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#queue: rotting
itachiyama · a month ago
Tumblr media
Sakusa’s not very used to attention, he’s used to his family leaving him to himself for busy days and filled-up schedules and too many commitments to count. He’s not used to being the center of someone’s universe, of their schedules being catered around him to give him time.
But you give Sakusa so much of your time, so much of your attention, he’s almost overwhelmed by the feeling, he almost wants to be cautious. But he can’t help but say yes when you ask him to come over, or lean in when you thread your fingers in his curls, or grip you tighter when you say you have to go. He never realized how nice it would feel to be someone’s first priority, it’d never occurred to him just how starved he was of being noticed.
So he craves your little kisses, awaits your little compliments, gets excited for your little offers to spend extra time together doing meaningless things. And he stares at you with wide eyes every time you remind him he’s the best thing you’ve got, glassy and shining with a different emotion, a different light than you usually see.
He finds a new home in you, and it’s the warmest place he’s ever been.
Tumblr media
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rc-sev · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
[Image ID: Four screen shots with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul drawn over them. In the first, Obi-Wan says angrily, “You’re really fucked up. You know that?” In the second, Maul points a finger and replies, “You’re really fucked up.” In the third, the two are staring at each other in annoyance. In the fourth, they’re holding each other and kissing. End ID.]
this post plagued me until i finally drew this
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catcze · 28 days ago
Not a request, just a NSFW brain rot dump -if you’re not accepting these either I apologize, not sure if you’re closed to these too-
Listen, Thoma being a service dom I 100% agree (cuz I’m too shy to ever be dom lol) but imagine this man double checking what you want first?
You ask him to fuck you harder and he hits you with an ‘Are you sure?’ In a strained, turned on voice before giving you what you want. I think he mostly uses this as a way to make you say things again 😂
Also this may be my praise kink showing but Thoma praising you every time you cum? 🥵 I’m weak to ‘good girl’ I can’t help it.
“Oh, good girl, you came for me again huh?”
NSFW !! 18+ ONLY !!
This is late but whOOO omg–– 😳😳
AJSDAJS PLS the double checking, the praise, him wanting to hear you say 'please fuck me harder' again if just to sate the hunger that he feels for u 😭 YOOO good shit <333
Anon this was great I love it so much, thank u for blessing me w/ this 💞
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softsugaryrot · 5 months ago
Oh to be the fog in people’s eyes after they rub them a bit too hard
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dejunnns · 5 months ago
tim to dick after damian’s attempts to murder him
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narrowtriangle33-blog · a month ago
Fuck Kyle Rittenhouse and his mom.
Fuck this racist murderer and his racist mom. He murdered two people, wtf is he doing with a gun with ammo at 17 years old.
Racism gets passed down from generation after generation.
Anybody who defends him is a POS, and if you are white then you are a racist.
He is an anti-Black racist, so is his mom. May they rot in hell, someday.
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bfharry · 7 months ago
matching bubba‘s outfit with Harry‘s.. he’d absolutely lose his shit!!!!
can you just imagine him just buying out the baby bode section and when it arrives he's giggling with glee and rubbing his hands together when you drop the box next to him on the couch. he demands you sit in for the haul though you're just as excited as he, both of you diving head first into the tiny button ups and little quilted coat. "look!" he'll coo, all puppy dog eyes and adoring pouts as he holds up the smallest pair of patchwork trousers you've ever seen.
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catcze · 2 months ago
I saw a tiktok of someone drawing Diluc as Flynn Ryder from Tangled earlier today and ‘at last I see the light’ was playing over it, and I,,, it sounded so much like Diluc?? Idk but I wanna make a Tangled AU for the man now I––
warnign mild spoilers for Diluc’s past + the manga
Tumblr media
Like like like,,,, Just some rough ideas, but maybe this takes place after his dad dies n before he comes back to the winery, so he’s on like his full vigilante mode rn right. And like,,, what if the reader is like some sort of monarch from Fontaine or smthn that’s set to be married to someone they don’t know around the time of their next birthday, and they’re scared because all their life they’ve never seen much outside their prim and proper family estate, and they know that after being married off, all that awaits them is another set of closed doors. So they’re desperate to get out for even a little while, right?
So when a certain vigilante comes into their estate one night, looking for a member of the Fatui that the reader’s family had been housing as a guest, the reader somehow unarms and subdues him (maybe with the element of surprise + their own vision idk) and they take Diluc’s Delusion from him. The reader makes a deal with Diluc for him to bring them,,, somewhere (idk where yet Im still undecided, but I’m leaning to either the Moonchase / Lantern Rite festival of Liyue) before their birthday, because they’ve heard stories of how beautiful the place gets from their house help that originated from Liyue, and to bring them back home before their parents return from a business trip to Sumeru or smthn, they’ll return his Delusion. So obvs queue the travelling montage + some other stuff, and they fall for each other along the way. (but I wanna add that the reader doesn’t find out that Diluc is Diluc Ragnvindr. They just think he’s some rando lmao)
I don’t want this to have as much drama as the actual movie lmao bc I’m not good at that, so instead, the two of them realize their feelings at the Liyue festival, n they kiss n maybe fuck idk we’ll see kajsndskja But at the end of the day, they both know that what they have going on can’t last bc of both of their situations, so there’s that sorta quiet acceptance, and making the most out of their time together before Diluc returns the reader back home and the reader gives him his delusion back.
When he does bring him home safely (thankfully before their parents arrive home–– I like to think that the house help love the reader, and were super supportive of Diluc bringing them out aksjdjs) they share a goodbye kiss at the reader’s window, the reader gives him his Delusion, and they part ways.
kjsnda OKAY so skip a bit forward until it’s the day before the reader’s birthday (btw, just wanna mention that the reader n Luc are of the same age here akjsdsa) and they’re gearing up to meet their future spouse, right. The reader’s got some sort of memorabilia that Diluc got for them when they were in Liyue on their person or in their hand, and the reader was wishing that the person they could be with was the dashing, sorta socialy awkward vigilante that gave them the most memorable few days of their life. 
So the reader is getting prepped for their future spouse to come in, right, when one of their parents comes into the room, hair frazzled and eyes wide with shock bc guess who just sent a message expressing his interest in the reader, and his desire to have the reader’s hand in marriage instead? No shit, it’s mf Diluc Ragnvindr, uncrowned king of Mondstadt, one of the richest men in Teyvat, incredibly influential even in Fontaine, runs one of the most profitable businesses anywhere, and he’s asking you to marry him. 
Tumblr media
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softsugaryrot · 5 months ago
I sit out on the seaside cliff and speak to the old bones below
“I hope the ship stays forever, we hope that we may drift home”
but the bones follow currents ancient and deep,
the bones may never reach home,
and the seas will stay blocked forever
and the bones drift onto the shore
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renegaedz · a month ago
Tumblr media
image id under the cut:
[id: a drawing of Jotaro from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. He’s wearing his part 3 outfit. He’s sitting on the ground, arms leaning on his legs. He has a cigarette in his mouth, and he’s looking off to the side. end id]
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darrellcharm · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Me seeing CC that I want and seeing it's through an link
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