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maximoffs-girl · 4 minutes ago
peter maximoff x reader on a roller skating date
thanks for the request, sweetie! Hope you like it!
Rollerskating date with Peter Maximoff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
• When Peter brought the idea up to you to go rollerskating together, you were immediately in
• He'd be bragging about how good he is at it and how fast he can go and how you can cling onto him, etc.
• He already has trouble putting the roller skates on, so of course you help him
• You're a bit shakey, but other than that, you're doing great on the rollerskates
• Peter however
• A. Disaster. On. Wheels.
• Ever seen that scene from Bambi when he's standing on the ice? Well, that but on rollerskates
• Falls every 2 seconds
• Tries to hold on to you but you both fall
• Also tries to use his superspeed while rollerskating
• Result: Peter almost breaks his nose by slamming face first into a wall
• "Huh, that wasn't there a second ago."
• You trying to teach him, but he simply doesn't have the patience
• You did end up having fun though
• You kissed all your poor boyfriends bruises
• Peter went home bruised and all but with a big grin on his face
• And you both agreed to not go rollerskating again any time soon
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whiiiiplaaaaash · an hour ago
Can I request some Kit trying to be sweet but coming off as misogynistic and the reader puts him in his place like make him read the feminine mystique or something. Like period typical misogyny.
This is shit. I'm so sorry anon.
🥀- not really...just not fluff.
⚠️-asshole kit. Whips language
//Kit being a Misogynist//
You and your husband Kit were involved in a neighborhood bake off. It was something your community did every year. You and Kit took home the blue ribbon pretty much every year. But this year was different. You and Kit wanted to make a big cake this bake off. And you were having trouble needing the dough.
It wasnt usually hard for you to roll out the dough you needed. Kit wouldnt allow you to touch the cake. He asked you to start making the cookies, though it was alittle odd he didnt want to bake the cake with you.
"Hows it goin' baby." He asked, mixing some batter and eggs together, whisking them harshly. "Its, really hard to get this dough to mold the way I want it." You groaned trying to roll the dough again the counter. He laughed alittle. "What did you do wrong babe?" He ran the faucet to fill a measuring cup. "I think I added too much flower." You sighed, realizing you would probably have to scrap this batch. "Not too surprising baby." You tilted your head up to face the brunette. "What do you mean Kit?" He just sucked in a breath, coming over to the counter you were working at stirring the water into his mixing bowl. "Well I mean, women dont usually take the smart path." He chuckled.
You smacked the shit out of him. Your hand hid his face so hard he dropped the bowl he was holding, spilling the contents all over the floor. Throwing your apron onto the counter you stormed out of the kitchen. He attempted to follow you.
He grabbed your arm pulling you back to look at him. "Baby what's wrong?" His face was swollen and red. A part of you felt bad you hit his pretty face. But most of you applauded yourself. You ignored him, but his consistency of asking again and again pissed you off.
"YOU MISOGYNISTIC PRICK!" You yelled. He backed up alittle, your voice bouncing off the walls. It wasnt until he zoned in on your words that he realized what he had said to get you rialled up.
"Y/n I'm sorry.. I know what I said was mean.." he apologized, but you didnt have it. "I think you need to think long and hard about how many women you just offended with those words." You pulled your wrist away from him walking down the hall.
You eventually forgived him, but Kit swore he would never say that again.. he made sure of that. The couch started to get uncomfortable after a week.
Tumblr media
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quenwritesdccomics · 2 hours ago
quen since you're in botch dc and marvel fandoms name some dc marvel counterparts? (basically similar characters)
Holy shit, uhhhhhhhh I'm just doing this based off the actual positions, not back stories or personalities, so pls don't get offended!
Batman- Black Panther (rich kind badass guys with suits based off of animals)
Green Lantern- the guardians maybe???? This is a hard one,,, idk???
Green Arrow- Hawkeye
Superman- I would say Thor, but no. Probably Hyperion
Wonder Woman- Captain Marvel????
