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Gavin is the type of person to mispronounc quiche as ‘quicky’. He thinks it’s funny and he likes to see his partner(s) get flustered.
Caelum has overheard this and now thinks that is the correct pronunciation because he looks up to Gavin so much. The freelancer almost strangled Gavin when they heard Caelum say it the first time.
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Here's our new header I made of the boys to match with the profile pic😙💕
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Genre: NSFW, Smut
Contains: outside seggs, mutual orgasm, quickie?
Characters: Muriel from the arcana & Reader
A/N: * has three WIP but decides to impulsively write this in class*
You and Muriel had spent a day at the lake, just the two of you enjoying the final days of summer before the winter months made their annual visits. Swimming in the refreshing water was what you both needed to relax and enjoy yourselves from another busy week. The enjoyment found itself into the late afternoon. Skin still speckled with water droplets and a warmth that had blossomed when you two were in the water together.
Small touches and gazes added to the tension between you two until a kiss was shared leading to another, each kiss lingering, each kiss Turning into something you both didn’t want to return from. Your fingers threaded and pulled slightly on Muriel’s dark hair as he places his hand at the back of your neck deepening the kiss.
Burning need pulsed through both of your bodies. You wanted him so bad it was unbearable, you wanted his hands all over you touching and grasping at you as you heard his moans.
You pull away from him, looking up at him seeing the same desire and want you felt in his green eyes. “I need you” is what you say breathlessly. Without fail a pink blush appears on his cheeks and neck as he looks at you and your open surroundings. “A-are you sure? we can head back” you shake your head pressing a kiss to his jaw and neck “I can’t wait” your hand travels Down his firm stomach feeling him shiver against your touch or the gentle breeze making its way through the trees. “ I want you so bad Muriel, please” you whimper. you can feel his hand grip your waist and how he tries not to moan at your begging.
After a few moments of getting him comfortable to the idea. You find yourself with both hands against a large rock as Muriel stands behind you. He moves a hand up your back “a-are you sure?” He asks gently reassuring himself. You node your head your body pulsing with anticipation. “yes, you're gonna make me feel so good” you hear Muriel suck in a breath before he pulls off any remaining clothes kissing your back, leaving you completely bare infront of him.
Muriel Cant help but let a curse slip at seeing you in such a aching state for him. If he wasn’t turned on before, seeing you like this, knowing that he was the cause of making you so needy you wanted him right then and there he was beyond turned on his dick throbbing.
you look back when he takes off his covering, eyes going wide and legs already threatening to buckle at the sight of his dick dripping with Precum twitching slightly against the fresh air. You moan his name as he takes you slowly in from behind.
Stretching you and pressing against all the right places inside you. You take him in all the way to the hilt, both moaning at finally being able to feel each other. He starts of slow, building you both up, hands going to your hips to help him steady himself. Flashes of how his muscles looked when he was in the water cross your mind making you imagine how his muscles must look at he pumps into.
Hands clenched against the rough surface, You can’t keep the Moans and whimpers at bay even if you tried. You both were miles away from anyone to hear you but still, you felt a sense of vulnerability being exposed like this outside. Even then you couldn’t help but notice the thrill of having Muriel take you from behind against a rock in the middle of the forest add to your pleasure. Muriel thrusts into you in such a way that makes you clench around him hearing him gasp.
He bends down to kiss your neck. Sensing his body pressure against your small figure muddles your brain as he continues to take you. “You feel so good baby, I’m so close” you moan out. “So am I” he grunts out, calloused fingers glide down your back reaching around you to touch you pushing you more towards the edge. “Oh fuck!” Your hips jerk back against him making Muriel moan in your ear.
It doesn’t take long for you to come undone with his name on your lips. Your climax takes over leaving you breathless and shaking under him. Muriel muffles his moans against your shoulder as he releases inside you. His hips slow down as well as his hand helping you both through your orgasms. You are both left panting, your legs feel like they are gonna give out at any second as you feel some of his hot release slide down. You turn your head to press a kiss to his forehead making him look up with hooded dazed eyes at you. “You are amazing” he says face flushed causing you to smile as you kiss him.
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My Little Daifuku (Benimaru x Y/N)
Tumblr media
NSFW CW: Somnophilia, Oral, Breeding kink, Morning Sex, Cock Warming...
