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Eventual Pietro x Enhanced!Reader

Summary: Pietro wants to discover life by himself in New York after the Battle of Sokovia, though he didn’t anticipate his new neighbour being a cute, though rather troubled girl.

Warnings: Closed off and self protecting behaviour, mentions of loss of family, mentions of past manipulation, anxiety, flirty Pietro.

Word count: Approx 3000


A/N: PLEASE NOTE the Reader is closed off for the majority of this part and there’s not much going on between them at the moment, but the Reader will slowly open up to Pietro and will be written as a shy, gentle soul under her self protection. Neither the Reader nor Pietro will attempt to ‘fix’ each other in this series, it is purely two people trying to heal from different things and finding comfort in each other. Also, this story is based in Hell’s Kitchen! I hope you enjoy it, I’ve been working on this concept for a little while and I can’t wait to show you the rest 😘💖


Earphones in, but no music. Head cast down, but eyes alert to those around you as you dug about in your jacket pocket for your keys. A cautionary, subtle glance in the shop window next to the steps up to the side door told you that no one was directly behind you as you jogged up the steps. The keys rattled in the lock, a bit too much for your liking, but you finally got the stubborn bolt unlocked before yanking the door open and stepping in, looking over your shoulder as you entered.

Without even looking, you walked straight into someone and stumbled backwards, the door closing behind you and your body slamming into it. Looking up at the person in the hallway a little startled, you studied him for a second, kind, soft blue eyes examining you, arms reaching out in reaction to you stumbling back, though he hadn’t touched you and he slowly retracted his hands. His hair was silvered but black at the roots and if you had to guess, the guy must go through a lot every month to have it bleached and treated to get it that colour and to have it look so damn good. Sharp features with a pale complexion, though it was contrasted with the dark peppering of facial hair on his chin and jaw.

You weren’t used to other people in the building, you lived alone above the bookshop you had just looked in the window of and there had been one other apartment stood opposite yours, left unoccupied for months on end with occasional tenants that always left after a week or two. “I’m so sorry, are you alright?” He asked with a slight chuckle, voice much smoother and a bit deeper than you expected, the accent was something you certainly hadn’t expected. “Oh, no I’m sorry, I shoulda’ looked at where I was going.” You laughed softly, mimicking his light hearted behaviour.

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Pietro x reader

   You were lying on your bed, bored, watching flames dance around your fingers. You heard a knock on your door. Sighing, you got up to answer it, and found the one and only Pietro on the other side. You had never shown him (or anyone else for that matter) your pyrokinetic powers before. You were worried about losing control. You couldn’t even calm your heartbeat around him, so how in the hell were you supposed to control your powers?
    “You doing anything, Y/N?” He asked with a smirk.

    “Nope. Why?” You replied, curious. You and Pietro had always been flirty, he was like that with everyone.

    “Well I was watching TV when I realized how bored I was without you, so I thought maybe you’d come cuddle with me.” He suggested rather shyly, at least when compared to his usual shameless advances.

    “I’ll have to pass Pietro, sorry. I’ll watch tv with you if you want, but I’m not really a cuddly person.” You said, trying not to hurt his feelings. Even without your powers, you never liked to be touched. It took a lot of trust to let someone get that close to you.

    “Oh okay.” He said, rubbing his neck looking at the floor. “It’s just, I thought you liked me? At least I was hoping you liked me…” He looked up at you through his eyelashes as he trailed off. 

    “Oh I-I um,” your face went bright red. “I do like you Pietro, I just don’t like being touched. Sorry,” you looked at the ground embarrassed, while Pietro broke into a full-fledged grin. 

    “Printessa,” He said as he lifted your chin with his finger, “I like you too. Disliking being touched is nothing to be ashamed of. Just let me know of your boundaries and I will always respect them, yeah?”

    You nodded, and pulled him into your room. “Can I show you something?” 

     “Of course,” He said and sat on the edge of your bed.

     You took a deep breath, calmed your nerves, and set your fingers alight. You made a dazzling show of fire with your fingertips while Pietro watched in awe. 

     “Y/N, how long have you been able to do that?” He stared at you with an even more profound awe than before.

     “I dunno, as long as I can remember.” You said bashfully.

     “Fantastic!” Pietro practically yelled while jumping from your bed. He went to hug you, but stopped himself. “Can I hug you?” He asked, unsure.

     He was trying so hard. “Yes, thanks for checking,” You smiled and outstretched your arms as he enveloped you in a quick but reassuring hug. Maybe you could get used to touching, now that you knew your powers were completely controlled, even around Pietro.

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For writing prompts how about Luna meets Remy's cats? Or Pietro/Remy are neighbors and one of them wants to ask the other on a date?

