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24. Puppet ~ Peter Maximoff

Warnings: kids - reader is female


Originally posted by pedro-pascall

Giggling the whole house down, your daughter sat in her high chair mesmerised by what was in front of her. The fox puppet’s wiggling arms next to the tray on her seat had her eyes glued to it, unbeknownst to her that her dad’s fingers were causing the movements.

His chuckle filled the gaps in the air her laugh couldn’t reach. Breakfast was long forgotten at this point, the dirty dishes scattered on the table beside Peter now that his attention was somewhere else.

The story of his last mission was being played through by the puppet on his hand, widely exaggerated you were sure. He had a variety of voices for the other X Men involved that were represented by little pony figures on her tray, although they rarely spoke given Peter’s heaps of heroic behaviour overshadowing the events.

Peter had to stop speaking every now and then because his chuckling kept getting in the way. Not that she knew what he was saying in the first place. His silver hair was still messy from sleep but his face was lit up with excitement, his bare feet scuffing gently on the kitchen floor as he entertained your daughter.

You stood leaning against the counter with a drink in your hand, rolling your eyes at his dramatised story, knowing Hank would tell you what really happened next time you saw him.

For now, you just watched and smiled fondly at the two people you loved most interact. The laugh on your little girl’s face matched Peter’s exactly, drawing more happy energy out of the sleepy boy as time went on. You loved the little family you had before you; even if the mixture of the both of them drove you up the walls at times, you wouldn’t change them for the world.

Yesterday, when Peter came back from his mission, you spent the whole night doting on each other and smothering him in the love he missed during the few days he was away. As much as you wanted to wrap your arms around him now and lay kisses on his skin, it was your daughter’s turn to bask in his affection, and by the sounds of her giggles getting increasingly louder as the fox puppet pecked her cheek over and over, that was exactly what she was getting.

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