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carpsurprise · 4 days ago
˗ˏˋ ´ˎ˗ kiss the bachelors and ... !
→ kiss alex on the inside of his wrist and … that confident charm he holds will start to falter. the intoxicating intimacy of a kiss pressed to an unloved, unthought of spot— the feeling of warmth against his pulse— can only unravel the tight coil he has spun for himself over the years. after so long, it seems now is the moment to tell someone that he hopes they’ll never leave his side.
→ kiss sam on the forehead and… his partner will feel the weight of his forehead pressed against theirs. his movements would be slow, calculated and anchored, as he treasures the warmth of his partner radiating through their skin. even such a simple kiss, small yet significant, shows sam exactly how his partner feels. he’s never been one to not appreciate the little things.
→ kiss elliott on the neck and … his shoulders will tense in sudden shock, roused from his studies of prose and literature, jostled from the languid daydreams only a writer can hold. with the hair of his neck standing straight at this sudden... proclamation, a sudden surge of adoration will wash over the curves of his cheeks. if his muse should unearth him once more, surely, something wonderful would manifest out of it. 
→ kiss shane on the hand and… he’ll retract it like a shock of electricity had pulsed through his fingers. give him a moment to recollect himself, the reminders of learned self-love and reminders that yes, shane, you deserve this sound off like bells in his skull. he’ll place his hand back into his partner’s, silently hoping for one more.  
→ kiss harvey on the shoulder and… the dials of his radio will move one notch further than he intended, jumping in his seat as he looks over his shoulder to the gift-giver. his heart flutters when he asks what had brought on such intimacy, so out of the blue, so spontaneous. the reason for their impulse holds no weight to him, but just to see the mischief in his partner’s eyes is enough to ask once more. 
→ kiss sebastian on the cheek and ... watch as his hands stall in their movement, held in open air at the sudden show of affection. it seems to be much harder to focus on work after moving into the farmhouse. maybe, for a moment, he’ll roll his eyes with a lazy smile, smitten with the spring air and the weight it holds when someone you love is near. 
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mellohi-fi · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
halt! please kindly accompany pixel tubbo on his walk across the dashboard!
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tomatoart · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Well, I’m a Mug-blooded American, ya hear? These freedom-loving veins got nothing but root beer
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katabay · 7 months ago
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it’s time to change the rhythm to something slow and catch some 💤
twitter: @_abelscorpse | ko-fi: katabay | deviantart: katabay
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reineydraws · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
HELLO i clearly have zero chill when it comes to @kakashibingo but i mean these two pieces finish out my O column! yay!
Tumblr media
prompts: endurance & kitsune :)
the kitsune one is based off a scene in netflix's sweet tooth 'cuz i watched the entire series imagining kakashi as big man and naruto as sweet tooth lol
#kakashibingo2021#kakashi bingo 2021#naruto#naruto fanart#kakashi#kakashi fanart#i have no chill cuz i will forget about filling out the submission form if i queue the post cuz u need a link to the post to submit haha#and i just so happened to find myself w some free time and im heavily procrastinating everything in my life rn so... drawing kakashi!!! 😎🙃#my gr 6 self would be psyched cuz i spent forever trying to make kashi's slanted headband look normal#but i still have trouble w it tbh so mb not 😂#also i posted the landscape on my personal art ig but like without naruto and kakashi. just saying that here for posterity.#uzumaki naruto#hatake kakashi#kakashi hatake#maito gai#might guy#kakaguy#kakagai#the prompt just said kitsune so i hope naruto being a sort of kitsune-type creature is enough haha 😅😅#cuz kakashi's taking care of the kitsune even tho he is not one himself#id apologize for posting so much this week but like... im not sorry aha#OH id like to let u know iruka would either be the zoo lady or hed be pubba but like hed come along#the thing is if ruka's the zoo lady then whod his kid be if naruto is w kakashi??? sasuke?#oh mb his kid could be sakura and then nart and kashi could meet itachi and sasuke w those other kids#although itd fit the plot if it was sasuke w iruka at the zoo and itachi who comes along w nart and kashi#considering the sibling reveal#hmhmhmmmhhnmhmmmMMM#pls never expect me to post as consitently as i did this week btw 😅😅😅#gai's head is in the wrong place but it's fine IT'S FINE#i spent the most time on kakashi's armpit hair cuz i wasnt sure where it was supposed to go. lots of fun facts abt these pieces! 🌸
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demonicheadcanons · 6 months ago
Can we get headcanons for each of the brothers having to hold back a protective MC from fighting another demon for mocking the bois? (idk if this needs a trigger warning sorry)
AN: Sorry this took so long! No trigger warning necessary for this one, if I add anything too detailed I'll definitely put one myself, thank you for the consideration though!!
