everyone else. He was pretty nice but sometimes he would pick on other kids. Not harshly though. A couple months ago he had started to slowly ignore you. You took the hint and you haven't talked since. He found another girl. She was about 5'7 with beautiful long caramel hair. She had perfect skin and her body's curves were sure to make any boy swoon. Every time she walked past you could smell the sweet sent of expensive perfumes. She was any boys dream girl. The way he had just forgotten about you left a gaping hole in your heart. You're still not over him. His name just makes your stomach swirl in sickness.
Izuku Midoriya is smart enough not to go for bitchy popular girls, but he knew you were different. You were much nicer than the rest of them and he could tell you especially hated it when they picked on people like him. Sometimes it made you giggle though, which you felt wrong for doing. You didn't really act as cocky or stuck up as the rest of them either which confused him. He thought you were just absolutely stunning with that luscious h/c hair and those bright e/c eyes. During class he would always study your features in awe. He felt as if you were almost trapped in the world of popularity. He knew he could never get with someone that's friends with the populars, but he couldn't help but try.
It was a Saturday night and for the past half hour you had been working on getting ready. You were dressed in a comfy crew neck and a light colored skirt. You only had light makeup on, just some lipgloss and mascara, you didn't really need to impress the boy too much. You and your friends group chat was blowing up that night, they wouldn't stop teasing you about your little date. You ignored the messages, it annoyed you how petty they were sometimes, although you could agree with most of the things they were saying. You were startled as you heard a quiet knock on your front door.
"Sweetie! I think your somebody might be at the door!!!" Your mom said sweetly.
"Coming!" You yelled out from your room quickly finishing your mascara. You sighed and walked out of your room and to the front door. You slowly turned the door knob and opened it to the boy, as expected with his wild evergreen hair and his lazy outfit.
"Hi, y/n." He said almost shaking from nervousness.
"Hi!" You said with a smile. His cheeks were growing furiously red and he was trying his best to hide it. It made you giggle a bit.
"I'll be back Mom! Bye!!" You said as you quickly shut the door behind you.
"So, you never told me where we're going." You said trying to break the silence because you knew he was too scared to speak.
"Oh.. uh I thought we could go to one of my favorite places." He said shyly scratching the back of his neck.
"And where's that?" You asked curiously.
"It's a surprise." He said trying to hide his blushing face once again. He couldn't believe he was even talking to a girl like you.
"What's that you have?" You asked pointing to the long box in his hand. You really hoped he didn't get you a present. You already felt bad enough.
"You'll see." He said while starting to walk on the sidewalk.
"How long will it take to get there?" You questioned him.
"Only a few minutes." He said looking down at his feet.
You two silently walked along the sidewalk in the brisk night to your destination. It was pretty awkward but you dealt with it.
Finally you had arrived next to a cement wall. It didn't look too exciting. It was pretty confusing as to why he would bring you here. It looked like the outside of a dump.
"Here I'll help you over the wall." He said nervously.
"What? We're climbing that wall? I mean I don't usually scale walls on dates. You're nuts." You said sassily.
"Come on you can do it." He said trying to encourage you.
You ran up to the wall on your tip toes peering over it.
"Woah..." You said underneath your breath.
"Neat, right?" He said walking up next to you.
"What even is this place?" You said gazing over the wide field.
"It's the plane graveyard." He said trying not to sound too nerdy.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Here's some pics if you don't know what a plane graveyard looks like. It's basically where they bring a bunch of old planes from wars and stuff.)
He grabbed your waist gently and helped you over the wall. He was trying so hard for his face not to turn extremely red. He then jumped over the wall after you. He led you over to one of the planes, stroking it as he walked by.
"This is the real history, not the stuff we see in those history books." He said studying the plane.
"Wait, are these real bullet holes?" You asked closely examining the holes in the metal. He smiled at you, he didn't know you would actually find this interesting.
"Yep!" He responded, walking over to the next plane.
He dragged his hand along the wing of the next plane as he walked towards it. You tried to too but you couldn't reach since you were just a bit shorter than him.
"The Navy found this one last year off the coast of Japan." He said looking at the wreckage.