Red Tornado- Vision
Flash- Quicksilver (❤❤❤❤❤)
Hawkgirl- Angel (mwah mwah mwah one of my fave characters, besides quicksilver, but not the movie version ew)
Black Lightening- Thor ig
Martian Manhunter- Silver Surfer
Black Canary- Banshee
John Constantine- Dr. Strange
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pietro-maximoff-facts · 2 hours ago
Pietro Maximoff Fact 26!
He is dead and never coming back.
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webreathfandoms · 3 hours ago
Betrayal Pt. 2 (Teen!Peter Maximoff x Reader)
Teenage Peter Maximoff x Reader
Part Two
Tumblr media
A/N: yay the next part!
word count: 1021
warnings: none
If there's one thing you would never admit, is that you spent the last week crying after you saw Peter with that other blond girl (A/N: see what I did there ;) ). Alex had been there for you the entire time, comforting you and telling you that he didn't deserve you. As much as you wanted to believe that, you couldn't help but feel inferior and not good enough compared to the girl you found him snogging.
The past week had been pretty uneventful; go to school, avoid Peter, who was confused as to why you were avoiding him, and spending as much time with Alex during and after school. You were very grateful for your friend, seeing as he kept Peter away to the best of his ability and gave you the support you needed to show up at school. But he told you that you needed to confront Peter and end your relationship before he comes to you demanding answers. Until then, he acted as a personal barrier between the two of you.
Peter was annoyed. He had no idea what he could've done or said to you that would make you ignore him and go for that Alex guy. Truth be told, he was jealous of the jock, who had everything he didn't. Normalcy.
Every time he tried to talk to you after class, Alex was there to block his path and glared at him until he left sombrely. Throughout the entire week, he saw you in the arms of Alex, a painful reminder that it should be him holding you and not some douchebag jock. Peter wracked his mind for any indicator that could've set off this issue but couldn't find one.
Shit. He thought. What if she saw me with that girl the other day?
But there was no way she could've. He would've noticed her if she was in his house or nearby. Besides that, the kiss only lasted for a few seconds before he pushed her off. But Peter wasn't sure if he was trying to reassure himself, but he knew that was not going to get his girl back. So, a very determined Peter Maximoff set off to claim what was his.
You were sitting with Alex when Peter confronted you. The day had gone by pretty well seeing as you hadn't seen him once, but you knew it was coming eventually. Peter was determined and refused to let stuff just pass by without doing anything. It was one of the reasons why you fell in love with him.
Why you are in love with him.
Every time you saw him you told yourself, I don't love him, he's not worth it. But those were all lies. No matter what he put you through, said to you, he would always hold a spot in your heart. After all, he was your first everything.
The moment the silver-haired teenager bounded up to your table in the courtyard, Alex angrily stood up, blocking Peter from getting to you and got in his face. "You seriously need to let go, dude," he said as he glared down at the other boy who stood several feet shorter, "back off!" With that he shoved the silver boy, causing him to stumble slightly.
Once he regained his balance, the shorter male shoved Alex in the chest with a surprising force that sent him reeling backwards, "No! You need to back the hell up!" he shouted, "she's my girlfriend, not yours, and I'm going to talk to her!" With that, he used his speed to wrap you in his arms and whisk you away to who knows where.
Once the world stopped zooming by, you stumbled out of his arms and rested your arms on your knees to regain your breath. He noticed your slightly pale face and immediately reached out to you. "Oh my god! I totally forgot to warn you that you might get whiplash and or nausea or shortness of breath. I'm so sorry I should have warned you-" He rambled on at such a fast rate that it was almost impossible to catch what he was trying to say. You held up a hand once you caught your breath and glared at him.
"Why did you want to talk to me?" You questioned and crossed your arms.
Peter mimicked your actions, "you're ignoring me."
"No, I'm not." You defended yourself, even though it was a complete lie.
He shook his head in disbelief, "yes you are!"
"No, I'm-" He quickly interrupted your pathetic attempts at lying, "is it because you came by my house the other day? You know, when I told you not to?"
You pointed a finger at him accusingly and yelled, "yeah! And I saw you kiss that girl, who by the way hates my guts!"
