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promptful · 2 months ago
105 Comfort Prompts
As usual, my requests and asks are open! if you do request, no smut please :)
“Hey, tell me what’s wrong?”  
“I’m here for you.”
“It’s going to be okay.” 
“Are you all right?” 
“You’ll be okay, I promise.” 
“What’s going on?” 
“Come here, let me hold you.” 
“Please, don’t cry.” 
“I have you.” 
“Take a deep breath.” 
“Tell me what you’re feeling.” 
“I’ll take care of it, don’t worry.” 
“I won’t leave.” 
“Why don’t we go on a drive?” 
“Let it out.” 
“Everybody makes mistakes.” 
“You’re all right.” 
“Shh, shh, it’s okay.” 
“Can I hold you?” 
“Do you-- can I-- do you want to be held?” 
“Do you want solutions, or comfort?” 
“I have chocolate/flowers?” 
“Do you want to watch a movie with me?” 
“Tell me what I can do for you.” 
“...Who do I need to punch?”
 “Come on, breathe with me.”
“You don’t have to be perfect.”
“You’re perfect just the way you are.”
“How can I help you?”
“Can I touch you?”
“Where does it hurt?”
“You’re allowed to be weak, you know.”
“You have this.”
“You’re never a burden.”
“You aren’t weak.”
“We’ll get through this.”
“Relax, I got you.”
“Please, just open up. I don’t want to leave you alone.” 
“They’re not going to get to you, I promise.” 
“Follow my breaths.” 
“This is stupid--I’m stupid.”
“‘M so weak.”
“I’m sorry I’m not strong enough.”
“I’m a burden, aren’t I?”
“I-- please, help.”
“I can’t breathe, I don’t know what to do-- I can’t--“
“I feel lightheaded.”
“I’m sorry. We were supposed to have fun today.”
“I’m getting your shirt wet...”
“Are you sure this is okay?”
“I should be stronger.”
“I don’t want to get out of bed today.”
“Hold me, please.”
“Why won’t you let me apologize?”
“Thank you for this.”
“I feel safe with you.”
“...You bought me chocolate/flowers?”
“Did you really drive all this way just for me? It’s two in the morning.”
“Is that my comfort movie?”
“You came all this way? For me? 
“I’m not worth the time you spent coming over here.” 
“Please, leave. I’m--” 
“...Why are you here?” 
“My problems are mine, I don’t want to be a burden on you.”  
“You’re too nice to me.”
“I’m a mess…” 
“I’m broken, don’t you understand?” 
“It’s raining. You should be inside. I’m fine.” 
"I'm sorry."
"Why can't you understand? You're too good for me!"
"I can't do this. I can't-- I can't-- I can't--"
"Just shut up! I'm not as good as you say I am!"
"Why do you care so much?"
"Am I really worth it?"
"Thank you for being here."
"I thought I'd be alone today after what happened... thank you."
"You don't know how much I appreciate you."
"Do I really mean that much to you?"
"Stop banging on my door!"
"I love you."
Your lover isn't feeling well, and even though it's probably dangerous to drive this late at night, you have to make sure they're all right.
Head between their knees, your lover has their back against the wall, and you're by their side, and trying to help them through whatever is troubling them.
Your best friend's lover broke up with them, and despite having no idea, you supply them with snacks and horrendous movies. At least they smiled at the end of it all.
Trying to keep a smile on your face through the weight of the world to not worry your lover. They figure it out anyway.
Standing in front of a mirror, hands against the counter, with tears dripping down your cheeks, struggling to get everything under control. Everything’s going well until your lover cracks the door open and asks if everything’s okay. It isn’t.
Seeing your lover break down over work/school/family, and trying to comfort them to the best of your abilities, heart breaking with every sob out of their lips. 
Struggling to sleep in you and your lover’s shared bed because they’re working in the living room/kitchen/their office and the bed feels far too cold and empty. Seeking their comfort, you curl up on their lap/beside them/around them. 
Knowing from the moment they said good morning that something was wrong, and trying to schedule your day to spend the most time with them; arms around their neck, waist, shoulders, to provide comfort.
Your lover’s back against your chest, you curled around them. Every agitated breath and erratic heartbeat pulsing through your skin, but slowly, it starts to fall over time. 
Your back against your lover’s chest, their slow heartbeat stark against your stressed one. Gently, the rise and fall of their chest lull you back to safety. 
Sitting in the car, your head against the headrest and mind spinning, but your lover’s hand firm against your thigh keeps you grounded to reality. 
