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#queue me baby
i just realized you follow my fern ask blog (ask-fern-the-grass-demon) which is amazing to me because i love your art

That means the world to me?? I really love your art and the way you characterize Fern is my favorite! Everything he says feels very in-character andksjndkcjdns I just love it! Thank you!

@ask-fern-the-grass-demon (Everyone who isn’t already following them go follow them they’re great)

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like i hate when i have a dream in which i have a love interest but i don’t recognise them. like they are obviously a person i’ve seen somewhere and are literally the person (usually man) of my dreams but like who tf are they?! 

one the other night was like a cross between shawn mendes and dusty ray bottoms. 

then last night i kinda had two and one (who i liked less but he seemed more into me) was a guy i went to secondary school with but the other one (like the one i imagine if it was a film that i’d end up with) i have no idea who he is. ugh. 

in other news, i held a glow in the dark gecko in my dream last night and it was immense af. 

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1. Prince saying “we can f**k”

2. Unrelenting funk

3. He can rewrite the Kama Sutra in half as many words

4. It’s basically a raunchier, funky Electric Intercourse (”Hey I just met you, we should go do it” but he asks less beautifully in this)

5. Breathy, hitchy Prince 

6. His screams are 100 cuts above here

7. Moaning. So much moaning.

8. Dem. Drums.

9. Discovering a new layer to the song every listen through, thusly being laid flat out once again by it all

10. Anytime Prince decides to talk a lot on a song is alright with me

11. When have you ever heard a more gorgeous breakdown that took you from feeling things to your heart soaring over the clouds and orbiting the Earth, only to  seamlessly land you right back in the middle of the funk?

12. “You don’t have any reason to feel insecure. You’re the best.” 

13. The begging. As if Prince needed to beg. 100% effective though.

14. It’s a great song, everyone should listen to it always, the end.

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Text From Mama
Nina: Hey, Marcus, where are you right now?
Puck: Well I'm at home...well Lizzie's apartment.
Nina: Did you two move in together?
Puck: No. I still have my own place too. I'm just over here a lot. And I'm watchin' our little guy, Cas.
Nina: Little guy?
Puck: We got a puppy, Ma.
Nina: You got a puppy? ladjfaljdfdjasljf I can't wait to see him! Text me the address!
Puck: What do you mean text you the address? Ma, what are you talkin' 'bout?
Nina: Remember that surprise? Well surprise. Your mother is Lima and I have your birthday gift!
Puck: Mama! You didn't have to come all the way out here! Okay. Textin' you now. I'll tell Cas he gets to meet one of his grannies.
Nina: Do not call me a granny!
Puck: Ma, he's like my son, are his grandmother.
Nina: You make me sound old. I'm young!
Puck: Okay, Ma. If you say so. I'll see you soon.
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