So for this, I decided for the first one ! Had this whole thing in my mind for some time, finally I got down to it. I hope you’ll enjoy it! ♥

Also: Thank you so much, this actually helped me a lot with my writers block.

|| AO3 ||


“This has to be some kind of bad joke…”, to be fair, what he saw there in front of him, wasn’t half as bad as it could have been. For starters: Remy was wearing clothes, so that was a plus-point. And that was also about it for the situation. Maybe Pietro had just been ‘fortunate’ enough to bring his child, god knew what else he would have walked into.

Luna held his hand, knowing the man in front of her already, but it was the first time actually being in his home. She was giggling at the act. At least something. Pietro could swear his heart was melting at that sound.

Well, maybe the scene wasn’t too bad after all.

Remy sat there in front of them - in the middle of his rather ‘new’ apartment’s living room - one cat in his arms, another on his lap, while the other awkwardly tried to get onto his head or shoulder from the back of the chair. “I was expecting you… I knew, at some point, you’ll come crawling to me, asking for my help. Asking for the help of me and ma famille.” Pietro wasn’t quite sure why Remy was trying to turn his french accent into somewhat of an Italian one, but he decided that it wasn’t worth asking in the end.

“Of course you knew. I called you around an hour ago.”

“And you’re no fun, you know that?”, there was a hint of a smile on Remy’s lips as he awkwardly scooped the cat on his lap up into his arms as well and got up. The third jumped off the chair as well, following Remy’s footsteps like a tiny henchman. It was adorable, really.
Pietro just watched how Remy’s feet carried him - along with three cats - over to him and his daughter, faintly wondering if this was the first time for Luna to see an actual cat up close. The moon had Lockjaw, sure, but a real, normal, non-teleporting earth-cat? That might be something new.

Remy soon knelt down to be on the same eye-level as Luna, who was curiously looking at the cats that surrounded Remy. She knew him, yeah, but she was still a little shy around him, having met him only a few times, but somehow connecting with him pretty fast every time they met. “Would you be so sweet and help me out a little?”, he asked, his voice soft as he smiled at the child in front of him.
As if not sure if she was even allowed to, Luna shortly tugged Pietro’s hand, she would warm up soon enough, he was sure of that. “Can I?”, she asked in a whispering matter, with no real change in volume whatsoever. Pietro just had to smile at that.

“Go ahead.”

By now, Pietro just trusted Remy that he wouldn’t hand his child the most vicious furball he owned. 

Luna let go of his hand as Remy handed her the red one - since Pietro couldn’t remember any names, but if he would, he would know that it was named “Lucifer” - not really knowing how to hold it at first, but quickly adjusting. If Pietro wouldn’t have needed to be anywhere else, he could have probably watched his daughter, snuggling that cat, for forever.

“He’s really soft…”, Luna said, a smile on her features as she looked up to her father, showing him off that she was, indeed, holding the cat now. The cat looked giant in her arms. Pietro couldn’t help but smile softly. “Good job”, he whispered to encourage her, while having a hand softly placed on her shoulder blades. Sadly enough, Pietro didn’t have her often with him. That she was staying over at his place for about a week by now, was practically a miracle. And if Pietro would have had a chance, he wouldn’t have let her out of his sight for any second. 

Of course, this was when emergencies took place.

“His name is Lucifer.”, Remy explained to her. “This one is Oliver…and the other’s name is Figaro. But really, Lucifer? He’s the big boss of them.”, a grin was spreading on his lips as he softly put a hand on her shoulder, keeping eye-contact. “And you’re holding him. That makes you his boss, petit.”
Luna’s eyes went a little wider for a second, the cat awkwardly hanging from her arms but not minding any second of it. “You’re their princess now.”

Pietro may or may not have cried at the picture alone if he didn’t have somewhere else to be. Apparently, the mission he was supposed to go on wasn’t big anyway. But a ‘Speedster was needed’, as Cap had put it. Now Pietro just hoped for the mission to be over very soon because he had more important matters to attend to.

Remy stood up by now, telling Luna how she could go and play with the three of them if she wanted to. One quick glance to Pietro and the man was smiling again. “Go ahead. I need to go now anyway. But I’ll be back very soon, alright?”
After saying this, Luna let the cat down, turning around to hug her father tightly as he knelt down towards her, holding her just as tight. “Don’t get hurt, Daddy…”, she whispered: “and don’t worry… I’m their princess. I’ll be fine.”

Pietro smiled even softer at that. Of course, Luna was an empath, after all, she knew just as well as himself that he was worrying. He always did. 

“Right… no need to worry. And you will have to watch Remy as well, make sure that he behaves.”, softly, Pietro pulled away from the hug, his daughter nodding with a sweet smile on her lips. Pietro pressed one more kiss to her forehead, softly brushing some loose strands of hair out of her face. “Now, go and play. They need you, after all.”