Your ex is trying to embarrass you in public, but your lover steps in as a shield, eyes ablaze in a fury.
Your head against your lover's chest, tears drenching their shirt, they don't care about the wet fabric and just rub your back.
Lungs squeezed to death, you try to breathe through the overwhelming suffocation on your shoulders. Patiently, your lover holds your hands and squeezes them in time with their breaths, eyes gentle.
Your lover made a small/big mistake and they can’t get it out of their head. To everyone else, it was just a small mishap, so you spend a few minutes/an hour/the rest of the night holding and comforting them.
Done with the feeling of being an burden, you try to push away from your lover's comfort, only for them to drag you back into a firm hold.
Something horrible happened, but your lover won't answer the phone/any texts. Standing outside of your door, you threaten to start throwing rocks at their windows/slamming on their door if they don't give any proof that they're all right.
You found your lover on a cold metal bench, hair and clothing drenched, tears pooling down their cheeks. Instead of asking what's wrong, you put your jacket over their shoulders and open up an umbrella.
Your lover's burning up and for some reason keeps bursting into tears at the smallest things. You're a little bewildered, but stay near them all the same.
After an all-nighter, your lover's brain is scrambled, and they keep shedding tears when they think nobody's looking. After coaxing them into your arms, you curl into one another on the couch.
Your lover wakes up to you gasping for air, eyes wide as you just saw horrors beyond your own comprehension. They sling an arm around your waist and pull you close, face tucked against your neck. 
Underneath the blankets, you refuse to get out of bed. Despite feeling horrible about yourself, your lover refuses to leave you be and makes you breakfast, all with a gentle smile.
Your best friend's spouse cheated on them right before valentines day, so as their best friend, you spend the rest of the night trash-talking over bad rom-coms.
Your lover right beside you, comforting you as you weren't able to get the job you wanted/into the university you applied to. Their encouragement makes one more attempt seem not so bad.
Your best friend's drunk and wailing, and you're trying to both comfort them and stop them from climbing into the washing machine.
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atlqntc · 24 days ago
25 random OTP prompts!
just incase you need them ;)
How bad do you need me?
You look so gorgeous under me.
Have you ever seen yourself like this? all tired and sweaty?
I've never done this before, but I'm glad I'm doing it with you.
You're such a sweet talker.
Don't you know that I like it like that?
Maybe I'm into biting.
How do you want me? On the bed? On the floor?
It takes me everything to stop myself from kissing you when you smile like that.
Is that my shirt? It looks much better on you than me.
How hard do you want me to be?
Do you want me to break you? To make you cry? To make you beg me to stop? Or do you want me to be gentle? To whisper sweet nothings into your ears and let mine be filled with your enticing sounds.
I like when we hold hands.
Don't you dare talk to me like that.
Maybe if we just stayed like this.
It's always been you.
I can't think straight when I'm around you.
Maybe we're just not right for eachother.
You make me feel safe.
You have pretty ears.
Why do you make me feel this way?
How am I supposed to not fall for you?
Why do we always end up naked in bed?
I want to marry you someday.
I'd appreciate if credit was given to the above prompts, but you can use them for free too!
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pompompts · 6 months ago
general fluffy dialogue prompts!
-> feel free to use!
1. "what are you do-" "look, now we match!"
2. "you're cleaning this up, right? since this was your idea."
3. "feeling better?" "it feels like i've been slapped but on the inside." "so... no?"
4. "i don't think either of us are qualified for this but sure, go for it."
5. "shh- that's just what you think." "no, i'm pretty sure it's what i know."
6. "oh please, who's gonna stop us?" "the police."
7. "and why would i do this for you?" "because you love me." "not enough- fine."
8. "who let you look so cute today?"
9. "can we wait a second? i wanna take a picture of you right now."
10. "i think i'm gonna fail this test-" "it's okay, you pass in my heart." "that means nothing."
11. "am i your favorite?" "i like your dog a bit more than you, i won't lie."
12. "this is unfair." "i can't help the fact that you're terrible at mario kart."
13. "since we're dating, does that mean i can hold your hand whenever i want?"
14. "i've been looking for my hoodie-" "my hoodie, you mean."
15. "i've always wanted to come here with you."
16. "this song reminds me of you."
17. "as much as i love food, i'm giving you the last piece just this once."
18. "you're cold?" "no? it's super sunny right now-" "take my jacket anyway."
