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ceratinus · a day ago
New fucked up uquiz, get your new fucked up uquiz! Made on net negative sleep by yours truly, hot out the oven
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achilles-healing · 2 days ago
well,,, i made a merlin uquiz....enjoy and share who you get
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theopenwindow · 19 hours ago
which one of my yearned-for professions are you?
made a quiz!!! take it and have fun!
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starredforlife · a month ago
new quiz y'all! worked on this until 4 am lol. reblog and tell me, what kind of supervillain are you?
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dreadmenace · 2 months ago
spooky season’s finally here so i made a quiz to celebrate: which female horror archetype are you?
please tag your results, i need to know which of you fellow freaks i’m compatible with.
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lesblep · 7 months ago
take my quiz if you want to feel sad about yourself
there are ten results, all colours, and no pop culture questions whatsoever.
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okthatsgreat · 4 months ago
here's a quiz i made so you can learn what type of fanfic character flaw you would be <3333
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dicapriho · 8 months ago
✨build your dream apartment and I’ll tell you what you need in 2021✨
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heritageposts · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
i’m sorry, but i’m afraid you will all be assigned a roommate for your new school year at tumblr university...
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in-a-nebula · a month ago
hi i made a uquiz
what are your chances of surviving the end of the world?
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spageddy · 2 months ago
this one’s for the pop music fans: pick popular songs from 1975-2020 to find out which 3D shape you are! skip options on every question ^_^
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sunnyskiesahead · 3 months ago
guess who's back with another uquiz this time it's what is your fantasy gender?
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groceries-with-me · a month ago
introducing my newest uquiz, why would i fall in love with you?
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floppythepuffin · 9 months ago
here have a uquiz uwu
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daenerya · 8 months ago
rate people i do not find attractive and i’ll try to guess your type
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sliceofhorror · 8 months ago
i’m tired of quizzes where you have to pick Men so here’s one where you pick some cats and then i assign you one of my friends’ cats
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answer some questions about love and i'll tell you why you intimidate people [answer some questions about love and i'll tell you why you intimidate people]
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aardvaark · 4 months ago
im avoiding schoolwork! take my uquiz to see what pokemon type you are <3
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bmabi · 4 months ago
guys i made a quiz pretend to be a celebrity and i'll tell you if a tumblr girl would reblog your paparazzi pics
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