She was gone faster than Pietro would have liked. It was good, of course, it was, Luna was feeling comfortable as it seemed, but to him, it was always hard to leave her with anyone else.

“You heard her, Pietro.”, as Pietro stood up, he could see Remy standing there, a slight smirk on his lips as he talked: “She’ll be fine. Don’t worry.”

“I should probably head out now.”, Pietro mumbled, more to himself than to anyone else, but Remy’s voice held him there for a moment longer.

“I’m, by the way, super flattered that you let me babysit her-”

“Believe me, if any, she will be the one babysitting you.”

“Fine by me.”, Remy huffed: “Still, I didn’t quite think that you’ll be callin’ me up for that. I’m flattered.”

“Oh.”, Pietro raised an eyebrow, his arms crossing in front of his chest as he looked Remy up and down, judging him, in a way. A sly smile curving his lips. “Don’t think too much of it. You’re the third choice.”

“Third? Excuse me?”, Remy furrowed his brows, his stance changing a little as he straightened his back, his brows raised to the very heavens. “Who else did you call?”

“Wanda, for example.” The grin that rested on Pietro’s lips was both: Incredibly good-looking and also extremely annoying to look at. Remy shrugged, visibly relaxing.

“I mean… I guess I understa-”

“The second one was Namor.”

There was silence in the room, Remy’s eyes stared directly into Pietro’s, trying to find out if he was lying or not. If he was playing games with him or if he was just being dumb on purpose. After careful investigation on his part, Remy didn’t get anywhere. But he somehow had this itching feeling in the back of his brain that told him that Pietro meant it.

“I mean it. Don’t look at me like that.”

Remy was stuck between being immensely offended and just plain up laughing. He decided for the middle-road, in which he would just put on a smirk, raising his eyebrows in an arrogant manner. “Oh, really? Why would you call him before me? I’m great with children-”

“That is yet to be seen.”, Pietro interrupted him again, the smirk on his own face changing into a smile, his eyebrows still raised high. God, he looked arrogant. God, he looked good. Bastard, Remy thought, but just made a displeased sound in the back of his throat. “Still, Namor? Isn’t he like your ex or something?”

“Not really. It was complicated. But do not worry, because, from your expression, I tend to think that you do.”

Remy didn’t say more to this, he exhaled through his nose, his lips curling into a soft smile, then, he took a step closer to Pietro. Pietro didn’t take a step back, instead, he just looked at his former teammate. Though he raised one of his eyebrows, he didn’t flinch as Remy’s hand came up to brush over his cheek. 

It only lasted a second, before Pietro pulled away from the touch. Remy wasn’t surprised and his smile stayed on his lips, as he breathed out a sigh.
“I take it, mon cher, your sweet daughter doesn’t know ‘bout us, huh?”

“‘Us’”, Pietro muttered under his breath, a sigh coming over his lips as well, before his gaze darted back to meet Remy’s. “We’ve just been on some dates. Two? Three?”

“Oh~”, Remy chirped, his eyebrows raising and a smirk on his lips. Pietro groaned in annoyance. Very well knowing what he was hinting at. “Not just dates, mon cher.”

“Whatever…”, Pietro groaned, knowing full well that he wasn’t supposed to discuss all this with Remy now, he was supposed to be at the meeting point for his mission. Not that he didn’t have time to spare. Not that he couldn’t be there in mere seconds. But he felt as if it was time for him to leave. “I…”, he sighed once more, his arms crossing in front of his chest as he breathed out in defeat. “I… did not really get to tell her. I was not sure how. She only ever knows me with her mother… so…-”

But Pietro was interrupted, as Remy softly put a hand to his side, gently brushing over: “‘S alright. I get it. You don’t need to tell her nothin’. A simple ‘no’ would have also done it.”, he huffed, leaving his hand at his side as he could see how Pietro visibly started to relax. “It’s okay. Really. Hey, I’m not here to give you any hard times over your fathering skills. Guess you’re better at that.”

The smile that tugged on Pietro’s lips was enough to tell Remy that it truly was alright. The rolling of his eyes was a slight hint of maybe even getting a kiss before Pietro would leave. And he was right. Just before he could say anything more, it was Pietro who put a hand to his cheek, softly pressing his lips against the person he was ‘just dating’. The person he entrusted his daughter to, for only a day, he hoped. 

The kiss ended before Remy could have even thought of trying to make Pietro stay. Their lips parted, and a smile tugged on his lips. ‘Just dating’, Pietro had said, knowing full well that the words they had exchanged were more than that.

As he opened his eyes, Pietro was already gone.


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