Word Count: 966
Summery: You wake up to turn towards the Captain of the 7th fast asleep, you can’t help yourself and want to quell your hunger, so you wake him up the only way you could think to start your morning off like a good fire soldier.
**I wrote this a quick brain rot moment and needed to get it out for Captain of the 7th!!!!!**
You woke up to a pair of strong arms circling you and radiating extra heat, you began to sweat and feel your yukata stick to your skin. Turning you looked at Benimaru sleeping soundly and heavily, his heady scent of mahogany, teakwood, and ash enveloped your senses and made you instantly begin to soak through your panties; this man was your own personal brand of heroin making you a junkie for his love. You turned to face him and scooted closer to reach under the covers and with feather light touches followed the line from the hollow of his neck, down to the hard lines of his abs, to underneath his yukata to feel his already hard cock beckoning you to slowly stroke his heavy cock awake. You always liked to wake him up this way with slow sensual strokes, earning a deep moan, his eyes lazily opened revealing his unique eyes that made your breath hitch. “Good morning, my little daifuku...”  
He brought his forehead to yours, while you continued to stroke him, he groaned louder, and his breathing became heavier before you decided to shimmy down beneath the covers. You kissed and nipped a trail down his body before you undid his yukata and took him in your mouth, letting his thick tip hit the back of your throat. You heard him inhale sharply and bury his fingers in your long hair curling those large digits of his into your scalp. He guided you up and down, setting the pace letting your tongue trace and run up and down the prominent vein and ridges on his cock. You let your pink muscle swirled around him while continuing to stroke him; you felt his hips buck into you as you hallowed your cheeks and took him all the way down. He began to growl and moan louder, and you felt his muscles begin to stiffen below your palms letting you know he was close; he pulled your head up guiding you with his fingers buried in your hair and forced you to meet his lips for a searing kiss. His tongue sought entrance and you gave it and kissed you like he was trying to take the oxygen you breathed; the kiss left you reeling as he savored the flavor of himself upon your tongue.
You were enthralled with his hungry kiss, drunk with his intoxicating tongue, you felt him release your long hair to trace his hands to run down your back and begin to knead your ass and thick thighs. He sat up moving his hands up your legs and guiding them to wrap around his chiseled torso. “My little daifuku, you always know how t-…” You entangled your hands in his hair and took his lips again, grinding your hot core against his dick; Beni moaned into your kiss before he flipped you on your back and looked down into your husky eyes. “You are mine; I’m gonna make sure you remember.” He always took his time with you, he always liked to trace every curve of your deliciously thick body, he was always in control, and he always worships you. “Ay, corazón, por favor... BENI, te quiero…POR FAVOR!” When you beg in Spanish this was his biggest turnon as he smiled from between your thighs while lapping up your many orgasms. He knew he could finally find his release with you when he could see the wreck you had become; you were undone with just his mouth and fingers. He slowly kisses and licks a path of fire on your sensitive skin back up to stop and kiss the hollow of your neck; sliding his hands up your thighs he puts one over his shoulder kissing the inside of your leg. “Daifuku you are so fucking beautiful like this.” 
The praise makes you whimper, and you can feel him at your entrance, clenching at the anticipation of being filled. You felt him with deliberate, slow, movements slide inside of your greedy hole. You arched your back begging for him to fill you as every ridge of his monstrous cock hit every fluttering part of your plush center. You could hear small curses leave his lips, “F-fuck...just like that baby…you like my fat cock in the morning...need it like a good fire soldier...f-fuuckkk…” You knew Konro could hear you now as you began to whimper and beg loudly for your captain to hurry and fill you up as you became undone by him cock warming you. When he pulled out and thrusted for the first time, feeling him kiss your cervix, your mouth opened in a silent “O” before he set his pace. With every hard thrust, the sounds of your wet pussy and his cock abusing your swollen pussy, moans and growls of pleasure filled the room. You were sure the entire company could hear, and you didn’t care as you could feel your toes curl with the oncoming earth-shattering orgasm his cock was pulling from your fluttering walls. When he brought your other leg up over his shoulder, folding you into a mating press, you felt his thick cock plunge deeper into your walls, with every drag against your spot of pleasure, you screamed his name like prayer. It wasn’t long before you clenched down vigorously and felt his cock begin to twitch as you both came crying out into the morning air.