Oh, not this again. Please, anything but this.
He lifts the MC up immediately, sighing as he does so, and directs a glare towards whatever demons were causing issues.
They’re always pretty quick to run away, with their tail between their legs for those who have one. He’ll only set the MC down again when he feels like they aren’t just going to chase them.
If the demons do need punished for their actions, he’ll go find them later, but only after warning the MC yet again that they should be prioritising their safety here. The brothers are capable of sticking up for themselves, and although he appreciates that they care, it wasn’t down to them to look after anyone else.
Honestly very worried a lot of them time if none of the brothers are around MC to stop them because what if they do start a fight and get badly hurt? That would break his heart because he cares about them be so bad for Diavolo’s plans. Has multiple people watching out for the MC to make sure they’re not getting into fights.
He’s not going to hold back the MC until it looks like they’re going to get hurt, and then he’s quick to grab them by the shoulders and pull them as far away as he can before anything can happen.
Essentially just calmly tells the demons to ‘back off and get outta here’, shooing them away with one hand. If they want to escalate things, he makes a show of cracking his knuckles and letting out the threatening aura he usually hides (he IS one of the most powerful demons in the Devildom, after all). No one really sticks around for a fight after that
Definitely one to warn the MC and try to convince them not to fight anyone - ‘just send ‘em all my way and I’ll deal with ‘em’. If you’re hellbent on it, please only try to fight someone whilst he’s around. That way he can step in before anything bad happens.
Walks around holding MC’s hand because he likes it and because, if he’s holding onto them they can’t go off and get into trouble. He asks his brothers to keep an eye on you, too.
If MC was in that position because the demons had been talking smack about him, he’s quite proud after, going on about being ‘The Great Mammon’ and such. He grins at them as if he’s discovered the greatest treasures in the world
Hahahaha, MC, what are you doing?
Nervously grabs them by the shoulders and completely wheels them away from the other demons. He’s a blushing, stammering mess if the MC was defending him specifically, but even if it were one of the other brothers being insulted he’s fairly anxious, fingers twitching against MC’s shoulders.
Its such a bad idea to start fights. I mean, in terms of stats, MC’s are all so much lower than even the lowest ranking demons. Irregardless of how strong they were, they wouldn’t stand a chance if one of the demons actually got mad. Levi ends up rambling about it, talking about how they should try a different method, and then he starts considering all the ways MC could get back at the demons without getting in trouble for it.
Slyer than one might think. The next time he sees the demons in question he trips them and walks on like nothing happened. In his mind, he believes he won’t get into any bother because no one even knows him enough or cares about him enough to recognise his face, when in reality no one will challenge him because of his brothers, and because he’s still fairly powerful and high ranking in the Devildom.
Worries about MC when he’s not with them, but not enough to do anything about it. He’ll act more affectionate if they’re angry around him and will encourage them to seek him out, although his face is bright red every time he has to take their clenched fists and hold them tight, tucking them into his hoodie pocket so they can’t try to hit anyone.
MC doesn’t really get the chance to fight before Satan smiles coldly at the demons and they run, his aura overwhelming. He’ll go after them later if he feels its necessary.
For now, though, his smile grows warmer and he throws an arm around MC’s shoulders, asking random questions until they stop bristling and settle down. Its almost refreshing for him, to see someone else struggle to control their temper. He appreciates that they can be angry around him.
To be honest, if he does walk in on the fight just as MC lands a hit or says a particularly good insult to the demon, he finds it fairly attractive and he’s going to think about it a lot in future. Still, he’ll be quick to go grab their wrist and lead them away, running his thumb over their knuckles after because that probably hurt, and you should hit with your palm in future, it’s less likely to do damage, he says.
