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soracities · 36 minutes ago
Pale hands I loved, too numerous to mention.
John Ashbery, from “The Fop’s Tale”, Quick Question: Poems
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aresuna · 2 months ago
Does someone have the meme thing that goes like this:
Tumblr media
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sillyskull-xam · 7 months ago
Quackity was not kidding when he said he saw potential in the people he recruited. When looking at Sam, Foolish, Purpled and Fundy, other than their own unique powers (having control over prison, totem of death, mercenary skill, prophetic dreams etc.) what they all had in common is their building skills, which helps a lot in making legacy in Las Nevadas, that could also be the reason why BBH is the second person Q had asked to join LN, and from the L’Sandberg streams, it seems BBH is/will be working with Sam & Q.
Charlie is a special case because I’d like to think that Charlie chose to join Q even though it looks like Q chose to recruit Charlie. Before Q even encountered Charlie, Charlie has lived for hundreds years & had seen many important moments in the smp, like Wilbur & Sally having Fundy, Tommy’s Disc confrontation, people grieving places, everything happened in the prison (Tommy & Ghostbur’s death and revival) etc, meaning that Charlie most likely knew everything Q had done in the past, knows that Q is one of the “bad guy” of the story and should stay away from him, so why would Charlie choose to stay with Q and be his best friend (= spy) when he could’ve befriend “good people” like Tommy, Tubbo or Ranboo (just like his first day on dsmp)? There are many possibilities but one of my theories is that Charlie saw Q stole one of Tubbo’s nukes, but also heard from Tubbo about self destruction on the nuke, so Charlie was keeping an eye on his best friend and hope Q won’t be too reckless to use the nuke and kill himself, hence making sure Q won’t turn to dust.
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never-never-land · 5 days ago
@the-kingshound For no particular reason… fluff or angst?
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theest0rm · 27 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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dudeandduchess · 2 months ago
Quick question: Is anyone doing art commissions at the moment?
I wanted to commission a Christmas-themed Kyō pfp for December (my most favorite month bc Christmas).
I’d commission Biz to do it, since Art degree holder and all, but she’s busy with school and getting her second degree now. 🥲
Tumblr media
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miles0201 · 8 months ago
Quick Question:
Do you guys think having the same rising sign as someone’s Juno sign can sometimes result in an attraction there?? Thoughts?
I was just wondering since I have Juno in Pisces and several times now I’ve really been drawn to guys with Pisces rising/ascendent. This got me thinking, if someone has the same rising sign as your Juno sign, would they look more appealing or seem like what you’re looking for in a partner?
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artlovingbre · 2 months ago
After reading my friend @multi-fandom-imagine oneshot with vampire Jason x reader, would any of you guys would be interested if I tried to write some vampire Jason x reader oneshots?
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thedayoftheblackstar · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Hey there pretty boy 😏
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xiaq · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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palmtreepalmtree · 2 months ago
Always feel like I'm whispering when I message someone on Slack.
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astrojoy · 5 months ago
Quick question
Does anybody else smile uncontrollabley like a kid who got candy when they see the person they have a crush on?
For me that happens and I get a sudden boost of energy where I can feel my heart pounding super fast and I shake a lot- probably my anxiety kicking in ngl
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never-never-land · 3 months ago
I have a small question for you all. It’s not that big of a thing but I’m going through my rough draft right now and I was wondering if you all would prefer to have the demo be in the I format (first person) or the standard format with you (second person). 
I’m just curious. 
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intothestacks · 3 months ago
Hey fellow librarians,
Does anyone know of a good quick cheat sheet of which MARC record sections are for what (other than the Library of Congress one? (E.g. "these are the fieldsyou typically want to/have to fill out for a book", etc)
The OPAC system at my new school district requires you to use the MARC records and doesn't have the more user-friendly mode the systems at the other libraries I worked at had, so I'm a bit rusty on MARK fields. :P
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yahthatstheautism · 10 months ago
Autistic culture is teachers saying "You'd be great at Scrabble!!" Every day since kindergarten but somehow missing the fact that being fucking rabid about new words is not remotely neurotypical.
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miles0201 · 10 months ago
Quick Question:
This is a question for all my fellow Aries moon people. Do you find yourself sometimes almost looking for an argument or debate?
Idk, its just sometimes someone gives me a small reason to argue and I just jump at the chance to do it. Once that’s done I feel almost satisfied, like at least that’s done and out of the way now and I move on like it’s nothing. Maybe everyone else is a little bit more chill but...thoughts?
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stressedsnake · 6 days ago
✎ I love the new theme btw
Tumblr media
(url right?)
Also Thankyouuuu<3
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broadwaygod · 2 months ago
Quick Question
How would you people discribe sincerely me to a random stranger on the street?
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soracities · 5 days ago
The sky was sweet and plain. You remember how still it was then, a season putting its arms into a coat and staying unwrapped for a long, a little time
John Ashbery, from “Words to That Effect”, Quick Question: Poems
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lacunaanonymoused · 7 months ago
People of colour, I have a question.
I don't mean to be rude if it seems like I am.
But how does one write for your colour of skin? I, myself am a very pale white so I was just wondering how I can include my darker readers.
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