19. "oh no, my head, it's falling conveniently onto your shoulder!"
20. "shut up and kiss me already."
21. "i've waited for so long just to say that to you."
22. "your hands are colder than the one time i lost a bet and i had to stick my hand into the snow for five minutes."
23. "you seem like you want ice cream."
24. "mcDonald's is open, wanna go get some chicken nuggets?" "it's 3 in the morning." "and?" "let's go."
25. "you love me?" "i always have."
26. "what's that even supposed to be?" "it's a drawing of you, idiot."
27. "here comes the airplane!" "i can feed myself." "too bad."
28. "it's a 4000 piece puzzle and you've finished maybe 100 pieces max. and how long have you been doing this?"
29. "i know it's not the best but-" "i love it."
30. "i can hear your heartbeat- why is it going so fast all of a sudden?"
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dignitiesfailure · a month ago
- “ usually when someone continues forward on a long journey, they stop along the way to catch their breath. life is like that, young one; you can still achieve what you set out to do, with gaps in between. ”
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prompty-ping · 3 months ago
Hiya! Can I requests romance prompts between a moody, mostly emotinless, quiet and serious Person A and a bubbly, happy and optimistic Person B? Bonus if Person A isn't annoyed by Person B's antics and genuinely loves Person A, and bonus bonus if they are married. You don't have to include the married part. Thanks!
The Grump with The Literal Ray of Sunshine (Fluff/Angst)
I ask that if you use my prompts, tag me in them. I don't need credit, I'd just like to see how you use them.
One's a bubbly, loud, and sunny person. The other is moody, quiet, and reserved. They wouldn't have it any other way.
CW: implied anxiety attack
"My grumpy bear."
"You're so cute!" "I'm not cute *grumbles*"
"You give such lovely hugs, even though you look moody when you do.”
"Are you happy, my love?" "...Yes."
"Kiss me, old man."
*Ollie tries to show affection in Rosie's love language, he’s uncomfortable and hesitant* “Oh, Ollie, dear, you don’t have to.” “I… I want to.”
"I… I…” “I know, love.”
"Sorry, I'll stop talking." "No, please, I'm listening."
"Ollie? You did all of this? For me?" "Yes."
"You. Do not. Speak. To my wife that way."
"He's a very good man. He's just quiet, so people believe he doesn't listen. But he probably listens more than anyone else."
*Ollie grunts in reply* "Let me know when you're in the mood to chat, honey."
"Dad, were you as nervous as mum on your wedding day?" "Oh, no, he was so calm, he's the only reason I got through it—" "Actually. I was terrified."
*kisses Ollie* "Hi." *Ollie blushes furiously, nervously looking around.* "Hi, love."
"I don't need you to say anything, but can I just have a hug? I've had an awful day."
"Oh, hello. What was that for?" "Do I need an excuse to kiss my wife?"
"I could kill for cheesecake right now." *Ollie gets out of bed and starts putting on his trousers* "Ollie, it's nearly midnight, you can't go now!"
*Ollie bursts into sudden laughter* *Rosie is surprised" "What's funny?" "Listen to this, you'll absolutely love it!"
Ollie is a lot more quiet than usual. Rosie knows what that means. She tells him to lie down, and she hugs him, scraping her nails through his scalp. Not long after, he relaxed. As a thank you, he kisses her.
Ollie is crying. He can barely speak. Rosie walks in, and rushes to his side, hugging him, comforting him. She's absolutely shocked because Ollie never cries. She tries to tell him some jokes, not knowing what else to do, until eventually he can't help but laugh through his tears.
Honestly, I don't think I did a good job with this one. I'll post it anyway in case someone else likes it.
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henry-and-the-seven-lords · 11 months ago
Prompts List
(I found these on Pintrest and compiled them because I thought they were interesting. They are not my original ideas.)
You smile like an idiot when you are talking to them."
"You're jealous aren't you?" "I'm not jealous."
"I could just use a hug."
"I saw that. You just checked out my ass."
"You're everything to me."
"I don't care what they think, to me, you are perfect."
"You're not going to lose me."
"Hear my heartbeat? Just focus on that."
"How much of that did you hear?"
"I could kiss you right now."
"Just pretend to be my date."
"I'm going to take care of you."
"Are you still awake..."
"Don't get up. I'll do it."
"I think I love you."
"Just one kiss?"
"You're adorable when you are sleepy."
"It's ok. I couldn't sleep anyway."
"Shhh, come back to bed."
