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‘You dreamt of me?’  No. I thought of you.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue / Illustration by Charlotte Chauvin / The Raven King / Illustration by Anders Røkkum / Photography by Jonatan Pie / THE DIARY OF ANAÏS NIN, VOLUME 1 / “My Dream of You,” from Cupid and Psyche, illustrated by Kinuko Craft / Portrait of a Lady on Fire

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When you open yourself up to people, when you lower your guard for a moment and decide to be vulnerable, when you gather the courage to say what you feel, you’ll inevitably get hurt.

Someone will betray your secrets. Someone will laugh at your vulnerabilities. Someone will light your heart on fire. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes not.

Your relationship with the Creator is different though. You can pour out every secret to Him and know you’ll never be betrayed. You can whisper your dreams up towards the sky, and you won’t hear incredulous laughter or someone saying, “that’s a silly dream.” You can raise your hands and say, “I am so sad” or furious or disappointed, and you won’t hear, “get over it already.”

Nothing but love and mercy and forgiveness comes from opening up to The Merciful. He is shy to leave asking hands empty. But we continuously seek comfort and sustenance and love elsewhere, and then become surprised when we are met with ridicule or hurt.

There are wonderful souls wandering this earth, opening their hearts to people like you and me. But even with them, even in their warmest embraces and kindest words, you will not find the comfort of open palms towards the sky, and an open heart towards Allah.

-Asmaa Hussein

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nobody feels like you.⠀
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Sometimes as parents you can totally debilitate your children by making all the major and minor decisions for them. In the pursuit of doing what’s best, you could be depriving them of the essential skill of making decisions.

This lack of opportunity or experience makes children grow up to be indecisive and insecure. When they are finally at an age where they need to make critical choices in their lives, they feel immobilized or overwhelmed.

Learn to empower your children by giving them the ability to choose. Allow them to express their different opinions. Let them have a voice. Accept them and accept their choices or else they will break free from you.

-Haleh Banani

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