Suddenly Peter started laughing humorlessly, "you saw her kiss me! If you stayed you would've seen me push her away!" You shook your head several times to stop him from continuing his lie, "no, I would've stayed to watch you sleep with her! It looked like it was more than a kiss, Peter! That's not the way you kiss someone that not your girlfriend!"
"Babe, I swear I pushed her away, okay! Maybe I didn’t push her off fast enough, but I love you, not her! It's always going to be you!" The teenager in front of you shouted while throwing his hands in the air.
"It's always going to be you," he whispered, cradling your face in his hands and bringing your lips together in a passionate kiss that made your knees buckle. Your lips moved together in a fury of impetuous fervency. All around you the world blurred and the only thing you could sense was him, the boy you knew you were in love with.
Hesitantly, you pulled away from the kiss and stared into his gorgeous brown eyes. "You think we can get past this?" he asked with a hopeful smile on his face.
You mimicked his smile and pecked his lips again, "just don't go around kissing other girls."
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whiiiiplaaaaash · 3 hours ago
pegging kit or tate 🥴
A pegging Tate fic is coming soon, so I'll write for Kit!!
⚠️-Whips language
//Pegging Kit Walker//
Kit is manly, so the image of him giving up his dominance for you is very attractive to him.
Call him "Kitten" drives him fucking wild.
You peg him to relive his stress.
You will take him from behind, his face pressed into the pillow.
His nipples are sensitive, so please play with them.
Kiss down his back, leave hickies all over his ass and thighs.
Jerk him off as you fuck him hard from behind.
He isnt whiney like Peter or Warren, but he grunts like his life depends on it.
He wants you to pull his hair and be rough with him.
He is also a fan of missionary as well.
He wants to be able to look into your eyes as you fuck his prostate.
"B-baby..BA-By!" He moans over and over when you do something he likes.
When he gets closer to his orgasm, jerk him off fast.
Then kiss his lips and tell him to unclench himself so you can pull out.
Tumblr media
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imperiuswrecked · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
I love my new Polaris, Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver pins by @optyck @cykelops Thank You! 💚❤💙
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Ellie: Mr Maximoff’s, Both of you, I have something big to tell you. Peter: Kid, you know you can say anything to us. We’ve known you for years, and there is absolutely nothing that could dent our amazing relationship. Ellie: Great! Thanks! Well, the thing is, I’m dating Luna. Peter: ... Ellie: Mr Maximoff? Scott: Peter? Peter: YOU ARE SO DEAD
Scott: Er, excuse us for a moment, Ellie.
Scott: *drags him out of the room*
Ellie: *can hear arguing and. . . was that a punch? They both seem relatively calm when they come back*
Scott: Now that that’s sorted out-
Pietro: Welcome to the family, Ellie!
Three hours later
Ellie: -and then I heard them fighting! After they did that they came out and said welcome to the family! Did they do that for you?
Bobby: Yeah, but they figured John and I would be a package deal so Mr. Maximoff didn’t argue as much.  Ellie: Huh. Perks of dating the adopted kid, I guess. 
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fyregrl · 5 hours ago
Marvel: Oh, what if we give Quicksilver a pet turtle with a silly name? It’s cute and ironic, just a nice little thing : )
Tumblr media
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lokisgoldscepter · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
I got Quicksilver 🤍
Photo is from zodiac919 on instagram :)
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you-said-yes · 5 hours ago
so you know how in dofp, one of peter's shoes has light blue laces and the other is black? headcanoning that wanda did that to prank him in retaliation for something he pulled but he was too proud to say anything so he just walks around with one blue shoelace now.
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you-said-yes · 6 hours ago
May I ask for some ace!peter headcanon?(please 👉👈)
remember that Maximoff Nose Scrunch™?? it happens a lot when he just. doesn’t understand. like why tf people would want to. Do That.
often remarks that Well If God Didn’t Want Me To Be Asexual He Wouldn’t Have Given Me Grey Hair At Age Twelve because you can bet when pride roles around, he’s decked out in colors for the parade... he pulls out that silver leather jacket with some purple band tshirt, whether it be deep purple or prince, and has a blast. even the laces on his silver nikes get a purple makeover.
lowkey spearheads the lgbt awareness at the mansion because people come into his room, see that big-ass ace flag hanging over his bed, and never knows what it means and he’s like well fuck this. *knucle crack* let’s educate these mofos.