"Wait! don't pull away... not yet."
"You always make me blush so much!"
"From the second I saw you, I couldn't get over how beautiful you are."
"No you can't get up. You are my prisoner for today."
"You own my heart."
"It's nice that your voice was the first thing I heard today."
"I said I would be there when you need it but-" "You weren't. That's the thing. You weren't."
"Please don't leave me."
"Letting go was the hardest thing I have ever had to do."
"I'm sorry, but I don't feel the same way."
"Why can't you love me back?"
"I can't forgive you."
"It's okay. I understand. You can leave. They all do."
"Don't. Don't do that. Don't make me choose. Every time I'll pick him. Every time. I can't have you hate me for that."
"I don't have a choice. I never had."
"Does it ever stop hurting?" "No, you just make room for it."
"We are not the same and never will be."
"You've never hurt me. Ever."
"I don't want your apology."
"You're not safe here."
"I wish you were here."
"I wasn't ready to say goodbye."
"Stop pushing everyone away."
"It's better this way."
"Don't make this harder than it already is."
"There's nothing you can do."
"It wasn't your fault."
"Don't leave."
"Just talk to me please."
"Let me help you."
"Surprise! I'm back from the dead! Isn't that exciting?"
"Go away." "You're holding me you idiot." "So mean."
"You have to tell me why we are committing a felony before we do it. Not that that's going to stop us, but at least I'll have all the facts."
"It's a long story." "I got time, try me."
"Are you stupid or stupid?"
"I love you, but sometimes I want to throw you off a cliff."
"Do you know how much I love you?" "Who do you want dead this time?"
"Are you done with that?..."
"I swear it won't happen again."
"Just admit it. I'm right."
"Excuse you?"
"I might have had a few shots."
"What's with the box?"
"I'm not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention."
"Isn't this amazing!"
"Stop hogging all the blankets."
"Are you really going to leave without asking me the question you have been dying to ask me?"
"Friends don't look at each other the way you two do."
"I'm not your friend. I'm your boyfriend, get it right."
"Blood looks good on you."
"I believe that was the very thing I told you not to do." "Did you really think I'd listen?"
"I'm not who you think I am." "You think I don't know that?"
"If you do that again I will throw you out the window you- what are you doing?" "Checking how high the drop is to see if it's worth it."
"I have a solution." "Thank goodness." "It involves fire." "Absolutely not."
"I didn't do it." "Then why are you laughing?" "Because whoever did is a genius."
"Say that again."
"I promised I would protect you. And I intend to keep that damn promise."
"You weren't supposed to laugh! I'm so embarrassed."
"No, don't cry. I hate it when you cry."
"You're burning up."
"Hold my hand. You are going to be fine."
"You need to eat something."
"Why didn't you tell me?"
"Don't touch me!"
"You think I am dumb enough to fall for that stupid move?"
"Do you trust me?"
"Be more careful next time. I don't want to bandage you up again."
"I'll never let you go."
"Hands off."
"It was you the whole time."
"I feel like I can't breathe."
"Prove it."
"I might never get another chance to say this."
"You make me want things I can't have."
"Tell me I'm wrong."
"You did what!?"
"We'd make such a cute couple."
"Don't ask me that."
"You're not my favorite person today."
"You are remarkably well behaved tonight. What did you do?"
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blusnowflakes · 19 days ago
A: "stop, please. im not worth it."
B: "why 'worth' have anything to do with it? i love you, i'm willing."
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aaestheticbabyyy · 12 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“I never left”
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sleepyprompts · 3 months ago
Prompt #632
"I'm trying to take care of you. I'm always trying to take care of you. Why won't you just let me?"
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sleepyowlwrites · 10 months ago
writing prompts! things my college class said
don’t ask. I don’t have answers for you.
“I’ll never forget I called you an ogre.” “And neither will I.”
“When judgment day comes, I hope there’s an audience because I want to be there for yours.”
“I like that when you’re sassy you have two chins.”
“I love you cheesy and chili beef flavored, just like God loves all sinners.”
“Women are way more complicated than the economy.”
“What are you doing tonight?” “Sleeping, probably.” “Oh really? Me too! Maybe we could do it together.”
“Why would she be spying on you? There’s nothing to see!”
“Do you want to go out?...don’t think in a twisted way.”
“Sometimes I like being objectified.”
“You know how you catch a unicorn?”
“No one would like you in China, you only have half a half a brain.”
“Women tend to be more creative.” “I’m creative. I make babies.”