"They did a corrosion study on it... after 40 years at the bottom of the ocean this is all it rusted." He said focusing on the front of the plane.
"Our grandparents sure knew how to make stuff." He admired the plane with only a few spots of rust.
"H- how do you know all of this stuff?" You asked looking up at him.
"Well, a pilot from 44, came back a few weeks ago to look at this. He stood here and looked at this thing the whole day..." He replied while taking a few steps back to take in the sight of the whole plane.
You looked at him in shock. You knew he was smart, but you didn't know he knew all of this.
"Hey! come on." He said jumping into the plane.
"A- are you sure we're allowed to do that." You said starting to get nervous.
"Yeah, nobody ever comes here anyways." He said waving you over.
You sighed and jumped into the seat next to him.
He opened the slim box he had been lugging around, only to see a small telescope.
"Here." He said handing it to you.
You gently took the telescope into your hands. You looked up into the dark night sky through it.
"Oh my god... look at all those mountains up there." You said fascinated while studying the bright full moon through the telescope.
"And valleys, canyons, and planes..." He trailed on.
"What's that thing up there that looks like a... star sapphire? What's that?" You said studying the different sections of the full moon.
"An asteroid hit there... it made a crack in the moon 100 times the size of the grand canyon." He said looking over at your precious face.
"And... on the right is the sea of tranquility. The first space ship from earth landed there. The day I was born..." He said looking back up at the sky.
"That's why you're so into astrology, right?" You said passing the telescope back to him.
"Astronomy." He corrected you softly.
"No, well up there it's just a future world..." He said looking into the telescope.
"By the time I'm my Dads age, people will be living there, and working. Maybe even us..." He continued on, placing the telescope on his lap looking back into the shining stars.
(Queue music. I would suggest listening to Eclipse by Pink Floyd right now.)
You looked over at him and gazed into his dark green eyes. You couldn't help feel fascinated by the way he explained those things. You weren't much of a person to be interested in space, but there was something about the way he stated these things. Were you falling for some nerd you barely even knew? You questioned yourself. It couldn't be. But nobody had ever done something like this before for you. It was a whole new feeling. For sure your old boyfriend would've never gone out of his way to do something like this, let alone even know anything about astronomy.
You two sat in silence for a few minutes gazing up at the thousands of stars in the late sky. You looked over at him and smiled a bit. He jumped a little when he realized you were looking at him.
"Oh, sorry." You said looking away.
"The moon, it looks different now... It's not as mysterious or romantic." You said playing with your hair.
"Well I'm sorry I ruined it for you." He said quietly looking down to his feet.
"You didn't ruin it, you just changed it, I guess..." You said staring into the big moon.
"You know... I had never actually studied the sky like this. Because of you, I think I have a whole different perspective on it now..." You said still admiring the different sections of the starry sky.
"What do you mean by perspective..." He asked in shock. He didn't know he would have this much of an effect on you.
"Like, I didn't know there was so much to look at... It's actually pretty interesting." You said pointing to each star trying to count them.
He gently smiled at you.
"You're different." You said.
"W- what?" He said confused.
"All of my friends think you're just some little loser. They pick at you all the time. Before this I thought you were just some random nerd that cared way too much about school." You said with a saddened expression.
"Yeah... I know." He said looking down, scratching the back of his neck.
"You're not though..." You trailed on.
"W- what do you mean?" He stuttered.
"You're actually pretty interesting. Now that I realize it... there's a lot more to you than what people say. You're pretty cool, you know." You said looking down at your feet.
"Oh, I- I didn't know you thought I was c- cool..." He said still stuttering.
"Could you ever count how many stars there are up there?" You questioned him, changing the subject.
"No." He giggled at you.
"Actually, theres supposed to be a solar eclipse happening soon... maybe we could go see it." He said turning around to look at your e/c eyes.
"That sounds pretty intriguing... How about, make it a date." You said looking over at him. You were actually pretty interested in him. He was much more than you thought before. Your friends were all wrong. Even if he is just some nerd like they all say, he really knew how to make you feel... special.
His eyes had lit up from your response.
"Uh... yeah sure." He said rushing his words while looking away trying to hide his rosy cheeks.