If he walks in as the MC is getting hit or insulted, the offending demon may well wish their life goodbye, because its not going to last much longer ^^
He doesn’t worry about MC because after a while, the demons stop insulting his brothers, knowing that if they mess up and MC hears them they’ll have to not only face their wrath but Satan’s as well.
Oh no, sweetie. Don’t bother, they’re totally not worth your time (and he’ll give them hell later anyway ❤️)
For now, why don’t you come cuddle up to Asmo and tell him what they said that was so upsetting? Oh, they were talking trash about one of his brothers? He feels kind of jealous that you’re so willing to stick up for them. Would you do the same if it was him being insulted?
Oh, they were insulting him? Well, how dare they! They must just be jealous, right? Because Asmo is perfect as he is and he is so loved and adored and its just not fair, right?
Of all the brothers, Asmo is definitely the quickest at defusing things and pulling MC off into another topic. He will also use the situation to his advantage because, like Satan, he finds it attractive when the MC is mad. He’s definitely quite flirtatious after, because MC needs a distraction anyway and the best one they’d find is right here, and he knows a good place they could go to be alone for a bit?
Doesn’t really keep an eye on the MC, because he trusts them to be sensible most of the time, and because he’s busy. However, this man has connections, and he knows his people will keep an eye out for him without him even having to ask, so he’ll hear any news if there is any to be heard.
MC, you’ll get hurt if you do that :(
Like Lucifer, he just kind of… lifts the MC up. He walks away, still holding them up, and might even princess carry them if they seem to be huffing.
Why bother fighting? Internally, he definitely has a more developed thought process - about how it wouldn’t change their minds, about how it wasn’t safe because as brave as MC was, they’re only human, and their body wasn’t as strong as their mind, and about how it didn’t really matter what anyone thought about his brothers, because everyone who matters knows they’re all amazing and wonderful people. However, his actual response is mostly just ‘let’s forget about this and go get some food’.
Keeps an eye on the MC and will work to train them up if they keep getting into fights. Mostly trains them to run away, though, but he’ll spar gently with them often enough so they don’t get so overconfident as to think they’ll actually stand a chance. Sorry MC, he doesn’t want to upset you, but he wants you to be as safe as possible.
[TW for injury mentions]
Haha. Hold them back? Why would he?
Stands back and watches the MC, equal parts impressed, curious, and crushing hard on them as they challenge some random demon to a fight. He doesn’t really care what was said, unless they were insulting Beel (in which case MC doesn’t really have a chance to get a hit in because Belphie downs them in one), but he really wants to see where this is going.
The only way he’s going to stop the fight is if MC gets hurt. His presence is a deterrent, because the other demons know he’s going to end up sticking up for the MC, but a lot of them aren’t just going to stand there as some little human insults or tries to hit them. The tiniest scratch on MC will move Belphie to grab the demons wrist, crushing it as he gives them the dirtiest look he can muster. He’ll curse them under his breath.
After MC gets hit once, he probably does step in earlier before they can get hurt in future. If they’re still trying to fight demons, he’s going to grab them by the arms and pull them away. He subtly hints to his brothers that they should watch out for MC, but doesn’t directly say anything.
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noahreids · 2 months ago
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Outer Range s01e03 | Dreams
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eddieintheocean · 2 months ago
hundreds of fish species are discovered each year, but scientists say that it would still take roughly 30 years to discover the estimated 5,000 species that remain undiscovered. thanks to my amazing intellect (autism) i have decided to find and identify some of these 5000 fish.
Tumblr media
ballsack fish
Tumblr media
stripey scrimblo
Tumblr media
angry plastic bag
and finally last but not least:
Tumblr media
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swarm-host · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
‘like (❤️) this post for me to use your muse for art practice’ meme // victim #1: @tragedysworn‘s Kimimaro !
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ramenthievery · 5 months ago
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simply thinking about vox akuma rn
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myyoungroyalsblog · a month ago
So in aww of this moment
Tumblr media Tumblr media
That I always forget that this fucker is right around the corner
Tumblr media
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tomswifty-fr · 2 months ago
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Waterfest entry - Starry Sea!
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anxiously-awaiting · 3 months ago
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“They keep telling me it’s a metaphor. I think my jaw just hurts.”
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awsugar · a month ago
i leave for tour a week from TODAY. one week...and ill be gone for 9 days. my posts will be few but i feel like the content will improve in quality while im gone so.
