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take my quiz,,,,,? are you a human or one of the stuffed mice I’ve made? (I’ll reblog with the link)

also, idk if it’s only on my end, but apologies if the results pictures are sideways! I can’t figure out how to fix it lol

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shoutout to the one (1) person who got Robert le diable on my French grand opéra personality quiz

just because you are alone does not mean you are not Valid. I see you and I think you are Valid.

also why is everyone getting Tell or Huguenots what is the deal with that

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Day 154

Fun Game for you all to play:

Ard you a person like my friend, who works the entire day and then enjoys the afternoon an evening with her favourite show

Or are you like me, someone who procastinates the entire day. Doing stuff simply for the sake of not doing what you’re supposed to. And then late at night you start working, and you keep working until 3AM. So now your sleep cyle is once again fucked up


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