“Are we lovers anymore?”
“Wait, wait, wait! Don’t kill me, I got stuff!”
“Audrey Hepburn is amazing. She’s the only women I enjoy watching smoke.”
“Did you sneak into my bedroom, boy?”
“I’ll steal the brandy and lick it off your face.”
“Are polar bears sexually attractive? “Depends what rocks you.”
“I have a filter.” “Then you need to clean it.”
“Go into environmentalism, no one cares about the economy.”
“About burning the suburbs, I don’t know if that’s the best idea.”
“Please no prolonged touching of body parts.”
He’s obsessed with clothes.” “What’s that thing people do to get rid of their obsessions where they just get rid of the thing?” “Do you want me to get rid of all my clothes?”
“We’ve been studying our Asimov.”
“I’ll breed your species.”
“We’re pretty complicated but we still work. Most of the time.”
“Seems pretty normal to be dumb.”
“Join us next week as we burn other people’s memories.”
“No one knows who we are! Second world problems.”
“Having cereal with milk is always really exciting.”
“We just have a lot of appendages we don’t know what to do with.”
“I know God is real because you are loved.”
“Math is like a safe haven, where you can go and there’s only one answer.”
“Technically, she has a boyfriend.”
“They better not steal any of our women. Hands off, they’re ours.”
“She’s got a nice knife.”
“He took his clothes off for you to fix them.”
“Before coming here he got offered a job teaching children to become philosophers.” “Why didn’t he take it?” “He did.”
“I’m a white boy who’s sheltered. I say stupid things.”
“You don’t have to look like you’re being seduced by the jello.”
“They can’t control their ducks like we can’t control our emotions.”
“Unless you fell off the treadmill and hit your face I don’t want to hear about your workout.”
“All of those grandparents have had more sex than you.”
“I have so many feelings, I just can’t process them because I’m dead.”
“I guess I don’t need the guys around. They’re expendable.”
“Why are you stroking gourds, I’d much rather you stroke other men.”
“We’re having a spooning party on the deck tonight, wanna come?”
“I am one of the noble elements of the periodic table ‘cause I don’t react to anything.”
“I wouldn’t kill you. I’d wait until you had a boyfriend and then kill him.”
“If I was throwing things at you in my mind, you’d feel it.”
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promptsausandshit · 8 months ago
Picture this; #449
“We are bound by something far stronger than fate.”
“If you’re talking about these handcuffs I will punch you.“
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ariwritesbooks · 2 months ago
Writing prompt!
Character A: I think I'm in love with you.
Character B: That's the most dangerous thing you've ever said in your life.
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flovprompts · 6 months ago
Hi! Could you do some cold day prompts, like when it's snowing, and when theyre not dating yet? Sorry if it's too classic, i love your prompts! 💗
thank you, dearest darling! here you go — nothing is too classic, lol!
pre-relationship snow-related otp prompts
we're having a snowball fight but we're laughing too much to actually fight
let's lie in the snow together and stare at each other's faces why not
you're looking cold, here take my scarf and my jacket and my gloves
this is the first time you're seeing the snow and i love that i'm the one watching your first experience (seeing the wonder and awe on your face)
there's snow on your nose i'm just going to brush it off
let's make a snow-cone
huddling for warmth
dialogue prompts:
“oh, it's beautiful!”
“thank you for bringing me out here.”
“i've never seen a snowfall before.”
“this is amazing!”
“do you want to build a snowman?”
“let's build a snowman!”
“I bet I can make the best snow angel you've ever seen!”
“let's build a snow-fort!”
“are you a kid?”
“for real?”
“this tastes weird.”
“i feel like having a s'more.”
“don't tell me you've never eaten a s'more!”
“what do you want to do today?”
“it's cold outside, isn't it?” “very.”
“let's just... stay inside? we could watch a movie or something.” (snuggling on the couch together ~ for warmth, obviously)
“I prepared a cup of hot cocoa for you.” “oh, thank you! so sweet of you!”
“you look cold.”
“oh my, your fingers are blue! here, you can wear my gloves.”
”you don’t know how to skate? for real?”
“i can teach you to ski.”
“let’s ski.”
“we can bring out the sledge.”
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bsdpromptdump · 6 months ago
One day, your voice will stop sounding like my favorite song, and maybe then I'll be able to write something other than my undying love for you.
Edgar Allan Poe, from a fic I'll never write.