"Oh my gosh... it's already 9..." You said while looking down at your watch.
"Wait... that's a pretty nice watch." He said looking over to see it.
"Oh yeah... it was my grandfathers. Actually he was in the Vietnam War." You said moving your finger around the rim of your watch.
"Well, he must of been a great man." He said while jumping out of the plane onto the dirt.
You two had walked home that night, holding hands, while still studying the night sky. That night he had changed your whole perceptive on humanity. From now on you wouldn't focus on what everyone else said about someone. If you wanted to know they type of person someone was you would get to know them, not base them off of what everyone else said. Although your friends weren't thrilled by the fact you were falling for the schools so called loser, he was nothing but perfect to you. That night Izuku Midoriya had faded all of the thoughts of your old boyfriend away. He was different from the other boys... in a good way.
AAAA okay that was kind of cheesy but I hope you liked it. :)
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tea-pettiest · 6 months ago
...out of curiosity what are your hard limits for what you will/won't write? not to judge or because i want to send extreme stuff in i'm just curious cause you've posted stuff like smell kink which is p out there
this is kind of a complicated question, bc tbh i find it hard to define hard or fast rules for that.  i used to say no paraphilia’s, but i recently added knife play to the queue, which counts as a paraphilia (poop/vomit kinks, sorry, won’t do it), so while i’m not sure how much help it’s going to be, this is what i absolutely will NOT write for, for sure; 
- anything involving underaged characters, canonically (like korea, latvia, etc.)  or reasonably assumed (liechtenstein)
- things that require a large suspension of belief/ super weeby prompts.  this isn’t a knock on either thing, i just have no interest in writing them.  i know this rule might seem a little hypocritical too, bc 1. the anime is on personifications which obviously requires somewhat of a suspension of belief, and 2. it’s an anime.  but like;; certain prompts just...aren’t to my liking, and i ignore them, and i happen to notice they fall into these categories more often than not.  again, hard to tell, bc like, i will write for vampires and such, but someone sent in a chibi prompt, and it’s like?? i don’t know wtf to do with that.  
- incest.  again, it gets kinda muddy in hetalia.  for ex. tho, norway/iceland, america/canada, and italy/romano pairings i will not write for.  however, england/america, romano/spain i will.  (in some aus, i might make them family, or found family, but by fault, they’re not canonically blood-related (whatever that means in a national concept, i.e. hetalia makes things complicated), so.)
- any prompts sent in with slurs.  i suspect that some people might not intend things as slurs, or i might be playing it safe, but even if the idea itself is unproblematic, if the prompt has something that can be construed as a slur, i will not write it.  
for example, someone sent in a prompt with a reader x trap!poland lemon.  i have no issues writing a poland x reader lemon, however the term ‘trap’ seems to be a term applied to crossdressing men and, more commonly trans women to denote some sort of predatory meaning, and as such, i deleted the prompt bc trap is derogatory.   
- i will write non-con stuff.  non-con fantasies are prevalent, and in fiction, non-con can’t broach the realm of actual rape, even if it’s about rape, because it’s fiction - characters can’t consent and in a fictional setting, i am of the belief it’s okay to explore such themes, without necessarily approaching them from a critical standpoint, as in sex, many sexual fantasies are transgressive, and indulging in them in a consensual setting (non-con rp in the bedroom) or where it’s a purely fictional setting (erotic fiction) can’t truly infringe on consent, since you’re either operating within the set parameters of consent in acting it out, or the reader is consenting to read such content for pleasure.  (i will tag accordingly.)  
- i will not do body or zodiac prompts anymore.  they’re annoying.
- i will not do matchups.  again, annoying.
//sorry if any of this isn’t making a ton of sense.  i’m pretty drunk rn.  anywho, this is a general list of what i operate as.  if you’re still unsure, just send it in, and if i don’t want to write it, i’ll just delete it without making a big stink about it.  
purity police, DNI.  minors, DNI.  if you @ me about this tomorrow when i’m nursing a bitching hangover and go off as if you’re on some moral highground, i’ll probably be nasty.   i try to think very critically in terms of what i write, trying to toe the line of being responsible as a content creator, while still participating in an open and uncensored dialogue - that being said, i’m human.  i’m flawed, and i’m learning.  if you truly see something problematic with what i’m doing, there is a polite way to let me know, and i suggest you use it.