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raionmimi · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
It snowed by my house, so I'm getting a head start on holiday ship art before I inevitably forget and wonder where the time went
Here’s some cozy Cassetra for my audience of me
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reasoncourt · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
this episode might have been controversial but they really made some points I think
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unproduciblesmackdown · 5 months ago
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2021 art retrospective
#corned beef#long post //#me back in feb like when i laterally crop this interstella 5555 pic everyone can know baryl's my fave band member...#no immediate brilliant Emergent Comments...idk not always apparent like ah yes these patterns or distinctive elements in my stuff grouped up#more full color items than usual i think; surprise All Full Color dec there lol. the rest like ah yes bright blue; purple; pink; orange...#sunsetty...lot of quantent; probably as much as ever lol; style shifts there hooray for smoothing silhouettes for circularity/more accuracy#the august ambitions....#lot of Affection in everything as ever even if that's not strictly what's depicted lol. labors of love and evidently specific motivations#p.s. only march has a couple more Posts that weren't featured here....self imposed limit of four that i usually don't exceed anyways#another year of at least a drawing a month also evidently#oh yeah fondly recalling how september's drawing of winston and rian prophesized those 5x12 shots =]#(and thinking how the tmc desks are back to their usual configuration; presumably winston's & rian's will be adjacent again =] )#plenty of riawin here lol charging and casting truly. wish me probability plausibility actuality finishing another piece before s6 begins =]#and right; also having posted a fic; the accompanying little illustrative triptych (sic?) there representing it lol#maybe things tend more Polished here lol; think there's as many or more pieces that were conceptually pondered / took more time vs like#more spontaneous ones...not that that's inherently better and Wish i was better at the spontaneity lol but i def skew towards Honing Things#and things depicted here that i'd probably thought ''hey i wanna draw that'' abt for a while and/or#are more general concepts i think about plenty already#certainly have a mental queue going atm of other drawing ideas and a text doc abt it to help keep track of them / not forget them#if only i remembered to reliably update it lol. so jot that down....#not saying too much here By My Standards but i'm just in the [post editing all this together] efforts lol like shrug well here it is#and if you're already here then it's like well also Here It Is; what's new....ton of quantent. it's right in the blog title#(also for some reason realized the April Riawin Hug pic only displays in 540 px width on my post of it vs the full size 1080px width?#idk why. i don't think i would've like; posted it in text post format as might compress it like that. but here it is full resolution lol)
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lizbotw · a year ago
Tumblr media
“hold on, stop, you’re doing it all wrong.”
the brush paused midway in your grip, black nail polish blotting a dark moon on your nail. sukuna pulled a chair up to your desk, abandoning the pile of papers he’d been steadily working through on the bed. you let him take the bottle from you with a muted clink of glass, staring at him uncertainly. “ryo? what-”
“where is your base coat?”
“base...” you thought for a moment. “well i...”—he was already gently tugging your hand over to his side of the table. you let it happen, duly noting how warm his palms were—“just didn’t feel like doing one this time. i don’t-”
“you always need one. don’t you want it to last?” you absentmindedly tilted forward when he leaned to press a kiss to your cheek, chastising you. “what am i going to do with you?” a brush of lips against your temple followed the sentiment and he murmured the words into the skin, smirk carving its place there, “it’s like you’re helpless without me.”
his breath was warm and gentle, vibrations tickling. you sighed, almost getting so caught up in the feeling you forgot to reply—his words sunk in and in a instant you shoved him away, trying not to smile. “oh, shut up.”
sukuna chuckled, a low, deep sound, and bent to rummage in the bottom drawer of the desk where he knew you kept your nail polish collection.