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prompty-ping · 8 months ago
hiii! can i request obvious pining between childhood friends (who both are idiots/oblivious), and everyone can see it except them? have a good day!
Mutually Pining Childhood Best Friends to Lovers in Denial (Angst/Fluff)
I ask that if you use my prompts, tag me in them. I don't need credit, I'd just like to see how you use them.
They've been best friends their entire lives, and they're still going strong. Too strong. But they probably don't feel the same way. Right?
Cw: Swearing. One mention of arousal.
Best friends have a pact to marry each other if they are single in a certain amount of time. That time is approaching.
Going to each other's houses when the respective owner is not there.
Rosie having to wear Ollie’s clothes because of circumstances, and he gets too turned on.
Having keys to each other's houses.
Kind of sharing a pet, but it's not official.
Teasing each other with their (horrible) full/middle names.
Ridiculous nicknames.
Being each other's first kiss.
Fake dating. Fake dating. Fake dating. Having to kiss to sell the fake dating, getting way too into it. Little romantic mannerisms start coming to them like second nature.
All their other friends are just haggard.
Non. Stop. Inside. Jokes.
Getting married in Vegas when drunk.
Knowing each other's types/things that attract and teasing each other by doing them (i.e. attracted to a 3-piece suit, will wear a 3-piece piece suit.)
Insulting each other all the time, good-naturedly.
Practically being raised together, your families are interwined.
Fights rarely last long.
Being each other's first crush
Knowing all of each other's secrets— except one.
"Are you going home for the holidays this year?" "Yeah. My mum's pressing me about bringing someone home." "Mine too. Like we're just going to manifest dates in a month." "... Wait..."
"I cannot wait to see you, it's been months. Talking on the phone isn't the same."
"Hi." "FUCK! Ollie, I gave you that key for emergencies!"
"Hey, for Christmas, do you want to share a hotel room? I'm not staying at my parents house again. Not doing it." "You know what, yeah. That's actually a great idea. And we can split the cost, why didn't we think about this before!"
"Hang on. You booked one bed?" "I... don't think so, hang on *checks phone*... Yeah. I did. It was an accident, I'm sorry." "It's fine, not a big deal. We'll just share the bed."
"I love you, bud." "Love you, too, bud."
"Actually I'm bringing Mike home this year." "R-really?" "Yeah! It made sense, I thought I'd introduce him to the families."
"Aren't you two dating?" "No, we're just friends."
"You two would make such a lovely couple!" "Oh, no, grandma, we're not interested in each other... like that."
"I'm just saying that she would make a great wife someday!" "Mum will you give it a rest."
"I love you, Rosie." "Go to sleep, you're drunk." "No. I love you. I've always loved you." "Ok, come on sleepy head. Time for bed."
"Look, she doesn't see me that way, so just... let it go, ok?"
"You will not believe who I ran into at the town square!" "Who?" "Mikey! From Highschool!" "Woooow, really?" "Yeah! I haven't spoken to him since— well, since we broke up." "Yeeeeaah, I remember. Is he still tall?" "Uh, yeah, I guess." "Is he balding?" "What? No, why?" "No reason."
"He was an asshole to you!" "In highschool!" "And that makes it better?" "No, it means people grow the hell up— something you'd know nothing about!"
"I hate when you say just friends. Like you're settling. Being your friend is the best thing about me. Just because this relationship isn't romantic, it doesn't make it less valuable."
"You are the best part of me."
"You're my best friend. I don't know what I'd do without you." "You won't ever have to find out."
"You're not gettin' rid of me anytime soon, bub. You're gonna be stuck with me for a while. I'm like a fungus." "Gross."
"YOU KNEW! You had to have known!" "NO, I didn't know! I didn't know, how was I meant to know?! You never TOLD me!" "I was so obvious!" "I'M NOT A FUCKING MIND READER!"
"YOU KNEW?! All this time, you knew and you let me make an idiot of myself?!"
"She seems friendly." "I guess." "She was flirting with you." "What? Nah. She's just trying to get with my sister." "She was flirting with you." "Wha— hang on, she was?"
"Is it so hard to believe someone wants you? You're good-looking, you're intelligent, you're funny— this shouldn't come as a shock." "I am?" "Yes. Very."
[Slow dancing at a party] "This is nice. We never do this, it's so... nice." "Yeah, it is."
"Have you ever considered it?" "Considered what?" "Us?"
"Do... Wait, do you want to try this?"