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jillsaysnonsense · 7 months ago
Honestly, who uses queue Tumblr and said, "I love being able to reblog but with a delayed timer so I don't annoy everyone in clumps, but it's just too easy and I hope they add EXTRA steps in the next upgrade" because I'm bitter and we need to talk. Who looked at 2020 and thought this is what we needed at this time?
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lbeauphoria · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Newton's Third Law
"Nulla potest verecundiay quam odi."
Experience is the greatest teacher hence even if it's not good we should treasure every moment, accept it and love it because it's part of our life, but we can't deny that there are specific moments we wished to not remember it again and here are some of my embarrassing stories.
My cousin and I were classmates in 3rd grade. We are besties and partners in crime. We are always near each other and it's like we both share the same mind. One time, we agreed to prank our classmate that she is being possessed. She started acting really weird and it's my queue to make a scene. I think I'm a great actor who deserves an Oscar before because the moment I made a scene, some of our classmates started to freak out and some of them cried. After few minutes, the boys started to hold her until the room is crowded and lots of students in higher year came to watch. I was afraid to become deaf to all the counseling that might happen if we reveal that it's all fake. So my cousin decided to fake fainted and after that she acted like she was clueless and nothing happened. Now, we laughed when we remember it.
There was a dance practice for our performance back in 6th grade, because I got really thirsty I went to a store nearby to buy a soda. After paying, I heard a loud creak and the log where I'm standing broke, minutes after that I realized that I was being marinated in the dark awful water. I stayed there for many minutes because my brain can't process what's happening. Leaving my money in the dirty waters, I ran as fast as I could to go home and what's worse, my teacher saw me running and that memory still creeps me out until today.
I really love playing with my classmate and when was in 7th grade we played "habulan". We ran around the school ground and suddenly someone splashed water on me. At first I thought it was just a student trying to piss me off but when I went back to see who threw that bucket of water to me, only to find out it was the grade 9 teacher who happened to be watering his plant when I ran in that direction. It's funny to think when I went back to our classroom soaking wet but I burst out of laughter when I saw my classmates spraying water to one of my playmates for a reason that she fell inside the open water waste tank.
I have a lot of embarrassing moment in grade 9 and one of it is this. I am listening to music through my earphones and it's on its full volume. Feeling the music and living the best of my life and minding my own business, trying to act cool. Whe I suddenly opened my eyes and looked to the people around me as they parted when I walked towards their direction. It's weird because the crowd parted and I was the only person walking in the center. I continued walking until I've heard different beat and when I paid attention to where that beat came from I've analyze that it's not from the song. I looked back just to see teachers in their car trying pass but they can't simply because I'm blocking the way. The people's faces made it worse. Its like they're watching a comedy skit.
During my 10th grade I was appointed as YES-O secretary. We were all invited to an event specifically, a congress who happened that me and my friends were selected to represent the school. It's lunch break and since we were done eating, me and my friends decided to go to the comfort room just to wash our hands. As we entered the room, we started talking ang laughing. If I'm not mistaken, we were talking about heroes from a mobile game and also to the attractive person on the event. We started teasing each other and laughing not minding where we are at the moment. We are only taken back to reality when we heard a knock from the door. It felt like a slap to my face knowing what we said and our voice is too modulated. The knocks continued and we remain silent not knowing what to do. One of my friends decided to take the risk and opened it, both of them looked mortified and I started shaking. As I peek outside, it was the time I hated my ignorance. There are teachers, hotel staff and a lot of students waiting for us. We bowed to show respect and to show our apologies also to hide our faces. We said sorry to everyone there. When I got to see their reaction they didn't look annoyed and irritated to what have we done and the inconvenience we've caused but they look amused and some were entertained and some can't even hold their laughter. We went back to our seat and began to act normal again.
Even if we don't admit it, all of us became a clown in some point of our lives. It's good to be embarrassed as it help us develop ourselves and we can understand the thing that may happen because of our silly actions. Because of these moments, I truly believe that in every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
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