...and because he spent all of high school wondering what the fuck was wrong with him why didn’t he feel like everyone else why didn’t he want to do it was it because of his mutation was this another thing that made him even more of a freak- until wanda comes home from college after her first semester with the word ‘asexual’. one of her friends is ace, and they explained it to her, and she immediately Knew: peter. she bursts in the door, takes him by the hand, leads him down the stairs to his basement man-cave. they plop down on the floor, and she’s beaming because she knows how excited this will make him because she remembers the relief when, two days after his mutation manifested and he accidentally ran to ohio, wanda herself started knocking books of the shelves with her mind. and he found comfort in knowing that he wasn’t the only one.
he’s actually the one that a lot of the younger kids come out to first in the mansion.
and the xmen learned to send peter in when they do sort of recon spy-type missions. you know after that time with scott....... they need someone who can’t be.................. persuaded with certain things.
he adopts luna.
crystal’s not ace but ya know she loves peter and sex isn’t what makes love so she doesn’t care that he’s ace.
ACE PETER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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you-said-yes · 6 hours ago
Okay but CAN you elaborate in the whole
sitcom-style xmen show that is very early 2000s disney channel or late 90s family shows.
BUT specifically in:
"the kids try to set up erik and charles on a date"
basically just shenanigans is how they try to get them together. mostly by peter because he really wants charles to be his step-dad.
like imagine he orchestrates an entire elaborate plan to get them together. something so overcomplicated yet ridiculously idiotic, jean remarks, that it just might work.
and then it doesn’t for one of the most basic and mundane reasons you can think of.
or how about, finally, erik and charles agree to go on a date. but this is the season finale babey, so we got some villain attacking the school.
but the kids just. decide not to call charles and erik, who are at some fancy restaurant, since they finally got them to go out together. and peter’s all like WE CAN HANDLE THIS. WITH THE POWER OF LOVE. raven’s yelling back WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN MEAN.
eventually charles and erik return, hand in hand and beaming, from their date. they walk in the door and almost get crushed by a flaming piece of wood falling from the ceiling. the villain was defeated but not without some uhhh damage to the mansion. charles and erik’s screams for peter ring throughout the entire house. everyone freezes, he slumps over. “why do they always think it’s my fault? for once it wasn’t me.”
hank opens his mouth because- technically- it was peter who put off calling them back to the house to help, but peter goes “nope. don’t even say it mccoy. i’m just a baby. you are the adult and should have never listened to me.”
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you-said-yes · 6 hours ago
it was fun going back through my old journals from when i first watched xmen (for me, idk about yall... though i did get a cool idea for a fic from it so maybe you guys will be thanking me later except you won't cuz i'm not writing it bc i suck ANYWAY-) so here's back in june of 2019, before and after dark phoenix came out..
june 6:
"things that are legally required to be in xmen; dark phoenix or i will sue:
i wrote it big. tragically, i go on to describe how i want the scene to be, the type of music. talking about him telling erik................... then about him being a "cool, prolly morally questionable big bro to all the students"... didn't really get that but wandavision actually lowkey came in clutch there.
oh and then my friend was worrying me so i wrote: "things that, if they are in the movie, will have me make immediate contact with my lawyers:
i went to the beach or something the weekend the movie came out but forced my grandparents to take me and my brother to see the movie first because i was so excited....... my immediate reaction:
a few days, and a lot of studying for finals later, i finally composed a list of why i didn't like the movie. half of it being about peter's 3 minutes of screen-time. i called it my 'main beef'. and had an interlude to discuss the flirting (?) scene during the party where i went 👀ok pete i see you. and i ended that segment with a lot of bitching about no dadneto.
then i was like ahh bad script, power imbalance, ooc characters/weird motivations blah blah
though they played like two seconds of killer queen when jean flipped the car so i gave it points for that.
and yeah. then i was in spidey ffh and stranger things 3 mode.
i'm also not going over r*lph b*hner cuz............ too soon.