"Thanks, Ollie. It's sweet you got the corsage, and the limo and everything, but I know this was a pity date." "I do not pity you. I wanted to make you feel special. I didn't want some idiot dumping you to be the only memory you have of prom."
"Are you going to kiss me?" "Do you want me to?"
*kisses other, they don't react, too shocked* "Oh. Oh my god. I'm so sorry. I'm... we can pretend this never happened." *other kisses them back.*
"Remember that night at the school dance when Danny Orcino showed up without trousers and dived off the stage before any of the teachers could stop him?" "Um... no. I wasn't there for... that part. I was with Mikey." "Oh. Right."
"Is she pretty?" "Um... I don't know, I guess." "It's not a difficult question, do you think she's pretty?" "I don't know, why does it matter?" "It doesn't matter, you just can't answer a simple question!" "What has gotten into you?" "Nothing! What has gotten into you!?"
"No. You deserve someone that will spoil you with love. And if that's not them, screw them. Find someone better."
"All that time?"
"I don't know what could be better than to spend the rest of my life with my best friend."
"We're not just friends. You know we're not."
"You're a coward."
"You take good care of me."
"You're always there for me. When Mikey broke up with me, I called you, miserable. You turned up at my house with Chinese, ice cream and DVDs, and we watched movies for hours. After a while, I didn't even remember I was sad. Only you can do that."
"Look. I am tired of being jerked around by you. So make up your fucking mind, once and for all— are we friends or are we more?"
"That was you?... Why didn't you tell me?"
"I still remember Mrs. Dauber's Christmas party, when you wore tied your hair up with that little red bow. I knew then."
"Whenever I imagined my happily ever after, I always imagined it with you."
"What if this ruins our friendship?" "I love you too much to ever let that happen"
"What if it hurts too much? If this ends. And we can't bare to be friends anymore."
"I've always had to pretend like I'm not affected when you touch me."
"I love you. As a friend and as more. Whichever you choose, I will respect that decision and play my part."
"I just had to say it. And if you don't want me that way, we'll never mention this again. I'll be at your side when you get married, when you have kids, when you find the cure for cancer— and I'll be happy for you. I'll keep my feelings out of it."
"I love you, and because I love you, I will watch you walk down that isle with a smile on my face."
"Can we even be friends after this?"
*Kisses other after a moment of weakness* "Wh—... why did you do that?"
"I only went with Mikey because he asked me to. The person who I wanted to go with didn't ask me..." "Who?" "It's not important, they weren't interested."
"How long have you known? How long have you kept this a secret?" "Fifteen years..." "FIFTEEN YEARS?!"
"You never were like a sister to me."
"I don't know how long I can keep resisting my feelings for you."
"I love you. *melancholy* I've always loved you. And I always will."
"It is my WEDDING DAY, Ollie! How DARE YOU confess this now?! I'm getting married!"
"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. This was a mistake."
"I'm sorry. But I can't... I can't sit and watch the love of my life marry someone else. It'll tear me apart."
This sucks, I'm sorry. I'm just not very good with this trope.
If you want a good reference to study this trope: The Mistake by @were-cheetah-stiles (Stiles Stilinski x Reader, Teen Wolf) of which I sought inspiration from.
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belatedbday69 · 11 months ago
random otp prompts <3
1. “Are you seriously trying to make me jealous?”
2. “I’m dying.” “You’re not dying.”
3. “I missed the train, can I stay with you?”
4. “Fuck being friends!”
5. “I know I said I wouldn’t ask, but I could really use your help here.”
6. “This is the guy?”
7. “I said I wouldn’t judge, so I’m not.”
8. “Am I close?” “Not even a little bit.”
9. “I can’t believe you brought an extra one just for me.”
10. “I didn’t need you to stand up for me. They were just kids.”
11. “It’s gonna rain. We won’t make it in time.”
12. “You almost gave me a heart attack!”
13. “You have some nerve showing up here after all this time.”
14. “They’re together now, I guess.”
15. “This is a lot, even for you.”
16. “Why are you being so nice to me?”
17. “Please stay.”
18. “I’ve never been there. Wanna go?”
19. “Of course I still love you, why would you even ask me that?”
20. “Are you still upset about that? I knew you wouldn’t be able to let it go.”
21. “I don’t drink.” “Oh really now? When did that start?”
22. “You’re not going to settle for that. Not if I have anything to say about it.”
23. “When was the last time you called your mother?”
24. “They said you were so cute!” “That’s not what I said!”
25. “No way. It’s too hot out right now.”