You could feel his hot cum fill you to the brim and make you feel so full, cupping his face, you brought his lips to yours to bask in the afterglow of him still cockwarming you, keeping his seed inside you, “Buenas Dias, querido…” He groaned and held you until Konro knocked on your door letting you know the entire company was awake.  
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here’s a request for you Todo;
Y/n masturbating and innocent Armin walking in on her, him not knowing what to do so Y/n takes the lead, but at the end it’s Armin whose making her scream. 😀
yes plsss,, i love armin and i’d fuck the absolute shit out of him.
includes : smut.
what could you do? this was beyond embarrassing and you knew things would never be the same after your roommate was opening the door and unexpectedly seeing your hand down your shorts, other hand palming you’re boobs underneath your shirt, and you were so so close to cumming, his name quietly rolling off your tongue.
you weren’t alone, apparently.
“oh! oh my god! i’m sorry!” he shrieks, covers his eyes, turning around in complete dismay, the door flying almost closed behind him, “i-i just heard you... saying my name.”
that was the worst part.
you figured you were home alone, “...armin.” you sighed, raising up off the bed and meeting your roomie at the door, “i’m sorry.”
“no- it’s fine i just didn’t-”
“do you wanna come in?” you ask through the door, you could practically hear his heartbeat out of his chest, you really had no idea what you were doing, “only if you want.”
the direction on the doorknob is turning and he quietly pushes open the door, “you were saying my name?” you move out of his way, “you think of me like that?”
you blush, rubbing the skin of your elbow, looking down at your feet, unable to even look him in the eyes anymore, “kinda.”
you lift your head up, meeting his eyes, he was slightly humiliated, but the rest of his face showed almost excitement, the small curve of his mouth which he stopped from adapting into a smile.
it seemed like forever, but as if someone flipped the switch, your hands are pressed against his chest, you both stumble to the bed, hands in each others hair as you make out, he falls on your bed, hesitant hands landing on your hips, you straddle him, your hands still grabbing at his locks.
“i’ve wanted to,” you kiss the side of his mouth, “i’ve wanted to do this, for awhile now.” his hands pressing against you, sitting tou deeper on his lap. his toned chest rising and falling, the hardness of his body making you shiver from excitement.
“me too.” is all he said, there wasn’t much room to talk, “do you want me-”
he stutters over his words, nervous, you take one of his hands, trailing it up your shirt, he grabs one of your tits, “let me, i want to.” he steadies you as youre pushing his sweatpants down enough to free him, the tent from his boxers making you salivate.
palming him, you watch him slowly fall apart from under you, eyes pleading with you to fuck him; taking you no time to sit up, his hands still under your shirt, playing with your nipples as you’re moving your shorts to the side, hands holding the base of his cock , wetting the tip from your cunt so you can slide onto him easily.
thick cock filling you, your body bouncing against his, the death grip he has on your hips holding you so you didn’t dare move off pace or stop, “you’re so tight- holy fuck y/n.” he pants, you were a mess, silent screams and gasps as he fucked you so good that you were spinning, the tip of his cock peeking at your cerxic, feeling it hit right under your belly button.
“gonna cum, armin i’m gonna cum!” you groaned, throwing your head back, he maintains pace, close to reaching his own climax.
“just keep bouncing on me like that- fuck, you take me all in, so good.”
the mixture of your cum between your legs and all over his upper thighs, dropping down next to him, head on his shoulder.
“so that’s what you think about when you’re alone?”
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Bangla word of the day: জলদি (joldi)
English: fast, quick
জলদি করো! দেরি হয়ে যাচ্ছে।
joldi kôro! deri ho'e zhācche.
Hurry up! We are getting late.
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Yah he got a good nature.
Tumblr media
Sigma-El Sangre being sketchy messy 'cause i dont have much time to draw <3
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Tumblr media
So my BF woke me up this morning announcing that he was going to dump his load in me before he had to run off to work. And so he did. I quickly diaperd up afterwards and am going back to dreamland now, feeling little, used and satisfied 😊
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