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quicksilver-rain · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Another picture for @peaceheather's fic!! This gentleman is Colgrevance, he's a Dragon Lord and I think he's pretty neat.
I started working on him like five months ago but he was banished to the WIP folder for bastard crimes. It's only through @mallowthegoblin's grace that he got finished at all.
[ID: A drawing of a man with short, dark hair and a short beard. He has three parallel scars over his right eye and his nose looks like it might have been broken at some point. He’s wearing a black cape held together with a stylized pin which looks like a pictish hippocampus. Beneath that, he’s wearing a deep violet duster jacket which is embroidered with knotwork, and has a pictish hippocampus settled in the corner. His shirt is peeking out from beneath his jacket and is dark orange. /EndID]
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quicksilverownsmysoul · 7 hours ago
Congrats on 💯 followers 😄😄 May I request Peter Maximoff falling asleep on random places/friends because his powers make his time perception a mess? 🥰
Thank you!! And yes of course you can!! 💕
- Peter is a busy man and sometimes he doesn’t realize how much his powers wrap his concept of time.
-it’s like the equivalent of jet lag for normal people
-usually it doesn’t bother him too much but if he uses it a lot in one day he’s gonna be all over the place
- After a big mission he’s out like a light. On the jet ride home he’s leaning on Kurt’s shoulder much to his dismay. Drooling slightly in his shoulder.
- After breaking Magento out of jail he’s curled into wolverines side on the car ride back. Laying his head on his lap and his feet resting on Magnetos. Neither of them have any idea how to deal with kids so they just let him sleep.
-Logan has to resist the urge to push him off onto the floor.
- All the students have a betting pool and where there going to find him sleeping. Xavier once won $100 after he betted Peter was going to fall asleep in the garden.
-They found him passed out in a bush, headphones in and snoring loudly, the straw form his slurpee still in his mouth.
- His sleeping places are part of the new students tour. Raven announcing that Peter once managed to fall asleep in the stairway in the middle of the school day and everyone just walked around him.
- He has a horrible sleep schedule to begin with so that combined with overexerting his powers is a horrible combination
- Durning lunch with the gang he’ll be slowly falling asleep with his head in his hands. Then his head will slip and they’ll just see his head slam onto the table into his soup after spending the whole day running around.
-He’ll try and act like nothing happened but there will be alphabet soup letters stuck to his forehead
- Jean and Scott will definitely mess with him. Doodling on his face and taking silly picture with him. Putting on sunglasses and propping him up somewhere to scare the other students.
- Jean using her powers to move him around and making him answer the door when they order pizza. The guy not even noticing until he lets out a loud snore as he tips him.
-Jubilee will try out her new makeup on him to see how it looks.
- And even tho they like to mess with him they’ll take care of him too. Dropping a blanket over him or moving him somewhere more comfortable. Even letting him sleep on their shoulders during mission briefings.
What I wouldn’t give to have Peter fall asleep on my shoulder!! Anyway I hope you liked it!!
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whiiiiplaaaaash · 7 hours ago
Tata helping the reader when they are having a panic attack
Tumblr media
//Tate helping with a panic attack//
Tate wouldn't leave your side.
He would notice something was off way before your panic attack started.
"Baby, are you okay?" He would ask you.
"Are you sure? You seem off?"
Then, you would be leaning over the toilet. Throwing up your dinner.
Tate would appear behind you, pulling your hair out of your face and rubbing your back.
"Oh baby.." he would repeat.
Hugging you from behind, feeling your body clench as you retched.
He would be quick to hand you a glass of water. Kissing your face and telling you its okay.
He would grab you a cushion to sit on in the bathroom floor and a blanket.
Tate cuddles you behind, rubbing your thighs and your belly. Letting you know that being comfortable is okay and going to make you feel better.
He tells you that everything you tell him wont leave the bathroom and shuts the door with his foot.
He plays with your hair and rubs your arms as you tell him what's wrong.
He just loves you and wants you to know your safe with him.
"You know I'd kill for you right y/n?"
You would smile at the gesture.
Not knowing hes telling the truth.
Tagging: @sapphimoff @therenlover @mossybank
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