26. “Are you trying to piss me off?”
27. “It’s happened before, right?” “No, not like this.”
28. “Do you think it’s too late to reschedule?”
29. “I’m not a child, you don’t have to talk to me like that.”
30. “Oh, sorry, did the noise wake you?”
31. “I’ll take that bet.”
32. “How am I supposed to focus when you’re looking at me like that?”
33. “I was lying earlier.”
34. “When did you know for sure?”
35. “They’re not you.”
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blusnowflakes · a month ago
A: "i'll appreciate it if you don't do that."
B: "if you offer something more than an appreciation maybe i'll think about it."
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theyoutubedork · a year ago
Prompt List: Enemies to Lovers Edition
I have a lot of ideas for prompts with no fic to write so I’m doing a prompt list. If you want me to write a fic using on these prompts, PLEASE LEAVE A REQUEST!
Also if you are using one of the prompts yourself, please be sure to credit me somewhere. Much appreciated.
Enemies to Lovers prompt list:
“See? I don’t bite,” “I will if you keep talking,”
“Ok, now you’re looking at me like I did something wrong,”
“No, I don’t share with strangers,” “We’ve literally known each other for two years, what are you talking about?”
“Why the hell are you looking at me like that?
“No. We are not sharing a bed, I’d rather choke.”
“Stop hogging the blanket,”
“Well, ladies first,” “Fuck you,”
“I don’t think I’ve ever heard you laugh at one of my jokes before,”
“Wow, you can smile? Never would’ve guessed.”
“Excuse me, I didn’t ask for this to happen. Stop trying to make it my fault,”
“You didn’t have to be so annoying just so you could get my attention,”
“When did I ever say that I hated you? Last time I checked, I never did,”
*greeting friend group, including enemy* “Good morning! Good morning! You? You can choke,” (Yes I made a Tiffany Pollard reference, deal with it)
“God, why did we ever pretend to hate each other?”
“Need me to help get the stick out of your ass?”
“You didn’t have to make up a bullshit story just so you could come see me,”
“You know, you could’ve just talked to me about it,”
“I was only trying to hide my feelings. I thought…if i was an asshole to you, it would help me get over you,” “Why did you think that would work?”
“God, I actually cannot stand you,”
“Go ahead, just walk away like you always do!”
“Jesus Christ! Could you knock for once?”
“Close the door on your way out….oh come on! Really?”
“You’re surprisingly petty,”
“Stop mixing your laundry with mine, if you wanted me to wear your clothes, you could’ve just told me,”
“Can you not kink shame me while I’m eating?”
“Stop singing in the shower. You’re always flat,”
“Will you just shut up for once in your life, and just kiss me?”
“Maybe the friendship thing isn’t such a bad thing after all,”
“You have a horrible taste in music you know that?” “Excuse me what? I have a great taste in music,”
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sleepyprompts · 2 months ago
Prompt #681
“Please stop breaking into my house through the window.”
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cursedspaceofair · 7 months ago
holiday inspired prompts
“hey, wanna come over for (insert holiday)?”
“what are you doing for the holidays?”
“if you don’t celebrate christmas, that’s fine, but i still want you to spend the day with me.”
“i bought you a present.”
“your family doesn’t buy you gifts for christmas?” “yeah, it’s no big deal though.” “yes it is!”
“if you aren’t having a thanksgiving dinner, come join my family’s!”
“i think i’ve had too much pie.”
“this eggnog tastes like shit.”
“hey.” “what?” “we’re standing under the mistletoe.”
“are you even tall enough to put the star on top of the tree?”
“i will stab you with this candy cane, and you know i can.”
“wow, that is a fat turkey.” “don’t insult food!”
“i know we’re supposed to be wearing ugly sweaters, but what the fuck is that?”
“if i see one more pumpkin-related food, i will puke all over you.” “why specifically me?!”
“… why are you dressed as santa?” “because it’s christmas, stupid.” “it’s not even thanksgiving yet.”
“do you wanna build a snowmaaaan?” “…” “i’m sorry please don’t attack me-,”
“yeah? then eat this snowball!” “yeah? well then EAT MY ASS!”
“who the fuck puts mistletoe under every doorway known to god?”
“you bought me a gift?” “yeah!” “…” “wait, why are you crying-,”
“darling, you are the best christmas gift i could ever get.”
“all i want for christmas-,” “is a gun.”
“who’s that?” “my cousin that i hate.” “… i think they’re throwing up the gravy you made.”
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