“oh, no, babe. come on, you don’t have to—” you tried to stop him, laying a hand on his arm, but he shook you off, producing from the sea of bottles a clear one in triumph.
he set about unscrewing the top, continuing to wave off your attempts at intervention. “i want to. going to lose my fucking mind if you start complaining about it chipping again.” satisfied with wiping off the excess polish on the brush, sukuna finally poised it right above your nail. “hold still now.” he added, quite threateningly, mischievous glint in his eyes, “or else.”
you did as you were told, enjoying how he fell into a rhythm of careful strokes. “that was one time.”—sukuna glanced up at you incredulously, memories of past weeks of your complaining coming to mind.—“okay, maybe a few times...,” you corrected yourself in a mumble. not your fault the stupid polish never stayed on at the corners.
there was a few minutes of comfortable silence as he worked. once he finished the first layer—“let it dry or i swear-” (you rolled your eyes when he said that)—next it was the black nail polish you’d originally been trying to apply until you’d been so rudely interrupted. the process was similar to before, sukuna fully focused because he’d be damned if he was about to be told he was bad at this, and you finding it funny how his tongue would occasionally poke out the side of his mouth when he struggled.
pretty, wispy strands of hair fell onto his forehead—with your free hand you brushed them back carefully, trying not to disturb him. you let your touch linger for a moment, carding through the locks. “you look nice like this.”
sukuna smirked, not looking up. “yeah?”
you hummed, distracted by how soft his hair was. “yeah.” the skim of fingertips over the back of your hand still on the table as he held you in place tickled. “you should do things for me more often.”
sukuna sat back for a moment, reaching for a tissue to blot out a smudge, and tilted his head at you. “do you want me to?”
mystified, he picked back up the brush, eyes cast onto his work once again. “you know i’ll do it if you want.”
you smiled to yourself, choosing to stare off to the side. “yeah, i know.”
after a few layers of the color under sukuna’s expertise, the top coat came.
(“this step is extra important—in case you didn’t know,” sukuna told you pointedly, playfully. you couldn’t stand him sometimes.
“god, shut up.”)
the final step was over before you could complain about your limbs being stiff from sitting in one spot for so long. glossy black nails glimmered as you inspected them in the sunlight—perfect and smooth. you were almost disappointed there was nothing to complain about to get under sukuna’s skin.
“look, now we match.” sukuna flashed his own hands, signature dark colors painted precisely on each finger from when he’d redid them yesterday. “feel honored.”
oh, this was fun. time to knock him down a peg, you decided—you grimaced. “ew. who said i wanted to match with you?”
the same dark-toned fingers were wrapped around your chin in an instant, firm in their grasp. sukuna leaned close, lips curled and teeth peeking out—a few strands of the hair you’d tucked back had come undone again, splayed across his forehead, and you resisted the urge to push them back. “careful.” (what a meaningless warning—he knew you never filtered your words, especially when it came to him.)
instead of taking heed, you smiled, tipping forward to brush your nose against his. “what are you doing?” you asked with the tone of someone who knew exactly what he was doing.
sukuna matched your grin, letting his gaze drop down to your lips when he teased, “don’t i deserve a reward for all my hard work?” the fan of his breath was warm, familiar. this felt just like every other time, didn’t it?
you bit back the desire to close the gap yourself—you would not lose. “i guess you did an okay job.”
sukuna scoffed and, deciding he was above vying for your praise, kissed you instead.
Tumblr media
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baphomilf · a year ago
Carry/guide them to the bath, all ready and help them in, have them choose a bath bomb, light some nice candles and put on their most relaxing playlist.
Sit by the bath and carefully wash them from head to toe, gently shampoo n condition their hair, a nice scalp massage too. Don't forget plenty of kisses and saying how you love every inch of them.
Help them out and pat them dry with a nice warm towel. Slip them into their favourite pyjamas and begin to dry their hair. Blow dry it with gentle settings, take your time running your fingers through it. brush/comb it until it's silky and soft, braiding/wrapping if desired.
Bundle them up in their favourite blanket in your arms on the couch. Put on a nice relaxing movie or game for them, maybe soft toys or pillows too. Do a face mask, or preferred skin treatment for them, if the like it paint their finger and toe nails, hand/footrubs included.
Finally time for bed, tuck them in nice and cosy, lots more kisses and praises. maybe read to them a little, or put on some music/a podcast. Gently stroke their face and hair, allowing them to fall asleep feeling thoroughly warm, cosy, and cherished.
Repeat as often as desired <3
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girlwiththegreenhat · 3 months ago
as someone solidly in the "raine and/or eda should adopt hunter" club i have thought about hunter noticing that raine has been acting different ever since the stream. he talks to them enough to know something's changed. people have already said that but oh my god he talks to them enough to know something has changed....
i don't think that kid has a single real friend aside from his uncle (debatable) and his bird so the thought that Someone doesn't just ignore him makes me so soft.
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